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    1. "I can't think of when I could have possibly been in a place where aluminum could have been rolling around loose

    2. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    3. " He had noticed that only twice with her, but this was now a strange place and he remembered that Noonsleep was dark at YingolNeerie

    4. Gen: 20:11: And Abraham said, Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place; and they will slay me for my wife's sake

    5. place in the classroom

    6. "It was a stupid place to put it, I know," Herndon said

    7. "We've removed those maps to a safe place," he said

    8. He went over the house, looking for things out of place and found almost nothing

    9. you can put things in place

    10. Changes in family and social environment are taking place at a fast rate within the lifetime of individuals

    11. "She got it at half price from Ava, but with her fortune Ava could buy a place like that every year and just leave it

    12. He couldn't sell this place, he could sell his old one

    13. With that and his old place, he could buy a pretty nice place in town, a couple acres on the lagoon just a little ways down the point

    14. And many thanks for taking care of the place

    15. The first place you have to start with your expectations is your expectations of yourself

    16. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    17. they went into the church in first place

    18. · Have only a moderate intake of sugar; use unrefined or fruit sugar or honey in place of refined sugar

    19. Still, good manners kept her locked in place even if it ended up costing her life

    20. If you use the Underground Exterminator ( see more information on this product at end of chapter) then you simply place one end of your garden hose into the tunnel and hook up the other end to your cars exhaust system and run the car for about 1/2 hr

    21. It had been over fifty Earth years that Kulai had owned this place, but this structure had been completed while Europe was in the dark ages and Third Canal had been the beachfront

    22. Tall wine bottles are great for this! Just dig a trench and place bottles standing up as a barrier around your garden, etc

    23. · Place bells or chimes on doors leading to the outside to alert you when the patient leaves the house

    24. Kevin was polite enough not to mention the fact that she was a woman and shouldn’t be wearing tattoos in the first place

    25. We cooked my fish, but we did it at her place

    26. “We never even had it in the first place,” Johnny said

    27. Four tons probably wasn't more than a few percent of the total refined aluminum on this world, but it was the largest single fortune in one place

    28. After I left you I was content with a little place on the prairie, well, not that little, but compared to a nation it was nothing

    29. Dusting is best for crawling pests such as snails and slugs, spiders, snakes, rats, gophers (place into tunnels), ants, fleas (outdoors only), and will keep, rabbits, deer and coyotes away (sprinkle around property edge)

    30. “I designed this place,” Ackers jumped in as soon as he could

    31. The good guys and the bad guys do not live in the same place

    32. The anticipation of that tryst was what drew Tdeshi's hormones on this folly in the first place wasn't it? Maybe it was what Jorma taught her about Tdeshi that had made it so exciting

    33. “There’s a place I know that has papaya

    34. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    35. the same as worship in your private place

    36. There can be different ways to worship or pray, but all are the result of faith in Him to remove all conditions of despair and bring happiness in its place

    37. While group singing of 'bhajans' can be done in a suitable place like a temple or a hall in a manner and time that least disturbance is caused to those not involved in it, the individual prayer is necessarily a communion with God best performed in a quiet corner of the house

    38. “I feel Jesus – I feel Jesus - I feel Jesus…, in this place

    39. I feel Jesus, in this place

    40. A good mail order place is called Mo

    41. Pour boiling water on to the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and place in a cooking pot or container with a lid

    42. Jokes of all shades in all languages get prominent place in newspapers and magazines

    43. Store in cool dark place

    44. Lo and behold, it's like a completely different place -- the farmhouse is completely rebuilt and in excellent condition, there are plenty of cattle and other livestock happily munching on feed in well-fenced pens, and the fields are filled with crops planted in neat rows

    45. Place in sun for two to three hours

    46. Maybe he'd sold his place on the mainland? Where'd they get the money for the boat also? Maybe it was a visitor? She wondered if Venna really had more money than she let on

    47. Place several chopped cucumbers in a pan of water, bring water to boil and allow to simmer for 1 hour at low heat

    48. “We are working with the Super Chip to convince the bank’s computers to take ten dollars from five million different accounts and place it in our own, anonymous offshore account

    49. The best way is to consistently emphasize that you are available to your grandchild--as a place of refuge, a listening ear, or anything else

