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Embrace в предложении (на )

  1. The embrace ended when Ms.
  2. I melted into her embrace.
  3. As I embrace the drowning.
  4. And in that long embrace.
  5. Of The Living To Embrace.

  6. Sean rushes to embrace him.
  7. She relaxed into his embrace.
  8. They embrace failure as an.
  9. To embrace the full picture.
  10. Rave drew her into his embrace.
  11. Soon the fogs thick embrace.
  12. Their embrace was one of love.
  13. I crave to embrace the forest.
  14. I leaned away from her embrace.
  15. Eric pulled her into an embrace.

  16. He drew her close in an embrace.
  17. Lament, embrace upon that grave.
  18. I would heal all in my embrace.
  19. He had no right to embrace her.
  20. She stayed in his embrace and.
  21. Are we willing to embrace the.
  22. Embrace the Love, end the wars.
  23. I embrace you with all my heart.
  24. She smiled, enjoying his embrace.
  25. Aiden pulled him into an embrace.

  26. Her embrace flooded him with a.
  27. Sheri's parents embrace and kiss.
  28. Carolyn longed to again embrace.
  29. He is reaching out to embrace me.
  30. Zahra almost lunged to embrace me.
  31. These Mermaid tears I did embrace.
  32. Embrace the fear and do it anyway.
  33. He pulled me into another embrace.
  34. I stood stiffly under his embrace.
  35. Then Sue released her embrace of.
  36. He pulled me into his embrace again.
  37. Then Sue turned to embrace me and.
  38. Then he returned Yania’s embrace.
  39. Then Anu held him in a tight embrace.
  40. But what you embrace you can control.
  41. I could stand in his embrace forever.
  42. Habendard offered her a warm embrace.
  43. Then Sue moved her arms to embrace me.
  44. The range of his embrace was immense.
  45. Henry only saw his father embrace Mrs.
  46. The house encloses her like an embrace.
  47. She then shared an emotional embrace.
  48. But it took a long time to embrace it.
  49. He pulled me slightly into his embrace.
  50. She moaned softly, lost in his embrace.
  51. Cass jiggles and giggles in her embrace.
  52. Live in the past or embrace the future.
  53. Cass quickly crushes it in his embrace.
  54. They fall into a clumsy, sleepy embrace.
  55. He leaned out of the embrace just far.
  56. Embrace the bad stuff in hopes of change.
  57. We have no choice but to embrace it or.
  58. To thine embrace his joyful sprit moves.
  59. I don't hold out my arms for an embrace.
  60. He will then embrace me as his son-in-.
  61. Strong arms I long to hold me in embrace.
  62. Fitting in like a puzzle in his embrace.
  63. Stein, locked in a dead embrace with a.
  64. They have a long embrace with each other.
  65. Kerim pulled her tighter into his embrace.
  66. He lies with her silent in a warm embrace.
  67. Turn fear into wonderment and embrace it.
  68. Darek continued to embrace the jubilation.
  69. You can see their embrace is unbreakable.
  70. My sister is only waiting to embrace you.
  71. The corporations need to fully embrace a.
  72. Forgive me, Stepan broke the embrace.
  73. I closed my eyes to feel His warm embrace.
  74. I embrace you and I wish for times past.
  75. After breaking the embrace he said, Mr.
  76. You should embrace questions and concerns.
  77. The voice was like an embrace of pure love.
  78. The sky still yearns to embrace the earth.
  79. That is a hard message for some to embrace.
  80. She beamed and caught Maggie in an embrace.
  81. She melted with a whimper into his embrace.
  82. May the Holy Spirit help us to embrace the.
  83. Gone is the race, with the tattooed embrace.
  84. I renounce being a Pole and embrace Judaism.
  85. Our heroes have rolled in an angry embrace;.
  86. She ran to them and felt their warm embrace.
  87. Peter replied as she came out of his embrace.
  88. I pull out of the embrace and search his eyes.
  89. Darkness was preparing to embrace the worlds.
  90. She continues to cry and cough in his embrace.
  91. Philipp felt his voice embrace him, and all.
  92. She looks up at me, still in my loose embrace.
  93. Cass keeps her warmly wrapped in his embrace.
  94. She melted into his embrace and he felt home.
  95. We all sat there in a cuddly, loving embrace.
  96. He smiled then and they shared a short embrace.
  97. We held each other in a loose embrace as Sue.
  98. Brian clasped her arms in a comforting embrace.
  99. He returned the embrace, but did not wake her.
  100. He dashed over and swept her up in his embrace.
  1. It was like embracing a serpent.
  3. Embracing the Now is a collection.
  4. Each of us embracing the other from.
  5. Father and Mother embracing each other.
  6. Embracing me with arms that never tire.
  7. While v/e were embracing he shed tears.
  8. It’s a sting of heat embracing my spine.
