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Vapor в предложении (на )

  1. It is vapor from the water.
  2. Remember that life is but a vapor.
  3. Vapor, effects of, on flame, i, 401.
  4. Teacher moved like a vapor in the room.
  5. Vapor trails in the labyrinth of my eyes.

  6. In conjunction with the vapor series, the U.
  7. The droplets on the lid were from the vapor.
  8. All consciousness possesses the Vapor Light.
  9. She could see the vapor from her breath as.
  10. They concluded that vapor trails are a prevalent.
  11. When the wind blew, water produced a vapor, cooling us.
  12. The technology was called Vapor Gate Points of Contact.
  13. In minutes, a soothing warm vapor begins to fill the room.
  14. His breath came in clouds of vapor that rose in the crisp.
  15. In the next moment, poison vapor leapt from his mouth to hers.

  16. They aren’t, but fixtures in the ceiling spray tinted vapor.
  17. Clouds could be warmers, as water vapor was a greenhouse gas.
  18. Snow originates from the water vapor that is condensed into clouds.
  19. It creates an acidic vapor that, if breathed, will eat away lungs.
  20. A column of white vapor radiated away from the center of the circle.
  21. Forked tongues spewed draconic vapor when through them he dictated:.
  22. There was enough water vapor in that small bit of air to create snow.
  23. The vapor lights were already on, ahead of the dusk, which was coming.
  24. Air escaped the holes, becoming clouds as the water vapor in the air froze.
  25. Shot through the rifle it would dissolve out the barrel as smoke and vapor.

