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    1. out into the draught?

    2. ’ He said, taking the proffered beverage from her and taking a long draught of it

    3. in the breeze that curls through an inch of draught

    4. his new friend a slice of cheese, then took a long draught

    5. took a deep draught as they sat resting by the side of the

    6. When those correspondents afterwards drew upon them for the payment of this sum, together with the interest and commission, some of those banks, from the distress into which their excessive circulation had thrown them, had sometimes no other means of satisfying this draught, but by drawing a second set of bills, either upon the same, or upon some other correspondents in London; and the same sum, or rather bills for the same sum, would in this manner make sometimes more than

    7. on each draught

    8. But had the coffers of this bank been filled ever so well, its excessive circulation must have emptied them faster than they could have been replenished by any other expedient but the ruinous one of drawing upon London; and when the bill became due, paying it, together with interest and commission, by another draught upon the same place

    9. The man took a long draught from his tankard and answered, that captivating voice nearly enticing the Nord to sleep

    10. Before the conquest of the Spaniards, there were no cattle fit for draught, either in Mexico or Peru

    11. Just then the door opened and Rosemary walked in, letting a sudden draught of cold air brush in behind her

    12. Then there were the tortures of prickly heat to contend with, and a longing for a draught of water a few degrees below 90

    13. Uncle Hobart took another deep draught from his tankard, burped and stared at me, accusation hardening his eyes

    14. The long thin serving end would be draped over the other with a spot near the end pinched off by their long supple fingers, ready to give a direct draught or a quick refill of the small skins that the men carried, most of which were now empty

    15. ‘What are you going to do when the door is closed?’ he asked himself, then answered: ‘It’ll keep the noise and draught out…'

    16. God back in there, and in the encompassing darkness you take a nice long draught, and finally you begin to calm down, and before the night is over you open the refrigerator again and again making little pilgrimages up the stairs until they are all gone the ice cold Buds, and each pilgrimage feeling holier and holier, visiting the tabernacle again and again, until finally at six a

    17. Yet the memory of that draught was to be very pleasant to Rosemary

    18. I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even notice the draught of cold air as the door opened and someone came into the yurt

    19. it was blown to and fro in the mild draught

    20. they filled out of it the draught for the king

    21. 15 But he, though parched with thirst, reasoned that a draught reputed of equal value to

    22. 20 And some of the sons of men caused their wives to drink a draught that would render them barren, in order that they might retain their figures and by which their beautiful appearance might not fade

    23. 20 And some of the sons of men caused their wives to drink a draught that would render them barren in order that they might retain their figures and by which their beautiful appearance might not fade

    24. Quickly lowered heads eagerly drew in the first draught, and then as suddenly, blew it all back out, bellowing in surprise at the salty taste

    25. 14 And having boldly discovered the fountain they filled out of it the draught for the king

    26. 15 But he though parched with thirst reasoned that a draught reputed of equal value to blood would be terribly dangerous to his soul

    27. 16 therefore setting up reasoning in opposition to his desire he poured out the draught to God

    28. And when the multitude gathered to him to hear the word of God while he was standing on the shore of the sea of Gennesaret he saw two boats standing beside the sea while the two fishers which were gone out of them were washing their nets; And one of them belonged to Simon Cephas; And Jesus went up and sat down in it and commanded that they should move away a little from the land into 52 the water; And he sat down and taught the multitudes from the boat; And when he had left off his speaking he said to Simon Put out into the deep and throw your net for a draught; And Simon answered and said to him My Master we toiled all night and caught nothing; now at your word I will throw the net; And when they did this there were enclosed a great many fishes; and their net was on the point of breaking; And they beckoned to their comrades that were in the other boat to come and help them; And when they came they filled both boats so that they were on the point of sinking

    29. 1 But when Simon Cephas saw this he fell before the feet of Jesus and said to him My Lord I beg of you to depart from me for I am a sinful man; 2 and amazement took possession of him and of all who were with him 3 because of the draught of the fishes which they had taken; and so also were James and John the sons of Zebedee overtaken who were Simon's partners; And Jesus said to Simon 4 Fear not; from now on you shall be a fisher of men to life; and they brought the boats to the land; and they left everything and followed him

    30. You’ve subjected them to everything from extreme heat and cold to draught and plague and still they live, always finding a means to survive

    31. Therefore Nalda asked Jesus, "How is it that you, being a Jew, ask for a drink of me, a Samaritan woman?" Jesus answered: "I have indeed asked you for a drink, but if you could only understand, you would ask me for a draught of the living water

    32. Let us go fishing; put out into yonder deep and let down your nets for a draught

    33. " Simon and all who were concerned in this episode were amazed at the draught of fishes

    34. 3 But this was in no sense a miraculous draught of fishes

    35. He clearly remembered catching the birds—but when? Why hadn‘t he eaten them? With thoughtless efficiency Joe Billie started a cook-fire and seared the quail, eating both with a can of beans from his pack and washed it down with a quenching draught of slough water

    36. draught for the remaining seventy three thousand dollars

    37. Annie only wanted a glass of tonic with a twist of lime so I obliged her and then poured myself a small draught

    38. stimulation to her senses was a light draught of air that

    39. Some nine or ten years later, two years in the draught, God started working; that is on the whole family

    40. breadth, and draught, are very realistic

    41. length, breadth and draught, and have proved very

    42. He took another draught of the gin

    43. anyone willing to cough up the cash; the slight hitch was that its draught was thirty-six feet

    44. After a long draught there comes some rain

    45. Whatever place you may finally select, take particular care to see that it is free from chill and strong draught, mosquitoes, bugs, ants and all other flies or crawling insects

    46. Over their first glass of draught Kronenbourg, sitting outside at their favourite bar opposite the Hotel de Ville, Groves changed the subject from personal affairs to the real purpose of his visit

    47. had purchased a draught machine for the pub, so beer was literally on tap

    48. Thou has not won the life-restoring draught

    49. Severus took another draught from the bladder, "I should've paid more attention to her today, but I was in a bad humor and wanted no one else around me

    50. The commander reached for a tankard of weak ale and took a deep draught

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