    50. You can spray the solution directly on the spiders or you can bathe (place) the entire plant, pot and all into warm water with a dash of Dr

    1. We believe every child is placed on this earth to accomplish

    2. Plastic containers which are placed in the ground and will allow slugs to enter but not escape

    3. Another homemade barrier consists of bottles placed into the ground

    4. The unit is placed or hung near where there is a fly problem

    5. Traps should be placed where they concentrate most, but not in the way of foot traffic

    6. Bait is placed at bottom in a bait bowl

    7. Let it be made clear that this is a very risky business that can easily convert well placed people into paupers while a very small number becomes rich overnight

    8. He placed the box over the alarm keypad, completely covering it, and then started entering random number combinations on his own keypad

    9. They can be set in place to water as long as necessary, and are especially effective if placed on a timer

    10. Of course she hadn't expected to be placed in a body like this

    11. They placed a patch over his eye, limiting his vision but optimizing cuteness

    12. or they were placed here by the

    13. The container should be placed in the sun

    14. perfect mannequin, and placed a hand on David’s forehead and then at his neck

    15. He sat back, took a sip of his Martini, placed a new cigar in the cigar holder

    16. Then the constraints placed by the body start having their effect

    17. On birth many other restrictions are placed

    18. candles placed on every flat surface gave the room an almost faery glow

    19. reached that point of exhausted satiation, the old man bent down, placed his head on

    20. On one side is a rock garden of small gravel and with large boulders placed here and there with the gravel contoured about them

    21. They pass an appalling collection of shacks placed randomly throughout the compound

    22. He bowed his head and held it there until Ajarn placed his hand to the back of his neck

    23. small dais set with music stands and instruments placed ready for musical hands

    24. off the bed and placed both feet on the floor

    25. electrode was placed into my body, proceeding to heat up everything in-

    26. Aunt Billie, having unlocked the door, placed a cup of freshly brewed Earl Gray on

    27. of testing those expensive models: the lamp was placed in a freezer and

    28. Then it was placed in a chamber with

    29. As she placed the girl on her bed and came back into the living room, she saw that Sarah was already setting up a place for her to sleep on the sofa-bed there

    30. He counted it, placed it neatly into his coat

    31. Rosy was well placed to hear the remark and well placed to observe McManus squirm and glisten with sweat

    32. Danton took a step forward and placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder

    33. We focus on the flame of a candle placed in front of us

    34. Let me explain: After one and a half month of inaction, we finally carried out a telepathy experiment which “of course” proved to be a flop! Not even one of us managed to make a close guess of the object placed on the reception table

    35. Instead of torture I felt the cigarette being placed into my fingers

    36. He placed them at the head of the mattress and then stood back, watching me, waiting like an expectant relative at a small child’s birthday party

    37. On another attempt to develop my social life, about a month ago I answered to a classified ad for correspondence and friendship, placed by the 25-year-old Denia Chrysanthou

    38. restrictions placed upon women in regard to leadership in these historical events (1 Cor

    39. Women cannot do this without violating the restrictions God has placed upon them regarding public teaching to

    40. They were placed on a desert planet, each one alone and three thousand miles from one another

    41. When He chose to eat, God had at that point placed in effect the cosmic redemption of all things

    42. She placed her hands on Stu’s eyelids and gently closed them while whispering sweet incantations

    43. Son pulled an arrow from the quiver, placed it in the bowstring and

    44. controls that were placed on me early on in my life

    45. ” Elden said as he placed his hand on Songs’ stomach, which was

    46. Isaac is placed upon the altar

    47. The altar is placed in Jerusalem, and the way that you have relationship with God is by the altar

    48. Instead of turning, however, Lucy placed one unwilling foot in front of another, feeling amid the were-growl at the base of the world as if she must and without delay enter the realm of the beast

    49. He took the infant and placed her in the basket Song had

    50. He has washed us, as you would wash a sacrifice, and He has placed us upon that same altar that we should live according to a different mentality

    1. "I wore those a long time after Kulai's office," he said, and to shadier places, he didn't say

    2. Schulz takes a stone out of his pocket and places it on the stack

    3. They are the people, places, and the things that you associate with and your associations are really important to recognize

