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Vomit в предложении (на )

  1. It was wet with vomit.
  2. I literally wanted to vomit.
  3. She thought she would vomit.
  4. I heard several of them vomit.
  5. I fought back the urge, to vomit.

  6. Vomit came, as she knew it would.
  7. A little vomit won’t shock him.
  8. Not vomit that’s nine years old.
  9. Johnny had a strong urge to vomit.
  10. All I could do was vomit my brains.
  11. Robert thought he was going to vomit.
  12. And Richard was indeed going to vomit.
  13. The vomit of a nine-year-old, that is.
  14. He thought for a second he might vomit.
  15. They were spattered with your vomit.

  16. Darek felt nauseated and wanted to vomit.
  17. He felt ready to explode, ready to vomit.
  18. He felt so sick that he was going to vomit.
  19. His mouth spilled out blood, vomit and rock.
  20. He could smell the vomit, violence and fear.
  21. She wanted to vomit, but nodded, I will.
  22. Bile rose in her throat like he might vomit.
  23. Next to him sat a bucket of vomit and blood.
  24. Stan swallowed back another mouthful of vomit.
  25. How many times did he vomit? Juan lost count.

  26. Over and over and over again ad vomit nausea.
  27. His clothes were dusty and stained with vomit.
  28. Tina leaned over to vomit but nothing came out.
  29. Foaming vomit splashed down over Angela's head.
  30. He gulped back the vomit forming in his throat.
  31. Then he wiped his eyes and the vomit from his.
  32. The stench enough to make Ted vomit immediately.
  33. I drop my head, and nearly vomit into the gutter.
  34. She felt she needed to vomit, but held the bile.
  35. Her face is streaked with saliva and drying vomit.
  36. He’ll drown in his own vomit if you continue.
  37. Amber was staring at the pile of vomit on the grass.
  38. I spent last night cleaning up nine-year-old vomit.
  39. Her hand slipped and she fell into the pooling vomit.
  40. Pinot looked as if he’d swallowed a bucket of vomit.
  41. Nigromanta rescued him from a pool of vomit and tears.
  42. I heard someone else vomit, though maybe it was only.
  43. They vomit their own shit up onto the next generation.
  44. The smell of the putrefaction made Max start to vomit.
  45. I lowered my head again and then continued to vomit my.
  46. Snot intermingled with the vomit and ran into her hair.
  47. Victims have been known to urinate, defecate or vomit.
  48. The very thought of running made Aazuria want to vomit.
  49. I will quite simply die if I vomit in Luke's luxury car.
  50. There was an overwhelming smell of vomit in the toilets.
  51. Ingested, it will make her vomit it up by the bucket full.
  52. My clothes were wet, and the smell of vomit was everywhere.
  53. I’m going to vomit if I have to watch much more of this.
  54. Ruthie coughs and chokes, leaning over to vomit onto the floor.
  55. She was dressed in a worn robe that smelled of vomit and urine.
  56. I put my hand over my mouth to catch the vomit coming up, but.
  57. The stale smell of spilled wine and vomit assailed his nostrils.
  58. He wasn't surrounded by vomit, and woke up with only a few moans.
  59. Blood poured from his mouth, along with a load of bile and vomit.
  61. I was crumpled in the vegetable patch, in the dirt and the vomit.
  62. He looked down at himself and saw that he was covered with vomit.
  63. The main danger is swallowing salt water and choking on the vomit.
  64. The thought caused him to drop to his knees and spontaneously vomit.
  65. Instead, he announces that blood has started to mix with the vomit.
  66. As he looked down at his own vomit, a gleam of light caught his eye.
  67. I screamed and had to vomit, while all the men shouted out with rage.
  68. You have severe, debilitating headaches that cause you to vomit and.
  69. The stench hit her, causing her to swing away and vomit on the floor.
  70. Alan couldn't, he was so winded he felt he had to vomit, but couldn't.
  71. She shivered and swallowed the vomit rising up the back of her throat.
  72. Coming up to the border gates vomit spewed all over my father's shoes.
  73. Chunt breathed heavily and tried not to vomit, swal owing hard as the.
  74. Where are you? Nonhlanhla? A spasm in his gorge and he felt the vomit.
  75. The officer stuck his tongue out and he looked as though he might vomit.
  76. He heard someone heaving behind him and the spatter of vomit on the sand.
  77. Peter’s stomach began to turn and he quickly ran in the bushes to vomit.
  78. Needless to say, she became very ill and began to have seizures and vomit.
  79. His expression was grave and he could taste the vomit rising in his throat.
  80. Poisons excrete into your stomach, which you then expel via liquidous vomit.
  81. Fishmael was carried out in the wave of vomit and left gagging on the shore.
  82. The foul stench of vomit, urine and blood permeated the air, riding the dust.
  83. Trails of vomit were seen everywhere at the circumference of the impact site.
  84. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to vomit.