  9. She closes her eyes while embracing herself.
  10. As though Jesus has said: 'In embracing my.
  11. They were all three silent, still embracing.
  12. He had to restrain himself from embracing her.
  13. They were still embracing when a buzzer sounded.
  14. Embracing the Best Editions of the Best Authors.
  15. He became as large as a woman and man embracing.
  16. What I didn’t know was that, by embracing my.
  17. Meditation is about embracing yourself so that.
  18. It's about embracing what you resist; about not.
  19. The heart is communion, a willing of embracing.
  20. As you can see, this dead man is embracing a Bible.
  21. Bridget on the other hand was tearful embracing him.
  22. And in time, he ended up embracing it in penitence.
  23. David watched the girls tenderly embracing their boys.
  24. History, embracing the self-same Messianic period as.
  25. Embracing differences is honoring the truths of life.
  26. He hurried outside to meet her, embracing her warmly.
  27. She collapsed to the floor, embracing him and crying.
  28. Anna Mikhaylovna was already embracing her and weeping.
  29. Anna Mikháylovna was already embracing her and weeping.
  30. To it the creation is the friend whose embracing awakes me.
  31. She spread her arms embracing the wind and felt it caress.
  32. Embracing man, embracing all, proceed the three hundred and.
  33. Alex was embracing me, holding me tightly against his chest.
  34. Light washed over them, embracing them, caressing them, and.
  35. The prince was sobbing loudly, embracing and kissing Buring.
  36. In the dream, Tom had no hesitation in embracing both mother.
  37. We are the joy that keeps the Earth lovingly embracing the sun.
  38. I remember Baba and him embracing in the foyer, crying softly.
  39. Her mind convinced her body that it was embracing Samson Duff.
  40. Amanda noticed they were not embracing or close to each other.
  41. It lacks flexibility hence not capable of embracing all of life.
  42. It had such an effect on me that I could not help embracing him.
  43. Someone's arms outstretched across it, embracing the whole earth.
  44. You may be embracing something that you may not be familiar with.
  45. Sue and I wept tears of love as we laid there embracing each other.
  46. He lost all reserve embracing her and running his lips all over her.
  47. He fell down before her, he kissed her feet and both wept, embracing.
  48. The prince recognised her at once, and, embracing her with the utmost.
  49. A strong trend is embracing this medium along with its limitations (e.
  50. Mitya remembered their faces, greeting and embracing every one he knew.
  51. Five minutes later, they were in each others arms embracing and kissing.
  52. Margaret’s worst fears were confirmed on reaching her and embracing her.
  53. I was embracing, as second hand convictions only, that I needed to change.
  54. Eddie waltzed to the rumba music, his arms embracing an invisible partner.
  55. As we laid there embracing each other, it occurred to me that I didn’t.
  56. Enter a King and a Queen very lovingly; the Queen embracing him, and he her.
  57. Sweating, embracing and kissing, still too far gone to feel the heartbreak.
  58. How is it? said the man—a singer and a wag—whom Morel was embracing.
  59. The little girl was frightened, and, embracing her wet clothing, she said:.
  60. Inside, they are embracing, his arms enveloping her, the child between them.
  61. Embracing Me, She whispered low, My Prince, I’m here to bring Thee home.
  62. Our indigenous animals, embracing the remains of those which are now extinct.
  63. A major part of embracing and celebrating the miracle is to reject the label.
  64. She turned back to the embracing men, and felt emotion brim up inside of her.
  65. SPACE (embracing the 3 dimensions of length, width and height), TIME (the 4th.
  66. I awoke as he snuggled closer to me, embracing the perfume of my hair and body.
  67. Coupling: That which connects together; uniting in couples; fastening or embracing.
  68. After a while of embracing, they started to caress each other again and this time.
  69. After a long moment her hands finally moved, slowly up his back and embracing him.
  70. By the time they were at the bottom of the stairs, Marilyn was embracing them both.
  71. Embracing the absurdity of an objectively miserable situation is a way to be happy.
  72. As was the case in Vietnam, we note a troubling embracing of our nation‘s enemies.
  73. He sucks with his tongue and his lips firmly embracing, moving down and up the shaft.
  74. I flew up to him, and when he recognised me, he began embracing me with tears of joy.
  75. Whatever the pleasure of this adventure, I gift to the world, and embracing pain, I.
