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    1. But people with Alzheimer's can prepare a

    2. prepare us for this sacred field

    3. Splashing cold water on my face in an attempt to perk myself up, I prepare to meet the day

    4. Cut your wants and better prepare your cash flow chart of money supply and finally develop the habit of spending a little for the less fortunate people of the community and also practice practical spirituality to enjoy the bliss of life

    5. It must have taken several days at the very least to prepare everything, possibly longer


    7. Prepare the way for the Lord from within yourself, from within your

    8. John the Baptist was born to prepare the world for the baptism of

    9. prepare the disabled people seated in the tent for Oral Roberts who

    10. The sun is warm and it is delightful sitting there on the grass munching on sandwiches I didn’t have to prepare

    11. ’ Molly said, as we prepare to leave

    12. She wrapped around him and made ecstatic love for over twenty minutes of the hour she had to prepare him for what was happening

    13. watchmen, prepare the ambushes: for the LORD hath both devised and done that which he

    14. Preachers, need to put forth every effort to encourage the younger to prepare and the

    15. dedicated their lives to prepare academically and spiritually for the great work of

    16. to please encourage our young men (even teens) to begin early to prepare for their role in the leadership of the church

    17. There are ways congregations can help prepare young men and women to be future

    18. Nathan's part in this ordeal was something I did not anticipate, let alone prepare for

    19. knowledge of this information will help a congregation prepare to properly appoint an

    20. A thorough knowledge of the qualification and duties of elders will help a congregation to properly prepare for the selection of elders

    21. Forest: If the trees are high and nice, you will inherit a fortune; if you are alone and gloomy in a forest, it indicates that you can't distinguish who your true friends are; if the forest is on fire, prepare for disaster

    22. If the water is dirty, prepare for failure

    23. No past experience or past insight can prepare us for this

    24. The men prepare the ggs for our trip while I stand on the sidelines with Gilla

    25. be amazed, be stunned, prepare to witness the wonders

    26. The following simple exercise will help to limber up the spine and prepare it for more difficult postures

    27. To prepare this drink, and it need not be unpalatable if you flavour it well, wash four or five fairly large potatoes but do not peel them

    28. They met Sam on his way to prepare breakfast

    29. “Of course only you would know what that is; and only you could prepare it for him the way that he likes

    30. So that’s only two rooms to prepare - I can deal with that

    31. I had been warned that there would be a large number of people at the ceremony, but even that did not prepare me for the crowds which are gathered outside the Gotteshouse and the amount of attention I personally attract

    32. The women went to Collin and they took Becky to prepare her for burial

    33. Then all at once, Alexis stood up, saluted again and said, 'Please excuse me, sir, now I have to prepare for the funeral services

    34. There was nothing left to do, but prepare for the battle the next day

    35. As soon as he was finished, he wiped his mouth with his hand and announced, 'Today the village starts to prepare

    36. He told him what they were planning on doing, and suggested that he warn Jake to prepare for a major attack

    37. When Diana landed Wolf tried to prepare her, but when she saw them all gathered around him she became panic-stricken

    38. She raised dough-covered hands, 'You can take a year to prepare

    39. She is dropping a year now to prepare for the medical

    40. "I think Thom should just prepare the minutes of this conversation and have it in the captain's in box when he emerges from that meeting," Delos said

    41. The seasons passed in a confusion of school uniforms and shoe sizes, just as much as they passed through the ever present need to prepare flower beds, to stake out fresh young plants and to harvest

    42. We had four days to prepare

    43. I would have to prepare for the school meeting by myself

    44. Duncan called the Phoenix and filled Alexei in on the news giving him time to prepare to receive their travelers

    45. Difficult to get, costly to prepare, this little bottle was priceless, and essential to his plans

    46. I prepare a far from healthy option fry up … sausages, bacon and tomatoes with mushrooms and yes, I’ll have fried bread with it

    47. After which they turned and filed out of the palace making quick steps to their respective Holds to prepare their defenses

    48. Prepare a list of about 10-20 keywords relevant to your website

    49. “Leave that to me, and trust me once more, or prepare for a redress you won’t forget,” I said

    50. 13If thou prepare thane heart, and stretch out thane hands toward him;

    1. He was more prepared for zombies than any of us

    2. Ezra: 7:10: For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes

    3. When you walk with God be prepared that your

    4. · Be prepared for the unexpected to the extent possible

    5. While it is difficult to plan a trouble free retirement, being better prepared will help us deal with the uncertainties more effectively

