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Second в предложении (на )

  1. We sat for a second.
  2. But hold on a second.
  3. I paused for a second.
  4. The second is a test.
  5. He got a second batch.

  6. But just for a second.
  7. In a second he popped.
  8. The second step is to.
  9. Um, give me a second.
  10. Hang on for a second.
  11. However it was a second.
  12. Even for just a second.
  13. In the next second her.
  14. A second later the dirt.
  15. From the second half of.

  16. She thought for a second.
  17. It'll only take a second.
  19. This is the second death.
  20. It was in the second bag.
  21. The second rhyming as if.
  22. He hung on for a second.
  23. Ash laughed a second time.
  24. The second one said, Mr.
  25. The second is a sure way.

  26. That was my second mistake.
  27. The second landed in the.
  28. The second dress is better.
  29. The second time was just.
  30. This was the second time.
  31. For a second he didn’t.
  32. Earth as the second coming.
  33. Second, HGH can be ingested.
  34. Now pause for a second or.
  35. I stare at him for a second.
  36. The second one fit tighter.
  37. The second down is Mathias.
  38. I’ll be back in a second.
  39. The second day, Terry was.
  41. Diverted in a split second.
  42. Just give me one second.
  43. And even after the Second.
  44. Dhyāna – is second stage.
  45. This is the second critic.
  46. After a second or two, he.
  47. This is her, my second wife.
  48. Is the second the supreme?
  49. We went to the second garage.
  50. Carol is the second visitor.
  51. The second baby began to cry.
  52. It was only on for a second.
  53. The second test had arrived.
  54. A second wave is on its way.
  55. The Second Coming of Christ.
  57. His second was shit, sniper.
  58. As Junya passed the second.
  59. A second later he threw it.
  60. Now let’s stop for a second.
  61. Let’s stop for a second now.
  62. I stared at her for a second.
  63. The second thing is the dogs.
  64. With each passing second, I.
  65. He won't get a second chance.
  66. After the second time, when.
  67. In the second decade I think.
  68. For a second, Cloud’s mind.
  69. The next second, she was gone.
  70. Abby was my second in command.
  71. You will be second in command.
  72. The process took only a second.
  73. She stared at him for a second.
  74. Sit down for a second?
  75. Second, I marvel at how they.
  76. It is the "second death" (Rev.
  77. In a second they were to the.
  78. Think about Chess for a second.
  79. A second later Roman hit the.
  80. It’s full of second chances.
  81. The second round left me mute.
  82. And his second target was to.
  83. He answered on the second ring.
  84. Her mouth pinches for a second.
  85. The second one is the attitudes.
  86. I need to fix the second verse.
  87. In the second study, the same.
  88. The second path is not so steep.
  89. The second method is as follows.
  90. The second was Angela Thorpe.
  91. But by the time of the Second.
  92. Next to them is the second box.
  93. There will be a second influx.
  94. He closed his eyes for a second.
  95. Forgo said nothing for a second.
  96. It is his second son, Toragana.
  97. Her mouth widens by the second.
  98. Audrey’s second child is a boy.
  99. Shut up for a fucking second.
  100. And second, I won’t leave.
  1. And manfully seconding Wade’s yell was the shrill piping of Beau.
  2. The words of MFP message were seconding in the hearts and minds of people.
  3. He would content himself with formally seconding Councillor Didlum's excellent proposition.
  4. As for the matter of White Feathers seconding his 'dire need' argument, he was humbly grateful.
  5. Smith of Maryland said, that in seconding the motion to strike out the first section of the bill, he had pursued a course which, in his opinion, was the most correct.
  6. He shook hands with each of them, saying in turn, Lord Godalming, I had the honour of seconding your father at the Windham; I grieve to know, by your holding the title, that he is no more.
  7. He seemed to have no strength, and he never once hit me hard, and he was always knocked down; but he would be up again in a moment, sponging himself or drinking out of the water-bottle, with the greatest satisfaction in seconding himself according to form, and then came at me with an air and a show that made me believe he really was going to do for me at last.