  76. Faith is letting go of the things of youth and embracing each stage of the journey as.
  77. Daisy! shouted Yania, tears streaming down her face, embracing the lifeless body.
  78. Garann still sat, watching the waking world, as Andore closed his eyes, embracing rest.
  79. To truly ‘walk with God’ means embracing the idea that: I will never walk beyond God.
  80. All I could think of was seeing Dad at the airport; of embracing him and not letting go.
  81. Embracing The Promise and abiding in The Hope of Salvation, says The Holy One of Israel.
  82. The two parted, with hugs and kisses, each embracing the other with great emotion, while.
  83. But since I speak of the universe as being a Unified Field embracing Zero Separation, it.
  84. Then I’m here, he said embracing me; I smiled trying not to cry at his tenderness.
  85. Embracing carrying welcoming all, thou too by pathways broad and new, To the ideal tendest.
  86. I succeeded in stealing in very quietly, on tiptoe, and suddenly embracing and kissing her.
  87. Most of us are so used to running away from painful emotions that the thought of embracing.
  88. It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn.
  89. What am I doing? What am I doing to you? she sobbed convulsively, embracing his knees.
  90. Olsen nodded, embracing her before making his way out of the café, towards MI6 headquarters.
  91. Khris wrapped his arms around her, embracing her and shielding her from any further attacks.
  92. The other four couples of elves sat quietly, embracing and considering what they’d learned.
  93. She fell back into his arms and they kissed, a long lingering kiss, their tongues embracing.
  94. The main part of body matter moves together with mind like an envelope embracing the Dragon.
  95. Sheaths rather shorter than the internodes, open to the base, but closely embracing the culm.
  96. We are embracing the festivities this year, along with everybody else,’ he said.
  97. And Arthur could not hide his feelings when he saw his father embracing the girl, his cousin.
  98. Here, Faith spun in a circle with the note outstretched to the darkness ever embracing her.
  99. There's no advance of the kingdom of God without embracing the principle of the cross in our life.
  100. Jesse picked him up embracing JT as he silently cried; I stood there watching the heartfelt moment.
  1. Sue and I then embraced.
  2. He embraced me in a hug.
  3. We felt our souls embraced.
  4. I also fully embraced Sue.
  5. Sue fully embraced me again.
  6. Yemen at that time embraced.
  7. The Lord embraced me lovingly.
  8. I knelt and embraced him again.
  9. Sati smiled and embraced Kali.
  10. We embraced again, at the gate.
  11. I embraced Sue in the same way.
  12. Thanuel and I embraced briefly.
  13. She ran around and embraced me.
  14. They were embraced and admired.
  15. She dismounted and they embraced.
  16. He went to her and embraced her.
  17. Her eyes embraced me in Her Love.
  18. I embraced Sue as Sue laid back.
  19. We then fully embraced each other.
  20. She stood and embraced her friend.
  21. And it was embraced by Orb today.
  22. Lea rolled over and embraced him.
  23. Then Sue fully embraced me again.
  24. She was laughing as they embraced.
  25. The two old ladies then embraced.
  26. Mine embraced her’s in a waltz.
  27. She ran to Caris, and they embraced.
  28. He stood up slowly and embraced her.
  29. I embraced Sue with equal firmness.
  30. Sue and I again embraced each other.
  31. He stood up and embraced his lover.
  32. He did not know why he embraced it.
  33. Lin approached her and embraced her.
  34. She came up to him and they embraced.
  35. The kid blushed as she embraced him.
  36. Then he tenderly embraced his mother.
  37. I embraced her warmly, and told her:.
  38. Jesus looked happy when He embraced me.
  39. She rose and embraced Delmar Stackton.
  40. They embraced and kissed passionately.
  41. They stayed embraced for a while and.
  42. He admitted that Yoga was embraced by.
  43. Steven sat beside her and embraced her.
  44. We then embraced and kissed each other.
  45. After a bit of this, we again embraced.
  46. Blake embraced himself as the cripple.
  47. Sue also moved her arm and embraced me.
  48. Sónya embraced Natásha and kissed her.
  49. He embraced her like a long lost friend.
  50. They seem to have embraced the nickname.
  51. We embraced and I introduced her to Rex.
  52. Isha embraced her with tears in her eyes.
  53. Dropping his bag he ran and embraced her.
  54. As I embraced Sue, I said, You could.
  55. My son! he gasped as they embraced.
  56. He embraced her tenderly and they kissed.
  57. They embraced Elly and invited us inside.
  58. The two young men had embraced the devil.
  59. After Sanguine embraced me warmly I did.
