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Espouse в предложении (на )

They espouse it.
Most religions espouse purposes ordained by a Higher Power.
Those who espouse dividend theory believe that all stock valuation is.
Churches and such espouse the stuff about God loving everyone and being.
They espouse altruism and sacrifice whilst realising that it is unworkable.
When I left college, I was sent out to Jamaica, to espouse a bride already courted for me.

I managed to espouse a profession that fulfills me and for which I have developed a passion.
It is one thing to espouse the cause of the Musalman and another to abet the whims of Islam.
But if Dorothea did choose to espouse her solitude, he felt that the resolution would well become her.
Haste! If they catch us killing him, we're undone—but few men will espouse the cause of a dead king.
Nor should he hesitate to condemn the popular and espouse the unpopular when reasons sufficiently weighty and convincing are at hand.
Even if they detail a system that goes against the very ethics of Christianity these supposedly holy monks were supposed to believe-in, espouse, and support.
What I do espouse, however, is the right of all to reach their highest potential as humans and to do so unfettered by the prejudice and interference of others.
The declaration of the chief priests and the Sadducees, "We have no king but Caesar," was a shock even to the unthinking populace, but it was too late now to save Jesus even had the mob dared to espouse the Master's cause.
And what else could Christine say but no? Would she not prefer to espouse death itself rather than that living corpse? She did not know that on her acceptance or refusal depended the awful fate of many members of the human race!.
Allow me, sir, to express my admiration at the more than Aristidean justice, which, in a question of territorial title between the United States and a foreign nation, induces certain gentlemen to espouse the pretensions of the foreign nation.
What is worse, in support of the extremist causes, they second fiddle from a safe distance, either owing to their naivety or vested interests, and/or both, and thus end up being insensitive to the sufferings of the victims of the so-called armed struggles they espouse.
As one investor said: The argument that someone is worth tens of millions of dollars in compensation per year because his or her company’s market value went up many times is so ludicrous that I’ve always been amazed anyone can espouse it as fair with a straight face.
When have you heard the ‘liberals’ engage in open and factual discussion for the concepts they espouse? For whatever reason they oppose Capitalism, it is an undeniable fact that this country owes its present wealth and high standard of living to Capitalism’s productivity.
No… better yet, espouse it to the already affluent: at stockbroker dinners and business colleges… to the acolytes… then sell TV shows worshipping the Lives of the Rich and Famous to the TV poor and get them become as hopefully greedy, envious, and as mindlessly worshipful of them as possible.
She went so far as to intimate that his refusal to espouse the nationalist cause at her behest was insubordination, a violation of his pledge made upon their return from Jerusalem that he would be subject to his parents; but in answer to this insinuation he only laid a kindly hand on her shoulder and, looking into her face, said: "My mother, how could you?" And Mary withdrew her statement.
Let a notary transfigure himself into a deputy: let a false Corneille compose Tiridate; let a eunuch come to possess a harem; let a military Prudhomme accidentally win the decisive battle of an epoch; let an apothecary invent cardboard shoe-soles for the army of the Sambre-and-Meuse, and construct for himself, out of this cardboard, sold as leather, four hundred thousand francs of income; let a pork-packer espouse usury, and cause it to bring forth seven or eight millions, of which he is the father and of which it is the mother; let a preacher become a bishop by force of his nasal drawl; let the steward of a fine family be so rich on retiring from service that he is made minister of finances,—and men call that Genius, just as they call the face of Mousqueton Beauty, and the mien of Claude Majesty.
The discussions at the Nicene Council (AD 325) revealed the fact that there were three parties present: the Strict Arians, the Semi-Arians and the Alexander-Athanasian party…The latter party, with the help of Constantine and the Western bishops secured the adoption of [the] creed…The sons of Constantine continued to favor the Semi-Arian party, which included a large majority of the Eastern bishops, but the Western Churches generally adhered to the Nicene creed…The distracted condition of the Orient, due to the war with Persia, and the demoralized state of many of the bishoprics under Arian leadership made it relatively easy for Theodosius the Great to espouse and support the Nicene party…Arianism was soon suppressed within the empire, but it continued for a long time to prevail among the Barbarians (Encyc.

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