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Evaporation в предложении (на )

  1. Factor of evaporation =.
  3. The high latent heat of evaporation gives.
  4. This is due to the slow down of evaporation.
  5. Keep it covered and shaded to avoid evaporation.

  6. Evaporation from irrigation wastes precious water.
  7. Cover it to prevent evaporation and debris falling in.
  8. This is from a water evaporation and feeding standpoint.
  9. The air is so dry that evaporation makes you feel suddenly cold.
  10. The downside is the increased levels of evaporation which means.
  11. It may be covered over with scrub or rocks to reduce evaporation.
  12. Upon evaporation, well-defined crystals of Epsom salts were formed.
  13. As the ocean cooled through the process of evaporation so did the world.
  14. Always start out with more water then you need to allow for evaporation.
  15. A pint and a half of snow water was reduced by evaporation to a few drops.

  16. This is because, this is the time of the day, when less water is lost due to evaporation.
  17. Water searches for a higher Relative equality by principles called osmosis, and evaporation.
  18. Cover the growing medium to reduce evaporation and to prevent the moist soil from drying out.
  19. It also heated a distilling mechanism that, via evaporation, supplied excellent drinking water.
  20. On further heating the liquid turns in to a gas (water vapor) in a process known as evaporation.
  21. On trees keep the mouth of the bag at the top with a corner hanging low to collect condensed evaporation.
  22. But what does evaporation mean? It means the loss of so much heat and the burning of so much coal to supply its place.
  23. Where there is a large collection of water there must also be some evaporation, mists or rain, and a possibility of vegetation.
  24. Placing a polythene tent over any vegetation will collect moisture by evaporation which will condense on the plastic as it cools.
  25. How does one own the ever-changing river whose transient waters are freely fed from skies clouded with another country's evaporation?

  26. The higher temperatures cause evaporation, and the moisture rises, creating a vacuum underneath which pulls in cooler air from the polar regions.
  27. Evaporation, which is nil in the High Arctic regions and very active in equatorial zones, brings about a constant interchange of tropical and polar waters.
  28. To the filtered solution, reduced by evaporation, carbonate of potash was added, the precipitate was collected on a filter, washed and dried; it weighed 23 parts.
  29. The odd sensations he was feeling, something metaphysically akin to evaporation, made him wonder if he was still on that trip or on his way to the emergency room again.
  30. They make ocean water less open to evaporation and prevent winds from carrying off excessive amounts of steam, which, when condensing, would submerge the temperate zones.
  31. My experiments on the rate of seal-reduction through evaporation produced by back-venting were made with the greatest care and show a more rapid loss than is generally supposed.
  32. Moreover, most of the experiments on evaporation were made, as shown, on a stack so connected with the rest of the system of piping that such disturbance would have been impossible.
  33. A swamp cooler, which was essentially a large insulated box that opened to the outside, was equipped with a fan and filter media that held the water that trickled through it cooling the air by evaporation.
  34. She also taught her how to avoid an un-wanted conception by means of the evaporation of mustard plasters and gave her recipes for potions that in cases of trouble could expel even the remorse of con-science.
  35. No experiments on siphonage were made while the water stood high in the traps during the tests for evaporation, and no disturbance of the water seals was made by this or any other cause during the evaporation tests.
  36. This carbonate of magnesia dissolves entirely in diluted sulphuric acid, with considerable effervescence and chemical action, producing a bitter compound, from which salts of easy solution are formed by evaporation.
  37. More than a year since I received a quantity of a white earthy substance, which was said to be obtained by the evaporation of certain mineral waters at Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and there vended at a considerable price, under the name of Epsom salts.
  38. Although my experiments on siphonage were made during the same year and on the same system of piping with those on evaporation, it will be seen by studying the drawings and text of the report that the former in no wise interfered with the latter.
  39. The most striking fact in support of this doctrine, (so opposite to the commonly received views on the subject of the evaporation of sea water) is the actual existence of muriate of soda in the rain and snow which fall in the vicinity of the ocean.
  40. In essence, the Mediterranean receives a continual influx of water not only from the Atlantic but from rivers emptying into it; since local evaporation isn't enough to restore the balance, the total amount of added water should make this sea's level higher every year.
  41. As for the inlet or outlet of Walden, I have not discovered any but rain and snow and evaporation, though perhaps, with a thermometer and a line, such places may be found, for where the water flows into the pond it will probably be coldest in summer and warmest in winter.
  42. It is a clear and deep green well, half a mile long and a mile and three quarters in circumference, and contains about sixty-one and a half acres; a perennial spring in the midst of pine and oak woods, without any visible inlet or outlet except by the clouds and evaporation.
  43. The soil around it, equally impregnated with this salt, produces no plants, and the air itself, which becomes loaded with it from evaporation, and which receives also the sulphureous and bituminous vapours, cannot be favourable to vegetation; hence the deadly aspect which reigns around this lake.
  44. In the first place, considering the Earth’s present water cycles, we know that the amount of water on the surface of the planet, in relationship to exposed land masses, is sufficient to provide us with a water cycle in which we have evaporation, condensation and precipitation all over the globe.
  45. If you could suppose such a sandstone wall 40 feet long, 20 feet high, and 1 foot 6 inches thick fully saturated, it would hold almost a ton of water! Of course, it never would be fully saturated, because of the evaporation from the surfaces, but with a southwest aspect, and very wet weather, it might become half saturated.
  46. We have to accept that in conditions where there was not enough water available to produce a water cycle in the form of rain or having evaporation, condensation and precipitation around the globe, much of the water that we see in the oceans today, must have come from somewhere else – otherwise it would have resulted in rain.
  47. It turned out that all these devices of the human mind for the agreeable arrangement of the physical existence of idle persons are precisely analogous to those artful contrivances which people might invent for the production in vessels hermetically sealed, by means of mechanical arrangements, of evaporation, and plants, of the air best fitted for breathing, when all that is needed is to open the window.
  48. How short-sighted and foolish is it to endeavor to throw discredit on these experiments which were made with the greatest care and honesty and which were witnessed and subscribed to by impartial experts, and to argue that, because other experiments made under different conditions showed a somewhat slower rate of evaporation, therefore cases could never occur in which the more rapid rate might be encountered in practice.
  49. The Red Sea: that great lake so famous in biblical traditions, seldom replenished by rains, fed by no important rivers, continually drained by a high rate of evaporation, its water level dropping a meter and a half every year! If it were fully landlocked like a lake, this odd gulf might dry up completely; on this score it's inferior to its neighbors, the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea, whose levels lower only to the point where their evaporation exactly equals the amounts of water they take to their hearts.
  50. It became undoubtedly certain that even as all those inventions of the human mind, such as newspapers, theatres, concerts, parties, balls, cards, magazines, novels, are nothing but means to sustain the spiritual life of men outside its natural condition of labour for others, so in the same way all the hygienic and medical inventions of the human mind for the provision of food, drink, dwelling, ventilation, warming of rooms, clothes, medicines, mineral water, gymnastics, electric and other cures, are all merely means to sustain the bodily life of man outside of its natural conditions of labour; and all these are nothing else than an establishment hermetically closed, in which, by means of chemical apparatus, the evaporation of water for the plants is arranged, when you need only to open the window, and do that which is natural, not for men alone but to beasts too; in other words, having absorbed the food, and thus produced a charge of energy, to discharge it by muscular labour.

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