  60. The Lord walked up to me and embraced me.
  61. His mother, awash in relief, embraced him.
  62. Sue and I again fully embraced each other.
  63. He stuck out his hand, but I embraced him.
  64. She embraced Princess Mary and kissed her.
  65. I proudly shook her hand and embraced her.
  66. Kaya and Andrew embraced and spun together.
  67. We got up and embraced, silently, tightly.
  68. I held his right hand, no; I embraced him.
  69. Seeing Levin, she embraced him, and burst.
  70. Gomes embraced her for a moment then smiled.
  71. Neither have they embraced Me or My words!.
  72. Ganid's selection embraced the following:.
  73. They embraced warmly and he invited her in.
  74. Noiu stopped and embraced the four children.
  75. Shelagh embraced them both with her smiles.
  76. Yuki embraced the Kordells and said good-bye.
  77. I embraced him, closing my hands on his neck.
  78. We embraced and then said our final goodbyes.
  79. He embraced her as she sobbed on his shoulder.
  80. The Gift shall be fully embraced in that day!.
  81. He embraced her with all the strength he had.
  82. But the mother earth embraced it in her bosom.
  83. If I embraced her God then she would be mine.
  84. BSA has embraced the importance of state-of-.
  85. He came up the stairs and embraced his sister.
  86. Ammon jumped, and the warm flames embraced him.
  87. Barron embraced both boys when they approached.
  88. He embraced his friend, before going over to.
  89. Garcia went to her and embraced her, and she.
  90. He kissed my forehead and embraced me tightly.
  91. Makarin embraced Anatole with tears in his eyes.
  92. He embraced the Father’s love though it came.
  93. We embraced and passionately kissed each other.
  94. The dwarf brothers embraced the trolls and elves.
  95. She embraced him and he put his arms around her.
  96. After a bit of this, I fully embraced Sue again.
  97. Lisa Felton burst into tears as she embraced her.
  98. Makárin embraced Anatole with tears in his eyes.
  99. Francis surrendered the oars and embraced Shrimp.
  100. Where's Mom and Dad? I said as we embraced.
  1. The warmth of embraces me.
  2. She took his first embraces.
  3. The earth column embraces the.
  5. A sudden excitement embraces me.
  6. It is a journey that embraces His.
  7. He stands and embraces her with affection.
  8. Thank you, she says as she embraces him.
  9. Insanity embraces the universe with open arms.
  10. Subjectivism embraces a firm answer yes.
  11. This is the science which embraces all sciences.
  12. Then, unable to stop himself, Johan embraces him.
  13. He embraces me tightly and all my fears evaporate.
  14. In fact, he embraces diversification with a passion.
  15. He allows, welcomes and embraces his fear to be as it is.
  16. He exited his small truck into their embraces and suddenly.
  17. The grace of God embraces a new generation of love to enfold.
  18. If the devotion to him is perfect, it embraces the virtues that.
  19. Your final destination embraces all that this planet has to offer.
  20. And that my soul embraces you this hour, and we affect each other.
  21. I knew that apart from whatever embraces he might have shared with.
  22. I highly recommend it since it embraces what this book is all about.
  23. The thing the strangers insist on calling Vincent embraces Naomi and.
  24. The latter now embraces constituent societies with over 50,000 members.
  25. FÉDYA [goes up and embraces her] Másha! What's it all about? Stop that.
  26. He embraces me, but holds back from kissing me with his parents watching.
  27. Myth and superstition embraces crystal worship in ideology and moral system.
  28. Some of the companies that Bronner embraces are Patagonia and Working Assets.
  29. Restrained embraces fluttered from one to the other out of respect for my loss.
  30. Yet expressions of love and passion, embraces and caresses, are also essential.
  31. Writers have the power to cast magical embraces and imagination in their readers.
  32. Beyond the pond there stood an enormous poplar, two men's embraces in circumference.
  33. It is in caring words, loving embraces, acts of service and special teaching moments.
  34. I know the cure for your bursting heart, he says to his friend, who then embraces.
  35. His instruction embraces the ideal principles of living near God in all ages and on all worlds.
  36. Too many positions, too many details of sizes, kisses and embraces, embellishment and shampooing.
  37. It would help you much if you would learn that true wisdom embraces discretion as well as courage.
  38. The day embraces the night, and says to it: 'I am about to die, and thou shalt be born again with me.
  39. None of these enter into the scope of the instrument; it embraces only the United States of America.
