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    1. The hall was full to bursting and the comments I heard afterwards were very complimentary – I enclose a cutting from the Readersein describing the event

    2. “Too, Herod built so many new structures, he"s erected walls to enclose all his holdings

    3. He felt the urge to hug her back, to wrap his arms around her and enclose them both in their own microcosm, but the thick towels restricted his movement

    4. He remembered how he had wanted to enclose her in an embrace the other time, but he had dared not

    5. ‘Ah! So if I step outside, this thing will automatically enclose me in a protective suit?’

    6. Religion provided a form in which to enclose that something

    7. 9 If she be a wall, we will build on her a palace of silver, and if she be a door, we will enclose her with boards of cedar

    8. Optionally, these parentheses may enclose a list of parameters within them

    9. shall not enclose themselves with anything that causes sweat

    10. I had to tell him that our ships required much larger facilities, although we did not enclose them, nor did we work in secret

    11. She has written a short note of her own, which I enclose in this letter

    12. And, in like fashion, the woman will respond to your letter and enclose a picture that was not made part of her profile

    13. -Surely not! Only an idiot might think that! - I returned the comment trying to enclose a major load of sarcasm than the one that he had given to me

    14. She could barely summon her arms to enclose him

    15. You don’t need to enclose a reply

    16. Along with the items above, we also enclose FIVE ADDITIONAL VACATION

    17. We always enclose an order form with every order of Vacation Certificates

    18. It was a first edition and besides hard bindings to enclose a lengthy treaty, also boasted metal corners

    19. Cover Texts, you must enclose the copies in covers that carry,

    20. This is followed by an identifier name for the function followed by a pair of parentheses which may enclose some names of variables and the line ends with a

    21. You’re going to have to enclose the area

    22. My choices were limited, but I had a six-foot high fence erected to enclose my garden

    23. large, metal warehouse with offices, and a fence that would enclose a large portion of the area

    24. enclose the search term in bold tags occasionally where it

    25. Three runs of fencing would enclose it, a cave with an open-air run, right next to

    26. We therefore enclose the spell which Cyrellius was to have

    27. She felt the cool, cleansing water enclose her body, leaving her feeling buoyant and unrestricted from the forces of gravity

    28. The tips of the fingers need to enclose this circle

    29. He would enclose a separate page for his dad when there

    30. He readily allowed himself to enclose his senses in the memory of her touch, Emily had finally consented to him after five months he previously didn’t have, consented like 94

    31. " It is as if they enclose

    32. Week Eighteen, which I enclose herewith, has something more to say concerning this important law

    33. It is my privilege to enclose Week Twenty-One

    34. He bent to touch one of the unusual boxes that seemed to enclose numerous artificial limbs

    35. that enclose and protect my heart

    36. I enclose her address and phone number, just in case

    37. Your mother gave me hers to enclose in this letter just in case something should happen

    38. ular, they enclose the initiation rituals, i

    39. of these channels end in our hands, but what good to enclose a chan-

    40. And shall forever span them and compactly hold and enclose them

    41. half enclose with my hand,

    42. But in my case, since I face considerable pressures at the bottom of the sea, I needed to enclose my head in a copper sphere, like those found on standard diving suits, and the two hoses for inhalation and exhalation now feed to that sphere

    43. A scheme to enclose the peninsular delta of the North Bull at Dollymount and erect on the space of the foreland, used for golf links and rifle ranges, an asphalted esplanade with casinos, booths, shooting galleries, hotels, boardinghouses, readingrooms, establishments for mixed bathing

    44. Will was miserable in the necessity for playing the part of a friend who was making his first appearance and greeting to Rosamond, while his thoughts were busy about her feeling since that scene of yesterday, which seemed still inexorably to enclose them both, like the painful vision of a double madness

    45. Know that I enclose this small Memento as but a Token of my fiery Passion for you, and also as but a modest Harbinger of the Riches that may be yours, if you will agree to let me care for you as befits your Splendour in the Arts of Love

    46. When you are using any of the date directives from the table above, you must enclose your picture string in single quotes

    47. To use a macro variable in a title, you just need to enclose the TITLE or FOOTNOTE statement that contains the macro variable with double quotation marks like this:

    48. In order to obviate any delays possible through any routine requirements as to payment in your departments, we enclose cheque herewith for ten pounds, receipt of which please acknowledge

    49. "In accordance with your wishes, I enclose report of the conditions of everything left in my charge

