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    1. Currently, he is helping on the construction of a new wall that will encompass both the refugee tents and the RV camp

    2. He raised his crooked arms out wide to encompass the world

    3. "If it is God, the whole universe and any others there may be is the minimum volume of space He would encompass

    4. With Shattered Rock toppled, the Plague would encompass the entire Seventh World leaving no survivors

    5. In his short life thus far he’d come to realise a fundamental truth: life does not only encompass happy times

    6. We need an enormous amount of work done in this place,” he stated, as he waved a hand to encompass the entire inn

    7. If all had gone to plan the protective (zero point) bubble would soon encompass the earth, with the penumbra of slowed time stretching beyond the solar system

    8. Yet the slow-down penumbra had expanded to encompass as far as the orbit of Mars

    9. How much much did they fear the potential challenge of machine life – the sentience borne out of silicon that evolved to encompass the biological? The machines could link in to every database, they were part of those early data storage devices

    10. These encompass 8,352 verses

    11. It will soon grow to encompass your entire hand

    12. The word would have to be redesigned and redefined to encompass the lies, untruths, prevarications and other distortions that apply to Barak Obama and his minions

    13. Here is what he had to say about socialism in 1918, intending the saying to encompass all times and all places

    14. A semi-circular cordon would thus entirely encompass the city

    15. As yet it was small, only reaching to the periphery of Brockenhurst Forest, but soon he would expand his influence to encompass all of Boddaert's Realm

    16. 3 You encompass my path and my lying down, and are acquainted with all my ways

    17. Whatever one studies will only help to expand one's mind to encompass a wider understanding of the world

    18. He spread his hands out to encompass the still-silent individuals in the road

    19. ous skies that encompass the city are the

    20. 9 God said also to Adam, "See this fire kindled by Satan around your cave; see this wonder that surrounds you; and know that it will encompass about both you and your seed, when you listen to his behest; so that he will plagues you with fire; and so that you shall go down into Hell after you are dead

    21. I fell onto my knees, bringing my hands to encompass the stake as it stabbed into my vampire heart while looking up at the sky, thinking that half of the prophecy had come true

    22. encompass not only the dragons approaching them, but

    23. 9 God said also to Adam "See this fire kindled by Satan around your cave; see this wonder that surrounds you; and know that it will encompass about both you and your seed when you listen to his behest; so that he will plagues you with fire; and so that you shall go down into Hell after you are dead

    24. I kept trying to put a bookend on the memories, to encompass

    25. what my dad did, and who he was, but none of them can encompass

    26. A voracious reader, world traveler and philanthropist, his thoughts and actions encompass the world

    27. Most Venak settlements and cities are near the coastline, and their Wards extend some three hundred and twenty kilometers out to sea in order to encompass their territorial waters, so few of them will be in danger

    28. will be amended so to encompass Exbrus’ operations in South America

    29. You encompass them all

    30. There shall come to you days when your enemies shall encompass you and straiten you from every quarter and shall get possession of you and your children within you; and they shall not leave in you a stone on another; because you knew not the time of your visitation

    31. Most Venak settlements and cities are near the coastline, and their Wards extend some two hundred miles out to sea in order to encompass their territorial waters, so few of them will be in danger

    32. may encompass both the future and the past of the lower universe In other

    33. Their oblique eyes seemed to have a 180 degree view amounting to encompass the entire perimeter

    34. By trying to encompass your waist with your fingers and thumbs, force all the air out ofthe lungs

    35. That is why Abba Philemon considers the Psalms to encompass al Sacred

    36. In addition, voluntary manslaughter can also encompass a homicide that occurs based on the defendant's honest but unreasonable belief that a situation requires deadly force

    37. But theft has a very broad legal meaning which may encompass more than one category, and multiple degrees, of crimes

    38. My God, the scope of this thing must encompass the entire property!"

    39. In substance Andrew said: "The Master is right; we are too few to encompass this work

    40. And it was in Thrace, at Lysimachia, that certain unbelieving Jews conspired with the Roman soldiers to encompass his death

    41. 18 And many other truths did Jesus tell his apostles about man's communion with God, but not many of them could fully encompass his teaching

    42. He cautioned his hearers not mistakenly to apply his illustrations of father and son so as to make it appear that God is like some overindulgent and unwise parents who conspire with the foolish of earth to encompass the moral undoing of their thoughtless children, and who are thereby certainly and directly contributing to the delinquency and early demoralization of their own offspring