  26. Precisely at eight the stage was flooded with light from the mercury vapor lights.
  27. I want, I want— She moistened her lips and put out a hand like vapor on the air.
  28. Appi watched as the largest lumberjack opened its stack-mouth to let some vapor out.
  30. The water had cooled the can and that in turn cooled the steamy vapor within the can.
  31. Edgar Allan Poe stood in the tower window, a faint vapor of spirits upon his breath.
  32. Tendrils of colored vapor peeled off the blade to dissipate into the surrounding air.
  33. Those in the first century would understand "blood, fire, vapor and smoke" to be used.
  34. They concluded that vapor trails are a prevalent feature over US skies and that these.
  35. Their snorting of a many-headed dragon filled the glow of noon with a pestilential vapor.
  36. The atmosphere is filled with a pink vapor that matches the color of her spiritual Light.
  37. As the sun warmed and scattered the soft white vapor, the water appeared to be calm and safe.
  38. Queen V has the ability to change her form into mist, vapor, an animal, and even an insect.
  39. The cool air prickles in my lungs on the way in, and on the way out unfurls in a cloud of vapor.
  40. But later when He found enough nerve to appear, the colored arc of Iris shone out of this vapor.
  41. EMERGENCY AND FIRST AID PROCEDURES: If affected by inhalation of vapor, move victim to fresh air.
  42. This is the troposphere, where all of the water vapor, clouds, and precipitation are located.
  43. On further heating the liquid turns in to a gas (water vapor) in a process known as evaporation.
  44. The water was no doubt the accumulation of water vapor from people breathing on the space station.
  45. Vapor Light is light quanta vibrating at a higher frequency than that of the elements it separates.
  46. Although jet fuel produces water vapor as it burns, more than 90 percent of the ice in long-lived.
  47. As it turned out, my suspicions about the possible negative effects of jet vapor trails in 1969 had.
  48. It was right after the first rays of sun came over the mountains that Warlock fired up the vapor jets.
  49. Humidity (commonly called relative humidity) is a measure of the amount of water vapor present in air.
  50. The smoke that appears is only water vapor, so there’s no bad smell and no second hand smoking either.
  51. You can’t make out an image in the vapor but it is clear that there are three people in that bathroom.
  52. Marius could hardly distinguish her through the luminous vapor which had suddenly spread before his eyes.
  53. The booster, amid cloudy water vapor from the cooling process, still had EagleEye3 stenciled on the side.
  54. I feared he’d plummet to his death, but when the vapor cleared, I saw my rangy cousin clinging to a rock.
  55. Furthermore it's a technological wonder! The engine uses water for fuel and the exhaust is pure water vapor.
  56. He parted his lips slightly and drew closer as if to kiss her, but instead, a noxious black vapor misted from.
  57. The sun was out for the first time in a week, filling the air with water vapor rising from the manicured grass.
  58. And to the right, there is the throne of Poseidon which is made out of a combination of platinum and water vapor.
  59. It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow'd wilds, It coaxes me to the vapor and the dusk.
  60. Somewhere to the south twenty-four Baker three-six bombers already marked the blue with gently arching vapor trails.
  61. A blast of extremely cold white vapor hit the man squarely as he was instinctively pointing his pistol at the robot.
  62. The pain of the ether in their faces would be excruciating, and with vapor or liquid in the throat it would be fatal.
  63. A swirling column of vapor extended yards into the sky and advanced for the stretch of dock between them and her father.
  64. When the vapor cleared, the crystals were gone and two strangers, a man and a woman, were standing in the room with them.
  65. And then they all slowly disappear in a puff of shimmering vapor, screaming as if the Pits of Hell were closing in on them.
  66. Through the frosty vapor could be seen workmen in short sheepskins and soft felt boots crossing the rails of the curving line.
  67. Her voice whispered from the last breath of vapor in the air, If you can find the third wishing well in time, there is hope.
  68. The fire crackled, and the smoke ascended like the dull vapor from a volcano; but still no prisoner fell down, as they expected.
  69. The detectors have located radiation everywhere; they believe it is a vapor from the reactor, spread by the ventilation system.
  70. He noticed some sulfur springs, and some boiling pits, with water vapor rising, and hoped to go investigate them closer some day.
  71. The white vapor of the kiln was passing from us as we went by, and as I had thought a prayer before, I thought a thanksgiving now.
  72. Your clothes are already hot with the water coming off as vapor and you’ll find although it takes about 20% longer, you save about.
  73. There was so much heat that the two gases actually became hot steam and it was this rapidly expanding vapor that caused the loud retort.
  74. Moments later, responding to the summons of the Ear and Nose, through giant holes in the city walls a fresh vapor blew out over the invaders.
  75. Their arcane spells created bursts of multicolored vapor when they collided with the Denizens of the Harad Ghul and the lingering Lykanthros.
  76. Half of those vapors is then converted into anti-matter and injected into a rocket exhaust chamber, along with an equal amount of normal lead vapor.
  77. Here and there, a red and fiery star struggled through the drifting vapor, furnishing a lurid gleam of brightness to the dull aspect of the heavens.
  78. But the vapor of a limekiln would come between me and them, disordering them all, and it was through the vapor at last that I saw two men looking at me.
  79. Also called a cool mist humidifier, this type of appliance uses a reservoir, wick, and filter to disperse room temperature water vapor into the air.
  80. LEAVING DC in the old white Suburban that morning, Denny had seen in the side mirror vapor trails coming out of the exhaust, but he didn’t think too much about it.
  81. At the elemental level, exchanges through the vapor light occur in the way of nature‘s processes, which I have expressed in terms of: ―Water, Air and Fire—Fire, Earth and Air.
  82. Before any of this, as a precaution against tampering, the complex is flooded with cyanide gas, followed by an inflammable vapor that ignites and sterilizes the inside of the complex.
  83. The vapor of his cigarette climbed and mixed with the dense cloud of smoke that hovered around the bar, clung to the rafters, settled about the bar stools, and spread through the room.
  84. At the distance of a few leagues, the bed of the water became lost among mountains, or was wrapped in the masses of vapor that came slowly rolling along their bosom, before a light morning air.
  85. If we want any further confirmation, let us listen to the Apostle James defining it's meaning: 'What is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.