  85. What is the definition of vomit? pieces of eight-pieces of hate-pieces of ate.
  86. He moaned then retched, adding to the mess on the floor with vomit of his own.
  87. The two of them walked into the room after Joey washed the vomit down the sink.
  88. Resisting an urge to vomit myself, I slid the door closed and looked at Paige.
  89. They can’t arrest me on that, can they? She says she still has some vomit.
  90. The first guard who ejaculated into his mouth caused Roger to vomit violently.
  91. Adam was lying on his side, thanks to a groin kick, and was beginning to vomit.
  92. Mentally aware but physically unable to react, Violet drowned in her own vomit.
  93. I was forever mopping the floor, collecting her vomit, telling her not to worry.
  94. It was horrible I covered my nose with my wrist and held back the need to vomit.
  95. It sat like a lump of tar in my throat, triggering a feeling of needing to vomit.
  96. This is also why the Bible says in Proverbs that foolishness is like vomit (Prov.
  97. Shirtless dude with dried vomit on his belly waiting for a bus that won’t come.
  98. I went for the part of the truck in which I was least likely to vomit, I say.
  99. Have mercy! Yazadril croaked, and spat out the remains of a mouthful of vomit.
  100. Every time she smelt or saw any type of cooking, it would give her the urge to vomit.
  1. I woke up vomiting all.
  2. He felt like vomiting and he.
  3. The police officer was vomiting.
  4. This process of vomiting from.
  5. I was still vomiting on and off.
  6. Use ipecac syrup to stop vomiting.
  7. Vomiting in the A and Dub washroom.
  8. Severe headache, often with vomiting.
  9. The very next night I started vomiting.
  10. We can’t stop vomiting; use a condom.
  11. He quickly stood to stop from vomiting.
  12. Inside the helicopter I was vomiting blood.
  13. His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
  14. Seconds later she was hunched over vomiting.
  15. It made her gag, and she felt like vomiting.
  16. Her tonsils stil hurt from all the vomiting.
  17. She was breathing heavily and vomiting bloods.
  18. His body still shook, but not due to vomiting.
  19. All I could smell was the residue of my vomiting.
  20. He is vomiting and soiling himself like an infant.
  21. In some cases the dog can have nausea and vomiting.
  22. He was crouching ten yards away, vomiting seawater.
  23. Sometimes I could hear him coughing, vomiting blood.
  24. She was spending a lot of time in the can vomiting.
  25. Colic is often associated with vomiting or diarrhea.
  26. An ordinary migraine has symptoms of nausea and vomiting.
  27. I had to hold my hand over my mouth to keep from vomiting.
  28. Steve was distracted with the vomiting routine Corey and I.
  29. She had vomiting fits and threw up her breakfast and lunch.
  30. But the greatest trial – leaving vomiting, appendicitis and.
  31. It may be associated with abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting.
  32. When I started vomiting a few months later, I thought nothing of it.
  33. If made too strong the infusion may become emetic (cause vomiting).
  34. Bachetti lurched forward in the chair and appeared to start vomiting.
  35. His whole body shook, and it seemed like the vomiting would never end.
  36. When awareness returned, Op14 found himself on his side, and vomiting.
  37. It took three days before he stopped vomiting and feinting from the fear.
  38. Soraya has been vomiting a lot lately, and her period is late this month.
  39. To make matters worse, Pratte had eaten bad eggs and was vomiting as he flew.
  40. I heaved, vomiting violently on the floor, unable to take in what I was seeing.