    4. people, the places, and the things that you associate with are either going to energize you or they are going to drain your energy

    5. Some aren't so bad, but some take you places well beyond anywhere her starship ever took her, even virtually

    6. It is a natural blend of iron phosphate found in the soil and a natural bait that lures slugs and snails away from their hiding places

    7. Ezek: 34:26: And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to

    8. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    9. She places a cup and saucer in front of me and I find myself staring at it watching the brown liquid swirling in the cup

    10. This is why using Simply sprinkle the borax powder in places where roaches chemicals against them is fruitless

    11. Places where your kids, dogs, cats, etc

    12. Pay special attention to the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms as these are the places most of your water is used and a great number of problems arise

    13. Dust in places such as attic, crawl spaces, around outside house where wood meets the ground or other moisture

    14. · Remove things you can trip over (such as papers, books, clothes, and shoes) from stairs and places where you walk

    15. As we retire from regular jobs, there is a tendency to spend more time in worship of our chosen deities, attending discourses, visiting places of worship and holy places and so on

    16. The other two kedas had ambled to their places by now and he was starting to strap EndsWaving up

    17. A church? A bar? None of the obvious places for seeking

    18. In places down here this tunnel floor was wet, meaning that they had descended to a floor below dock level

    19. Over 400,000 tons of pesticides are applied each year by American farmers with less than one-tenth of one percent actually reaching targeted pests! A main source of contamination of our soil, water, air and food, as well as being highly inefficient, this method of pest control places at risk the health of the farmer and consumer alike

    20. in the right places, we’ll have

    21. "Water gets short out there at times and places

    22. It also fits in all the right places

    23. Villages became haunted places, fit

    24. seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places,

    25. time I could only be in two places: at my son’s bedside and at church

    26. The power of the healing Spirit of God comes to places where

    27. aware of self and place and time, and of the difference between places and times and

    28. "I call her that because she's always perching on places too small for her

    29. their God, and they built them high places in all their cities, from the tower of the watchmen to the fenced city

    30. I feel as weak as a kitten … one of them watches me as the other removes the vase of flowers from the table and places everything so I can reach it

    31. Alice, who is a really good dancer, still remains at the rear places of the circle -just like I do, of course

    32. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    33. The places on her torso where the artificial limbs attached were pink ovals, lumpy with contracted fibers and at the center of it all was the titanium bone and the expected set of ports for the neural interface processors that did the fantastically complicated and nuanced task of translating between machine language and the language of the human neurological system

    34. wrote which places a great responsibility on the individual Christian: (YOU) Study to

    35. This was one of those places where Bahkmar had to bite his tongue and not blurt out, 'they are just a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some few-level neural simulation loops, a few gig of customizable data and some presentation rendering loops' but the vow was sacred and he understood even to the sociological level why the people who can't understand it anyway need to believe it is holy

    36. The bundles of control conduits feeding into Horcheese blocked the projection in a few places, but the bridge’s tactical display covered half the bridge

    37. The membrane ripped and came apart in a hundred places at once and receded from all points simultaneously

    38. obligation to sing (Ephesians 5:19), (Colossians 3:16) and other places

    39. I assumed that the journey west continued and I tried to think of places that they might have brought me to; Oxford, perhaps, or Reading

    40. In spite of the fact that much of this planet's air is much thicker than on Earth, there are other places where it is much thinner and this society maintained telescopes that one needed to climb in pressurized tunnels to visit, so they had a better view of space than anyone had from Earth before space travel, the Kassikan received data from multiple observatories two miles or more above the peak of Mount Everest

    41. Most of the traffic was actually hand-paddled kayaks, in places so thick the clack of paddles hitting each other was common

    42. This was one of the last wild places before the interconnects began, but it was beautiful

    43. The word for depths is used in other places as a synonym for sheol

    44. Villages became haunted places, fit only for wraiths and fools

    45. Other places seem to be dumbstruck with the need to buy and be seen with luxury

    46. And it isn’t any more prevalent than in the religious establishments and at the market places

    47. Paul often times went into these two places before going anywhere else

    48. Her real first question was, where was the entity? Was there some way she could tell, or would she have to do element balances with the same attention to detail that Delos had? Ava had far more interest in penetrating the native data network than worrying about element balances seven decimal places out

