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    1. "Educate me, I have plenty left in this cup

    2. I thought of Aristethes telling me how much they needed a proper school in which to educate their children

    3. Rather than employing actors to tell classic tales, to make people laugh, or to inform and to educate, he hit upon the novel idea of making ordinary people the stars of television shows

    4. He took time to educate her on the current politics; inform her of the state of their treasury; and gently pointed out Lord Boras as the only real threat she faced

    5. She asked after the girl he'd brought to her, so many years before to raise and educate

    6. because people want to educate their children as they

    7. listening to tapes/CDs, and watching videos that educate and motivate in the

    8. You must educate your customers about why your product costs the

    9. Educate your prospects

    10. not have an intellectual elite, able to educate

    11. When you educate

    12. So far as it operates in the one way, it must reduce the ability of the labouring poor to educate and bring up their children, and must, so far, tend to restrain the population of the country

    13. t live in fear learn what you need, train daily, educate yourself often and trust in your will to believe

    14. ‘Then educate us,’ he said – or rather he thought the words

    15. excellent opportunity to educate you, my ally, of the history and contracting techniques of the

    16. Frank continued to educate Jack on the difference between a Lios', Ring Forts, Cairns, Fairy Rings and related a story about his father, who claimed he had fallen asleep one night in a Fairy Ring and woken up in the morning with a little footprint on his back

    17. My family and friends did not understand the disorder, and I didn’t know enough to educate them

    18. Thus: „For what is meant by people saying that a government ought to educate the people? Why should they be educated? What is the education for?

    19. “Or we will have to educate him

    20. So when I saw them hosing down the back of their ambulance at the Police Station’s morgue I thought that I should walk over to them and educate them regarding the Western Province rugby team, which I supported…them not, being ignorant of all things rugby

    21. not to educate, and glass vases of strange colours and extraordinary

    22. The next step(s) will be to properly educate and train this prospective workforce in jobs that will hopefully offer every able-bodied individual an opportunity to earn a decent living

    23. and the more that we can educate about that, the better

    24. Some creatures clearly did not exist, but were manufactured to make a point, teach a lesson, or educate the young

    25. not educate our youth

    26. ✔ To create and to educate interested people’s

    27. To educate the beneficiary individuals for behavioural

    28. If workers were to have a better place to live, raise a family, educate the kids etc

    29. This instinct had the task of protecting Liam during his period of physical vulnerability and allowed his parents to raise and educate him

    30. “Daddy, you’re always saying you can’t afford to educate all your children

    31. however, that these instructional videos are made to educate the

    32. educate you on how the

    33. Elena continued to tell him how the Three Kings continued to raise her and educate her, even though it did not come easy, as she had chaotic powers which were far too strong even for the mighty Three Kings

    34. In her quest to educate herself in

    35. They fail to educate our students

    36. None! The State's education system drops these topics, including information about Nazism, because the Occidental State does not believe such topics on state oppression can help educate the people

    37. Note that people respond best to friendly, conversational and interesting tweets that inform, educate, inspire or entertain them

    38. It should be designed to inform, educate, inspire or entertain

    39. For example, if you are an SEO professional and have lots of people interested in SEO and internet marketing following you, aim to educate your audience rather than pitching for work

    40. It is really important to educate staff that others within the business, particularly those in other departments, have different

    41. It is really important to educate staff that others within the business,

    42. Arakiel went on to educate the world with the certainty of a teacher stating two plus two equals four

    43. It appears that schools are for teachers comforts not to educate the children

    44. In her history class there were four unruly boys that kept disrupting her attempts to educate the entire class

    45. A series of laws was promulgated throughout the century to punish Jews for adhering to their faith…and to take away their children from them in order to educate them in true Christian homes

    46. that gored her, she persisted in her efforts to educate the public and in her attempts to

    47. He saw education as a challenge…[we often discussed] what it takes to educate young people

    48. educate patients and health care providers about headaches, including

    49. Their mission is to educate patients and health care

    50. of the conflict between men and women in how mothers educate their sons,

    1. The bible says after Jesus educated Simon about

    2. You need not be highly educated to pray

    3. I made an educated guess for the number of blocks missing because of the door itself and so arrived at a number

    4. It was also plain that she was fairly educated and intelligent in spite of her fairy tales

    5. Desa is one of the most educated people she has ever met

    6. Although Luray didn't point it out to her, she had been educated by the science of Oliar since before Desa's ancestral home was settled by her ancestral people

    7. She was a lot less intellectual than Alan, not quite what one would call limited, but other than pop culture and basic reading and writing, she wasn't educated and she certainly wasn't the deep thinker that he was

    8. He could not speak at first then he told me he had decided you should stay in England and be educated there

    9. yourself off as being not only educated, but interesting to talk to

    10. Then there’s Roland … whatever else he was, he must have been educated and socially aware … he was very keen on her

    11. “We’ve received few highly educated souls after 2152,” Charles said, “So all we know about recent history is from the broadcasts we can intercept

