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    draw up

    1. · And, what happens if you fail to draw up a will? Then the religious law will take over

    2. Draw up your knees slightly so that you can place your palms over your eyes without bending your head at all

    3. I’ve got quite a list of questions on my pad by the time I draw up outside the sheltered housing complex where Bert Redfield lives

    4. After a few minutes, the trainees were instructed to draw up in ranks,

    5. He’s waiting outside the station with his baggage, but leaps into my car as soon as I draw up

    6. In this case, the resource of the banks was, to draw upon their correspondents in London bills of exchange, to the extent of the sum which they wanted

    7. In reality B in London owes nothing to A in Edinburgh; but he agrees to accept of A 's bill, upon condition, that before the term of payment he shall redraw upon A in Edinburgh for the same sum, together with the interest and a commission, another bill, payable likewise two months after date

    8. But this discovery is not altogether so easy when they discount their bills sometimes with one banker, and sometimes with another, and when the two same persons do not constantly draw and redraw upon one another, but occasionally run the round of a great circle of projectors, who find it for their interest to assist one another in this method of raising money and to render it, upon that account, as difficult as possible to distinguish between a real and a fictitious bill of exchange, between a bill drawn by a real creditor upon a real debtor, and a bill for which there was properly no real creditor but the bank which discounted it, nor any real debtor but the projector who made use of the money

    9. In fact, it is our accumulated wisdom that we draw upon to help us face the lessons we have set up for ourselves in each lifetime

    10. fruquently, too, by cultivating all those arts which best deserve, and which are therefore most likely to gain them, the esteem of people of rank and fortune; by their knowledge in all the different branches of useful and ornamental learning, by the decent liberality of their manners, by the social good humour of their conversation, and by their avowed contempt of those absurd and hypocritical austerities which fanatics inculcate and pretend to practise, in order to draw upon themselves the veneration, and upon the greater part of men of rank and fortune, who avow that they do not practise them, the abhorrence of the common people

    11. 'We could draw up The-Five-Year-Plan,' Jack suggested

    12. Adem argued this point with Orion and Tobin for days following the meetings in the War Chamber, and although both kings agreed, it would be wise to draw up a proclamation that ensured capture was the first method of approach against mad Alit’aren; the dangers to their armies outweighed the cost of those few lives

    13. The Christian Community has been very fortunate, however, that it was/is able to draw upon a large body of Apostolic Testimonies passed along to the ancient fathers who promulgated the spiritual ―essence‖ of His teachings

    14. But fascist Spain did draw up lists of Jews and watch them closely

    15. I’ll have one of the corporals draw up a chart

    16. 23 Note, he drinks up a river, and hastens not, he trusts that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth

    17. They did outnumber us, but not by much, so it was very difficult getting the men to withdraw up the valley in feigned disarray

    18. I began to draw up my plan

    19. ' Then I went and spoke to them all together, and they were all afraid, and fear and trembling seized them; And they begged me to draw up a petition for those who they might find forgiveness, and to read their petition in the presence of the Lord of Heaven

    20. ' Then I went and spoke to them all together and they were all afraid and fear and trembling seized them; And they begged me to draw up a petition for those who they might find forgiveness and to read their petition in the presence of the Lord of Heaven

    21. So Congress authorized the agencies to draw up, on their own, the necessary regulations

    22. all have that stoicism deep down if we can draw upon it

    23. As it becomes necessary, you may create new positions in the government and diplomatic services of Hilia, and appoint personnel to those positions, and draw upon the treasury as needed

    24. The worst part was that no matter how hard she tried to understand the meaning of the words, her brain seemed to draw up a blank slate causing her to be even more frustrated

    25. me was to write to the Dutch embassy in Lusaka, tell them my story and ask them to draw up

    26. I’ll give you a couple of days to think about it and in the meantime my secretary will draw up all the contracts needed

    27. “Okay, we’d have to draw up papers stating the minimum and maximum amount of support

    28. It is relatively easy to draw up and send out a few hundred mail-shots –

    29. draw upon your stores to furnish them

    30. enjoy helping others to help themselves and wil constantly draw upon my

    31. He is no more to me than the hole I stick my cock into, a blood bank I can draw upon

    32. The spiritual bank of the kingdom of heaven will be paying out faith, hope, and moral security to all who draw upon it "in His name

    33. I was asked to draw up a budget and half an hour later I was told to make a 20% cut, I was called to an urgent meeting with my Director General and on the way I was told to go to the classroom immediately for tests

    34. In 1979 I was ‘borrowed’ by the Provincial Government of British Columbia to draw up a plan for modernisation of the equipment and processes at the B

    35. She normally took home the catalogues and would draw up new designs for the advertising campaigns which they were now doing

    36. It was when I became completely housebound that I had more hours in which to think and to draw up the papers, which he has for you

    37. areas within psychology draw upon a broad range of related theory and research

    38. established body of research from which to draw upon

    39. It’s better to draw up a game

    40. The Life Coach will draw up a map with detailed directions on

    41. Freed of the repetitious mirrors, which had been auc-tioned off to buy animals for the lottery, and from the lewd damasks and velvets, which the mule had eaten, they would stay up very late with the innocence of two sleepless grandparents, taking advantage of the time to draw up accounts and put away pennies which they formerly wasted just for the sake of it

    42. “Corey, now that we’re in the talking mood we can draw up a

    43. Now, these examples are the situations I've had to draw up deals for over the many years I've

    44. You then draw up (with pencil again) a timeline of how it all fits together time-wise

    45. Why on earth did I choose you?’ She would then stand up and draw up her dress to her knees and show her legs at whose sight he would wince and shut his eyes, especially if the scene included the undoing of her bun allowing her hair to drop almost to the floor

    46. I met with Fiona in private to see if we could draw up a plan of action to fight the propaganda, which had plagued Charles’s life

    47. learners that continues to draw upon the notion of the acorn

    48. heard a car draw up, someone approached him and said, ’Look,

    49. Do not laugh aloud when a man mocks others, because you will draw upon your self the hate of those who are been mocked

    50. The UK held out, however, and insisted on preliminary technical meetings to draw up draft agreements before detailed negotiations took place

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