    49. Men came from all places to join the army of the new King of War

    50. Alan was beside himself in seven places when he got in there

    1. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    2. Johnny started to dig a hole through his clothes, placing the Super Chip in the center of the hole

    3. Soap Drenching: You can check for grubs by placing a can that has be

    4. How much have you had?’ he said, placing the bottle out of my reach before taking the kettle over to the sink and filling it with water

    5. “Tree vents can be used for all trees placing only compost as a food source

    6. Solar Tea: Solar Tea is made by placing the ground up dried leaves of the herb into panty hose tied into a ball (becomes a tea bag) then place into a gallon (or larger) glass container of pure water (not city water, distilled or filtered water is best but stream water is OK)

    7. The trade has become so lucrative that the top buyers are now placing orders for specific types of skin

    8. ’ Joris said, coming up behind me and placing his hands one either side of me on the rail

    9. Holding it out for me, he turns and walks over to the porthole, placing his hands either side of the window, he stands apparently looking out at the sea

    10. ’ He replied, placing his dish on top of mine

    11. In this third and final stage you assume the second pose as in figure 51 but instead of placing your left arm outside the left knee you place it inside as I have demonstrated in figure 50

    12. It is no wonder that by placing these two types of communicators together that they would balance each other out

    13. By placing the two of

    14. spends it by placing it into savings

    15. By placing love into the middle of a lust based relationship, you might get someone who loves

    16. The assistant to the Archbishop began placing bottles of whisky at intervals around the table and the atmosphere lightened, a little

    17. He spent the day preparing the soil in his allocated spot, mulching, weeding and hoeing, before gently placing his prize specimen in its ornamental pot in the middle of his display

    18. Tom grew impatient with her dallying and, placing his soft lips upon her petals, he bit off her head and spat it out onto the grass

    19. "The clock is still running," he said after placing a virtual probe, "it is granting cycle requests but it happened suspiciously close to the time of the beam's arrival

    20. • Line the base of the smoker with foil, placing wood shavings on top of the foil

    21. hair and placing the chemistry book at the centre of the table

    22. 'Samosas, hot, careful,' he said, placing a

    23. Laughing, she rang a small bell on the table and servants appeared out of nowhere and began placing drinks beside each place setting

    24. nodded solemnly and placing their hands in the middle of the

    25. ” Placing his hand on Rayne’s shoulder he felt her slowly relax, he whispered to her, “Ease down my little warrior, there is no need to sully K’nada with their blood

    26. A stunning raven haired beauty was placing two large pitchers of a brew on the table

    27. placing his prize specimen in its ornamental pot in the middle of his

    28. They were placing their last hopes with him; they told him, with him and his plan to finally end the ‘Ogatu’ problem

    29. Tom grew impatient with her dallying and, placing his soft lips

    30. nearly as scarred as the floor and placing their glasses on the round

    31. Placing the bottle

    32. ’ He commanded, placing her hand on his trouser fly, the fabric taut over his erect cock

    33. Placing the key back inside the hip

    34. ’ She said, placing the bowl on the floor where he could reach it and handing him the towel

    35. ’ The constable said, placing the tray on the tiny table by the wall

    36. were people placing flowers on graves, people standing, a young man had his arm

    37. that Agrea was placing agents in the Armed Forces in Britain, at the

    38. ‘We’re placing a lot of trust in you, monsieur

    39. by placing the onus of silence on those he was speaking to

    40. Fate has a strange way of placing you in situations you don’t want to be in

    41. “Maybe sir,” he said, emptying all the money out of his wallet and placing

    42. "Who's hinny?" Beth asked, placing a hot cup of coffee in front of her at the kitchen table

    43. She pulled off the last of her winter armor, placing it neatly on the floor

    44. She was busy placing small items in the large globe from the living room

    45. This way she could have his arms around her and wasn’t at all shy about placing his hands exactly where she wanted them

    46. Kaha still had no problem placing his hands where she wanted them on her body, and no problem with what part of his body responded

    47. and placing an arm around his wife, who responded by

    48. He stopped shoveling at my question, placing

    49. himself somehow by placing his feet on the unconscious agent so that the current

    50. where he was for a few days,’ said the stranger, placing

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