    6. We should be prepared to answer questions

    7. The answers should be appropriate and one should be prepared to indicate the lack of knowledge in respect of the specific query rather than give a wrong or incomplete answer

    8. The job is at offices in Taunton – damn! – and the job sounds pretty lousy but beggars can’t be choosers and the underlying feeling I get from Jackie at the agency is that I should be grateful that anyone is prepared to interview someone as ancient as I am

    9. receive true healing, which He prepared for us 2010 years ago, when “He

    10. That last camp was well beyond the farthest doostEr had ever been, he wasn't prepared for what was just about pure desert

    11. the violin, while the others prepared themselves to play cello, viola and bass

    12. be prepared to receive his blessings

    13. dren and all the other promises that the Heavenly Father has prepared

    14. He addresses John from a prepared text the employee handed to him, his voice dripping with venom

    15. It hadn't happened yet as they prepared for the journey home, but she was hopeful they would announce for marriage that day

    16. But the victory had already been prepared

    17. Sure enough, when the shuttlecraft's orbit re-aligned with its original parking site, they both watched it as it prepared to re-enter

    18. All God’s revelations, all the recipes for healing that He has prepared for

    19. He is ready to give you what He has prepared, to give you what you

    20. “For Ezra had prepared his heart to seek the law of the LORD, and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments

    21. (27) Emphasize the importance of being a vessel of honor so that holy men are prepared

    22. serve in a public way in the worship service, but they need to be prepared to be teachers and faithful Christians

    23. Underneath the obligatory hood I grimaced and prepared myself to play the game of survival

    24. be prepared that this is what will be reflected back to you

    25. ’ She hadn’t the foggiest what this actually meant, but it sounded interesting and she was more than prepared for experimentation in her current euphoric mood

    26. was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created

    27. A little pulse started beating in her head as the adrenalin prepared her body for flight or fight

    28. The children were once more prepared

    29. He had never been trained, prepared or evolved to withstand the rigors of this primitive planet

    30. She handed him the papers Berndt had prepared and watched as his until then calm and controlled expression suddenly reacted to what he read

    31. Most were saying that their dreams had prepared them for this situation

    32. “Well, tell me so that I can be prepared for the next time

    33. He heard her coming down the stairs and prepared a juice for her

    34. She turned on the oven and then prepared the potatoes for baking

    35. To be a people person and to enjoy the challenge of making a connection with them is a talent, whereas the ability to build a network of friends and supporters who know you and are prepared to help you is a strength

    36. Soon we will begin what Jake says we have all been prepared to do

    37. She had a tray prepared to take upstairs to

    38. I’d been prepared for her to have forgotten me or changed her mind, but not that

    39. ‘Maybe they were not prepared

    40. All the time she had spent with Jake and with Michael had prepared her

    41. She had prepared some clothes to take with her, as instructed by Jake

    42. She was strong, and he had prepared her well for what was to take place

    43. those who are prepared to work hard,

    44. As it approached the landing and started forward it was not prepared for what faced it

    45. Uncle Pani's apartment was all white, very clean and probably prepared especially for the family

    46. Loosing Ash was something she had not prepared herself for, and it was heavy on her heart

    47. They were being prepared for the move to their new home

    48. Come on, Jake is always prepared

    49. Excited at the prospect of leaving, they prepared quickly

    50. We have prepared a feast in your honor

    1. This Yoga Pose straightens the spine, slows the metabolism, relaxes your body and still the mind and prepares your body for the different asana

    2. A small crowd of children and idle onlookers has gathered on the quay to watch the boat as it prepares to sail; I scan their faces wondering if any of them know who I am, half looking for the men who chased me through the streets of Ercolano

    3. ‘So, Sarah, what do you do for a living?’ Chris asked as she prepares the drinks

    4. Dave immediately puts the oven on as soon as we get back, and prepares the beef

    5. Pleasantly drowsy, she prepares the little house for the night and takes herself off to bed

    6. Godfrey always prepares his

    7. Nothing in life prepares you for this sort of thing

    8. prepares the bride for war

    9. prunes and prepares His garden

    10. sage one, who prepares his children for life, or as a

    11. Follow through the pages to watch how Pierre prepares for and holds the meeting, and how his staff participate

    12. and starts to step slowly sideways as he prepares to go into hand-to-hand combat with an imaginary opponent