  40. They had to say hellos every few minutes and Fay had to get up to give and receive kisses and embraces.
  41. I need to speak to you about antagonizing Christian, I hiss quietly in her ear as she embraces me.
  42. My brother is coming home, Alex! Sean embraces me again, trying to kiss me on the lips, but I stop him.
  43. If Poseidon is the great mother that embraces the Earth with her oceans, this embrace is both mortal and vital.
  44. However, the stern and unforgiving look on their faces soon made it apparent that there will be no long embraces.
  45. It embraces it, but then says that unless there are clouds and darkness we cannot see God in His fullness and glory.
  46. But the embraces of the mother and child, the sound of their voices, and what they were saying, made him change his mind.
  47. One of the reasons this town stirs Roger’s curiosity is that it embraces the southeastern part of Revillagigedo Island.
  48. Muslim-majority nations that stridently embraces Shariah and seeks to legitimate and promote its advance around the world.
  49. And, worst of all, birdkid manga based on the flock that, unfortunately, featured him and Max in several torrid embraces.
  50. To this he replied that one should not deprive a wife of one’s embraces and gave me to understand that that was my duty.
  51. The gneiss formation is the most extensive of any in Litchfield county, and embraces a number of very interesting minerals.
  52. Religion embraces thinking, feeling, and acting reverently toward some reality which we deem worthy of universal adoration.
  53. Oh, I know! you won’t kiss the husband of Bertha Mason? You consider my arms filled and my embraces appropriated?
  54. In one such scrum of embraces, I overheard someone yell, Did you hear that a shark was washed up in Jackson Square?
  55. They have had their share of troubles with independent moderators but as a whole, Reddit embraces their community to the fullest.
  56. Therefore I cannot doubt that the theory of descent with modification embraces all the members of the same great class or kingdom.
  57. Why the circle? Why the wheel? Because the turning of the wheel transcends time and embraces all action and inaction simultaneously.
  58. After a battle, they and the boys soothe and relieve the wounded warriors; also they encourage them with embraces and pleasant words.
  59. But O my Stomach rose at it! I knew enough now of the gentle Passion of Love to be obliged to reject the loathed Embraces of a Monster.
  60. But to start with, his drunken endurance as bonus won’t Roopa the amorous, look the other way? That is as Sathyam embraces the Bacchus.
  61. In Moscow the popular enthusiasm aroused by his appointment was so great that the people exchanged congratulatory embraces in the streets.
  62. It seemed as though several other artists were distracted by their loved ones and painted images of delicate kisses and passionate embraces.
  63. The pace is quite fast, accurately reflecting how quickly Andy embraces his new found religion and builds well when Pritam and Calum go missing.
  64. It is really important what is in your heart and what's in your mouth see, so at the point when a person, in their heart, embraces God's words.
  65. They cannot mitigate it, by calling it a self-defence against men in arms; for it embraces the most shocking butcheries of defenceless families.
  66. This reservation embraces about 3,200,000 acres of land, of which one-third is supposed to be tillable; two-thirds wooded, grazing and worthless.
  67. And as it embraces a subject of great importance, I have no objection that it lay on the table a few days for the consideration of the members:.
  68. He hesitates as his head leans closer, and just as I open my lips to receive his, he embraces me instead, his hands holding me tight to his chest.
  69. There was a touching reunion in Johnny Garcia’s bar in Monterey, with tears and embraces, speeches and endearments in the poco Spanish of my youth.
  70. Although not a very interesting department of zoology, no object of the Society offers so great a prospect of novelty as that which embraces these animals.
  71. Lengthy embraces would be broken when sudden awareness of yet another potential disaster would cause one to stare into the other’s eyes at arm’s length.
  72. And that instrument of discord and deceit is aided in its course by the human desire for self aggrandizement that fully embraces the argument of competition.
  73. Any political system, including democracies of majority or consensus, that embraces classes will endlessly have inequality and, therefore, eventual conflict.
  74. Unfortunately, the child is the product of an environment that embraces and glamorizes a thug culture that will only serve to be a negative force in his life.