    43. Rory zoomed slowly back to encompass the form of Umberto and his two workers who had walked up to the hover-craft, turning up the volume on the microphone simultaneously, as one of the occupants of the craft called out:

    44. 13 "Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites that you are! for you do indeed encompass land and sea to make one proselyte, and when you have succeeded, you are not content until you have made him twofold worse than he was as a child of the heathen

    45. They encompass many of the ordinary issues that define women's daily

    46. The brightness spread down from Dave’s head to rapidly encompass the whole of both forms

    47. Although it has never happened, their belief was that if the leaf monsters could completely encompass you in leaves, you’d turn into a living leaf monster

    48. They dogged and tried to encompass the boys and turn them into leaf monsters

    49. She raised her arms to encompass his neck and pull him down to return his kisses

    50. should encompass all food species

    1. In that moment, I was encompassed by all this

    2. Darkness had encompassed the fruitful valley, by the time the caravan arrived

    3. Marble gave way to hard wood floors at the arched doorway, the far wall was nearly encompassed with a marble fireplace, there were no bookcases in this room, unlike in the other home’s and the walls were a solid plaster, painted white

    4. His mage-fire encompassed the weapon, animating it, forcing it to circle clockwise in the air, its razor edge leading the way

    5. He had seen the army with his own eyes, and indeed, by all appearances it had encompassed his entire world

    6. more facets than is usually encompassed in an

    7. It had a very large business base that encompassed international trade as well as retail and service businesses for the local community

    8. The Island of Tristan D’Cunha encompassed mainly the

    9. encompassed her torso with his large hands, just under the rib cage

    10. Soon he was encompassed, and all he could see

    11. David, on the west side of Gihon, in the valley, even to the entering in at the fish gate, and encompassed about Ophel, and raised it up

    12. 5 He has built up against me, and encompassed me with gall and travail

    13. and rebellion that had encompassed his Company for almost two

    14. 17 Therefore even with blindness were these stricken, as those were at the doors of the righteous man: when, being encompassed

    15. the camp of the heathen, that it was strong and well harnessed, and encompassed roundabout with horsemen; and these ones were

    16. encompassed with chains, had him brought nearer, and endeavoured to counsel him, saying, 4 You see the end of the madness of your

    17. The divinity was almost too beautiful to bear as I looked at the twinkling sparkles that encompassed the hand that had entered the brilliant radiance

    18. 31 And Noah prayed to the Lord, and cried to him on account of this, and he said, O Lord help us, for we have no strength to bear this evil that has encompassed us, for the waves of the waters have surrounded us, mischievous torrents have terrified us, the snares of death have come before us; answer us, O Lord, answer us, light up your countenance toward us and be gracious to us, redeem us and deliver us

    19. I don’t know if you can relate to the struggle that is encompassed

    20. That encompassed a helluva lot of women because I stopped by Greentree every evening after work on my way home to feed the boys

    21. 14 And the border was drawn then, and encompassed the corner of the sea southward, from the hill that lie before Bethhoron southward; and the goings out of it were at Kirjathbaal, which is Kirjathjearim, a city of the children of Judah, this was the west quarter

    22. pomerium, which encompassed the city of Rome and its surrounding territory

    23. Hence the rabbinic rulings encompassed both the religious

    24. 31 And Noah prayed to the Lord and cried to him on account of this and he said O Lord help us for we have no strength to bear this evil that has encompassed us for the waves of the waters have surrounded us mischievous torrents have terrified us the snares of death have come before us; answer us O Lord answer us light up your countenance toward us and be gracious to us redeem us and deliver us

    25. The sounds make their way to Leora’s ears helping to pull her mind out of the fog that encompassed it

    26. 7 And they saw the camp of the heathen that it was strong and well harnessed and encompassed roundabout with horsemen; and these ones were expert of war

    27. 1 When he too had undergone blessed martyrdom and died in the caldron into which he had been thrown the seventh the youngest of all came forward: 2 whom the tyrant pitying though he had been dreadfully reproached by his brethren 3 Seeing him already encompassed with chains had him brought nearer and endeavoured to counsel him saying 4 You see the end of the madness of your brethren for they have died in torture through disobedience and you if disobedient having been miserably tormented will yourself perish prematurely