    50. The elevation of this escarpment can still be measured by the height of the two knolls of the two great sepulchres which enclose the road from Genappe to Brussels: one, the English tomb, is on the left; the other, the German tomb, is on the right

    1. There are still societies at YingolNeerie where everyone commutes to a career in an enclosed outdoor motorcar

    2. I had imagined that Nepal would be just snow-capped mountains – but that says more about my lack of geographical knowledge than anything, I feel! Your description of the fauna and flora found in the tropical savanna and the forests was most interesting and the watercolours you enclosed are extremely good

    3. Duncan could see farms off in the distance, large enclosed areas where farmhouse and barn were located, and fields of plantings laid out like the spokes of a wheel

    4. huge, enclosed park and wished for all the world that she could sip

    5. standing-stones a black wall appeared and enclosed

    6. He was constantly crisscrossing the soon to be enclosed space, apparently unfazed by the ten foot fir poles he hoisted above his head and carried much like a waiter with a tray of food, or a drum major leading a parade band

    7. that dragons rapidly fall ill when caged or enclosed

    8. Kulai was generous to lend her an enclosed coach that his business had at their disposal

    9. The shop was pretty open, just the machinery was enclosed in a locked room, the street and canal loading docks connected

    10. Almost 2 months now since I mail my last letter to you which I enclosed in the Christmas card

    11. I was a good boy this Valentine's Day because again I'm looking at a large envelope that Judy received around February 18 that shows I enclosed a nice Valentine's Day card

    12. Enclosed is Sal’s sales memo for the kimono that he bought at the Chinese Arts and Crafts store in Hong Kong

    13. I have just received the enclosed report from the authorities that the Immigration and Naturalization Service in response to my inquiry on your behalf

    14. Had received your letter with enclosed documents yesterday morning and have submitted them all at the US Consulate in the afternoon

    15. The invisible box I was enclosed in

    16. Wal is Island is semi-desert enclosed by a lagoon, whilst Futuna is the beach destination, with a volcano at its centre

    17. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed… Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out

    18. Those who are redeemed of Yahweh are like a rich garden that is enclosed by a wall

    19. The wind of the Spirit will blow on the enclosed garden of

    20. The red glowing field that enclosed the pack blinked twice and contracted

    21. In addition, please accept the enclosed $10 gift certificate to use with your purchase of $75 or more

    22. Please find a copy of the invoice enclosed

    23. Use the enclosed postcard to let me know if you plan to attend and how many of you will be coming

    24. They were enclosed in a glass bubble at the front of the craft

    25. Built into the surrounding hills were glass enclosed homes with a sign announcing,

    26. Fallingwater lay silent, guarded by dilapidated wooden barricades in front of the narrow, stone enclosed passageway that led to the front door

    27. There were two vehicles parked in a crater converted into an enclosed bay but with a projected holo-field, making it seem like a normal crater

    28. Enclosed in the above letter was a memo from the Confederate

    29. He told me that she had asked for me right up till the end and that Helen, Mabel and Beth had been with her he said she had left a letter which he had enclosed and if there was anything else he could do I should not hesitate to ask

    30. I got up and grabbed the envelope off the table and then I found another one inside, this was Rosie’s last letter to me that Dr Durkin had enclosed

    31. I enclosed her mother’s letter to me and asked her to read it and see what she felt about it

    32. Whenever she felt hopeless, trapped inside the prison, she thought of Raven, and it almost felt as though they were not restrained but were wrapped up warm, enclosed in their own space

    33. would merely jump with the portion of rock enclosed within the field

    34. The gunshot made his ears ring in the enclosed space

    35. The low ceiling and enclosed space began to bring back unpleasant memories of years spent in similar enclosed places

    36. He reached down and enclosed my unresisting hand in his own, raising it so our clasped hands were in front of my eyes

    37. There was a hand-drawn map enclosed; and a phone number

    38. Old stone buildings, two levels in height, enclosed the square courtyard

    39. They were enclosed in pods, but the radar signature would go out the chimney

    40. Instinctively he looked up, expecting to see some sort of mind-boggling roof structure, something truly awe-inspiring as the rest of this vast enclosed space was

    41. Amonas then moved in the air, his body still enclosed in the same strange aura as it had been before while being ferried to this place

    42. an island, about a mile across, enclosed by the two streams of the

    43. The word used to describe garden is gan -word of Sumerian origin- meaning enclosed place, leafy garden

    44. We can sit outside in this enclosed space where small trees in earthenware pots, vines and shrubs create a magical forest effect