  41. The mouth feels swollen, vomiting may produce blood and the eyes are bloodshot.
  42. He drank it in gulps before he began coughing and gagging, vomiting it back up.
  43. Chances are high that you will also suffer from problems like nausea or vomiting.
  44. Her stomach lurched and she stumbled to the nearest tree truck, vomiting violently.
  45. All the emphasis was in the middle and it sounded like he was vomiting his words.
  46. During one of our stays there Anne suddenly became very dizzy and started vomiting.
  47. There is increased vomiting and the skin takes on a yellowish tone before recovery.
  48. A helicopter’s camera focuses in on a group of idiot children vomiting in the dirt.
  49. Bite produces fever, chills, vomiting, joint pain and spotty skin, within 24-48 hours.
  50. Alex stood still covered in excrement and vomiting from the vile stink that covered him.
  51. Motion sickness is nausea, vomiting, and related symptoms caused by repetitive angular.
  52. The nausea and vomiting associated with morning sickness are caused in part by the major.
  53. He was sure she recognized his voice, despite the fact that it was scratchy from vomiting.
  54. Blaah, Elfi said, mimicking vomiting, If this is the new Simla I don’t like her.
  55. However, the fire subsided and resurged several times - like his hand was vomiting flames.
  56. After vomiting, he hid the bag, cleared his throat, sat back and pulled the blanket higher.
  57. One of the girls is vomiting blood and Rita wants to know should she give her a fix?
  58. I told her that was fine, but I couldn't be held accountable for vomiting on her new dress.
  59. For Ralph, on deck, being seasick and vomiting, yet looking homewards with sorry expression.
  60. I was hauled up and out, and I was coughing and vomiting water and my lungs burned inside me.
  61. Their new diet had ill effects, including vomiting, which left most of the warriors dehydrated.
  62. In cases of suspected plant poisoning always induce vomiting by putting a finger down the throat.
  63. He barely makes it to the side before he is vomiting, shaking and soaked with sweat, into the sea.
  64. His stomach rebelled and dry vomiting caused hot nauseating pain against his barely healing wounds.
  65. Your average Allmerican couldn't keep from vomiting by looking at, let alone work on, a kill floor.
  66. By then, lassitude from endless vomiting and diarrhea had reduced Bob to crawling on hands and knees.
  67. At present everyone in the room could see a woman giving birth, a man having a fit, a child vomiting.
  68. Mega doses of some B vitamins can potentially cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even liver damage.
  69. If there is blood in the stools, fever or associated vomiting you should consult your family physician.
  70. Louie spent much of that day hunched over the ship railing, vomiting into the sea, while a guard held him.
  71. They had to raise the head a little, and a rush of black liquid issued, as if she were vomiting, from her mouth.
  72. Watch out for corporate bulimics—firms that wolf down big acquisitions, only to end up vomiting them back out.
  73. One girl had been vomiting violently for ten minutes and Rita feared for her health as the vomit contained blood.
  74. A hunched shadow out front appeared to be vomiting into a gutter, but when Mercer blinked it was only a postal box.
  75. As a result, they produce many side effects such as anemia lack of blood, alopecia (hair loss), nausea and vomiting.
  76. Come to me and I realized she was unconscious and Argyl was vomiting and rolling on the rock clutching his gut.
  77. There will probably also be nausea, vomiting, loss of speech, dizziness and a paralysis that eventually brings DEATH.
