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    1. He reached over and grabbed a glass of water, drinking it all down in one large gulp and letting half of it spill out and run down his shirt

    2. remaining malt in one more gulp, and as the liquor warmed his veins and made his

    3. I see him gulp as he scans through the contents

    4. a puff on his inhaler, took a long gulp of his life restoring tea and

    5. The first gulp of coffee was too hot and scalded his mouth

    6. The conversation replays in Billy's head as he takes another gulp and then another

    7. down in one violent gulp

    8. The lime green effervescence settles in the glass and she swallows the potion in one long gulp, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before putting the glass back on the chair next to the bed

    9. ” Tahlmute took a deep gulp

    10. De Plassan downed his ale in a single gulp and

    11. McLocherty’s Apple Pie, and ate it in one big gulp

    12. finished his mug at a gulp and decided to put the matter

    13. "Please, being that you are a mage and no doubt an educated man, tell me if this makes sense?" Alec followed his words with a gulp of ale

    14. “Like this?” Vasy drew in a long gulp of air, then held it as he walked, with his little

    15. nodded in approval and tried to gulp in the shocker

    16. He took his own sweet time to gulp all that

    17. Presently my fiend closed his eyes, trying to gulp in the

    18. He waited until her back was turned to gulp down the elixir, however

    19. She took a gulp and offered it to Mercer, who eagerly did likewise

    20. She wanted to merely tip the bowl and gulp it all down, but she instead made use of the spoon and carefully imbibed the hearty liquid until it was all gone

    21. After a gulp or two, he continued, ‘You're not clever enough to be a librarian

    22. He seemed to gulp

    23. Orion took another large gulp of his dark ale before wiping his moustache with a wide grin and a sparkle in his dark eyes as he replied, “Of course, of course, you need your rest after such vigorous training

    24. Seems like the prophets of doom were once again wrong in their predictions and (gulp) the long haired liberal's right! Religion has no place in law and it is a matter of time before the rest of Africa follows our lead

    25. Books bent over and sucked in a gulp of air

    26. The young cub was finding it harder and harder not to open his mouth and gulp in the filthy water

    27. William’s sigh of relief was even louder than the noise made by the horse beside him as it continued to gulp up water

    28. In one gulp, I emptied the glass and Staszek quickly filled it again

    29. I took a respectable gulp from the bottle and returned it to him

    30. I saluted him with it and took a long gulp, glad to be alive

    31. Marcia seemed relieved to have got it out in the open and finished her drink in one quick gulp

    32. He chuckled, taking a large gulp of wine to wash down the steak so he could speak

    33. Dawley and I sipped, and sooner or later, as I went along, the German took a little gulp of the liquor

    34. He had a glass in his hand, and swallowed the contents at a gulp

    35. Finally he drained the glass in one big gulp, after knocking it around on his front teeth and lips first

    36. He snorted the second drink in one gulp, and so I poured him another

    37. I just sharpen my sword, fill my pipe and gulp down what Mott fancies each time

    38. Colling sipped at his whiskey while Zinsmann swallowed his first glassful at one gulp

    39. He drank another gulp of beer and asked the old man, “I didn’t know trouble has a smell of its own,” trying to sound nonchalant, unconvincingly enough

    40. Ethan took the hint, nodded almost reverentially, drank another gulp of beer, left another five pounder on the table and got up

    41. “Everyone has nightmares, Giles, everyone,” said James and finished his wine in one big gulp

    42. Ethan picked up his glass and hesitated before having a sip; he saw the priest gulp down a mouthful and flinch

    43. A small tumbler of clear liquid was placed before him, and Colling steeled himself, then tipped it up and drank it in one gulp

    44. gulp, already off to a bad start

    45. Then she poured one for herself and took a gulp that left her gasping

    46. ” Is this merely a new version of the earlier experience with plurality, only now, just a resubmersion into a lessor pantheon? Or, is it a tacit admission that Man has difficulty digesting this God in a single gulp? What about the more ancient others? Complexity does seem to breed plurality, but plurality seems also to breed confusion, and that fosters a lack of concentration

    47. I drink it in one gulp, wincing as the bubbles burn my throat

    48. ” She knocked it back in one gulp and put the cup on the ground

    49. “Oh…” Manda took a big gulp of her champagne

    50. After a long gulp of Bushmills Ian replied, “You think I don’t want to be seen at the bar with a dick

    1. Luray and Yarin collapsed on the bed as soon as they'd gulped down a few bites of some hash that Yendee brought in from the dock cooks