  1. Fisk, and seconded by Mr.
  2. No one seconded the motion.
  3. Clay seconded the motion of Mr.
  4. Raymond eagerly seconded the idea.
  5. ZTA seconded MFP stand view point.
  6. The other men seconded the motion.
  7. The motion was seconded and carried.
  8. Admiral Dankese seconded the motion.
  9. Newton having seconded these motions, Mr.
  10. The motion was quickly seconded and passed.
  11. Jennings's entreaty was warmly seconded by Mr.
  12. The motion was seconded and carried on a voice vote.
  13. The motion was seconded by the Secretary and passed.
  14. Texas moved to microphone number six and seconded the.
  15. It has been moved and seconded that a time certain be.
  16. A voice from within the delegates seconded the motion by.
  17. In this task you will be seconded by the domestics of their household.
  18. It's about time, said Belle and she was seconded by White Feathers.
  19. Initiation must be proposed and seconded by two of the higher members of.
  20. CDR Schroeder, THE uniformed ACO also attended and seconded John’s remarks.
  21. Nathaniel had been seconded from Marine Corps Alpha Company into embassy duty.
  22. I shall also look into the possibility that you be seconded to a special team.
  23. Bundy moved, and Sawkins seconded, as an amendment, that it should be a whole day.
  24. Mr Didlum seconded the vote of condolence in similar terms, and it was carried unanimously.
  25. William seconded that emotion, but didn’t know how to say so, so he stood and walked out.
  26. Me too! another one seconded and the others agreed, probably because they wanted to oppose me.
  27. Demery had organised a crew of officers from across the county to be seconded onto his investigation.
  28. There was a store selling all kinds of groceries and hardware, a small bakery that seconded as a café.
  29. Chloe welcomed the thought of showing off her daughter to her family and in-laws, which Harold seconded.
  30. At the aunt's request, seconded by Professor Valerius, Daae consented to give the young viscount some violin lessons.
  31. Professor Pakenham went missing Easter weekend, but he seems to have been consumed almost-whole, seconded Barnes.
  32. Chloe seconded her observation and opened the Baedecker to read passages describing the island's history and attractions.
  33. Philpot having been unanimously elected chairman, proposed by Harlow and seconded by the man on the pail, Owen commenced:.
  34. The Mayor, Alderman Sweater, said that he could not allow the amendment to be discussed until it was seconded: if there were.
  35. The gigglers stopped giggling and now whimpered that we should go — which Happy Bulloks and Teet-sucker seconded and thirded.
  36. As the chair collected her notebook together she announced, ‘The motion is proposed, seconded and overwhelmingly supported by the committee.
  37. Randolph moved an appeal; which being seconded, the question was put, "Is the decision of the Chair correct?" and decided in the affirmative.
  38. Troup, and being seconded, the question was taken, "Is the decision of the Chair correct?" and resolved in the affirmative—yeas 78, nays 21.
  39. Pretot, who was destined to perish also in the struggle, seconded Mavot, and to the question: "What is your object?" he replied: "Insurrection.
  40. The big company accounts were all handled by upstairs, although some of the bright up and coming adpersons were often seconded onto larger projects.
  41. All those persons in the conference hall seconded the suggestions of President Bashrove with open arms and wide clapping and so the meeting was over.
  42. Fisher advised us to invest within our circle of competence and Buffett seconded that notion, adding that we must thoroughly understand our investments.
  43. In truth, the instructors of her flying club, affiliated like all other youth clubs in Germany to the Hitler’s Youths, were pilots seconded from the Luftwaffe.
  44. The onerous task of checking each of these vehicles and their whereabouts on the night of the murder was given to a number of junior policemen seconded for this task.
  45. His efforts were seconded by those of the Mohicans and a very few minutes served to place such a sheet of water between them and their enemies, that Heyward once more breathed freely.
  46. A new Lieutenant had turned up he had been seconded to us to replace Walter Cole and should have arrived with the 125th Brigade but he had been ill in Egypt which didn’t bode well for here.
  47. The task force was led by an Army commander who was there to handle the physical landing and provide the tactical requirements; the choppers were all seconded from the Army with their pilots.
  48. Standing there surveying us was Tommy Macy Elijah’s mate who had been seconded to the Second Battalion as an instructor and who was now a skater* his face broke into a big smile on seeing us.
  49. Venables advanced towards him-- But there was a decision in his attitude, that so well seconded that of his voice, * They left the house: at the same time protesting, that any one that should dare to protect.