    45. This enclosed space muffled the far-away sound

    46. 10 They are enclosed in their own fat: with their mouth they speak proudly

    47. 16 For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet

    48. the keyword if is always enclosed within a pair of parentheses

    49. Right after these parentheses we can find the body of the main function enclosed in braces ({})

    50. The scope of local variables is limited to the block enclosed in braces ({}) where they are declared

    1. The house encloses her like an embrace

    2. He encloses one of my hands perfectly between two of his

    3. On top of the pillars rests a layer of thick transparent material, which encloses the entire planet, a smart-polymer, a foundation for the next and outer layer

    4. The opaque covering, about twelve millimetres thick, encloses the robot completely and merges it with the metal framework that supports it

    5. encloses a portion of it, diminishing its width or area

    6.  Atoll - is a coral reef that forms a circular or mostly circular shape and encloses a lagoon

    7. Jenn encloses her letter to Boyd Warner, in which, to avoid any future misunderstanding, she plainly states that the cost of these nights will be born by Boyd

    8. Be not ashamed women, your privilege encloses the rest, and is the

    9. For the roughness of the earth and of man encloses as much as the

    10. and encloses the world,

    11. encloses in this letter

    12. Kernmantel type (a) encloses a central core of strands in an outer sheath

    13. In spite of the branding and the chains, in spite of the palisade which hides from his eyes the free world, and encloses him in a cage like a wild beast, he can get himself spirits and other delights; sometimes even (not always), corrupt his immediate superintendents, the old soldiers and non-commissioned officers, and get them to close their eyes to his infractions of discipline within the prison

    14. But only one: movement, encloses everything in itself

    15. The governments and the ruling classes do not now lean on the right, not even on the semblance of justice, but on an artificial organization which, with the aid of the perfections of science, encloses all men in the circle of violence, from which there is no possibility of tearing themselves away

    16. An Indian said it extended each way to the river, and had several unexcavated parts, which served for passages to the area which it encloses

    17. The west range (E) is divided into two parts quite to its base, which with the slope of the east range encloses, on three sides, an irregular hollow, called the Hopper

    18. In certain parts of the vein almost every green crystal encloses a red one, which always corresponds by its sides and angles with the exterior crystal

    19. Peduncles short, clothed with a thin membraneous acute pointed sheath, which generally encloses also the base of the spike

    1. In the centre of the floor was a pebble mosaic, a masterpiece in stones forming two huge circles, one enclosing a six-pointed star and six concentric circles; the other showed a two-headed eagle

    2. She lifted her hands up, enclosing them all in a force field

    3. There was an enormous building with a wall enclosing it

    4. He saw with horror that the wire surrounded him, enclosing him in a tiny box

    5. As soon as the money was in his hand, he borrowed an envelope and a stamp from the guy and paid his ticket with cash money, enclosing a little note with the ticket’s offence number and relevant information

    6. To his right was a high and sturdily constructed fence enclosing the airport, and to the left a wide, bare area, about four hundred meters across, at the end of which the land rose sharply to Limon’s south side, a mere three blocks from where Jesus’ brother lived

    7. Outside the boundary wall, the narrow strip between sidewalk and wall enclosing their haven was generously planted with flowers that bloomed for those who walked or drove past

    8. statements enclosing the curly braces are known as function body

    9. A spell seemed to have settled over the room, enclosing every person in his own private cares and thoughts

    10. Boots stomped over the back of their sacrificial comrade to gain access to the last piece of ground separating them from the fence enclosing Gloria’s house

    11. The only thing that betrayed its purpose was the security fence enclosing the grounds and the numerous guards patrolling around

    12. And over there we can hang the mistletoe,” said Lovern as he walked through the space that Straun would be enclosing with our new wall

    13. I‘m enclosing another blog

    14. She twisted about to follow his stare, and saw a green wall of trees and shrubbery rising from the water's edge and sweeping away in a wide curve, enclosing a small bay whose waters lay still as blue glass

    15. I made it all the way to the barn doors only to see a high fence around the barn enclosing it inside a paddock but built more like a stockade

    16. We"d live in a white mansion with a white picket fence enclosing a large manicured lawn

    17. Circling around the tall fence enclosing the site, they found large double gates on the other side, allowing access to the compound within

    18. I eyed the wall enclosing my uncle’s house, gnawing on a hunk of old bread and wondering how best to get inside

    19. Their old, creaky wagons found a home outside the Bergendal Stave Church, camped in a circle, enclosing a constantly blazing bonfire

