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    1. Maybe this is why we have the story of Simon Peter being the one to exclaim, “Thou art the Christ! The Son of the Living God!” What is it that Jesus asked for that response? He asked who people say that He is

    2. Hogan heard the father exclaim joyously

    3. Inching along, we heard them exclaim in astonishment at the sights of the various races of people selling everything under the sun

    4. As things settled down we began to swum back towards the beach when I heard Johnny exclaim

    5. "If Carl Carlsen would only smile," they used to exclaim in sibilant

    6. As Ludwig joined him, the small droplets rapidly grew into a proper tropical storm, causing even Olufemi to exclaim:

    7. And it is a most important quantity for, they excitedly exclaim, it might be the “Grand Unifier” that would be able to bring together into a composite whole all of the separate forces that Man’s science has discovered

    8. Then I’d start by playing the music and asking, “Whose song is this?” A shy little person would wriggle happily or grin or (later) exclaim with an attempt to say her own name, or say “Myne – Mine!” Every child had a turn to be star of the show

    9. 75 And all that Abraham did on this occasion by the altar, he would exclaim and say, This is in the room of my son, and may it this day be considered before the Lord in the place of my son; and Abraham finished the whole of the service by the altar, and the service was accepted before the Lord, and was accounted as if it had been Isaac; and the Lord blessed Abraham and his seed on that day

    10. 75 And all that Abraham did on this occasion by the altar he would exclaim and say This is in the room of my son and may it this day be considered before the Lord in the place of my son; and Abraham finished the whole of the service by the altar and the service was accepted before the Lord and was accounted as if it had been Isaac; and the Lord blessed Abraham and his seed on that day

    11. “That looks like mine!” Moshe heard his own voice, filled with surprise, exclaim

    12. It really wasn't very long before they were all up in the open air once more, giving Mary hugs, and hearing her exclaim gladly, with tears in her eyes, how pleased she was to see them all again

    13. day when I visit a doctor or anyone in the medical profession, they always exclaim and ask

    14. hitherto known that we exclaim: “I thought I knew what life was, but I have

    15. 3 When Jesus had finished answering these questions, the Sadducees withdrew, and some of the Pharisees so far forgot themselves as to exclaim, "True, true, Master, you have well answered these unbelieving Sadducees

    16. He progressed from the humble status of mortal dependence which prompted him spontaneously to say to the one who called him Good Teacher, "Why do you call me good? None is good but God," to that sublime consciousness of achieved divinity which led him to exclaim, "Which one of you convicts me of sin?" And this progressing ascent from the human to the divine was an exclusively mortal achievement

    17. intellectual, they exclaim, “how highly favoured he is!” and

    18. However, things changed drastically as the probe entered the third to last bunker, making Mike exclaim in an excited tone

    19. They would appear without any greeting in their little flowered dresses left over from days when they were five years younger, and they took them off with the same innocence with which they had put them on, and in the paroxysms of love they would exclaim good heavens, look how that roof is falling in, and as soon as they got their peso and fifty cents they would spend it on a roll with cheese that the proprietress sold them, smiling more than ever, because only she knew that that meal was not true either

    20. I will try to exclaim my position

    21. The robot rolled to the spot she had stood in and disappeared itself fifteen seconds after Nancy, making eleven year-old Henry Weisz exclaim with awe

    22. A tiny form running across the pathway ahead of them then made him exclaim in surprise

    23. The sight of one particular jar full of a black spice and its price tag made him exclaim loudly in disbelief

    24. He however managed not to exclaim himself and nodded his head before going to inspect the two chests

    25. While that stunned the reporters into silence for a few seconds, it also made Marilyn exclaim emotionally

    26. ” He unexpectedly heard his mother exclaim after what surely couldn’t have been more than five or ten minutes

    27. However, she went back into the hall in relief as she heard Roopa exclaim, ‘Guess, who has come?’

    28. color sail, everyone would start to exclaim aloud that the heroic Purple Marquis is here!”