    28. 1 And while they marvelled at that notice two men standing above them their 2 raiment shining and they were seized with fright and bowed down their face to 3 the Earth and they said to them Why seek you the living one with the deade He is not here; he is risen: remember what he was speaking to you while he was in 4 Galilee and saying The Son of man is to be delivered up into the hands of sinners 5 and to be crucified and on the third day to rise; But go in haste and say to his disciples and to Cephas He is risen from among the dead; and note he goes before 6 you into Galilee; and there you shall see him where he said to you: note I have 7 told you; And they remembered his sayings; and they departed in haste from the 8 tomb with joy and great fear and hastened and went; and perplexity and fear 9 encompassed them; and they told no man anything for they were afraid; And Mary hastened and came to Simon Cephas and to that other disciple whom Jesus loved and said to them They have taken our Lord from the tomb and I know not where they have laid him; And Simon went out and that other disciple and came to the tomb; And they hastened both together and that disciple outran Simon and came first to the tomb; and he looked down and saw the linen laid; but he went not in; And Simon came after him and entered into the tomb and saw the linen laid; and the scarf with which his head was bound was not with the linen but wrapped and laid aside in a certain place; Then entered that disciple which came first to the tomb and saw and believed; And they knew not yet from the scriptures that the Messiah was to rise from among the dead; And those two disciples went to their place

    29. There he found an ornamental iron fence that encompassed a few square feet of ground

    30. blended into the crimson leaves that encompassed the

    31. My view encompassed the fields where Mr

    32. Have you encompassed everything? Has everything encompassed you? Are you even moving?

    33. This unit was part-powered by Solar inserts built into the top of the tanker and cab and assisted by the wind-gullies encompassed within the body design

    34. 4 Then Andrew inquired: "But, Master, if the Holy City and the temple are to be destroyed, and if you are not here to direct us, when should we forsake Jerusalem?" Said Jesus: "You may remain in the city after I have gone, even through these times of travail and bitter persecution, but when you finally see Jerusalem being encompassed by the Roman armies after the revolt of the false prophets, then will you know that her desolation is at hand; then must you flee to the mountains

    35. This is most clearly encompassed in the

    36. The air that encompassed the surrounding was in so much low temperature that he chilled

    37. His arms tenderly encompassed her and he traced the lines of her body with his hands and, for a short time, they slept

    38. You can do this, you can awaken or focus on these areas prior to having your awakening through a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a fall, something that incapacitates the physical, leaving the mind to not be fully controlled or encompassed and governed by the physical senses

    39. As it was ninety percent of the wetlands had been lost and in the mid 1960s, the bay encompassed 548 square miles, down from 787 square miles of a century before

    40. encompassed by forms of hardship, and He (ALLAH) said,

    41. I also learned a lesson, perfectly encompassed in this bumper sticker:

    42. What Govt 18 created encompassed a Declaration of Independence and Constitution

    43. His music encompassed jazz, fusion, jazz rap, bebop, hard bop, third stream, jazz-funk, cool jazz and rock

    44. His singing encompassed rock and roll, pop, blues, R&B, country, rockabilly, gospel, Christmas and movie music

    45. You can see the evolution of music, which encompassed folk, blues, race music, R&B, rock and roll and pop

    46. It was the feeling of loss that encompassed one who had

    47. encompassed the amount and stability of growth

    48. (dating from when the smaller size of the city only encompassed that number of hills)

    49. The chopper pilot eased his machine in a wide circle that encompassed the nineteenth century stockade to the south that was the Mt Eden high security prison and caused his machine to hover five hundred feet above the exercise yard

    50. The phones that Shoop and his team used al encompassed this

    1. It is about fulfilling one’s life purpose, which normally encompasses learning lessons in values and wisdom

    2. There is only one Supreme Creator of All which encompasses all universal

    3. 34 O you men, are not women strong? Great is the Earth, high are the heavens, swift is the sun in its course, for he encompasses

    4. But metaphysics encompasses not only all that but also whatever else is not physical, which includes the language of daily life and such concepts as law and civilization

    5. ” Scientism in this view holds that science encompasses all of human living

    6. 11 The name of the first is Pison: that is it which encompasses the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

    7. 13 And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that encompasses the whole land of Ethiopia

    8. encompasses the events surrounding that moment

    9. 34 O you men are not women strong? Great is the Earth high are the heavens swift is the sun in its course for he encompasses the heavens round about and fetches his course again to his own place in one day

