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Extend в предложении (на )

God will extend His hands.
You have to extend again.
Into the starry night extend.
Wisdom extend it into happiness.
We can then further extend the.
We can extend the pods later.
But I do not extend my time, here.

The delay might extend to 12 weeks.
We should all extend such courtesy.
Whether it will extend throughout.
On God, and He will his love extend.
Bake in the same way but extend the.
It is our wish to extend our empire.
And it is healthy to extend the mind.
He could even extend the store hours.
Vision did not extend beyond that ring.
It can’t extend far, Sing said.
Extend your hands upwards on your knees.
It was to extend to the Gentile peoples.
Should you need to extend it, just con-.
Instruct the patient to extend their hip.
It is with pride that the GDC extend our.
He would extend the search for the Healer.
Instruct the patient to extend their knee.
Instruct the patient to extend their elbow.
To improve the ability to extend the wrist.
It can extend in any direction along the.
The wal can extend in any direction along.
They’re trying to extend their territory.
Instruct the patient to extend their wrist.
These extend the health and lives of plants.
The sense of place however, can extend out.
This could help to few extend but not always.
Instruct the patient to extend their fingers.
Being the Angels, they would extend its image.
However, Jerry, the board would never extend.
He can’t save his life, but he can extend it.
Instruct the patient to extend their shoulder.
Scepticism should extend to financial advisers.
However, this evolution can extend over more.
Extending his hand he said: Dr.
Not painting but extending the line.
Bruno followed, extending a set of keys.
He introduced himself, extending his hand.
Chapter 9: Extending the Core Introduction.
Extending from the ceiling was a brass chain.
Grant, he said, extending his hand to me.
The area around the walls, extending a long.
Hi, Rave, Cali said, extending her hand.
Hi, Chris said, extending a gloved hand.
I ended up extending the worry period for her.
M'Clure, as extending through this state from S.
Blue Five was extending a hand towards the hole.
And two, he added, extending a second finger.
Shal we? He asked extending his arm to her.
And you are…? He asked, extending his hand.
Extending a tall glass to the old man, Parker said.
Fleur," he said while extending his hand, "I'm Tom.
Tovar hesitated before extending his hand in return.
Giancano? asked the chairman, extending his hand.
Aidan rose from the couch, extending his hand to me.
Her disappointment was extending all over the place.
Extending his hand, Kevin shone his flashlight ahead.
Bates, Lim said, extending a hand thin and withered.
They saw a mountain peak extending above their heads.
Hi! Wayne Hays, Ohio, he said extending his hand.
Despite himself, Falk felt his lips extending in a smile.
Thank you, Captain, Henson said, extending his hand.
He was looking at the hole, extending a hand to touch it.
It was a titanic drift, extending over centuries and ages.
Extending the joint towards him, he considered his request.
My name is Eugene, he says, extending his hand to me.
Here, Barker said, extending his hand to sign the bag.
Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms.
The Capataz, extending his hand, put out the candle suddenly.
She gives a little applause extending her hand for her turn.
Thanks for the ride, I say, extending my hand to Caleb.
A greenhouse or two can be added, thus extending the season.
Can we be friends again? He said while extending his hand.
While extending my hand to congratulate her, she told me how.
Manila is to be extended.
It can also be extended.
She extended a hand to him.
He never extended his own.
Jess extended his right hand.
The older man extended his.
He extended his shooting arm.
As they did, a ramp extended.
He rose and extended his hand.
It extended itself towards him.
He stood and extended his hand.
Coopers pal extended his hand.
Their authority extended over a.
And they extended planet’s Term.
Steve smiled and extended his hand.
Ensure that the elbow is extended.
After a few extended moments, we.
The same courtesy was extended to.
Aidan smiled and extended his hand.
Picard stood up and extended a hand.
He extended his hand in friendship.
Canler turned and extended his hand.
He extended his arm toward Sicarius.
The extended sovereignty expanded U.
It can be extended and refer to any.
He extended his right hand toward me.
Joey extended a hand for a hand shake.
But they have extended Hipparchus's.
The market has had a extended up move.
She needed an extended delay interval.
She extended her hand above me and I.
Smiling, he extended his hand to Al-.
But I have extended his life, for now.
The invitation was extended to us all.
At point 2, prices extended about $20.
The dancing extended through several.
Their dominion extended even to Egypt.
The self-examination extended to the.
He extended his hand out to help me up.
Suddenly he extended his hands outward.
It extends to all classes.
It then extends the model to.
It extends above the head and.
Remember that the range extends.
I just hope our good luck extends.
But again, it just extends the offer.
It extends east into Hartford county.
The Love HE extends comes from within.
He extends his hand, and she shakes it.
He extends his hand through the window.
STEPHEN: (Extends his arms) It was here.
Willie pauses the bike and extends his.
He extends a hand to pull me from the bed.
The pit extends more into the forest area.
The truce extends until thirteen o’clock.
This work extends the Cartesian skeptical.
The practice of euthanasia extends to animals.
The effect of it extends for nine hundred miles.
Ahead is her father; he extends a hand, waiting.
Expiration Really Extends Another Day of Trading.
This space extends from there towards the nasal.
It extends from the body to distance of 2 or 3 feet.
And this fierce, inner loyalty extends to the ships.
He extends his mighty hand, offering to assist her up.
Their latest plan which extends thru 2008 has strong.
It is systematic, and extends through both Testaments.
The body count extends far beyond military intrusions.
The robot extends one of its arms toward the corporal.
This ability extends and multiplies the personal skills.
She rises to her feet and extends a hand for him to shake.
He extends his hand to me, which I’m not willing to shake.
The creature extends his paw and its razor claws; he lifts.
The doctrine of the salvation of all extends on every side.
His political influence extends far beyond our imagination.
I’m Carl, he says as he stands up and extends a hand.
Love starts with self and extends outwards to include others.
She doesn’t look at you, extends her hand towards the bomb.
Hi, I’m Emmy, she says as she extends her hand to him.
The rook extends his rocky arms and crowns Jaden on his head.
She extends her arm into the space beside her but contacts nothing.

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