    29. He likes to exclaim about the cost, the lack of sleep he’s getting, the many ways he bested whatever tradesman he thought wanted to con him out of his hard inherited wealth

    30. It's the poverty,” he pulled out his hand and used them both to exclaim

    31. Startled by this unexpected question, Kathy couldn’t help but exclaim -

    32. What would Frau von Lindeberg say? Do you remember Shelley's wife's sister, the Miss Westbrook who brushed her hair so much, with her constant 'Gracious Heavens, what would Miss Warne say?' I feel inclined to exclaim the same thing about Frau von Lindeberg, but with an opposite meaning

    33. But it was easier to take a ticket than to refuse and hear him exclaim and protest; so I paid fifty _pfennings_, was given a slip of paper, and started climbing the extremely steep ascent

    34. They got into their cottage about tea time; and the first thing Priscilla did was to exclaim at the pleasant sight of the wood fire and sit down in the easy-chair to warm herself

    35. She used, sitting at her aunt's feet in the evenings--Wemyss never came in the evenings because he distrusted the probable dinner--sometimes to make her aunt say it again, by asking a little anxiously, 'But you _do_ think him a great dear, don't you, Aunt Dot?' Whereupon Miss Entwhistle, afraid her last expression of that opinion may have been absent-minded, would hastily exclaim with almost excess of emphasis, 'Oh, a _great_ dear

    36. “Why are you—” he started to exclaim

    37. Thoughts of our previous escapades flooded back to me and I could not help but exclaim, “I love a good bit of breaking and entering

    38. “Gotcha!” I heard Colt exclaim in triumph even as I was snatched off my feet and held above the ground in the strong clasp of his arms from behind

    39. He could see the murderer go forth to the hangman’s loop from the courts of men, he could acquiesce in the verdict, and exclaim, right

    40. He must drag it through the muddy waters of confusion and exclaim: “Who ever thought of saying ‘death died or hell died?’”

    41. What gave this man the strength and wisdom to exclaim, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison”?

    42. How Hannah came in to exclaim, "Sakes alive, well I never!" in great astonishment at `that Jo's doin's'

    43. She was obliged to walk carefully, for she had on high-heeled shoes, and, as Laurie told Jo afterward, it was a comical sight to see her mince along in her gay suit, with Polly sidling and bridling just behind her, imitating her as well as he could, and occasionally stopping to laugh or exclaim, "Ain't we fine? Get along, you fright! Hold your tongue! Kiss me, dear! Ha!

    44. "Good gracious!" she would exclaim as the lads came in, late, and tired to death, and hungry, "wherever have you been?"

    45. Mention of Kenneth caused her to exclaim, instantly, that her health was perfect, and it was only Catherine's harshness which made her unhappy

    46. occasion to exclaim, by stooping down and slipping his hands above my

    47. Edmond could only clasp his hands and exclaim, "Oh, my friend, my friend, speak not thus!" and then resuming all his presence of mind, which had for a moment staggered under this blow, and his strength, which had failed at the words of the old man, he said, "Oh, I have saved you once, and I will save you a second time!" And raising the foot of the bed, he drew out the phial, still a third filled with the red liquor

    48. and I heard the captain exclaim:

    49. “What the hell?” I exclaim

    50. At one time he thought he was saved, for he heard the brigadier exclaim in a loud voice, to the two gendarmes, "He is not here!" But venturing to peep, he perceived that the latter, instead of retiring, as might have been reasonably expected upon this announcement, were watching with increased attention

    1. ‘What!’ he exclaimed almost against his will, his calm front shattered by my statement

    2. “I reversed gravity,” Red exclaimed unnecessarily as she punched out a nearby guard

    3. ‘Do I hell!’ she exclaimed ‘We worked at it for weeks and I was terrified that I would be the one who cocked the whole thing up

    4. ‘Lytes Cary … that’s it!’ he exclaimed happily a few moments later

    5. ‘Oh?’ I exclaimed beginning to see where this is going

    6. ‘I don’t reckon it was there at all!’ he exclaimed playfully ‘You’re having Bambi hallucinations!’

    7. ‘Good God!’ I exclaimed, truly stunned … the bastard was playing with her at the same time was he! ‘She’s only about twenty isn’t she?’