  78. I have a fever, terrible abdominal pains on the right side and have been vomiting frequently since last night, she said.
  79. Where did gold come from? From volcanoes vomiting up poisonous indigestible material that would other wise have killed it.
  80. She jumped back to the shuttle’s airlock and barely had the time to open her visor and bend over before vomiting violently.
  81. But the only thing he knew for sure was that he kneeled for a long time over the toilet bowl, vomiting as if there were no end to it.
  82. Bewildered, I look back at it, and stare it in the eyes, feeling myself nearly passing out, or vomiting, one of the two—I can't tell.
  83. Colors so intense and pure that they could only be a creation of Master Himself shine into the screaming and vomiting hordes of idiots.
  84. She knew the recipes for Mattie ’s main potions: one for easing pain, one to cause vomiting, one for washing wounds, one to bring down a fever.
  85. Some of the symptoms of a peanut allergy being triggered are tightness in the throat, breathing difficulties, stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting.
  86. The people are everywhere on the surface now, crawling about and over each other to escape the tunnels, and gasping for air, many of them vomiting.
  87. See if you can watch all 6 hours of Ken Burn’s docu-drama nonstop: The Winning of the West… without vomiting on what each American actually did.
  88. Later there would be constriction of the throat, vomiting, redness of the face and finally a coma from which there was no exit except by way of death.
  89. Also, Silaran and a few of the elves suffered a bit of after-battle emotional shock, mostly among the Volunteers, there was some vomiting and what have you.
  90. Entire families succumbed to the agony and anguish of boils, blisters and buboes; fever, diarrhea, vomiting, hemorraging, coughing; and rotting, liquified tissues.
  91. A controlled trial found that acupuncture significantly reduced symptoms in women with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy that.
  92. How on earth could the life of a sweet girl be taken after months of physical torture and vomiting? Who allowed such terrible things to occur? She had barely begun life.
  93. I mean stuff like this, the Colonel gestured at one of the walls, which featured a child vomiting blood like a waterfall, with a young woman bathing in it beneath him.
  94. Almost vomiting from the combined stink of diesel, faeces, urine and fear, we eased him out of his prison, slowly unbent his tortured frame and leaned him against the archway.
  95. He wondered if, after years of railing against iniquity, his mind had at last revolted and was vomiting back every loathsome thing it had been forced to think about over the years.
  96. But even if the things they ate weren’t poisonous, he had never felt so disgusted in his life, so much so to the point of vomiting whenever Azura cheerfully said, All right! Time to eat!.
  97. Each place the Hoar Frost King fed, it stripped necessary structure from the universe while regurgitating a minute mass of enormous density, like a cat vomiting cosmic bones after eating a quantum bird.
  98. On the horizon in every direction are thousands of hunters! Thousands! A camera from one of the hunters shows more idiots than Tres ever imagined could exist crawling around on the ground, retching and vomiting.
  99. More recently, its medical use include relieving muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis, lowering pressure in the eye brought about by glaucoma, and relieving vomiting and nausea associated with chemotherapy.
  100. One of the chemists/biologists’ worst nightmares: Exposure to a few drops of dimethyl mercury and the individual only has a few weeks to live with seizures, hearing and vision loss, vomiting, constipation, and other fun things.
