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    1. "I wonder how they can accomplish that?" She asked, "Do you think there is any way we can duplicate it?"

    2. ‘We maintain duplicate lists

    3. markets and duplicate the process

    4. Then, once you believe you understand her work, try to duplicate it

    5. A small duplicate of Joseph"s mother, she was a chubby baby

    6. Confederation would be hard put to duplicate that feat

    7. To create a duplicate of himself presented potential ramifications that were not worth contemplating

    8. Knowing she could not duplicate Sicarius’s descent without breaking bones, she did not try

    9. I turned to see she had whizzed the duplicate paper from her typewriter and placed it on the table with a pen

    10. She danced, laughing at her inability to duplicate the sexy, swaying of hips that seemed to come so naturally to everyone else

    11. Then, without mention of the subject, he passed a large envelope to her and asked that she examine its contents: duplicate shipping documents – official in every way, he assured her – for the boat sitting off the coast of Charleston

    12. If George had the kind of ability with computers he claimed he did, then, Leon suggested, he ought to have sufficient talent to duplicate a check that would be suitable for cashing

    13. Handing it to Tomek, he said, “Can you duplicate this? Using some other names, of course

    14. It was a duplicate of the delivery truck he had driven so often for his father, but without the Ford emblem or name anywhere on it

    15. she asked about it she was told it was due to duplicate records, without an explanation

    16. That may have been a good thing; we don’t want anyone else trying to duplicate it and come up with the same thing

    17. You cannot duplicate the huge waves of cash that roll in when recorded messages are used correctly

    18. You cannot duplicate them on the Internet, even though all the nit-wits who work on Internet stuff tell you that

    19. in by the Holy Spirit because Satan cannot duplicate

    20. However, your human brain is somewhat complicated to fully duplicate

    21. Your memory and what you know is easy to duplicate

    22. For example, if are an SEO consultant and you noticed a potential customer had tweeted a question on duplicate content, offer this: “I noticed you had a question about duplicate content issues

    23. that are, in fact, a duplicate of or very similar in terms of content to those produced by staff at Head Office

    24. God knows what I did with the negatives, or why I did not have the presence of mind to have made and kept for litigation purposes duplicate prints

    25. Meantime, the Italian contract, which the Customer had never bothered to execute in duplicate, was not progressing well

    26. The elves present saw a duplicate Yazadril standing before the cloth

    27. “And now he’s drawing power from an elf and a unicorn, melding it, and using it to duplicate a draconian inherent magical ability

    28. “We are most excited by your ability to see an individual’s strength in the power, though we hadn’t realized it’s importance till now, and we haven’t been able to duplicate it

    29. If we could duplicate your ability to visually detect strength with the power, we would be able to detect all the potential spell-casters

    30. She concentrated, and tried to duplicate his feat, but only managed a fraction of it before she was forced to lower the broken stones

    31. “That’s not to say I could duplicate the feat without practicing it, but it wouldn’t take much practice!”

    32. I’d be willing to bet that Visinniria’s fighting skills can be passed from Ria to Talia in a much more immediately useful form, and if we carefully observe how the spell works, we may be able to duplicate it

    33. Next big step: Tony decided to duplicate the concept he created in South America

    34. Sarah grabbed the duplicate, folded it, and placed it in the

    35. This is a BIG plus for them and something you'll want to duplicate!

    36. This is something you could VERY easily duplicate, and should duplicate for your own market

    37. was an exact duplicate of Rob, both facial y and in stuttered

    38. Bandler, an information scientist, and Grinder, a linguist, were interested in how people influence one another, with the idea of being able to duplicate the behavior

    39. Metaphysicists would interpret the duplicate e8 universe (predicted

    40. The first thing is to duplicate the problem

    41. He replaces it with a duplicate pack, opened and missing the same number

    42. Had they checked my rucksack they would have slit my throat – it contained a duplicate passport stamped Valid only for Israel, so I could visit and not have it recorded in my regular passport making subsequent entry to Muslim countries impossible

    43. He couldn't believe his eyes to see a real duplicate of himself

    44. Using the duplicate keys she had illegally acquired several years previously, Violet had searched the High School records and discovered the forwarding addresses of her husband, Jarek Schwartz and Zeno Paigann

    45. There is, of course, the replica of x, but x seemed to indicate that his duplicate was unstable and given to fits of anger and depression, even in the short time it was activated

    46. But now x3=0 and any hope of making x’s duplicate satisfied with its lot in life might not be so easy

    47. Especially because x’s duplicate cannot attempt biological reproduction

    48. However, like x2 itself, the duplicate is a very powerful thinking machine and would in all likelihood make a good controller, perhaps even much, much better than x, x having been so slow by comparison to both its duplicate and x2