  50. Mr Didlum seconded, and there being no other nomination - for they all knew that it would give the game away to have a contest - the Chairman put Mr Grinder's proposal to the meeting and declared it carried unanimously.
  51. As it was he had been seconded to the Battalion Aid Station as a stretcher bearer, I saw him and a L/cpl called Stanley who had the most untrustworthy face that I had ever seen but I could not get near him at this time.
  52. If he had been in London or Paris at that time, it is probable that such thoughts, seconded by opportunity, would have taken him into a gambling-house, no longer to watch the gamblers, but to watch with them in kindred eagerness.
  53. Charlie sat forward in anticipation, too anxious to eat or drink, “I suppose we should start at the beginning, Charlie,” said his father, seconded by a nodding Chef, who then said to Charlies father, “He has your journal!”.
  54. The clergy of each particular country might be considered as a particular detachment of that army, of which the operations could easily be supported and seconded by all the other detachments quartered in the different countries round about.
  55. Her media profile, with the talkshows fawning over her, the men’s magazines begging for photo spreads, the glamour mags demanding haircare tips, as well as no small amount of political pressure, meant that she had to be seconded to 1st for the visit.
  56. After a brief discussion it was decided to take over the drain on the terms offered, and then Councillor Didlum proposed a vote of thanks to Alderman Sweater for his generosity in the matter: this was promptly seconded by Councillor Rushton and would have been carried nem.
  57. It had been hoped that the proceedings would end there, and that a vote of thanks and congratulation, moved by Professor Sergius, of Upsala University, would be duly seconded and carried; but it was soon evident that the course of events was not destined to flow so smoothly.
  58. Fairfax had begged a holiday for Adèle, because she had a cold; and, as Adèle seconded the request with an ardour that reminded me how precious occasional holidays had been to me in my own childhood, I accorded it, deeming that I did well in showing pliability on the point.
  59. Cole, seconded by the young ladies, acquainted me that there was a chapter to be held that night in form, for the ceremony of my reception into the sisterhood; and in which, with all due reserve to my maidenhead, that was to be occasionally cooked up for the first proper chapman.
  60. Councillor Rushton seconded the resolution, which was also supported by Mr Grinder, who said that at a time like the present, when there was sich a lot of infiddles about who said that we all came from monkeys, the Council would be showing a good example to the working classes by adopting the resolution.
  61. We have called in a lot of resources to do this and have already seconded personnel from a number of other sources within the government including the Defence force who are assisting with some of the logistics in the form of providing transport to a number of sites under the guise of conducting exercises.
  62. When all those who were expected to turn up had arrived, Payne, the foreman carpenter - the man who made the coffins - was voted to the chair on the proposition of Crass, seconded by Philpot, and then a solemn silence ensued, which was broken at last by the chairman, who, in a lengthy speech, explained the object of the meeting.
  63. You have been seconded to them, reporting directly to Detective Superintendent Tom Demery, but you maintain a dotted reporting line directly to me, understand? I want you to ring me at the end of every shift with an update on all matters relating to the investigation you were working on under DI Morton, and anything that arises from the bomb incident.
  64. Said the spokesman of the court: "Is this your son? and do we understand aright that he was born blind? If this is true, how is it that he can now see?" And then Josiah's father, seconded by his mother, answered: "We know that this is our son, and that he was born blind, but how it is that he has come to see, or who it was that opened his eyes, we know not.
  65. He watched his slightest movement, however, with eager eyes; and, as he traced the fine outline of his admirably proportioned and active frame, he endeavored to persuade himself, that, if the powers of man, seconded by such noble resolution, could bear one harmless through so severe a trial, the youthful captive before him might hope for success in the hazardous race he was about to run.
  66. Noirtier de Villefort, one of the most fiery Jacobins of the French Revolution; that is to say, he had the most remarkable audacity, seconded by a most powerful organization—a man who has not, perhaps, like yourself seen all the kingdoms of the earth, but who has helped to overturn one of the greatest; in fact, a man who believed himself, like you, one of the envoys, not of God, but of a supreme being; not of providence, but of fate.
  67. At scarce thirty he had already reduced his strength of appetite down to a wretched dependance on forced provocatives, very little seconded by the natural power of a body jaded, and racked off to the less by constant repeated over draughts of pleasure, which had done the work of sixty winters on his springs of live: leaving him at the same time all the fire and head of youth in his imagination, which served at once to torment and spur him down the precipice.
