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Overshadow в предложении (на )

Christ should overshadow Christianity.
Christianity should not overshadow Christ.
overshadow her melt away with hardly a trace.
thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow.
you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow.
semester to overshadow all the other drama in my life.
overshadow them; and they were afraid as they entered.

It grew ever larger as if to overshadow the cloud before it.
overshadow the constructive thoughts we are aiming to establish.
His joy seemed to overshadow hers as he covered her face in kisses.
Nothing should ever steal or overshadow our excitement about Jesus Christ.
’Those trees that overshadow the summer cottage should be cut down, or trimmed.
It was situated in a protected site, but the hills seemed to overshadow it a little.
Soon their terror will overshadow the last armies of our friends, cutting off the sun.
But a dark star was rising in Germany that would overshadow the atrocities of Mussolini.
Jealous are the old trees of the saplings shooting up about them, soon to overshadow them.
35 The angel answered her The Holy Spirit will come on you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.
In due course, under his benign influence, the West became wealthy and prosperous to overshadow the swarga itself.
She ignored the worried looks from Elandria and Corallyn’s raised eyebrows as her focus on Trevain’s life began to overshadow her own priorities.
Because to-morrow, Haidee, you will be free; you will then assume your proper position in society, for I will not allow my destiny to overshadow yours.
The choice of bureaucrats in Modi’s PMO reflected his approach—low-profile and experienced individuals who would never try and overshadow their boss.
When the bodies of higher Plans only overshadow the head, weakly penetrate, they can’t full-blownly cooperate with the bodies of lower Plans in organism.
However, the need of its own organism in food and inability to obtain it by any other way but to kill another being, overshadow the sympathy for the victim.
As though to demonstrate the weakness for his women did not overshadow his paternal feeling, he went through the same process with Saroja’s gold chain as well.
Acts 5:15 Insomuch that they brought forth the sick into the streets, and laid [them] on beds and couches, that at the least the shadow of Peter passing by might overshadow some of them.
When she woke later, with a scarlet headache that seemed to overshadow her whole body, she could feel the gentle comfort of her mother’s hands on her head, beyond that, her grandmother’s words.
overshadowing his opening smile.
overshadowing them as it stood on its hind legs.
overshadowing them, and a voice came out of the.
overshadowing the season that was supposed to be theirs.
She was hardworking and independent and needed no man’s overshadowing authority.
The sadness between us was almost suffocating, overshadowing the joy of our reunion.
What was needed for him who, overshadowing others, stood at the head of that movement.
Until recent years the dividend return was the overshadowing factor in common-stock investment.
The chirping of birds intensified, overshadowing the rhythmical lapping of waves against the shore.
The individual was almost lost before the overshadowing authority, tradition, and dictation of the church.
1 But Adam and Eve as they drew near to the cave saw two fig trees covered with fruit and overshadowing the cave.
1 But Adam and Eve, as they drew near to the cave, saw two fig trees, covered with fruit, and overshadowing the cave.
They give joy, gladness, peace, because, by prayerful y reciting the Psalms, we feel ourselves under the overshadowing protection of God.
the Beatles, the Rolling Stones overshadowing older American rock stars like Little Richard, Fats Domino and others, including Elvis himself.
Against this humbling 'form of doctrine’ all the authority of the loftiest speculation of both Europe and Asia was arrayed with overshadowing influence.
He showed me a large willow tree overshadowing plains and mountains and under the shade of this willow had assembled all those who were called by the name of the Lord.
Exactly the same mathematical advantage which practically assures good results in the investment field may prove entirely ineffective where luck is the overshadowing influence.
As the days wore on, and no ill news came, as the day closed in and darkness fell, my overshadowing dread of being disabled by illness before to-morrow morning altogether mastered me.
However, he was very enthusiastic about her, admitting she was wonderful in the film, the best thing in it, her performance overshadowing his own and the final result worth the aggravation.