    20. The Vikings locked the crate by enclosing its exterior with a larger iron cage

    21. But, snuggled up to him against his chest with his arms enclosing her as she was, she did not mind

    22. Adding a sincere apology to all whom I may have offended, and noting that I was enclosing a

    23. "We have mad Hell a prison-house for the unbelievers": enclosing them

    24. The primary manifestation of life and how you may get in touch with it is explained in the part which I have the privilege of enclosing herewith

    25. As for Lady Shuttleworth, she got a letter from Priscilla; quite a long one, enclosing a little one for Tussie to be given him if and when his mother thought expedient

    26. I stretched one side of it around her shoulders, enclosing us both, and she gave me a grateful smile

    27. He wrote in the letter; “I want you to write to the Prime Minister, enclosing this letter if desired, and demand that they fight gang and knife culture with zero tolerance, and restore law and order to our streets

    28. That is what is happening in you: life is trying to destroy the enclosing

    29. Enclosing, the Souls

    30. I do not know what it is except that it is grand, and that it is happiness, And that the enclosing purport of us here is not a speculation or

    31. beach, enclosing the mossbonkers,

    32. Everything was arranged by the time Laurie returned with a note from Aunt March, enclosing the desired sum, and a few lines repeating what she had often said before, that she had always told them it was absurd for March to go into the army, always predicted that no good would come of it, and she hoped they would take her advice the next time

    33. to proceed when he should arrive at his destined port, enclosing, withal,

    34. According to his calculations, this frozen mass enclosing the southernmost pole forms a vast ice cap whose width must reach 4,000 kilometers

    35. The brewery buildings had a little lane of communication with it, and the wooden gates of that lane stood open, and all the brewery beyond stood open, away to the high enclosing wall; and all was empty and disused

    36. But he had scarcely left before Danglars, with an energy of action those can alone understand who have seen Robert Macaire represented by Frederic, [*] exclaimed,—"Fool!" Then enclosing Monte Cristo's receipt in a little pocket-book, he door, emptied all his drawers, collected about fifty thousand francs in bank-notes, burned added:—"Yes, come at twelve o'clock; I shall then be far away

    37. He observed a power crew working inside a chain-link fence enclosing what looked to be twin transformers that might have been connected to the prison

    38. And when the leatherette envelope enclosing the check had been returned to the waiter, he drew his hands into his lap

    39. greener about the edges of the glade, enclosing it with an almost solid

    40. About the lowest tier, two hundred feet below where Sam now stood, there was a battlemented wall enclosing a narrow court

    41. Instinct and training and a deep, almost incapacitating panic cracked the ice enclosing her

    42. Her person seemed made of a shadow; there was hardly sufficient body to provide for sex; a little matter enclosing a light; large eyes forever drooping;—a mere pretext for a soul's remaining on the earth

    43. Father Malley knew, without looking, that the flesh enclosing that voice was raining and falling away

    44. They rocked together, his arms completely enclosing her

    45. ideal drawings, which I saw in the dark; all the work of my own hands: freely pencilled houses and trees, picturesque rocks and ruins, Cuyp-like groups of cattle, sweet paintings of butterflies hovering over unblown roses, of birds picking at ripe cherries, of wren’s nests enclosing pearl-like eggs, wreathed about with young ivy sprays

    46. The stillness of early morning slumbered everywhere; the curtains were yet drawn over the servants’ chamber windows; little birds were just twittering in the blossom-blanched orchard trees, whose boughs drooped like white garlands over the wall enclosing one side of the yard; the carriage horses stamped from time to time in their closed stables: all else was still

    47. Rochester—“so,” he added, enclosing me in his arms

    48. The first was from the Admiral to inform his nephew, in a few words, of his having succeeded in the object he had undertaken, the promotion of young Price, and enclosing two more, one from the Secretary of the First Lord to a friend, whom the Admiral had set to work in the business, the other from that friend to himself, by which it appeared that his lordship had the very great happiness of attending to the recommendation of Sir Charles; that Sir Charles was much delighted in having such an opportunity of proving his regard for Admiral Crawford, and that the circumstance of Mr

    49. Sometimes they made islands or great mountains enclosing lakes of deep turquoise-blue, or liquid amber, or chrysoprase-green; sometimes dark headlands jutted into strange, lost seas; sometimes slender strips of wonderful lands joined other wonderful lands together

    50. For about a hundred paces on both sides of this lane there were high stone walls enclosing backyards

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