    13. hardiness of their ordinary life prepares them for the fatigues of war, to some of which their necessary occupations bear a great analogy

    14. The necessary occupation of a ditcher prepares him to work in the trenches, and to fortify a camp, as well as to inclose a field

    15. Nonsense! (If, however, this an accurate characterization, just what does that tell us about Enlightenment philosophers?) His form of German idealism, involving as it must, complete subservience to the State, as manifest in the spirit of history, goes beyond the boundary of the civilized and prepares the way for Karl Marx

    16. Your brain expects you to stick to a routine or a schedule and that’s what it prepares for

    17. “Club members have their own carcass kept for them here and once a year the chef prepares a special meal from it

    18. The butcher prepares his meals on a regular basis

    19. She is an amazing organizer and always prepares the most delicious foods

    20. She prepares the syringe, filling it with whatever they intend to inject us with, and offers it to Tris

    21. 35 They conceive mischief, and bring out vanity, and their belly prepares deceit

    22. 8 Who covers the Heaven with clouds, who prepares rain for the Earth, who makes grass to grow on the mountains

    23. that prepares the ground for the seed

    24. the field, that prepares the ground for the seed

    25. not easy, but a matter of sweat and watching; 27 Even as it is no ease to him who prepares a banquet, and seeks the benefit of others;

    26. Organization prepares for Service delivery by analyzing their current capabilities and what kind of services they will be able to provide

    27. The organization prepares the complete roadmap for a particular service, identifies the unique offerings, works on the cost and prepares a service catalogue

    28. Chris and I watch DVDs that he brought over while Grandpa prepares a big Italian meal

    29. ” Grandma Donna stands at the kitchen counter and prepares a bowl of cereal

    30. It is a philosophy, like that of Hobbes, which recognizes the evil inherent in humankind along with the good, and prepares ideas and institutions to deal with both good and evil

    31. you think about it, as He prepares us for the

    32. 6 Then the angel began before them to work out the skins, after the manner of one who prepares a shirt

    33. Verbal teaching has its use, it prepares

    34. In the entrance hall, Zachary kisses my cheek as he prepares to leave

    35. 6 Then the angel began before them to work out the skins after the manner of one who prepares a shirt

    36. The treatments although very harsh to his body and his mentality were successful in that it is now a few weeks before their wedding anniversary and he is still in remission as Toni prepares to go to the grocery store

    37. and this prepares him for his life’s path

    38. 26 Therefore to us that have taken on us this painful labour of abridging it was not easy but a matter of sweat and watching; 27 Even as it is no ease to him who prepares a banquet and seeks the benefit of others; yet for the pleasuring of many we will undertake gladly this great pains; 28 Leaving to the author the exact handling of every particular and labouring to follow the rules of an abridgement

    39. John the Baptiser Prepares the Way:

    40. Silent now, the wolf prepares to leap

    41. Yale launched the program in 2005 directed at mid-career professionals working in the health care industry to provide a multi-dimensional education that better prepares them to understand and address the complex issues of the health care system

    42. It has to be! It’s feeding on them, getting stronger as Apophis prepares to

    43. builds and prepares himself for The Final Battle

    44. Once at the clearing, he finds a nice patch of flat ground on which to spread out his yoga mat and he prepares to greet the sun with sun salutations (Suryanamaskar)

    45. Galluk barely has time to react, and by the time he raises his pike and prepares to stab the beast, his pike is snapped in two as easily as a small twig

    46. As he prepares for darkness and reincarnation he feels a pain under his arms and a chilly breeze strikes his face and nearly bald scalp

    47. looks far into the future, and prepares for the evolution of new races and

    48. 16 And now as a full-grown man -- an adult of the realm -- he prepares to continue his supreme mission of revealing God to men and leading men to God

    49. ' Again, what king, when he prepares to make war upon another king, does not first sit down and take counsel as to whether he will be able, with ten thousand men, to meet him who comes against him with twenty thousand? If the king cannot afford to meet his enemy because he is unprepared, he sends an embassy to this other king, even when he is yet a great way off, asking for terms of peace

    50. The daily fragmentation of women's bodies/minds prepares women for the more

    1. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    2. · When it comes to preparing and cooking food, naturopaths advise the following:

    3. The god of love preparing

    4. Yoga can work independently of medicines but can supplement it by preparing the body to respond faster through the natural process

    5. I was not preparing

    6. Inside, the goon was seated, resting his fat elbows on the counter and preparing to sink his teeth into a sloppy breakfast roll

    7. As he lowered his gaze, preparing for the last dance with the mistress of his

    8. However, despite all this encouragement, I’m still preparing myself for the worst as I dress myself in my best suit, and, with a pounding heart, present myself at the offices of the charity in Bristol on the 5th of the month at 11

    9. encourage their male peers when they are preparing and participating in various services of the church

    10. Much prayer should be lifted up to God in preparing to serve and in the appointing of

    11. They walk back through the library and I hear Nathan preparing his new apprentice, "We have a lot of work ahead of us

    12. One cannot take too much effort in preparing a profile

    13. As he lowered his gaze, preparing for the last dance with the mistress of his fate, MacKenzie whispered, “It looks like your nightmares have come true, old friend”

    14. She came to us this morning just as we were preparing to leave for the eggs

    15. I have been preparing the riders for some time now

    16. It was obvious that Jake had been planning and preparing for this for some time

    17. The women would be very busy in the coming months preparing for the new arrivals

    18. He saw them getting closer and he shut his eyes preparing for the worst

    19. Can it be that almost a year ago I stood here on this very spot and thought about this moment? Having the house full of people, laughing and enjoying themselves; me standing here preparing snacks and enjoying the chatter

    20. ‘No wonder you are a bit damp then, come on, woman, I sweated blood wrestling with that tuna and preparing it for your sandwich

    21. He spent the day preparing the soil in his allocated spot, mulching, weeding and hoeing, before gently placing his prize specimen in its ornamental pot in the middle of his display

    22. While my hands busy themselves preparing a mug of coffee, I recap in my head what I’ve got for this section before Clarissa’s death … Bert’s recollections of Bunty and the repairs to the house; the Gosling man’s proposal … he’s always going to be the Gosling man to me! … the diaries and files

    23. He spent the day preparing the soil in his

    24. She wondered if they were preparing to protect her or keep her captive

    25. He bathed, and perfumed himself preparing for his triumphant entrance into the Gathering

    26. It will take a couple of hours to cook properly which will give us time to shower and change before preparing the rest of the meal

    27. The officers file out of the room, chatting in groups and preparing for another day on the streets

    28. ‘I’m preparing a little surprise for them

    29. They were still planting and arranging beds when a few of the guests returned to their quarters preparing to freshen up for the evening's dining occasions

    30. “You have been planning and preparing this over the last six or seven months!? And we never even noticed or suspected!” whistled George, inspired by the story

    31. Preparing dinner, she deliberately cooked enough for the six of them

    32. Filbert watched the Thane preparing food and

    33. On several occasions throughout the day while he was preparing the meal,

    34. He was a librarian preparing to restock the shelves at the end of the day

    35. Harry replied, “We will begin preparing you for that journey in the morning

    36. “You goin’ out whorin’? In here preparing your sales pitch or what? You

    37. While he is preparing an injection to calm her down, he asks how Abi is

    38. Other miscreants hidden in alleyways and nooks along the street, each hiding their own unapproved activities, had watched the failed prank and were now mindlessly streaming toward their 'captain,' preparing for the retribution of his mislaid 'honor

    39. He watched them preparing the meal, and saw that just about everything that went into it came in from the garden in that one trip or was pinched from the leaves of plants that grew in stands along the front of the kitchen

    40. 'I was preparing to leave, but then someone took over

    41. Kelvin began, “First I commend you for the job you’ve done in preparing this proposal

    42. Her search started at the horse corrals, every one there was preparing for the rodeo, later that afternoon

    43. sky preparing to attack the earth

    44. battle gear were preparing for the

    45. Later in preparing myself for the journey out of the sub plane base I asked Reeas if she could help me gain access to a lightship or Debra

    46. This will be their first meeting but her visa has been approved already and she is now preparing all the papers she needs to submit at the American consulate here in Hong Kong and then for her interview

    47. was fate preparing the ground for a monumental letdown,

    48. One day I was preparing to go to group when the Holy Spirit prompted me not to go

    49. There is a great harvest that will come at the end of the age, and God is preparing his people for it

    50. However, even now the undead forces were amassing below, preparing for another assault; obviously intent on taking this section of the wall

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