    2. “Uh,” she gulped, “Yes we do

    3. said, his voice breaking as he gulped for breath

    4. Worried for him, she handed him a mug of the hot drink she had prepared for all of them, anticipating they would want something, and watched as he gulped at the steaming liquid

    5. ‘So Mickey and Sheila hit it off, did they?’ the Inspector asked as Andy gratefully gulped his sugar-laden tea down

    6. Andy gulped down another mouthful of tea, his mind racing as he tried to work out how he could explain about Ozzie and his … his ways

    7. Carl gulped down the last fourth of the can, crushed it in his hand, shot it

    8. Miss Backhouse gulped as Harry, the unfamiliar young man, stood up and presented the salient points of the processes and purposed organization of the plans before them

    9. Alec regarded the mage out of the corner of his eyes as he gulped down the last of the pitcher

    10. Bertram Wooster would have gulped in one of the famous

    11. He knew he had spent the vastly greater portion of the previous evening drinking with the eccentric man, as well as imbibing before and after they simultaneously gulped down full tankards

    12. Only then did Carius turn to face the Nord, who anxiously gulped and scrambled to the far side of the camp

    13. Her little knot of conscripts entered what appeared to be a galley, though the only 'food' was a gloppy gelatinous muck that the Naud gulped and slurped with relish

    14. He gulped and turned to his officers apparently trying to voice a command but nothing came out, so whelmed into total shock

    15. ” He gulped and reddened as he looked at her lovely body so close to him

    16. She gulped down the pills as fast as she could

    17. Alex untwisted the cap from the water and gulped, thirstily

    18. ” He opened the cans and in seconds they and his hands were covered in a black cloak he threw them down the trench and the flies went after them we gulped our rations down for once not having to share them with a million flies

    19. and gulped hard, then again, and again, trying to block out the feelings and keep his composure

    20. He gulped, swallowed and took a deep breath

    21. He gulped down the remainder of the meal and hurried to the General Post Office

    22. ” He gulped silently and took a few

    23. When Terese returned with a steaming mug that smelled of cinnamon and parsley and other herbs, she didn’t know the names of, she gulped it down despite the bitter taste

    24. The flare died out and I heard Sam’s breathe hiss out and then he gulped loudly through sobbing

    25. Katie gulped her coffee and followed him out the door, pausing to mouth “mother hen” to Carmen

    26. Jhordel ran her hands through her hair and gulped a breath of air

    27. She gulped, scared for the first time, scared for her nephew, and his sweet girlfriend, who was going to have her special day ruined

    28. “The Water Wolf?” gulped Bosco

    29. Bosco gulped, but said nothing

    30. I gulped down the remainder and stood up

    31. “It is not a trap, I can assure you;” Daltrez gulped down air as a relief for his condition

    32. I gulped, I had forgotten about the guns

    33. She gulped audibly, but I think she was impressed with the frontal assault option as well

    34. He finished his sentence and gulped down the rest of his juice, put his glass in the sink and turned his focus back to me, waiting for my response

    35. The little cooler bag kept her milk fresh and cool and she gulped at it almost desperately

    36. A jagged piece of slate sliced through our mooring rope and I gulped as we suddenly found ourselves staring down at the rapidly receding ground

    37. She gulped and expected a bloody argument from

    38. that” then gulped “I love you Margarette” his heart wants to burst open

    39. He gulped some

    40. Fin gulped in shallow, rapid breaths, heart pumping furiously, his whole body tingling, alive with adrenaline

    41. Something that had gulped her sister’s head into its mouth and had then flung her from side to side, like a rag doll tossed about by an angry child

    42. The man struggled, pulling at Payne’s forearm, mouth opening and closing soundlessly as he gulped for air

    43. I gulped a glass of rum, slowly, as they looked at each other, consulting silently

    44. Sim gulped, and then nodded

    45. “So bitch,” he asked in a bantering tone, “wanna tell me some more lies or fuck first, huh? You know, we will get it on again, and ya still love me, don’cha?” She gulped against an urge to vomit and her vision spun while internally, she fought her fear – but it was a contest she was losing

    46. Fergus gulped in a huge draw from his cigarette and with the exhale said, “Is that what this is all about – a few piddling sticks?”