    12. 'You’re very educated, Dave

    13. He is educated

    14. It mattered not a jot that she was a dancer, that she had been educated, that she was a human being even

    15. “He’s nervous about the Kassikan to begin with, he’s not technically educated and has only been in settlements of over a hundred thousand as a tourist

    16. Cautiously she surveyed this man – he looked okay, expensively dressed … and his accent was educated

    17. This was the way George and Belle had been raised and educated and they passed their love and understanding on to their children---always balance, always respect

    18. Because he knew enough to want to learn to read, she knew this kid was from a much more educated and mainstream family than that

    19. When they are gone, the number of those who are afterwards educated to the trade will naturally suit itself to the effectual demand

    20. "I believe that you are educated enough to know that it is a commercial business that I am in

    21. "Please, being that you are a mage and no doubt an educated man, tell me if this makes sense?" Alec followed his words with a gulp of ale

    22. "She's pretty smart, real educated, earthy but not crude, and quite cute in a Wood-Elvish way

    23. A man educated at the expense of much labour and time to any of those

    24. He was sure that she was educated enough to know that also, but the yaag and the sillies had a way of rendering that information temporarily irrelevant

    25. which he is educated, is very different in different occupations

    26. be educated for certain professions, that sometimes the public, and sometimes the piety of

    27. Very few of them are educated altogether at their own

    28. such as had been educated by those public charities, whose numbers and necessities would

    29. In every part of Europe, the greater part of them have been educated for the church, but have

    30. therefore, been educated at the public expense; and their numbers are everywhere so great, as

    31. other two are encumbered with very few who have not been educated at their own

    32. He was educated at Selkirk grammar school, St

    33. While this city wasn't the richest, most educated or most historical city she'd ever been in, she thought it was the friendliest, and certainly the citiest city of all

    34. most educated persons to be his masters, his faith is

    35. men and they must be educated adequately

    36. had been high educated in France and imposed their

    37. Her real belief was still that the asteroids were natural and rich educated people played games of self-delusion with instruments so sensitive that they were better connected to the spirit world than reality

    38. Being a healthy eater requires that you become educated and smart about what you put in your

    39. was a very educated man

    40. This caused them unimaginable distractions, upheavals, confusion, and suffering in general that would not be at all necessary if they only had been appropriately educated from the time they were little tots about the dangers of their massive burgeoning egos dominated by a congested stream of interminable, muddled thoughts

    41. Each of us, unfortunately, is educated to be a realist, to

    42. What had changed his mind was his talk with several of his fellow Africano students, whose parents had been educated in the “Cathedral of Learning”

    43. educated, motivated and inspired thousands

    44. A new segregation developed between the elitist, educated classes versus the military classes, the very rich versus the lower classes and the secular versus the religious community

    45. “You have to realise that this is only an educated guess

    46. If they are not always properly educated, it is seldom from the want of expense laid out upon their education, but from the improper application of that expense

    47. Consequently, the children were quite well educated for their

    48. Of course, she had the legendary Terese Silverblade, equally as wise and educated

    49. Be as leery as you would be with a used car salesman whenever some tells you that he is educated

    50. Needless to say, there are of us some who can claim, with some justification, to be becoming educated

    1. Today, more than one hundred and seventy thousand people live there and a seven thousand-student university educates its

    2. Melbourne University instructs and educates over thirty thousand students from Australia and from all of Asia

    3. ) that informs, educates, inspires or entertains your target audience

    4. Engage in conversations and share useful and meaningful content that informs, educates and solves specific problems for your prospects

    5. gradually educates the customer, but it can also just be the way that you use the technology to set

    6. create something related to your product or service that educates the customer

    7. Reference: Food habits of Cynopterus brachyotis (Muller) (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) in Peninsular Malaysia Interested in conserving this and other fabulous bats? Consider joining Bat Conservation International! Their work educates and helps to protect bats of all kinds, all over the world!

    8. Educates the Public about the Adverse Effects of Declawing of

    9. OFI is a non-profit organization that educates the world

    10. -The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome: Educates and

    11. • High-quality newsletter that educates, trains, and accounts for amounts earned

    12. “The happiest life is that which consistently exercises and educates what is best in us

    13. A man marries or gets a divorce, educates his children, even professes a faith (in many states) in accordance with the law

    14. Beauty is that which evokes and educates this feeling

    15. A man marries and is divorced, educates his children, and even (in many countries) professes his religious faith in accordance with the law

