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Elongate в предложении (на )

  1. Lorry perceived the reflection on the wall to elongate, and Mr.
  2. Once the 30-seconds intervals become easy gradually elongate these.
  3. He sighed as he felt his incisors elongate and bit into his own wrist.
  4. The windows are the pores in the foreskin, the way they elongate when it's hard, especially that first thrust of orgasm.
  5. But before he could strike, the staff in the tall Khitan's hand licked out, seeming to elongate itself as the yellow man thrust.

  6. Over the broad expanse of this elongate double river plain that is modern-day Iraq, the interested observer can discern a variety of things.
  7. The marshland was infested with those repulsive rubbery monsters, black worms with suction cups at both ends, able to contract to pea-sized balls or elongate themselves to a couple of inches.
  1. His fangs elongating as he hit.
  2. Why? he asked, elongating the y to express his disapproval.
  3. Silkworms were repairing small tears and elongating the wide sleeves.
  4. He also said: "to see the unshod and bare 'uncivil' shepherds elongating their buildings".
  5. Is there someone outside? he asked, elongating his neck to look through the windows.
  6. The whole hand was now drooping and the fingers were elongating, dripping slowly towards the counter like hot wax.
  7. The odour reached her and the Sycler moved, eye stalks elongating, like thin party balloons blown erect by a red nosed clown.
  8. Liz stared in horror as the pack master began to change, his teeth elongating into the sharp incisors of an over large wolf, silver hair sprouting all over his skin.