  86. The activated mercury vapor lights lining the parking area started up, looking like prehistoric sentinels roused from their slumber to slowly open their one large eye and begin their nightly vigilance.
  87. With the hot vapor issuing very forcefully from the mouth and the bottom of the can beginning to glow a dull red, he removed it again from the hot forge with his gloved hands and set it upon the floor.
  88. The engine that moves The Mighty Mel is a diesel locomotive, but Braithewaite also had the train outfitted with a steam pipe and I heard from the boiler plate the piercing expression of escaping vapor.
  89. Lying there, as the smoky vapor that lined the floor in the bar swirled from being displaced by the wind his body made as it it the floor, he spied the weapon the Gorn had dropped and reached out to it.
  90. Libmann swore and changed his aim, but he didn’t have time to shoot before the two firefighting robots fired their cryogenic nitrogen gas guns at the group, enveloping it in a swirling white vapor cloud.
  91. About the last to condense out was the water vapor, and there was plenty of that, so the chimneys had big balloon condensers at the peak looking like a child's drawing of the smoke puffing off the volcano.
  92. He knew that when the can was full of steamy hot air due to the boiling water that the pressure of the humid vapor was just about equal to the atmospheric pressure that was normally all about them, some 14.
  93. Estimating that enough time had passed to allow the steam vapor to increase the pressure within the can, Olin reached out his arm and with his thumb and first finger alone lifted the wooden block off the top of it.
  94. My rapid mind pursued him to the town, made a picture of the street with him in it, and contrasted its lights and life with the lonely marsh and the white vapor creeping over it, into which I should have dissolved.
  95. Regardless, the pressure inside the can fell dramatically when the humid vapor was cooled and atmospheric air pressure squeezed the can from all directions, including down upon the wood plank with its canvas gasket.
  96. We stopped and I mean stopped and then Eleanor swiveled the bar-Seth, until we were looking upward at the heavens and the vapor trail of the missile that had corrected its course was headed straight down towards us.
  97. The young girl no longer breathed, no breath issued through the half-closed teeth; the white lips no longer quivered—the eyes were suffused with a bluish vapor, and the long black lashes rested on a cheek white as wax.
  98. In the court which we have attempted to describe, and from which a damp vapor was rising, a young man with his hands in his pockets, who had excited much curiosity among the inhabitants of the "Den," might be seen walking.
  99. Those Wise Women of our past could sit just as I do now, watching the ever-changing forms of water and vapor, and as the mysterious nature of their movement fascinates me, to the oracles, secrets would be revealed within.
  100. The sun had hid its warmth behind an impenetrable mass of vapor, and hundreds of human forms, which had blackened beneath the fierce heats of August, were stiffening in their deformity before the blasts of a premature November.
  1. Apparently the only contribution Fiver could make was this beetle-spirited vaporing.

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  1. I nearly got the vapors!.
  2. The carbon and vapors com-.
  3. Vapors drifted from it's maw.
  4. The Vapors had a free shot at the net.
  5. The images shown were not of the Vapors.
  6. Sattler is leading his Vapors onto the.
  7. It's the voice of the Vapors! I said.
  8. The Raiders and Vapors clashed with each.
  9. This is the best way of inhaling menthol vapors.
  10. The Vapors returned to the pitch below and began.
  11. The tiny vapors of shower had been reaching his face.
  12. Can the Vapors hang on in the dying moments of the game.
  13. It's a big cloud of vapors, winds from all over the world.
  14. Raider missed an elbow, skimming the Vapors head, who then.
  15. John Smith exhaled, and vapors drifted away from his mouth.
  16. And Barreto is letting the Vapors fans know about it! He's.
  17. It's a penalty shot for the Neve Vapors! Zim Miz announced.
  18. You vapors, I think I have risen with you, moved away to distant.
  19. The Raiders fans quickly shut up, whilst the Vapors fans erupted.
  20. As rain falls from the heaven and vapors rise from earth, so have.
  21. Her body was again formed by vapors, but it seemed more solid this.
  22. She died of some bad vapors while she was cutting a string of bulbs.
  23. The Vapors must have left the planet, whether by their own will or not.
  24. They looked and saw the vapors rise and drift in long swathes of cool smoke.
  25. I closed my eyes to the cool dimness and was out like a lady with the vapors.
  26. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters (dark vapors).