    8. When the woman was presented to Adam, he exclaimed: "This

    9. “Why do you begin with negativity?” he exclaimed at once happily

    10. Nothing can be so bad that you are crying like that!’ he exclaimed as I sob myself silly into his jacket

    11. ‘You can’t hang around just because your grandmother says you should!’ I exclaimed trying to lighten the atmosphere

    12. ’ He exclaimed, handing the papers to his colleague and looking at Kara in amazement

    13. As they parted he exclaimed, “Woman, there is nothing wrong with you!”

    14. ’ I exclaimed, appalled by his reply

    15. Pinching her nose and turning to the other guests she exclaimed in a nasal tone, “Smells of wee-wee!”

    16. Sir John, aware that he had to make a strong showing in the midst of so many hawk-eyed, elected members, exclaimed, "Oh yes Sir, isn't it magnificent, so well argued, so concise, so irrefutably true

    17. Bowing he exclaimed: Hail to the MightyValotin, Fourth of the Ancients!

    18. “Well, that’s amazing”, exclaimed the television gardener to his wife

    19. ’ Jake exclaimed as they return to the kitchen

    20. ‘Oh heavens, there’s no milk!’ I exclaimed suddenly realising that the fridge is empty too

    21. “Oh my, look at that blouse,” exclaimed Rayne changing the subject, “can we go in and see if they have it in my size?” Mistress Sera laughed and both women went into the shop arm in arm

    22. into tears and exclaimed, “I thought I’d dealt with all

    23. ‘Anna, your man is as crazy as mine when it comes to that cat!’ Jo exclaimed with a laugh

    24. “Ah there it is!” she exclaimed

    25. ‘Oh, it is so good being back here!’ she exclaimed with an enormous sigh of contentment

    26. “Dega-sou!” he exclaimed before he could catch himself

    27. nose and turning to the other guests she exclaimed in a nasal tone,

    28. ‘How exciting!’ she exclaimed, then realising the connection, ‘Of course, Jo and Alastair are moving into your cottage! I hadn’t connected the two

    29. “What the bloody… you’re crap at cards as well!” he exclaimed,

    30. “Gods and seers!” exclaimed Kai, who had joined them

    31. “Dega sou!” Exclaimed Captain Andrid; “Is that what I think it is?”

    32. exclaimed, waving their order papers in the air above their heads

    33. “Well, that’s amazing”, exclaimed the television gardener to his

    34. Well I’ll be, exclaimed Brent; I always knew that bird was special

    35. “You’re back!” he exclaimed

    36. “Blimey!” he exclaimed, “It’s a bit nippy out there

    37. ‘That clearing at the top of the hill!’ exclaimed Petr, suddenly remembering

    38. I am indeed surprised by your ignorance of the presence in your own community of an internationally renowned rod-maker, and not fifty paces from this very spot! Might I direct you just down the boardwalk to the Mercantile? There you will find not this sad pole's equal, but its lord and master!” The Sportsman exclaimed; then added, “I'm sure the tackle you sell is adequate for the leisure fishing interests of the tourists or stray visitor who might of caprice decide to 'go fish a bit, since there's a lake here and all,' but do not impugn the truly exquisite work of master craftsmen by putting these on offer for anything but what they are

    39. “Who the hell was that?” Tom exclaimed

    40. ‘The what?’ exclaimed Matt, looking more than a

    41. “Women?” exclaimed Tom, “But how could one of them be

    42. “In the Kassikan!?” Yorthops exclaimed

    43. They can't be your younger sisters!” exclaimed Kaitlyn

    44. ‘Oh … thank goodness!’ Ben exclaimed as Abi finally laid her tiles out

    45. It opened and a cute, lightly-freckled face, framed in orange curls exclaimed, “Jorma!?” as he instantly went into shock when his addled brain finally recognized her as Venna

    46. ” He exclaimed abruptly, and threw his arms around Harry's shoulders in a most uncommon display of affection

    47. But you’re part of the evil Climate Change Cult!! There is no such thing as Brambelings or Climate Change!” The second fat-cat exclaimed, and then stood proudly, thinking to himself,

    48. “I’m not going back in that forest!” Monica exclaimed,

    49. “You heard the lady!” Andrew exclaimed, “Hurry it up!”