  1. His nose elongated to form a.
  2. Sentences can be elongated by the.
  3. It extended its elongated neck for its new.
  4. Her eyes then froze at his elongated appendage.
  5. His fangs elongated as he bit gently into her.
  6. The spine is elongated and the crown is raised.
  7. Except they were red with elongated black pupils.
  8. The bronze blade of Riptide elongated in my hand.
  9. Skin as rough as sandpaper, covered an elongated body.
  10. Holy shit, he said when he saw the elongated Sig.
  11. Padraig`s canines elongated in anticipation of the fight.
  12. We came to a halt as we entered a vast elongated cavern.
  13. The club was decked out with an elongated shark bar, and.
  14. GSDs are muscular, have a somewhat elongated body, have a.
  15. Mitchell stared at the boat's elongated frame for a moment.
  16. The drawings are elongated, grotesquely out-of proportion.
  17. He watched as each tightened and elongated as if by magic.
  18. I then tied the one end of the elongated string to my belt.
  19. They could have been human, if not for their elongated forms.
  20. Anunnaki, live elongated lives that far outlast those of humans.
  21. Fion…? Kifter said, twitching his narrow, elongated ears.
  22. A bellman stood at the door, holding an elongated cardboard box.
  23. Pip, remarked Wemmick, turning to me with his post-office elongated.
  24. It was a dull silvery elongated egg, hovering a metre above the ground.
  25. It wavered, elongated; it turned into a luminous greensmoke spiraling upward.
  26. She hisses at me, and I can see her elongated canines through her parted lips.
  27. The black tentacles slowly elongated, and when one of them made contact with Mr.
  28. The pupil elongated to look more like those of the giant serpent he was bound to.
  29. He was of striking appearance, with high cheekbones and a slender, elongated nose.
  30. The elongated, cylindrical shell drilled effortlessly through her stout wooden side.
  31. It was roughly an elongated triangle with big holes in it and lights in each corner.
  32. His face was extremely elongated, and his forehead bulged to an alarming proportion.
  33. Not bright, elongated strips of light that travel from the sky to the ground?
  34. The revolving images of both elongated crystals floated out from the central diamond.
  35. The cemetery’s mausoleum was less grand than it sounded, a kind of elongated archway.
  36. The arm 2 is fixed to the weight with a sphere 5 attached at the arms elongated section.
  37. It was human-like but unnaturally elongated and seemingly always on the verge of grinning.
  38. Soon however, she was able to see the woodpile, on the other end of the elongated wood deck.
  39. Padraig shivered in anticipation before my fangs elongated and I plunged them into his neck.
  40. She sat up higher, and the loose skin clung tight in huge, elongated wrinkles of dead tissue.
  41. In fact, it’s more of a scaled-up slash lizard, with elongated jaws and sharp, serrated teeth.
  42. I accelerate toward the colorful, elongated, pergola engulfed with climbing roses and green vines.
  43. Remember that the large intestine is just that - large, so the time to form stools can be elongated.
  44. Liam was standing on the elongated platform that extended itself out from the tower, far towards the core.
  45. Without warning, the circle elongated around Simon’s hand and spun a web of blue air around the two of them.
  46. Along the back wall was a giant elongated mural that depicted the arrival of the first settlers to this world.
  47. The old prince, now and then using abbreviations, wrote in his large elongated hand on blue paper as follows:.
  48. He bid Harry fetch the rest of the pile as he carefully fitted the base pieces into their elongated oval shape.
  49. Her face was much more elongated than before, but the cheeks were still quite full and had a healthy red colour.
  50. In the meantime, the two overbearing body guards decided to test the waves with elongated surfboards of their own.
  51. It wasn’t short but enough to show off her glorious legs, which where elongated by the black high heels she wore.
  52. These extra hard and elongated exhalations that he made while swaying his head from side to side made me loathe him.
  53. Just an elongated blob, which all but vanished, the only clue: the spacial distortion itself, massive graviton flux.
  54. Her eyes were slightly elongated, almond shaped and large on a broad face with a normal nose and a large sensual mouth.
  55. Using that as fuel for motivation, he snatched the elongated, pool vacuum hose from the car, with mind suddenly more lucid.
  56. This I felt sure was Eliza, though I could trace little resemblance to her former self in that elongated and colourless visage.
  57. Tall, elongated structures like icicles, though all very much the same it seemed to him – the concept of beauty over function.
  58. But men of no kind he had seen before—tall, with elongated limbs and strange long hair that shimmered bright against the rock.
  59. Appearing faceless and dark as night, waving an elongated finger and shaking their heads in admonishment, as if to a small child.
  60. The short accent of OM burns all sins, the long accent gives Moksha, and the elongated accent bestows all psychic powers (Siddhis).
  61. The next evening Pops met me at 7:30 PM at the pier, with his 53-year old Rolls Royce Phantom and a big smile on his elongated face.
  62. Its colour is a dark brown; it has an elongated head, with a small and sharp proboscis; and is in size between the gnat and musqueto.
  63. An extremely wide flank-membrane stretches from the corners of the jaw to the tail, and includes the limbs with the elongated fingers.
  64. His canines’ were elongated saliva sliding down the sides, as his hand rested calmly on the sword that was still buckled at his side.
  65. It had been these fragile partitions that the two elongated formations had been protecting while stationed along the sides of the pass.
  66. Marshland or not, I just saw one, with green attire and a pointy hat adorning her slim and agile little body with her elongated ears.
  67. There, on the sand, was the shadow of the person who took the photograph, presumably Ainsley, elongated by the rays of the setting sun.
  68. I was about to wipe the table with my sleeve when I noticed the droplets eerily formed the shape of an elongated island, perhaps a sign.
  69. But a distribution with a low standard deviation also has short tails, while a distribution with a positive kurtosis has elongated tails.
  70. They walked outside, dragging one end of the elongated pool hose towards the station wagon in the driveway, leaving it near the rear tire.
  71. I understand that this is not exactly half, but experience says that the first couple of weeks tend to mesh as one in the elongated cycle.
  72. He glanced at the glowing 9-inch-by-12-inch screen on the GPS showing a map of the Maine coast with a blinking dot next to an elongated island.
  73. Half-filled houses are something that must be distressing to the artistic temperament, and Duse played to a most elongated series of them.
  74. One of the things the writer had deemed worthy of mentioning was that Easterners often had elongated, slanted eyelids, like two of the newcomers.
  75. At my command, large elongated ramps began to trundle out toward the battered walls of the city that had been under siege for close to four months.
  76. The spectrally elongated stars continued to shift their position, the meaningless overlaid symbols changed, but nothing else seemed to be happening.
  77. Ellanara hit another button and the elongated crystals vanished into fast swirling balls of color that rotated around the more slowly rotating neutron.