    49. duplicate copy of the card

    50. duplicate the required steps

    1. "No one else has duplicated Darryl's work and found that the impactors are in fact being guided, much less found changes in that guidance

    2. those copies were in turn duplicated until almost every student at Collingston had a

    3. He leaned against the seat back, tipping his chair to stare at the ceiling, and blew a thoughtful jet of blue Havana cigar smoke upwards, savoring the rich flavor duplicated by no other cigars in the world, and watched it disappear through the vent

    4. Each patient’s complaint, symptoms and treatment had to be carefully entered in the dispensary log, and the same information duplicated on the sick call report

    5. The incident was duplicated in different circumstances a few weeks later

    6. stays on there and can be duplicated or enlarged

    7. The thing that pleased me the most is that the information contained in the chip cannot be duplicated

    8. duplicated by someone in another team, department or office

    9. your work being duplicated, then it is worth investigating, as you may be

    10. show the viability of socialist principles in practice, however, the peculiarities of Israeli conditions (for example, religious tradition and constant war readiness necessitated by the hostility of Israel’s Arab neighbors) could not easily by duplicated

    11. The pattern of it is unique, and it contains a minute amount of her saliva, which is also unique and cannot be duplicated by any means

    12. The first test piece will simply be reshaped, the second will be re-shaped and its present fine-scale surface texture will be carefully duplicated, while the third will be reshaped and have its crystal structure duplicated

    13. The petals fingerprint will never be duplicated

    14. Every neuron of every living creature is painfully ripped out and duplicated with synthetic space-time-matter conveyers communicating in perfect unison and harmony in an inexplicable ballet of death and logic

    15. When thepronoun todo is used as the object, it is duplicated by the objectpronoun lo placed immediately before

    16. MRR products there because Amazon hates to see duplicated

    17. His fingers itched to plunge among the gems he had heard described by story-tellers in the market squares of Keshia, who repeated tales handed down from mouth to mouth through the centuries—jewels not to be duplicated in the world, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, bloodstones, opals, sapphires, the loot of the ancient world

    18. duplicated to change the course once again?

    19. They’re duplicated again and again for a variety of purposes and end up living “forever”

    20. Once the transmission takes place, the order file will be cleared since we don’t need to have it duplicated

    21. That branch in essence duplicated the whole planet, at the least, and its inhabitants at the time

    22. All the persons living in timeline ‘A’ onward from 1940 were duplicated and subsequently modified as historical changes directly affecting them swept through their respective time periods

    23. and offices duplicated, then posted on to him: secretly

    24. He subsequently duplicated his maneuver

    25. Efficiently, Mitchell and Nathan duplicated their previous round with another beer race

    26. With a sense of urgency, he placed his feet onto the railing to leverage himself up for a duplicated effort

    27. � She finally left his shop at around two O�clock, dropping in for a few minutes at the locksmith�s shop next door, where she had her appartment and garage keys duplicated

    28. � Maybe I should have this outfit duplicated by a good tailor

    29. What I wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from

    30. Needless to say, the system has duplicated

    31. creation of unique “niche” products that cannot be easily duplicated

    32. that past patterns will be duplicated and begin to extrapolate into the future

    33. before it is duplicated with a different, “designer” formula by some other company

    34. beyond some basic cultural assumptions, they instead duplicated them

    35. duplicated, in wood, my likeness

    36. Almost anything can be duplicated these days and 3D printing is becoming the next big thing

    37. • Which positions are duplicated and therefore which staff will be

    38. immediately realized that the myriads of levers and dials were duplicated

    39. We should have duplicated the lost

    40. Sister Scholastica had them carefully duplicated and then the originals were passed on to the Salesian Resource Center in Stella Niagara, New York, for further study and publication

    41. and unique it was can be seen in the fact that it has never been duplicated in any way whatsoever by any other biological form

    42. Then she duplicated the ramp

    43. E is a collection (can be duplicated) of pairs of vertices, called edges

    44. What I wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from my part-time efforts

    45. This product can be duplicated and used and

    46. I can’t understand why it wasn’t duplicated around the country

    47. No part, parts or the entirety of this book may be reproduced by publishing, electronically copied, duplicated by whatever means that form

    48. determines size and this is because by moving faster more space is duplicated during the same time

    49. All Experience, including the Experience of every molecule; is unique and can never be duplicated

    50. By using the same tools in the same way for millions of years: tools ritualized hominid-human existence into a repetitive, duplicated, preserved pattern, which ultimately evolved into a complex culture… a lifestyle that was based upon abstraction and duplication

    1. I eventually return the duplicates

    2. as to which of the duplicates was the correct record, or why the consultant said that

    3. Megan had duplicates in the file when she had assured Sarah the customer file was

    4. are duplicates of the same information and some publications are

    5. “I see Mother and her duplicates

    6. One point for 1-4 letter words and two points for 5 letters or more seems to work well but words with spelling errors and duplicates do not count