If it hadn’t been for The Doctor s presence overshadowing everything, this time could have passed as a fun, week-long get together between Kathy, the Smiths and the Garland Roses and their retinue.
It’s possible that we may hear more about the pretenders to the throne in the White House during the first years of the twenty-first century, but the state of the economy seems to be overshadowing any effort to bring justice to the oilmen.
Neither did this substitution of the fact of the resurrection of Jesus for the saving gospel truth of sonship with God in any way interfere with the rapid spread of their teachings; on the contrary, this overshadowing of Jesus' message by the new teachings about his person and resurrection seemed greatly to facilitate the preaching of the good news.
Can it, then, be thought incredible,—since the very essence of Christianity is thus in its spiritual quality and physical aims a work not of law but of pardon, from its beginning to its end a miracle of new creation,—if the evidence of its truth be miraculous also? What we term the miracles of the Scripture history are but the bright cloud overshadowing that Savior who is Himself 'the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God,’ and whose work transcends all that Nature can know.
overshadowed all of them.
It always overshadowed love.
became overshadowed by respect.
that overshadowed the platform.
howl of the wind overshadowed him.
memories that overshadowed the good.
overshadowed by the anxiety I already felt.
overshadowed Israel by the commandment of God.
You feel you are being overlooked or overshadowed.
overshadowed and stemmed from the real problem I was.
Myrina had overshadowed Kent, at least for the moment.
A black hand overshadowed Kevin and grabbed hold of him.
had spent the evening in a dell overshadowed from a great.
The hatred that vibrated through me overshadowed any fear.
remains of the derelict buildings overshadowed by the ever-.
Phoenix had been overshadowed by more cur rent controversies.
The urge to drink is overshadowed by the memory of his father.
overshadowed by the dinosaurs, they constituted only a small.
But he had always been overshadowed by her brother's presence.
Maybe she didn’t want her wedding day overshadowed by theirs.
clearing overshadowed by the towering ridge of Mount Nibel’s.
sin, the curse overshadowed the earth and infected every society.
to gain, any sense of satisfaction from the deal was overshadowed.
shocked when the distinct heku smell was overshadowed by fresh blood.
Once again, not any more his presence, but his ghost overshadowed me.
he was genuinely sorry, but his dire need overshadowed the emotional.
overshadowed by the Dartry Mountains and the famous head of Benbulbin.
Seraphim of Sarov, overshadowed by the light of the Holy Spirit, who.
above the hill that overshadowed them, and the stars above the hill-top.
overshadowed by the thought of a solemn, withdrawn, lifeless shell of a.
Throne in Arabic means that which overshadows.
The mind is the result of the dark spirit soul assembled in the unconscious mind to overshadows the white spirit in the conscious mind.
Wasn’t that like an orgasm without end? Didn’t it represent oversized sexual potency? A potency that overshadows even the will to survive?.
It is a concept so foreign to the western culture in which we grew up, where being successful in other fields of endeavor overshadows sex and makes it almost peripheral to our life.
The decrease in volatility causes all options to lose some of their time value, sometimes to such a degree that it overshadows the increasing probability that they will end up expiring in-the-money.
My estimate is that more than 70 percent of my trades have been losers, maybe more than 80 percent (I didn’t always keep statistics), and my dollar loss per losing trade far, FAR overshadows my profit per winning trade.
My failure to write sooner shows how getting caught up in everyday life overshadows the responsibility we all have in voicing our objections against mixed-messages that fail to instill proper meaning to words like Character.
What we understand of the word Throne mentioned in this verse and in other verses is that it connotes the Godly manifestation and sustenance which overshadows all creatures and gives rise to everything to be founded upon such high degree of perfection.
This truth does not indeed render it a less solemn thing to bring children into the world; but it represents the birth of children as opening an infinite possibility of life and salvation; it dispels the black cloud which overshadows marriage as if it were the means of peopling an eternal hell, and shows how Christ’s loving word thus turns the bitter water of despairing thought, at every wedding festival, into the wine of hope and gladness.

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