  78. Most were battle cruiser size ships that looked almost squid-like in form, with their elongated oval shaped hulls, trailed by multiple wavy appendages.
  79. That sounds like a good…… I swallowed the rest of my words, as the elongated necks of more monsters rose out of the water all around the ship.
  80. Roidon produced a shiny elongated metal object, pushing it into a hole, to then turn counter-clockwise; the door opened inwards by simply pushing down a handle.
  81. The stump where the black hand had met its original arm grew into a hideous knot of bone, an elongated tumor, and finally a skull without eyes, ears, or a mouth.
  82. Was he asking out of genuine interest or for more grim reasons? His retinas had taken their spine chilling shape, the pupils had elongated, the colour darkening.
  83. It’s nothing more than an elongated indent in the ground, but the Calleas have set up tents along its sides, and built a lean-to in the middle for their horses.
  84. Black hairy tongue features elongated filiform papillae on the dorsum of the tongue that are typically due to poor oral hygiene, antibiotic use or Candida infection.
  85. The giraffe, by its lofty stature, much elongated neck, fore legs, head and tongue, has its whole frame beautifully adapted for browsing on the higher branches of trees.
  86. The passer-by who got entangled from the Rue Saint-Denis in the Rue de la Chanvrerie beheld it gradually close in before him as though he had entered an elongated funnel.
  87. I closed my eyes as if to join the maiden as the droplets rearranged themselves, forming a pattern resembling an elongated island on the rim of an undisturbed blankness.
  88. But the similarity to a gorilla ended there; Hal had seen apes in picture books, but he’d never seen one with a face so elongated that the huge square chin hung down to its chest.
  89. It finally landed in a nearby empty field as a number of women assembled on one side of the field with large thermos containers and with two elongated shapes rolled inside bed sheets.
  90. An irregular mass elongated and stretched itself, revealing the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a coating of thick, black, flowing cloth.
  91. Affected by the gravitational effects of the three moons their bodies elongated until maturity but the brain continued to grow in intelligence and the skull continue to expand around it.
  92. They would usually be brought in a small, grey, box-like truck from the main hospital-building and taken away in elegantly elongated station-wagons with black shutters across the back windows.
  93. The alien’s elongated, egg-shaped head had no nose, but instead, had two small oval holes, and his ears were small, featureless semi-circles that seemed to move independently of one another.
  94. Nancy scanned visually the hulk, using the low light vision camera integrated to her helmet: it was shaped like an elongated egg with bulbous cruciform appendages and was about eighty meters long.
  95. Two kinds of Buddha image were made, the more Indian type and the Buddha having 32 characteristics of a great man, in features including a top-knot of hair, elongated ears and a mark on the forehead.
  96. They have higher peaks (more days with small moves), elongated tails (more days with big moves), and narrow midsections (fewer days with intermediate moves) than are predicted by a true normal distribution.
  97. At that answer Hilderich’s face took on an expression of exacerbated disbelief but only for a moment, because an instant later both his and Amonas’ figures were vanishingly thin and elongated ghostly forms.
  98. Hal thought he saw a momentary flutter somewhere in Fenton’s elongated body, like a muscle spasm, and in the next moment water spewed out of Fenton’s mouth in a perfect stream, pooling on the road before him.
  99. Zolla observed as the SO commander – followed by his lieutenants and a couple of versi-bots – employed his laser cutter to force entry into its invisible elongated hull, and then seemed to disappear into the void.
  100. Except by assigning such general and vague reasons, we cannot explain why, in many quarters of the world, hoofed quadrupeds have not acquired much elongated necks or other means for browsing on the higher branches of trees.
  1. As its hood elongates impossibly, I catch a glimpse of something shiny, metallic, where I think its face should be.
  2. The solution is to have the heater operating until the cylinder expands (elongates) to a specified size and then have an electrical switch to switch off heater power supply.
  3. With respect to the transverse septa, I think their presence may be accounted for by supposing that as the animal elongates its tube in consequence of an increase of growth, or in order to maintain an equal elevation with the adjacent tubes, (rendered necessary by the origin of young tubes in the interstices) it gradually vacates the basal portions of its tube, and sustains itself at the different elevations, by successively uniting the parietal lamellæ so as to exclude the vacuity.

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