    7. Using his electrical microscope, Harry observes the cell of the pig sample duplicates as soon as the JF-31 cell combines with it

    8. duplicates of your mother’s

    9. I think that giants were duplicates of the Zorbantans

    10. Indian sites may be duplicates but there is a

    11. Duplicates would be

    12. duplicates or backups of their physical counterparts, or 3) in a mental context, using the

    13. two sections which are near mirror duplicates of each other

    14. We will attach to these copies duplicates of this news clips and of the crime statistics dug up by Harry

    15. Hall’s other proposed use of cloned embryos, to increase chances of pregnancy (even though he knows it also increases chances of multiples), become an inhuman option—choosing from among several live duplicates, only the biggest and best, and tossing the others aside to die, like a fisherman’s undersized catch?

    16. 117 Actually, none of the visions were duplicates

    17. God says: “Every time we sent an envoy or an apostle before you (Mohammad), and this envoy or apostle had a wish, the devil would throw (suspicion) into their wish, but Al’lah duplicates what the devil throws in, and Al’lah confirms His own revelations: Al’lah is Omniscient and Wise

    18. “…but Al’lah duplicates what the devil throws in …”: that is, the Almighty shows a copy of the devil’s insinuations to the messenger so that they can be refuted for the truthful disciple

    19. duplicates the track, making the file size bigger without a resulting

    20. Another two thousand odd had been rejected as irrelevant, duplicates, or of doubtful origin

    21. The delinquent and its duplicates are doomed to obliteration, whether it is the

    22. By motion space duplicates and by space duplicating the material must be by dividing or bisecting - halving it removes heat in space as well as by dismissing space and in that concentrating heat

    23. By motion, space duplicates and by space, halving it removes heat in space as well as by dismissing space

    24. They became Millers, Carpenters, Carvers, Smiths, etc… Their first names became repetitious duplicates of their ancestors: Son of John… Johnson

    25. who are exact duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through

    26. Anyone with a brain who understands that the infinite creativity of the Infinite Universe is a result of Infinite permutations of energy; knows the evolution of the Earth could never be, and was never duplicated on some imaginary alien planet to create and produce reptiles who are exact duplicates of the reptiles of the Age of Dinosaurs on Earth

    27. duplicates, and it would be some time before they could be obtained

    28. Barnicot's rooms were the exact duplicates of the one which was destroyed in Morse Hudson's shop?"

    29. At first he was bashful about the notoriety which the newspaper caused, but later greatly pleased, for he found it the means of his getting into touch with other collectors in all parts of the world with whom he now corresponded and swapped duplicates

    30. And the relationship to volatility virtually duplicates that of BXM

    31. For a network that is completely isolated from the Internet, administrators can use any IP addresses they want, as long as there are no duplicates on the same network

    32. Duplicates of all the unique and rare volumes, limitless duplicates! And no risking fines or prison for owning them

    33. We can press duplicates

    34. The following charts are duplicates of the three shown for the popular technical signals; they are further expanded to reveal candlestick reversals

    35. Are these duplicates of duplicates? The lost are found, but how?”

    36. He had sold the last of his furniture, then all duplicates of his bedding, his clothing and his blankets, then his herbariums and prints; but he still retained his most precious books, many of which were of the greatest rarity, among others, Les Quadrins Historiques de la Bible, edition of 1560; La Concordance des Bibles, by Pierre de Besse; Les Marguerites de la Marguerite, of Jean de La Haye, with a dedication to the Queen of Navarre; the book de la Charge et Dignite de l'Ambassadeur, by the Sieur de Villiers Hotman; a Florilegium Rabbinicum of 1644; a Tibullus of 1567, with this magnificent inscription: Venetiis, in aedibus Manutianis; and lastly, a Diogenes Laertius, printed at Lyons in 1644, which contained the famous variant of the manuscript 411, thirteenth century, of the Vatican, and those of the two manuscripts of Venice, 393 and 394, consulted

    37. In the case of money orders, the postmaster explained, there would be no loss, except of time, as duplicates promptly would be shipped without further expense

    38. Here are his keys, which are the duplicates of Mr

    39. Golyadkin, so there was nowhere to escape from these duplicates — so that Mr

    40. Golyadkin, who was in every way deserving of compassion, was breathless with terror; so that at last a terrible multitude of duplicates had sprung into being; so that the whole town was obstructed at last by duplicate Golyadkins, and the police officer, seeing such a breach of decorum, was obliged to seize all these duplicates by the collar and to put them into the watch-house, which happened to be beside him