    1. As senior citizens we can do a lot in educating the society in preservation of our environment

    2. And since you are the source that’s educating them, you are instantly

    3. Understanding what your customers need and educating them on their

    4. Can you use some help with your canine friend? Educating yourself is a great

    5. Andrew Lewis has done a remarkably good job of educating K9 lovers about preventing

    6. One would assume that it exists in order to lead our educational establishment in educating our children

    7. In Liberia, UNESCO, an organization for educating children

    8. has been established for educating abandoned children of UN peacekeepers

    9. They have used UNESCO material to promote educating children

    10. I could not understand why I had spent 23 years successfully educating myself, yet it had not prepared me for the big wide world

    11. In addition, the Druids monitored the religion of ordinary Gauls and were in charge of educating the aristocracy

    12. This was seen as a science, a tool for educating

    13. learning; Understanding is the wellspring of life for him who has it, but the educating of fools is foolishness; the heart of the wise

    14. Heading a teacher union monopoly, union bosses have more interest in work rules, wages, and benefits for their teacher members than in educating children

    15. In the clamor over the ills and cures (if any) of the public school system the central question is often missing: What is the purpose of educating children? What sort of citizens are we preparing? What sort of future society does the material given to students today imply? What sort of society is needed if the country is to survive? Is this something we can talk about? Not in the public schools if the educrats and the teacher unions have anything to say about it

    16. The EPA has an Environmental Education Division which is responsible for educating our youth in environmental matters and in a five year period spent $34

    17. Government by Socialists in the 1930s, the people in the states were responsible for educating their children

    18. informing and educating private organisations and individuals and that accordingly

    19. All of these things are educating you if you observe

    20. Start educating your customers and clients that you are committed to collecting testimonials

    21. He instead of criticizing Lord Curzon, ‘thanked’ him for educating and raising awareness of Indians about the British policy of ‘divide and rule’ and arrogant, uncaring attitude

    22. As parents, Americus and Bela were overwhelmed by the imminent separation from his only son; like magicians, they knew too well the importance of educating the powers and although this resolution was extremely painful for them, knew that it was necessary

    23. During that time period I was educating myself on epublishing

    24. one as arrogant as the Kronos‘, were to start educating one of her own

    25. His morning’s reconnaissance complete, Sanjay spent the rest of the working day entertaining himself and educating his students

    26. “That’s their way of educating children

    27. These groups work to promote and motivate, or help to understand the experiences had by the group for the sake of evolving and, as you might understand it, educating each other for the purpose of ascending to a higher frame of knowledge

    28. educating the public about the adverse effects of declawing cats

    29. educating of the public

    30. in their research or educating purposes to supervise and to

    31. have Posted this URL for the Purpose of Educating the Reader and by no Means Whatsoever

    32. Educating you will be easy enough: you saw how mnemotronic teaching techniques could speed learning

    33. Some religious fanatics may call that propaganda work but I call it educating the public about the truth

    34. “So, educating one another is now considered negative? Hmm, let’s see

    35. You prepare for luck by educating yourself about the business and investment opportunities you're interested in, focusing your energies and financial resources on building your empire, and being at the port when your ship comes in

    36. theft by educating your friends, family, and members of your community

    37. Once we hit the next stage of sales closure, however, there is the learning curve around how to classify data visualization (software? service? consulting?) and how to price it (by number of users? reports? templates? rows of data?) We spend a fair bit of time educating our corporate customers and evolving our commercial models

    38. She brought me to her place, hid me there for the first few months while teaching me how to blend in with Humans and educating me

    39. Scaliger poured his energies into educating his son, who would grow up to be quite a scholar in his own right

    40. following the routine(s) I gave you, keep educating yourself on

    41. I already had learned to read, write and count in New France, with my mother educating me as best she could, including about proper manners for a lady

    42. By educating possible buyers on how the potential in the

    43. Unless the benefits are obvious, there is still the problem of educating the

    44. doing now, you are educating yourself in an area that you NEED to

    45. While doing this I’m educating my audience and providing them with tools and resources they can immediately implement

    46. He called for a ten-year moratorium on divisive politics and asked for parents to check rising crimes against women by educating their sons

    47. Only think how much falsehood and deceit there is in the world! How much exaggeration! How many additions are made to a simple story! How many things left out, if it does not serve the speaker's interest to tell them! How few there are about us of whom we can say, we put unhesitating trust in their word! Verily the ancient Persians were wise in their generation: it was a leading point with them in educating their children, that they should learn to speak the truth

    48. “Pain is primed to do its educating,” the stranger said in a hollow tone

    49. I shall try to help the peasants to educate their kids; by the way what else serves the mankind better than educating the children of the underprivileged? It’s the educated children that make aware fathers to perpetuate cultured generations, and the more they are, the better it is for the world

    50. Whatever, with the easing of the Brahman social-yoke, even though the backward castes have come to breathe easier, yet they had to bear the brunt of the centuries-old neglect of India’s economy that was till the Green Revolution, which had put more money into more of their hands for most of them to think in terms of educating their children

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