  68. Apparently they’d been invited to stay for a light supper, while they waited for the rest of their group to show up, even though it had been after one o’clock in the morning when they’d reached the ranch! According to her mother, Rusty and Kirby’s eyes had lit up at the offer of food, and the others had enthusiastically seconded their motion to accept her mother’s gracious invitation to partake in the homemade banquet she’d laid out for them to eat.
  69. So doubly seconded with will and power,.
  70. A motion has been made and duly seconded on the table,.
  1. A few seconds went by.
  2. I waited a few seconds.
  3. In a few seconds both.
  4. A few seconds later a.
  5. It was over in seconds.
  6. A few seconds later, Mr.
  7. A few more seconds of.
  8. He was back in seconds.
  9. Seconds later I rode out.
  10. A few seconds of silence.
  11. Have fun with my seconds.
  12. She waited a few seconds.
  13. They are over in seconds.
  14. He was asleep in seconds.
  15. The room, as the seconds.
  16. After a few seconds, she.
  17. The bar emptied in seconds.
  18. I thought for a few seconds.
  19. But only for a few seconds.
  20. After a few seconds, they.
  21. For a few seconds she saw.
  22. One minute and 45 seconds.
  23. In seconds, they were gone.
  24. After a few seconds six or.
  25. There is a few seconds delay.
  26. It could have been seconds.
  27. I waited a couple of seconds.
  28. Fry again for a few seconds.
  29. In seconds we are surrounded.
  30. We had only seconds to live.
  31. Roman in a matter of seconds.
  32. He pauses for a few seconds.
  33. We’d be soaked in seconds.
  34. There's twenty seconds to go.
  35. Within seconds, it was done.
  36. They needed a couple seconds.
  37. Then for seconds he stopped.
  38. I chuckled for a few seconds.
  39. It stops on sixteen seconds.
  40. She paused for a few seconds.
  41. There was a few seconds pause.
  42. It was soaked within seconds.
  43. Within seconds it took effect.
  44. This only takes a few seconds.
  45. Seconds later he was in the.
  46. The number of seconds that a.
  47. After a few seconds he sighs.
  48. He pauses for several seconds.
  49. Standby … ten seconds ….
  50. Within seconds, I was asleep.
  51. For all of twenty seconds.
  52. Crow thought for a few seconds.
  53. For a few seconds I passed out.
  54. A few seconds later he could.
  55. Sometimes it was seconds only.
  56. Donna paused for a few seconds.
  57. Seconds later I smashed into.
  58. The tremor was gone in seconds.
  59. She waits for several seconds.
  60. I watch her for a few seconds.
  61. This is the number of seconds.
  62. Within 60 seconds the van was.
  63. Sixty seconds, Luke had told me.
  64. I had maybe ten seconds to live.
  65. He was frozen for a few seconds.
  66. It repaired my ship in seconds.
  67. I passed the stable in seconds.
  68. Within seconds they were also.
  69. Hold the breath for 2 seconds.
  70. After about thirty seconds of.
  71. It was okay, for a few seconds.
  72. Two minutes and four seconds.
  73. In a few seconds the door was.
  74. Zeke is quiet for a few seconds.
  75. We shot him dead seconds later.
  76. No one spoke for a few seconds.
  77. Seconds later there was hard-.
  78. I sat stunned for a few seconds.
  79. Oblivion was only seconds away.
  80. Thirty seconds later, it opened.
  81. In those seconds I am left to.
  82. A few seconds later, she left.
  83. A few seconds passed, and the.
  84. It flew away two seconds later.
  85. It only took scant seconds to.
  86. Within ten seconds he felt the.
  87. He answered within a few seconds.
  88. It only took about two seconds.
  89. Seconds later he was joined by.
  90. He felt dizzy for a few seconds.
  91. After about twenty seconds, we.
  92. A few seconds later, she began.
  93. I look at him for a few seconds.
  94. Seconds later it began to snore.
  95. Clothes flew and in seconds we.
  96. Seconds later, 3 very tall and.
  97. Seconds later, it came to a halt.
  98. I was out cold for a few seconds.
  99. It took less than thirty seconds.
  100. The sword takes seconds to kill.

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