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King в предложении (на )

  1. To pray to the King.
  2. The Lord is our king.
  3. That he would be King.
  4. But I remember the King.
  5. In the arms of The King.

  6. The King of Spain was.
  7. But it’s for the king.
  8. I have seen the King.
  9. Married to a famous king.
  10. King Hezekiah to test him.
  11. Pharaoh was a shepherd king.
  12. Aetes sees himself as king.
  13. But there is more, my king.
  14. He comes as conquering king.
  15. This is the king bedroom.

  16. So the king made a promise.
  17. King checked the radio again.
  18. The wise king scatters the.
  19. The 1611 King James Version.
  20. That is, every king but one.
  21. Bad King Njal and this brat.
  22. The King Who Exalts Himself.
  23. Of Christ, the heavenly King.
  24. Strong as the King of beasts.
  25. I could be a spy for the King.

  26. When the clouds cry out King.
  27. It was the smell of the King.
  28. King Njal's fighters had won.
  29. He is supposed to be the King.
  30. No other king of Judah did so.
  31. Who else had the King seen?
  32. Our king once did this, too.
  33. The king was clearly impressed.
  34. The 13th of the present king, c.
  35. You name me king, he said.
  36. Why? King Jewhoiachin and his.
  37. The bite of King Lambi's skull.
  38. Save the king, Jaden pleads.
  39. Mikael: Yes, my king, all of it.
  40. Even the king admitted to that.
  41. And the king allows this?
  42. They have as king over them the.
  43. King and numerous other figures.
  44. The first ting the new king at.
  45. The king said, I give you leave.
  46. Only King Lambi's head remained.
  47. For the King! she shouted.
  48. The King? Lord Robert said.
  49. Isodor: What about you my king?
  50. The king profits from the field.
  51. The possibility of m king a mi.
  52. The daughter of the king of the.
  53. Israel had no king in those days.
  54. The king, in particular, had not.
  55. The king now addressed them again.
  56. The king had ordered them to be.
  57. And in especial King Arthur and.
  58. King Midas was not happy any more.
  59. Just as King David protected the.
  60. In the year that King Uzziah died.
  61. Was when the boy King Tutankhamen.
  62. It was before I joined King Lambi.
  63. There was no sign of the Sea King.
  64. And Shaphan read it before the king.
  65. The young King Edward died in 1553.
  66. Henry V shouldn’t have been king.
  67. And the king said, I will give them.
  68. Okay, okay, King placated him.
  69. David often found himself as a King.
  70. That shark king made me get in too.
  71. You see, the King of France would.
  72. I wish to be seated next to the king.
  73. King Tobin is their ruler at Nordhel.
  74. Ilmal listened to the king in silence.
  75. The wrath of the King burst out afresh.
  76. King had been assassinated in Memphis.
  77. Your exiled king has no power here.
  78. We have copies of King Davids Psalms.
  79. We have many books about you, my king.
  80. These were Knights of the King himself.
  81. He, who reigns King over all the earth!.
  82. Yes, I’d say that he’s a good king.
  83. So they came and stood before the king.
  84. Greek Hero of the Iliad, King of Ithaca.
  85. There was a kingdom in search of a king.
  86. The child is the king of the world —.
  87. The king stood up and raised his goblet.
  88. Of a King, a Heart, that all hearts know.
  89. King Njal grabbed it with his free hand.
  90. Laughing, King Njal turned and ran away.
  91. The king raised his hand and the crowd.
  92. So I went directly to King Henry himself.
  93. And so the king continued with the others.
  94. They all wept for the loss of their king.
  95. Did he really then become king over us?
  96. And the king said, He also brings tidings.
  97. I have seen the King, Virginia said.
  98. He thought about the king and his dreams.
  99. The very word Messiah means anointed king.
  100. The king was not as naive as he appeared.

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