  75. The most ancient, Fort Montagu, constructed in 1741 to protect eastern Nassau is about two miles away at the eastern end of the island and embraces Montagu Bay.
  76. With his hospitable intellect he embraces children, beggars, insane, and scholars, and entertains the thought of all, adding to it commonly some breadth and elegance.
  77. No, sir, I never will consent to rush into the polluted, detestable, distempered embraces of the whore of England, nor truckle at the footstool of the Gallic Emperor.
  78. An enlightened soul is therefore one who embraces all of life, the “now” and the “hereafter”, for the separation that appears to most of us, does not really exist.
  79. I watched a couple that were fast locked in each other's embraces, in a little sunny valley amid the chips, now at noonday prepared to fight till the sun went down, or life went out.
  80. There is no patriot in Paris--in Paris? In France--who, knowing me to have been a prisoner in the Bastille, would touch me, except to overwhelm me with embraces, or carry me in triumph.
  81. It embraces ninety-two carefully selected dialogues on every-day subjects, calculated to familiarize the student with the most necessary expressions, and to enable him to converse with fluency.
  82. I think that Camus is telling us that the absurd person is fully aware of the irrationality of existence, embraces it, and exploits that irrationality to find happiness where there should be none.
  83. That is why we kneel with the grieving; when you open your heart to their pain, their heart is invited to open itself to your love – which embraces their pain – even if rejected, even unto death.
  84. Play embraces the fluidity of temporary alliances, flowing from one playmate to another to learn how to play with all, sitting, she reached for and, without looking, grabbed hands on each side of her.
  85. Ulysses creates the fusion between the I and the Cosmos as he gradually understands and embraces ever more the cosmic goal of creating Secondary Beauty, and in this sense he is a teacher of life and wisdom.
  86. She was even more dreadfully fond of Estella than she had been when I last saw them together; I repeat the word advisedly, for there was something positively dreadful in the energy of her looks and embraces.
  87. Is that a dare or a double dare? Daring me or inviting me? A dare to trespass or an invitation to accept consequences? A dare is to suffer consequences, whereas the accepted invitation embraces consequences.
  88. One segment of society embraces radical change, and precipitates among those defending liberty acts and ideas that cause one, then another, and another, of the anchor holds of social stability to be let go.
  89. And as her loving eyes behold her babe she wishes only one blessing more, to have her dear Doady there with her to share her joy, to lay in his arms that mite of God's clay, the fruit of their lawful embraces.
  90. Knowledge pertains to things observed, but truth transcends such purely material levels in that it consorts with wisdom and embraces such imponderables as human experience, even spiritual and living realities.
  91. The embraces, the friendly pinches, and the demonstrations of warm brotherly affection that Pinocchio received from the excited crowd of actors and actresses of the puppet dramatic company are beyond description.
  92. And Rhett’s embraces coarsened her, brutalized her! knowledge that his relations with Melanie were, necessarily, those of brother and sister, Well, if Ashley thought that, she could do very well without those embraces.
  93. Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy -- the man whose idealism excludes facts and the materialist who is devoid of spiritual outlook.
  94. He who embraces the boredom without fear and escape will be allowed to enter into the moment of Now and he who enters into the moment of Now would be rewarded to be in the company of God without the trace of any separation.
  95. Spikes 3 to 5 inches long, the peduncles clothed with a very delicate acute pointed sheath, which embraces it so closely as almost to elude observation, varying much in length, but seldom extending to the base of the spike.
  96. It’s a fundamental plank of the capitalist system and one which the Republic of CaliModerna whole heartedly embraces and- - He ground to a halt as his eyes met the horrified visage of his once strong ally, the Confederate.
  97. The last, indeed, embraces all the others; and, if I have distinguished, it is rather in conformity with custom, or for the purpose of elucidation than from any practical separation which I admit between the last and the former.
  98. The next limitation to claims against the United States, and which it is believed by the committee embraces the claim of the petitioner, is contained in the act of the 12th February, 1793, which took effect on the 1st of May, 1794.
  99. This Verse illustrates that everything that was mentioned previously comes from the Perfect Godly Attribute and Divine Stature, Whose Kindness floods, Whose Mercy embraces and Whose Charity overwhelms all beings and all of creation.
  100. But unfortunately in bestowing these embraces, a pin in her ladyship's head dress slightly scratching the child's neck, produced from this pattern of gentleness such violent screams, as could hardly be outdone by any creature professedly noisy.

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