  1. I vomited all over myself.
  2. I vomited in my mouth as Mr.
  3. He had vomited a foul bloody.
  4. Then, he vomited his brains out.
  5. Vomited twice more this morning.
  6. He vomited and went momentarily.
  7. Before long, one of them vomited.
  8. I about vomited but held it down.
  9. He was trembling and he vomited blood.
  10. Rachel ducked into a corner and vomited.
  11. Evan wandered off, bent over, and vomited.
  12. David Reece walked a few steps and vomited.
  13. I vomited on myself inside the sleeping bag.
  14. Kurt leaned over and vomited onto his carpet.
  15. Lucy vomited for the third time that day and.
  16. Talaric had pulled my hair back, as I vomited.
  17. I admitted I had vomited suddenly once or twice.
  18. I have vomited you out, O peoples of the earth!.
  19. Tammas waved him off and vomited into a waste basket.
  20. I gagged and vomited but my stomach refused to empty.
  21. As soon as her feet touched solid ground, She vomited.
  22. He started to tire, then vomited with a strangled croak.
  23. The burly teen dry heaved three times then he vomited his.
  24. He buckled over and vomited a mixture of ale and saltwater.
  25. Within a matter of seconds, she vomited all over the floor.
  26. Tears flowed from her eyes as she vomited all over herself.
  27. Then they vomited up what they ate because it was too rich.
  28. Finally I let it go and vomited on the heads of all of them.
  29. Before she could ask, Isha vomited at the side of the closet.
  30. The cannon vomited forth its package of buck-shot with a roar.
  31. So without losing hold, I stayed there, until it vomited out.
  32. Zaina couldn't take in what she saw, she vomited, the street.
  33. The man bent over and vomited, splaying the pavement with red.
  34. He vomited violently, and barely managed to avoid choking on it.
  35. I vomited about three times before my eyes could clear enough to.
  36. He turned, able to move at last, and vomited into the undergrowth.
  37. Davis fell out onto his hands and knees and vomited into the grass.
  38. Charlotte lets me know that ! was so anxious that I vomited toda y.
  39. I vomited all over the bathroom floor and then felt the urge to push.
  40. By the end of the day, Ailia had vomited more times than she could count.
  41. I vomited immediately, a little surprised there was anything to bring up.
  42. But her stomach heaved at the idea, and she vomited until her sides hurt.
  43. Moments later Linton choked, spluttered, then vomited up half-a-gallon of.
  44. He vomited, and a sparse, nauseous liquid foamed at the edges of his mouth.
  45. I sat down there, I vomited into a waste receptacle, and I cried some more.
  46. Before he could repeat himself, Johnny vomited all over Caesar's nice new boots.
  47. Nausea took the best of her; she ran a little further and vomited behind a bush.
  48. The room took another pitch and he unceremoniously sat up and vomited to one side.
  49. How would you feel if a Martian vomited stale liquor on the White House floor?
  50. Beth tore to the balcony’s edge and vomited over the railing into the sand below.
  51. She grabbed a pistol out of the nearest man’s hand when he doubled over and vomited.
  52. If we are part this apostate Church, then the Body of Christ must also be vomited out.
  53. His face was ashen as he stumbled to the kitchen sink, leaned over and vomited into it.
  54. Helena Simko keened from her soul as Mutt Simko doubled over, held his stomach, vomited.
  55. Onk turned his head and vomited, staining his white robe with a mixture of blood and bile.
  56. The smell of burning drove all other thoughts away and the scribe turned and vomited again.
  57. And being too much for him, he ran to the nearest clump of trees and vomited several times.
  58. I was overcome with such sudden guilt that I bolted to the bathroom and vomited in the sink.
  59. Losing control, I vomited for what seemed like minutes and then I broke out in a cold sweat.
  60. Already suffering from nausea, Nancy nearly vomited as she was about to reply to the computer.
  61. Portero vomited and wept, but more of the Medica attendants were arriving, and took firm charge.
  62. When I was sure she was gone and there were no more of them around, I vomited all over the place.
  63. Aspen turned and vomited into the corner closest to the door, the stench too much for her stomach.
  64. I vomited on a tangle of weeds, my retching and groaning drowned in the deafening roar of the MiG.
  65. As the acrid smoke enveloped her face, Elise Jones, newly married, vomited on her husband‘s back.
  66. The child took one look through the broken floor, then lowered his head between the boards and vomited.
  67. This giant, after feeling an intense pain in his stomach one day, vomited up the sun, moon, and stars.
  68. The excitement and food simply welled up inside him and he gave a short gasp and vomited all over the carpet.
  69. When the smell of her vomit reached Max an instant later, he vomited as well, over Ray’s shoulders and neck.
  70. Traces of lava, slag, and basaltic rock were everywhere, but I couldn't find the crater that had vomited them up.
  71. He vomited until his stomach was empty, and sat there until the lower half of his digestive tract stopped cramping.
  72. Once he was there, and sure no one was watching, he knelt over beside the passenger door and vomited on the pavement.