    47. Ludwig gulped down a mouthful of tea greedily

    48. Ethan gulped down another mouthful and almost yelled incredulously:

    49. He gulped a large glass of milk and smacked his lips, it was cold, fresh and sweet, the best he had tasted

    50. She gulped, and gallantly said it would be nice to have company

    1. More shrieks and screams split the night among the sounds of wet tearing and vicious gulping

    2. gulping down a pint of water,

    3. As the eulogy issued forth, my eyes met with those of the bishop and he looked at me with such an expression of sympathy I found myself swallowing and gulping and fighting to gain control

    4. Ted pours a regular measure this time and, instead of gulping it down, he stares into the glass, savouring the colour and peaty aroma

    5. ’ Middlesex confirmed, gulping gratefully at his hot coffee

    6. glass Ed gave me, gulping it down like it was tea

    7. for tea, there’d be a sort of a blur, followed by a gulping

    8. Gulping, I struggled to move from his arms but he held me tightly

    9. Soon a hundred Fire Lions and over sixty Shadow Hounds were charging through the camp, knocking down and devouring vampires in massive gulping bites

    10. The guard opened his mouth, gulping, grabbing at his throat, trying to pull air through his crushed larynx

    11. Glancing over his shoulder Alex could see that the cat’s were running after him and he piled on some more speed, gulping lungfuls of air as he neared the hedge

    12. Snapping open his eyes he forced himself from his trance, gulping great breaths of air into his lungs

    13. She turned her head gulping for fresh air in a fight against overpowering nausea, with each movement renewing the agony in her middle

    14. He was gulping air into his lungs now, muscles trembling, hardly able to pick up the battery, imagining all sorts of terrible creatures moving towards him in the darkness

    15. Conal shouted as he plunged into the sea, gulping for breath as the cold water had him standing on his toes

    16. Gulping back her tears, Macey listened, straining her ears to hear the smallest sound

    17. He hit the icy torrent at speed, gulping down a mouthful of

    18. As if I’m out of control, I take the woman’s drink, gulping the entire liquid at once

    19. Men would wait in line for a chance to dunk their faces into the sweet brown honey-booze, gulping as much of it as they could before taking breath

    20. passenger window and stuck her head out of it, gulping in air, even

    21. Dizziness and nausea weakened his knees and he sank onto the concrete steps, gulping at the cold stale air in an attempt to still runaway thoughts

    22. He rose to his feet, dropping the rifle, blinking and gulping in uneven breaths

    23. She stood by the open window, gulping in the sweet air

    24. Gulping down his revulsion, the servant pulled up a flap that separated the caged fish from the input bay of the machine

    25. and gulping of the viewers

    26. They emerged in the brilliant sunshine, shaking water from their hair, wiping their faces and gulping in the warm, fresh, heavy air

    27. This creature had been eating all summer, as much as he could cram in, but not growing a smidgen, just gulping up as much as he could take in, which seemingly didn’t make any difference, except for the fertilizer piling up around the trunk of the brush

    28. Edward gasped, avidly gulping air in a few quick breaths before looking up at his savior

    29. Looking sideways at his brother, Edward saw that another shape stood over Richard, who was also gulping air

    30. Elizabeth and Ingrid watched in silence as the two boys ate their meals with gusto while gulping milk from time to time

    31. Pushing along the shallows with paired fins and gulping air to supplement oxygen-poor waters, the tetrapod ancestors of humanity and other non-arthropod land animals prepared for a move out of the water, away from predators and competition, but into a world of harsh extremes

    32. Gulping air, Steve looked around him, trying to locate one of the life rafts

    33. He takes a long drink, gulping the water loudly

    34. She glances at Victoria, who is gulping the last of her Sprice

    35. “If it had been you who dared not breathe for fear of gulping in your last breath of oxygen? You,

    36. He retched, great gulping retches that somehow relieved him

    37. She lapsed into silence, punctuated by the occasional gulping sob, as if she was struggling to breathe

    38. ” Kevin said, gulping his Pepsi

    39. ‘I don’t know what Roopa told Sandhya about him, but that’s beside the point,’ said Sathyam, gulping all that there was in his glass, as a prelude to emptying his heart

    40. “Thanks,” Darek said, gulping air

    41. Gulping air, Darek said, “Can’t we talk this over? If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten the package!”