    10. “You have as many spell-casting and engineering techniques as we do, though we have learned from many races on many worlds, and we have a continuous history that encompasses some two and one half billions of your years, over five times as long as yours

    11. But nature encompasses everything, from the furthest star to the hungry heart of the wild

    12. Describes the catch-all crime that encompasses unwanted sexual touching of many kinds, with links to state penal code and federal law on related crimes

    13. His mercy fills all places and his goodness encompasses all souls

    14. He is the Lord who encompasses all things

    15. encompasses and includes aspects of the physical and the intrapsychic, including

    16. encompasses mastery of the physical and reintegration of a fragmented body

    17. Let‘s say it means that level of self which encompasses the mental, physical and emotional aspects; your royal I-ness

    18. It’s about three and a half inches wide and five and a half inches long and encompasses thirty-eight pages

    19. In short, My Belief encompasses the belief that the earth was

    20. above encompasses all the rules you will run into, but these will surely change

    21. The second is Swadeshi, which encompasses the idea of local enterprises

    22. Just as we avoid the revolution that encompasses violence, it may not make sense to attempt to make waves with protest and demonstrations

    23. This is a very broad term and encompasses quite a lot

    24. But I am drifting off of our economic solution because it encompasses a retreat from imperialism and a retreat from corporatocracy and involves a changeover to a smaller, more responsive, and more peaceful US government, who’s business is to provide life, liberty, and a level playing field for the pursuit of happiness for all Americans

    25. It encompasses all

    26. The green curve is a combination of stocks that encompasses the market

    27. rate - which encompasses at least some aspect of nearly every sector in the economy

    28. This is a systemic advantage that encompasses

    29. The root and the earth that encompasses it are indeed inseparable

    30. We have created a new story that encompasses both earlier stories

    31. After all, we are talking about death and no death, the pattern of being and not being, the wheel of life that encompasses everything

    32. The noosphere is the name for the collective human consciousness that supposedly encompasses the whole globe

    33. Merkaba Field – This is an energy field which encompasses the Auric Field

    34. Thus, not only does the totality of who “we” are encompass infinite lifetimes in other worlds and realities, it also encompasses infinite probable realities within this present lifetime as well as all those others

    35. Also, the stars which spread throughout the unlimited space have a heaven which encompasses them and prevents them from exceeding their places

    36. Thus in a brute economy, brute healthcare is insurance coverage and emergency intervention, smart healthcare is information based prevention, but wise healthcare, which encompasses every aspect of one's life, cannot emerge because it is restricted by the concerns of costs, rather than delimited by compassion for the other

    37. Eh, Eh) term that encompasses the mind, the body

    38. I believe that It encompasses the ability to be good,

    39. Love is a higher value, if by that we mean universal, for it encompasses both individual identity and communal act

    40. As for his Provider, it is He who supplied him, as well as supplying the sun, the stars and the moon; He is the One whose sustenance encompasses the heavens and the earth

    41. encompasses not only the minimum technical requirements for a technology but instructs the vendor how it can meet and exceed corporate expectations

    42. This concept encompasses all things, except for Omnis himself

    43. Bohm, the whole encompasses all things, structures, abstractions and

    44. Telehealth encompasses not only the clinical (actual healthcare given to a patient, also known as Telemedicine) but the non-clinical (patient or provider education, administrative meeting, etc)

    45. Telehealth encompasses all of that and more

    46. While this manifestly encompasses ecological

    47. Let's say it means that level of self which encompasses the mental, physical and

    48. A great deal of history encompasses the place, but I need you to find an item of

    49. Romans 11 encompasses both a teaching and a warning for Gentile believers

    50. encompasses the Creator and souls and represents the source of thoughts and the perceivers of the

    1. Though slowly, the Undeath is encompassing the land, advancing toward the great Red Wall itself

    2. The only light was the faint white aura encompassing the man's form

    3. For two days he traveled the cosmic infinite, encompassing his spirit in a protective ball of Life-Light, speeding through time and space like a comet

    4. In most cases I will be coming from a Universal perspective, with ‘the Universe’ encompassing the various names used such as God, Creator, Divine, and Great Spirit, Glory

    5. " He waved his hand through the air, encompassing everything

    6. A large viewscreen had formed, encompassing the front of the craft

    7. Only telemetry told him that the deceleration effect was now encompassing almost the entire moon, the peak differential was currently 250 to 1