  73. My Guts heav’d violently and I would have vomited, but for the Fact that I had had nothing to eat for lo these many Hours.
  74. For a while it almost seemed they could hold the Gate, but the Makii were too numerous and were ceaselessly vomited up by the Rift.
  75. A few moments later, the frigate's two funnels vomited torrents of black smoke, and its deck quaked from the trembling of its boilers.
  76. Then suddenly as they were soothing and patting him, the child vomited all over its own and its mother's clothing a mass of undigested food.
  77. On the third moon he tried eating a shiny fat worm, but vomited so violently that his abused senses made the stars spin wildly about his head.
  78. Pain overwhelmed him, and daylight spun about him as he lay paralyzed on his side and vomited, retching only bile as he’d not yet eaten today.
  79. Without it, the Bible would be incomplete, without it we would not know about a big fish that swallowed a man and vomited him up alive on a beach.
  80. But Fernanda felt so moved that she thought she would go mad when Meme awoke at midnight with her head splitting with pain and drowning in vomited gall.
  81. That’s three of their schooners, Sir! Captain Mahgyrs announced exultantly as the shattered, dismasted hull of HMS East Wind vomited flames and smoke.
  82. Spock carried Pon to the beach and placed him on the sand, and whilst on all fours he coughed, spluttered, belched and vomited out seawater, he was exhausted.
  83. The panic started when Taj vomited a flood of dark fluid and security began shoving people and furniture out of the way in an effort to evacuate the guests of honor.
  84. Why have you done this? Blood ran in trails from his mouth as he literally vomited up the crimson live giving fluid that had filled his gastro intestinal tract.
  85. We moved here and there in tension thinking of what can make a bigger impact on the city and in the process, anything that came into the thoughts was vomited to rest.
  86. She thought she was going to die, first because she vomited pulverized eggplant and then because of the cupful of castor oil she had to take as a cure for the punishment.
  87. His staff was extended high and a green light flooded from its tip, Saznack shielded his eyes and was overcome with a wave of nausea, then turned and vomited as his magic was broken.
  88. The last child ran past me and the cavern before me, filled with the fallen forms of strangled monsters, erupted in fire as the floor cracked up and vomited forth magma into the room.
  89. He said boldly, “His guts was just strowed all over—all over”—he was silent for a moment—“strowed—all—over,” he said, and then he rolled over quickly and vomited down the side of the truck.
  90. The boy pushed himself against the wall, trying to push away from the vision before him, blood vomited from the lack of left lower leg and split abdomen as he fought against the lack of strength he had left.
  91. Balen was in a meter and a half wide sphere of Shielding, and this dragon blew up right above her and covered it with so much dragon guts she couldn’t see out, and she vomited in her bubble and was stuck in there with it.
  92. After every explosion: birds: birds of death: carrion birds: vultures, Ravens, Crows… came back to these areas of devastation: and hunted and pecked at the shiny pieces of flint… which the destructive volcanoes of the Inorganic Baby Earth had vomited up.
  93. Not only had she vomited before a man—in itself as horrible a contretemps as could overtake a woman—but by doing so, the humiliating fact of her pregnancy must now be with him, of all people, with Rhett who had no respect for women! She cried, expecting evident.
  94. Her arm was yanked behind her back hard enough to make her cry out, and a number of crude, foul, four-letter interjections for Randy surfaced in Scott’s mind, begging to be vomited out, but he kept his tongue, knowing that to use them would fast-track an already imminent execution.
