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Emetic в предложении (на )

That emetic, Villefort—see if it is coming.
"Will they never bring that emetic?" asked the doctor.
If made too strong the infusion may become emetic (cause vomiting).
This is a face of bitter herbs, this an emetic, they need no label,.
" Villefort sprang into the passage, exclaiming, "The emetic! the emetic!—is it come yet?" No one answered.
Caris was preparing an emetic, Oonagh was grinding dried herbs, and a novice, Greta, was copying out Caris’ s book, when a novice monk came in with a small wooden chest.
His colleague was by no means of this opinion, and, as he said of himself, "never beating about the bush," he prescribed, an emetic in order to empty the stomach completely.

His colleague was silent, having just before privately received a severe lecture about his emetic, so that this good Canivet, so arrogant and so verbose at the time of the clubfoot, was to-day very modest.

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