    1. Naturally I won but I was also loosing part of the day though duplicating what had already proceeded

    2. Duplicating your brain and putting it on a carbon-sincoid as a backup is possible,’ Bellona says while she slows down

    3. “At least with the problem of your being blinded by the flash of spells, though duplicating your ability to see magic directly will require some extensive research

    4. “We have a compound that will seek out any tissue damage in the body and repair it by duplicating the healthy cells near the injury

    5. Some are duplicating brain cells that produce enzymes that cause suicidal thoughts and the burning sensations

    6. the expectations of the experimenters after duplicating the initial experi-

    7. Don't try duplicating his approache, as countless folks have tried recreating the achievement of the million dollar homepage with practically no return at all

    8. of duplicating what is feasible, be that physical, financial, or emotional

    9. F Chatham from San Francisco discovered the secret to growing Emeralds by duplicating conditions within the earth (the proper temperature, pressure and chemical properties)he was able to actually grow gems in his laboratory

    10. atoms and more a matter of duplicating information-the natur-

    11. then on into eternity, must have a body that is eternally perfect - thereby duplicating

    12. inventory into a few key locations, and not duplicating processes

    13. typewriter, and run off with one of those old duplicating machines that people used before the

    14. to have identical Menu items on two or more different Menus without duplicating the

    15. 2) Have you already created a bunch of “gateway pages” by simply duplicating one of your pages and then replacing one keyword with a different one? Search 107

    16. Carry on down your body, duplicating the routine with the

    17. Organizations with access to these professional databases can save time and money that would otherwise be wasted on duplicating the effort involved in locating the information

    18. and forth, duplicating the ceaseless motion of the lifeboat,

    19. Therefore the body does not use electricity to instate life but by duplicating the transmitting of

    20. Movement is space that is duplicating filled

    21. Breaking the sound barrier is the motion in space duplicating space by crossing

    22. The expanding of space is a way of duplicating space by movement without reducing space and by duplicating in the form of expanding it becomes just the opposite to duplicating by motion of contracting therefore reducing space by halving space used by material

    23. By motion space duplicates and by space duplicating the material must be by dividing or bisecting - halving it removes heat in space as well as by dismissing space and in that concentrating heat

    24. The expanding of space is a way of duplicating space without reducing space and by duplicating in the form of expanding it becomes just the opposite to duplicating by motion therefore reducing space by halving space in time

    25. Movement is space that is duplicating filled space at a pace and in relation to other space within other unfilled space

    26. 22 by dismissing while the four time positions started the cosmic trend of duplicating

    27. The added dimension of the tool made our biofeedback system into a duplicating mirror-system

    28. By setting up an abstract system of absolute rules: the concept of law is basically an attempt at duplicating human behavior

    29. It is the disease of human civilization duplicating itself and overpopulating itself that is the disease

    30. It is also the greatest duplicating machine of all

    31. Yet humans are hell-bent on cloning, and duplicating everything they possibly can

    32. It follows a single linear path of tool-logic without ever deviating from it over and over… repeating itself, endlessly the same, duplicating itself, justifying itself, rationalizing itself… just as tools trained our ancestors to perform the same, identical motions of chipping away at a rock, they have trained our brains to perform numerous identical logic sequences over, and over: without ever deviating into any other possible way of thinking, or considering any other alternative paths of logic

    33. Since it cannot duplicate living things: it is duplicating dead things

    34. then of course people will never try to collectively build their own community creatively from scratch: without copying and duplicating the dead, hierarchical models of the past

    35. 2) Have you already created a bunch of “gateway pages” by simply duplicating one of your pages and then replacing one keyword with a different one? Search Engines look across all your site pages and penalize duplication

    36. Serbia’s greedy ambition for conquering more land and expanding its power was just one tiny little fucking copycat of a new upstart nation duplicating exactly what huge empires had been for thousands of years ever since civilization had been invented

    37. If you sell photocopy machines, saying a particular unit is a high-speed duplicating machine is not impactful

    38. “I’ve been doing a little research of my own, and if they manage to recruit up and train all of the reinforcements Maigwair and Duchairn are planning on, then equip them with these damned rockets, someone as smart as Rainbow Waters is likely to hit on the notion of duplicating the Red Army’s World War Two tactics

    39. This would ensure that each of them supplements the information contained in the other indicators instead of duplicating it

    40. Testing the extent of interrelationships between the four risk indicators is based on the presumption that if different indicators are unique (not duplicating each other), the performances of portfolios created on their basis should be uncorrelated

    41. 3 provides additional confirmation that information contained in these two indicators overlaps only in part and is complementary rather than duplicating

    42. 1, we assume that as the criteria interrelationship decrease, profit should increase because uncorrelated criteria supplement each other instead of duplicating

    43. By duplicating a complex object, we can think of an object that is populated from a database and has references to other objects that are also populated from a database

    44. Duplicating everything, which happens when a deep copy is created

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