  27. She closed her eyes to the cool dimness and was out like a lady with the vapors.
  28. Our ship is fuelled by lead pellets, with pellets melted and heated into vapors.
  29. I had nothing in my tank but vapors and I tried to put in a day’s work on that.
  30. As a result, the Vapors found themselves endlessly drifting through space, homeless.
  31. Dank vapors filled the cellar, rising through the trap from the deeper vaults below.
  32. It smelled like a greenhouse, of secret vapors and ancient, washed shales and quicksands.
  33. Emily clutched her knees tighter to her and watched as the vapors from her breath became.
  34. It is extremely toxic and can act by breathing its vapors or by skin contact with droplets.
  35. It is of these three vapors, beer, brandy, and absinthe, that the lead of the soul is composed.
  36. It was discovered when the vapors telepathically transmitted their collective voice into the computers.
  37. She focused on the breath vapors that swirled about her head, lasting only a moment, and then vanishing.
  38. You see, some of the gaseous vapors floating around actually contained a mildly intelligent consciousness.
  39. Normally he detested female vapors, but watching Petra’s retreat, his heart twisted as the horses moved away.
  40. The lake was a quantity of steam very still and deep over valleys of fish and sand held baking under its serene vapors.
  41. By this heat, they pull a deal of their seawater after turning them into vapors that are able to soar up high in the sky.
  42. It's a hit below the belt to see yourself ninety years gone, the vapors of eternity rising from you like breath off dry ice.
  43. Her father stood on the sidewalk, leaning heavily on his cane, exhaling heavily, the vapors drifting listlessly above his head.
  44. The brazier, placed in the fireplace itself, beside the nearly extinct brands, sent its vapors up the chimney, and gave out no odor.
  45. Geology tells us that later on a crust formed, the globe cooled and hardened, the vapors condensed and became mist or fell in rain.
  46. They employed the sign-making skills of the Investment Banker Preservationists to display a positive message as the Vapors arrived.
  47. Though all the vapors had been more noticeable and confusing, these peculiar ones caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand.
  48. A wealthy family had been so moved by the story that they decided to spend a little money on a house-warming present for the Vapors.
  49. Alcohol vapors would sometimes collect within a closed structure and cause horrible injury or death when the vat and building exploded.
  50. So with the green vapors coming off your stricken conscience you say you want to go back the way you were! The carnival nods and listens.
  51. Those machines basically used heating heads that melted the ice, with the liquids and vapors then pumped out to the surface via heated hoses.
  52. If you do the earth ritual at dawn, try gazing at the vapors which rise from the earth in the early morning, since these are full of messages.
  53. The effect was like that of a mini atomic bomb, the detonation of the cloud of explosive vapors equating the power of nearly twenty tons of TNT.
  54. Shirley’s rockets completed the job, splitting open a number of the big batteries of the submarine and filling the hull with toxic acid vapors.
  55. And with the malt on my own tongue, fluming up my sinus with burning vapors, I had never detected the scent of any spirits on my old friend here.
  56. Meanwhile, OSHA inspectors from Boston found that the level of mercury vapors in the plant’s workspaces was thirty times the permissible limits.
  57. The folds of our brain: virtual vapors cloud computing conscious memories stored, retrieved, and stimulated to create a |~NOW| we feel present in.
  58. Half of those vapors is then converted into anti-matter and injected into a rocket exhaust chamber, along with an equal amount of normal lead vapor.
  59. The wall of the quay, abrupt, confused, mingled with the vapors, instantly concealed from sight, produced the effect of an escarpment of the infinite.
  60. The testimony of geology to the fact that the globe was once a ball of burning gas and molten rock, clothed about with boiling vapors, is indisputable.