    42. "Surely" I said while gulping down the medicine

    43. This tiny woman delicately took a sip of the drink he’d bought her instead of gulping it down

    44. Aside from his refilling, gulping, and then refilling again the atmosphere seemed

    45. Sebastian scowled at her, gulping down the contents of his glass

    46. Gulping, he looked back over at the vampire speaking

    47. took from me on that day and…” Gulping, she shuddered at the memory

    48. Stedder gagged, clamping both hands over his mouth, and desperately gulping air he pressed Nyreea back out through the shadows

    49. If we are enlightened, we will have difficulty in gulping down that glass of milk, for the thought of that calf that was deprived of the glass of milk will definitely disturb the mind

    50. Gulping in air, she squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again, blinking rapidly as she tried to concentrate on what Ben was saying

    1. Once they thought they were safely out of their children's line of sight, they lit much-needed cigarettes, took the smoke down into their lungs in huge gulps and started to laugh and cough all at the same time

    2. Her lips pressed against the champagne bottle and several large gulps went

    3. Her breathing came in gulps, flooding the burning depths of her body throughout her limbs

    4. After taking a couple of gulps from the cup, and waiting for what seemed like an eternity to calm his breathing, he started again

    5. The bits of meat and precious gulps of water had been hastily consumed

    6. She downed half of the bottle in a few gulps and smiled

    7. Rosemary grasped the glass and drank in huge gulps

    8. Downing the beer in a couple of greedy gulps, he battled his way to the door and, once outside, sucked in the humid Nottingham air

    9. He took great gulps as if they were the last and felt better

    10. She sniffs, and gulps, and tries to sound normal, but she doesn’t

    11. having,” said the teacher, opening the coffee and knocking it down in two gulps

    12. As a child he had remembered very well the accidental gulps

    13. poked his head up between sweet gulps of nectar

    14. Amori sucked in gulps of air, as she desperately tried to remember how she had ended up on her hands and knees

    15. I find myself taking in great gulps of breath, but neither strength nor purpose comes from them

    16. At that moment, Gertrude entered bringing rolls and gulps that then the group drank mildly

    17. He continued to take in big gulps of air, as he could not believe his eyes on how beautiful this creature was

    18. Gordon finished the rest of his pint in several large gulps and poured another

    19. which she took down in great gulps

    20. Vasquez took deep gulps of air to try and fight the terrible pain

    21. Vasquez shook his head and sobbed, he drew great gulps of air to combat the fear and pain then said, “I hit her several times with my fist…She didn’t move…I didn’t mean to kill her Nunes, I swear!” He sobbed and cried and wiped his face and shook his head but Gomes sat quietly and waited

    22. He twisted the cap of the bottle shut and then he took several gulps of the booze causing him to instantly grin

    23. The time between gulps got longer as he became accustomed to regulating his inebriation

    24. The teenager, still breathing hard, took a few gulps of air before replying to him

    25. Between gulps he asked Viella more questions

    26. hops over to the bite and gulps it down

    27. He gulps and asks

    28. She took two large gulps of the surprisingly cool water

    29. We bite it off in huge mouthfuls like ravenous hyenas, chew it and swallow it with gulps of contempt

    30. Chepe gave him a dirty look, took the glass, and downed it in two gulps

    31. gulps of alcohol later, he was back on the path to oblivion, the whole distasteful episode

    32. Syd, inhaling gulps of air, gradually recovered his breathing and, to his chagrin, noted that Robert wasn’t even winded

    33. though it was, Darren downed his in two gulps and left us to go to look at a map of France on

    34. And in three big gulps, he had finished the wine

    35. from his hand and chugged down a few gulps

    36. “Yes,” he said taking it and drinking heartily in gulps

    37. He drank it in gulps before he began coughing and gagging, vomiting it back up

    38. Downed it with measured gulps, handed it back and clasped his hands together in an attitude of piety

    39. couple of gulps of

    40. Cass slurps a sip, and then Unks gulps a swig

    41. She snatched gulps of air through her mouth

    42. ” Pete swallowed down several gulps

    43. He watched warily as her sip became several generous gulps

    44. Trevain reached for the same bottle in which she had put a remarkable dent, and took a few gulps himself

    45. My chest heaved, and I sucked in giant gulps of air as I pulled into the driveway

    46. “Lost my shot,” crowed Caesar between gulps of the watery beer

    47. He gulps and looks away, only to lock eyes with Max, who has never looked so horrified

    48. He downed the drink in two gulps and slammed the glass down on the bar

    49. "I went out with some friends after practice," she said in between gulps

    50. We said cheers and sipped our first gulps

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