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Dwarf в предложении (на )

With the dwarf.
dwarf of the giant.
He is not a dwarf.
couple with a dwarf.
as a white dwarf star.
`A dwarf! ' said Haldir.
'It is,' said the dwarf.

The Dwarf! Will started.
It’s the dwarf curse.
heart of Gimli the Dwarf.
Another, dwarf appeared.
The dwarf took a long sip.
'And a Dwarf is no horseman.
Help a dwarf out, huh?.
And the Dwarf, hearing the.
He seized the dwarf by the.
The dwarf had strong wrists.
`What is it? ' said the dwarf.
not considered a dwarf species.
The dwarf elder seemed amused.
New hope for the dwarf peoples.
The dwarf god broke into a grin.
its proper use, said the dwarf.
Her dwarf slaves found me there.
The dwarf adores the drum-major.
He hovers, dwarfing them.
Saffa leaned forward, her enormous head dwarfing the diminutive Fairy.
Emerson Electric has an enormous total market value, dwarfing the other three companies combined.
Paul could feel his brother-in-law’s large frame dwarfing him in the stale air of the quietude.
Ma sat at the wheel, her podgy frame dwarfing the rusting machine that she steered to a halt in front of the barn.
He was sitting at his desk, dwarfing it with his bulk, his head bowed over an open file, phone clapped to his ear.
The Warrior stood tall and large, its bulbous umbrella head nearly touching the ceiling, its bulk dwarfing the cell.
Then he glanced again at the roaring pillar looming against the sky, dwarfing the towers, and he too fled that castle of nameless horrors.
It continued to spread as a horizontal oval, dwarfing the dimensions of the original breach formed by Ankharet in her magical experimentation.
Not once did his eyes meet hers and Ashley sat on Ellen’s little writing chair, his long body dwarfing the frail bit of furniture he spoke no word of interruption.
Powerful tractors manned by Warriors — their dark stalk-bodies and umbrella heads dwarfing the vehicle — pulled huge crates on flat bed freight trucks into the space ship.
The wedding is short but sweet, with Dana in a soft white gown that I borrowed from a woman in Doa, and D’ven dwarfing everyone in the best clothes in his pack- no one had anything that would fit him.
He looks at me and I remember calling him that the night he showed up at the Clarin House, dwarfing my tiny room with its tiny bed, communal, impossible-to-get-your-turn-in bathroom down the hall, and four crooked hangers in the closet.
Dwarfed by that.
He dwarfed the bench.
The area dwarfed him.
They would be dwarfed.
Cash bricks, dwarfed a counting.
She even dwarfed her ghostly husband.
In comparison, the feather dwarfed her hand.
was dwarfed by the sheer size of the Riaz ship.
the town and dwarfed the buildings surrounding it.
His hand dwarfed hers, surrounding it in hard warmth.
There's a lighthouse, but it is dwarfed by the cliff.
Cindy's worry was dwarfed in comparison to the reality.
He felt dwarfed by the magnanimity of the perfection.
The figures on the bridge were dwarfed by the immensity.
As big as the elaborate bed was, the lavish room dwarfed it.
which dwarfed the full time homes of most of Theo's workforce.
The whole cottage was dwarfed further by Ben’s mighty frame.
It was a snake that dwarfed all Conan's previous ideas of snakes.
love of power is only dwarfed by your hate of keeping the secret.
On one of them a man was sitting, dwarfed by the hanging reptile.
Cook pulled herself up on her own feet, her height dwarfed by the laird.
That return is dwarfed by a simple investment in the All Stocks universe.
He was indeed a small man, dwarfed by the huge, throne-like wooden chair.
Cassius maybe the oldest brother but Abow dwarfed him in size and strength.
The profile dwarfed anything that was leaving it, and their exhaust flamed.
And the biggest of those was the fact that it was dwarfed by what came later.
It dwarfed the pitiful ships being used by the space fleet of Earth and Dedov.
Now, he was dwarfed by each of Elizabeth’s massive passenger cargo sections.
He was a tall elegant man who dwarfed Margaret and was older than her in years.
the tallest, but Bonnie glowed with a brilliance that dwarfed himself and Jason.
handful of nuns attended to the injured, dwarfed by the mighty pillars around them.
and the Seven Dwarfs.
The dwarfs are very.
It’s just the dwarfs.
dwarfs living in a forest!.
Only the dwarfs could tell.
The dwarfs were in difficulty.
The dwarfs joined in as well.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
she realised that they were dwarfs.
his side, and approached the dwarfs.
He’s been told by some dwarfs that.
She’s been captured by the dwarfs.
She didn’t have much luck with dwarfs.
The image dwarfs accompanying photos of.
Two dwarfs shall guard the Forest gates,.
He turned to see how the dwarfs and the.
But some stars, called white dwarfs and.
the dwarfs a similar distance to his right.
Shamen knows where the dwarfs can be found.
His frame apparently dwarfs his office chair.
Snow white and the seven dwarfs he replied.
The wolves and the dwarfs held no fear for them.
They needed to find the dwarfs again, and find out.
against the Amazons and dwarfs, but it was not to be.
dwarfs, the Amazons, Spartan Castle, and anything beyond.
Two dwarfs sat atop a mound where the track split in two.
dwarfs cowering in the interior, one male and one female.
Since the dwarfs had no other spies, being spy-chief was.
Once they had located the dwarfs, he released the bony witch.
peace now with the dwarfs located in there own enclaves, but.

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