  61. The mountains looked green, and fresh, and lovely, tempered with the milder light, or softened in shadow, as thin vapors floated between them and the sun.
  62. Even when it was not the season for asparagus, it had to be found regardless of cost, so that he could take pleasure in the vapors of his own fragrant urine.
  63. The reaction between the two types of vapors then liberate massive amounts of energy that is funneled out through our main rocket nozzle, propelling our ship.
  64. Drug abusers use this substance by inhaling the vapors produced from heating it; or the substance is dried and broken into tiny pellets, which are then smoked.
  65. Not even she herself knew that her fertility had out-witted the mustard vapors, just as Fernanda did not know until almost a year later, when they brought the child.
  66. Even those occupying trenches or bunkers were not spared, as the explosive vapors were heavier than the ambient air and infiltrated holes and tunnels before exploding.
  67. The statement those that swim makes us speculate on the way by which the sparse atoms of vapors are brought together to form one cloud of united and attracted mass so that.
  68. José Arcadio Segundo, devoured by baldness, indifferent to the air that had been sharpened by the nauseating vapors, was still reading and rereading the unintelligible parchments.
  69. Now, each 24th of December, they reappear, only my sons burn their hands as the pecan filled delights pop from the oven, the vapors still rising, the chips gooey soft from the heat.
  70. So, what prevents the vapors rising out of the seas from exceeding this layer?! Does not that prove that there is a barrier which stops the continuity of its ascending in the space?!.
  71. They had probably put it up and torn it down a thousand times without incident, but I doubted that there was a structural engineer in the world who, upon a close inspection of the place, wouldn’t have the vapors.
  72. In essence, if money interbreeds enough, one could generate enough virtual vapors to shackle and lock the entire actual world, without having ever produced a single meal that could be consumed, a house lived in, or a warm winter coat.
  73. The idea of a “living man” passing from “death” to life on the ground of “two sorts of life resident in the same person at the same time” may seem to some the depths of philosophy, but in reality it is nothing less than the vapors of confusion militating against the brightness of the light.
  74. CORRIDORS GONE DARK after the last bell; the puddled light of trophycases; the squeak of sneakers on a gym floor; corkboard announcements stirred by cross-breezes; vapors of ammonia; summer like a flash of thigh beyond a janitor-propped door … so this, Keith thought, was what six grand a year got you.
  75. In the nearly non-existent atmosphere of Eris, made of trace vapors of methane and nitrogen, and the actual ambient temperature of minus 224 degrees Celsius, this would result in death within a minute, so Toru went on cautiously, taking fifteen minutes to arrive over the spot of the recorded magnetic anomaly.
  76. And to observe the delicate vapors of Sylvia (formerly Sadie Belle) Connington and Mamie Bart, no one would have suspected that the first grew up above her father’s saloon in the Bowery and waited on the bar at rush times, and that the latter, so it was said, had come out of one of her husband’s own brothels.
  77. Shoumak and Kovar, maybe two paces away from the man, felt their hands and faces nearly freeze at once from the few vapors that reached them, while the armed man was transformed into a frozen statue, slowly tipping over against the walls of the cabin and sliding down to the floor, his now rigid arm still pointing his pistol.
  78. Several pipes, that had been extinguished, were lighted again; while the newcomer, without speaking a word, drew his tomahawk from his girdle, and filling the bowl on its head began to inhale the vapors of the weed through the hollow handle, with as much indifference as if he had not been absent two weary days on a long and toilsome hunt.
  79. Yes! There, Severa really shone and shone with her own light! Trough the coffee vapors she liked to talk of the virtues of the marinated bread, while at the same time, daubing the virtuous bread with a generous layer of butter seasoned with parsley; then, she passed to comment on the benefits of parsley and with exquisite sharpness exalted its diuretic properties and effectiveness for the slow digestion and intestinal spasms.
  80. Indeed, The Neve Vapors saw off the Snowden in a 5-4 victory,.

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