    8. I could hardly speak never had I been so angry it was all encompassing it washed over me like paint and soaked into my very soul I thought that I might go mad But Rosie stopped me saying

    9. Encompassing are fields where the polarity is reversed so it will not attract other bodies and keeps us clear of any collision

    10. Something bit him, a bite that was all encompassing, gnawing away at every part of his body

    11. Our Creator has a vested ―interest‖ in His Creation for whose (spiritual) well-being He has not left nothing owing to Chance; for creation remains, in its fullest measure, an extension of the creator, encompassing all that is considered good, for no one willingly creates something that he or she would otherwise consider unworthy of his or her (creative) efforts or without some (ultimate) purpose in mind


    13. God back in there, and in the encompassing darkness you take a nice long draught, and finally you begin to calm down, and before the night is over you open the refrigerator again and again making little pilgrimages up the stairs until they are all gone the ice cold Buds, and each pilgrimage feeling holier and holier, visiting the tabernacle again and again, until finally at six a

    14. Our four cats enjoyed the new garden that merged into this woods, part of a nature reserve encompassing the upper reaches of our hill and the surrounding ridges

    15. could hear, encompassing him, and his eyes rolled back, and he sank and sank, and

    16. Headquarters’ northern face, encompassing most of the sixty-

    17. Sex addiction becomes all encompassing

    18. encompassing "Theory of Everything

    19. Each stage of growth is more encompassing and more complex than those before it

    20. his life into that building, encompassing debt up to his ears

    21. She basked in a glow of warmth encompassing a sense

    22. Her ice-eyes had changed, darkened, revealing a blue so deep and encompassing that he could’ve drowned in them

    23. He felt insides start to settle, like a warm shroud of calm encompassing his body

    24. ―Gratitude is a non-specific, all encompassing quality and tinged with a not-unpleasant sadness, might be said to be the primary emotion of the truth-realised person and the mature human adult

    25. encompassing response that "It is not given to us to understand His workings," or,

    26. The air is heavy and all encompassing

    27. This chill is too encompassing

    28. In the corners of this circle encompassing me

    29. The Donald and Sylvia McLaughlin Natural Reserve can be found in Lake and Napa counties of California, encompassing over 7,000 acres

    30. He prided himself on seeing a greater picture than other people, an encompassing understanding of humanity

    31. the water (H2O) encompassing the surface of the earth

    32. Also in Richmond can be found The AdamsCrest Farm, encompassing 40,000 square feet of land

    33. The faith-based route came next regardless, which was to allow extraordinary events to eventually capture the apprentice’s full attention, after which faith in the teacher’s credibility is intellectually encompassing

    34. If you practiced law for years and have an encompassing knowledge of how the entire system works, you could become a law consultant

    35. still encompassing the entire area

    36. Despite knowing that, he could feel an avalanche of emotions inside now began to start encompassing his mind, the same panicked feelings he tried to leave behind after hanging up with Mindy earlier

    37. manipulating game of encompassing conquest

    38. a snarl – he stopped, held his arms out wide, encompassing them all

    39. While the full details pertaining to our inspection and our decision are detailed in the enclosed report, the following were major, but by no means all encompassing, considerations in our decision: Inferior steel products—Certain exposed sections of steel where synthetic stucco has deteriorated have already begun to corrode, leading to potential structural damage and compromised structural integrity

    40. tongue and created the stars encompassing the earth,

    41. That status had however been couched on paper in rather vague or encompassing terms more than a century ago, leaving politicians and lawyers from all sides plenty of leeway to debate those constitutional powers both in public and in court

    42. down his face but he didn’t feel a thing, his desire was al encompassing, he was

    43. all encompassing in reality, harboring a fulfillment

    44. that there was toothpaste encompassing the entire room

    45. and stared at the tree farm encompassing the yard

    46. show on the stucco walls encompassing them

    47. While indeed encompassing, it however proved to be worded in a way that insured discretion from all royal officers who would read it

    48. This new war front has grown to a larger theatre, encompassing three solar systems

    49. " He waited, watching her with his deep, all encompassing brown eyes

    50. Whatever, the contradictions in the Quranic ayats cited above are not all encompassing, and it is for the Musalmans to scrutinize their Scripture that is the fulcrum of their faith

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