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    1. Emperor Constantine, they said, had changed the date of the Sabbath as a compromise to appease the pagans who celebrated their heathen debaucheries on Sunday

    2. They were always going on about Emperor Constantine

    3. " He gave a friendly nod to the correspondent and then raised both hands over the pack of reporters like a Roman emperor

    4. No longer would you bow to worship the Emperor

    5. Roman informed me that the month October wasn’t named after a Roman emperor

    6. It was the well known remark of the emperor Charles V

    7. reached two goals: he was recognised as emperor by the

    8. The emperor was

    9. The emperor Hadrian was fond of

    10. When word of his quality reached the ears of the Emperor, he was summarily invited to become a member of his guard

    11. All of the things he had had to leave behind in the name of the oath he swore to the Legion and the Emperor

    12. But as she watched the charismatic yet notably aloof Chaerea retreat back into the throng of mourners, she was stunned by the appearance of a somewhat unexpected face: the Emperor Titus Mede II himself

    13. And as the Emperor told her that no one was prouder of her father than he was, and told her very simply and earnestly, “Thank you for your family’s sacrifice and all of the Empire’s people mourn with you”, she found herself falling into his very kind embrace and crying over his shoulder

    14. As the Emperor with the careworn face smiled in return, in understanding, it was almost as if they occupied their own space in time

    15. "Be empty of yourself!" Bodhidharma's directive had been a tough one for the Emperor to

    16. The Emperor, unfortunately, was not to be alone in his

    17. Upon the scorched ground slippery with gore lay the Emperor himself

    18. The Emperor said nothing

    19. She cried out as loud as she could through tears for someone to help her carry him, for someone to help her save their Emperor

    20. “The Emperor has fallen trying to protect his people

    21. ” Her mind flitted back to the memory of her father’s empty-casket funeral, in which she was sincerely and lovingly embraced by the Emperor himself

    22. Clodius, clearly perturbed by the latest direction of the conversation - namely the livid invocation of the Emperor

    23. “They have recanted their oaths to the Emperor and Empire

    24. When Vidius Pollio, in the presence of Augustus, ordered one of his slaves, who had committed a slight fault, to be cut into pieces and thrown into his fish-pond, in order to feed his fishes, the emperor commanded him, with indignation, to emancipate immediately, not only that slave, but all the others that belonged to him

    25. The bounty which that philosophical emperor, as we learn from Lucian, bestowed upon one of the teachers of philosophy, probably lasted no longer than his own life

    26. In this critical situation of its affairs the papal court was at sufficient pains to cultivate the friendship of the powerful sovereigns of France and Spain, of whom the latter was at that time emperor of Germany

    27. , king of Spain and emperor of Germany

    28. the French; and the installation of Maximilian I as emperor of

    29. Corsican Emperor of France, twice

    30. Fifth Roman Emperor

    31. What in the world gives these demented liberals of twenty-first century America the right, with a straight face, to tell us that their programs in any way relate to progress? Perhaps we should instead try regress, to the days when the Emperor, King, or feudal lord prescribed our lives for us

    32. To regress to the times when every aspect of living was controlled by a king, emperor, or feudal lord is not my idea of progress

    33. But why would a name bracelet keep him from killing her? Surely, he couldn’t know it had belonged to the emperor

    34. Even if Sicarius did somehow recognize it in the darkness, why would the emperor’s bracelet stop him? This man had been a burr in the empire’s paw during the years since Emperor Raumesys died

    35. If the emperor had nothing to do with why Sicarius was letting her live, this next statement could be considered treasonous

    36. And then there was that niggling comment about the emperor and the tea

    37. If she left now, she would not only be running away from her life, but she would be abandoning Sespian, the emperor she had sworn to honor and protect the day she became an enforcer

    38. Hollowcrest, it read, you said the emperor was under your control

    39. “The emperor might not like the idea of a lady being dissected in his dungeon,” one of the guards holding Amaranthe whispered to the other as they traveled deeper into the tunnels

    40. The Nurians would be mauling us if they had any idea how weak-minded our supposed emperor is

    41. Hollowcrest, you said the emperor was under your control

    42. If the emperor does not pass the laws we have requested, he will be eliminated during his birthday celebration

    43. If the emperor truly meant something to him, perhaps he could be counted on to pass on this information to someone with clout

    44. Now, even if she escaped, she had lost the only physical evidence that Hollowcrest was manipulating the emperor and that Sespian was in danger

    45. “Clarify the situation with the emperor

    46. From what I remember of Emperor Raumesys, they were similar types

    47. “He’s helping me to protect the emperor and maybe get Hollowcrest out of power

    48. “I mean to help the emperor

    49. Emperor or not, he felt it the polite thing to do

    50. Even if she meant her scheme to save the emperor, counterfeiting was high treason—punishable by death—whether she intended to circulate the bills or not

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