  95. Formerly, the first human races beheld with terror the hydra pass before their eyes, breathing on the waters, the dragon which vomited flame, the griffin who was the monster of the air, and who flew with the wings of an eagle and the talons of a tiger; fearful beasts which were above man.
  96. It was this, if I remember right: Jonah was swallowed by the whale in the Mediterranean Sea, and after three days he was vomited up somewhere within three days' journey of Nineveh, a city on the Tigris, very much more than three days' journey across from the nearest point of the Mediterranean coast.
  97. Instead we writhed and wriggled and gasped and choked and vomited and cried and urinated and, upon realizing our tears and vomit and urine were the closest thing to fresh liquid on the planet, we began collecting it like raindrops in the Sahara and trying to get it back into the wretched dust bags our bodies were becoming.
  98. She was bleeding onto her legs, and as she tried to shut the door so Debby couldn’t see her, the man pushed opened the door, and yelled Goddamgoddamgoddaaammmmm! Thundering it into Patty’s ear, she felt him trying to pull the knife out of her chest and realized what it meant, that he wanted Debby, this man who said no one should know, no one could see him, he wanted Debby to go with Patty, and Patty put her hand hard on the hilt and pushed it deeper inside her and the man kept yelling and finally dropped hold of the knife, kicked the door open and went inside, and as Patty fell, she saw him going for the axe, the axe that Michelle had propped by the door, and Debby started to run toward her mother, running to help her mom, and Patty screaming Run away! And Debby froze, screamed, vomited down her front, scrambled on the tile and started the other way, made it to the end of the hallway, just turning the corner, but the man was right behind her, he was bringing the axe up and then she saw the axe go down and Patty pulled herself up, stumbling like a drunk, not able to see out of one eye, moving like in a nightmare where her feet go fast but she doesn’t get anywhere, screaming Run, Run, Run, and turning the corner to see Debby lying on the floor with wings of blood, and the man so angry now, his eyes wet and alight, yelling, Why’d you make me do this? and he turned as if to leave, and Patty ran past him, picked up Debby, who wobbled a few steps like when she was a fat little toddler, and she was really hurt, her arm, her sweet arm, It’s OK, baby, you’re OK, the knife sliding out of Patty’s chest and rattling down onto the floor, blood pulsing out of her more quickly and the man came back this time with a shotgun.
  1. John vomits sea water as he surfaces.
  2. Jerry suddenly falls to the ground and vomits violently.
  3. He vomits, adding his own foul odour to the already putrid air.
  4. When he stands on the platform, he leans and vomits over the side.
  5. She staggers around and vomits once—there’s no escaping the gas.
  6. Turning, he vomits onto the ground, stomach heaving with the effort.
  7. Three times a day it vomits it up and three more it drinks it again in a terrible way.
  8. As Jim and Bex call out Leona's name she vomits and Jim's shirt and jeans are covered in projectile alco-pop bile.
  9. His question, however, was rewarded with a new batch of telepathic signal, after which Jerry chokes and vomits again.
  10. Her alien boyfriend swallows her up with a view to reshaping her; a little later, when he vomits her, she becomes an ethereal fairy.
  11. Innumerable shops, millions sleeping in beds around them, and yet where are they all? As they reach Frederick’s block, a woman in a dress, leaning against a building, bends over and vomits on the sidewalk.
  12. Though the consciences of such men are awakened, yet their minds are not changed; therefore, when the power of guilt weareth away, that which provoked them to be religious ceaseth, wherefore they naturally turn to their own course again, even as we see the dog that is sick of what he has eaten, so long as his sickness prevails he vomits and casts up all; not that he doth this of a free mind (if we may say a dog has a mind), but because it troubleth his stomach; but now, when his sickness is over, and so his stomach eased, his desire being not at all alienate from his vomit, he turns him about and licks up all, and so it is true which is written, The dog is turned to his own vomit again.

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