    50. "What!" He exclaimed, jumping back against the truck with his arms in the air, as if he’d been cornered by the local posse

    1. Dorin and her husband, Ayle, make a great fuss of Gilla, exclaiming with joy when they hear she is engaged to Caderl

    2. The girl kicked and twisted in the man's arms, exclaiming to him how she’d been hurt

    3. Prempeh collected himself, and being prompted by the Ansahs, again rose, exclaiming in a clear voice, “I now claim the protection of the Queen of England

    4. obtruding himself, exclaiming, that he ought to be allowed and saying Be it that they were deprived of this honour, I ought not to be

    5. Then he returned his gaze to the crowd around him, where many were quietly exclaiming at the sudden change in his appearance and demeanor

    6. Youssaf suddenly hurried forward to stand by Moshe, exclaiming, “This is a perfect time to be here! This is the magic of every other thing you are going to see! Look at Pharaoh’s obelisk as the sun comes up, even now

    7. Youssaf, raising his head as if to make reply, instead, pointed past Moshe, toward the western sky exclaiming, “Great Hathor’s hair, would you look at that!”

    8. 12 Then they read the law to him; but he persisted in obtruding himself exclaiming that he ought to be allowed and saying Be it that they were deprived of this honour I ought not to be

    9. As Joshua dismounted to retrieve the errant spear, Gad bravely began the ascent in pursuit, but Moshe quickly called him back exclaiming, “We have more important things to do!”

    10. Moshe burst through the flap of Joshua’s tent, exclaiming excitedly, “Your prayers have been answered, my Lord, your prayers have been answered!”

    11. sky exclaiming, “Great Hathor's hair, would you look at that!”

    12. but Moshe quickly called him back exclaiming, “We have more important things to do!”

    13. Moshe burst through the flap of Joshua's tent, exclaiming excitedly, “Your prayers have been

    14. Philip broke in upon these meditations, exclaiming, "I have found the Deliverer, him of whom Moses and the prophets wrote and whom John has proclaimed

    15. Shortly before they reached the ruler's house, as they hastened through a narrow street and as the throng jostled him, Jesus suddenly stopped, exclaiming, "Someone touched me

    16. 6 When Martha met Jesus, she fell at his feet, exclaiming, "Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died!" Many fears were passing through Martha's mind, but she gave expression to no doubt, nor did she venture to criticize or question the Master's conduct as related to Lazarus's death

    17. 10 Martha led Mary to Jesus, and when she saw him, she fell at his feet, exclaiming, "If you had only been here, my brother would not have died!" And when Jesus saw how they all grieved over the death of Lazarus, his soul was moved with compassion

    18. 11 Pilate spoke more truly than he knew when, after Jesus had been scourged, he presented him before the multitude, exclaiming, "Behold the man!" Indeed, the fear-ridden Roman governor little dreamed that at just that moment the universe stood at attention, gazing upon this unique scene of its beloved Sovereign thus subjected in humiliation to the taunts and blows of his darkened and degraded mortal subjects

    19. 8 As they drew near the sepulchre, the frightened Magdalene, who was even more terrorized when she failed to find her sisters waiting when she came out of the tomb, now rushed up to them, excitedly exclaiming: "He is not there -- they have taken him away!" And she led them back to the tomb, and they all entered and saw that it was empty

    20. He had been narrating non-stop and exclaiming thoroughly

    21. The pugilists were startled as Wei Qi was heard exclaiming

    22. Wei Qi flustered with a slight red and he heard the lad exclaiming

    23. He clenched his fists and secretly exclaiming

    24. Nangong Ping put back the banknote into the chest before exclaiming

    25. Jacob couldn’t help exclaiming, “wow! This thing feels so

    26. She heard the distant mutterings from the winch crew above them, in hushed whispers they were exclaiming expletives as if they were going out of fashion, but she could not hear clearly why

    27. him and fed him a mean lie about why I had been exclaiming so

    28. Relieved to have found a viable solution to her immediate problem, Kathy hastily interrupted the discussion taking place between the men and her nieces about this very issue, by exclaiming

    29. excitedly ran to meet her, exclaiming happily

    30. 'You _silly_ little thing!' I can imagine her exclaiming, 'If only you had known how it all wasn't going to matter!' And she will laugh very heartily; for I am sure she will be a gay old lady

    31. Cookham with the intention of trying to make amends, he was just going to say something amiable when she startled him by suddenly exclaiming, "I really don't understand how men can bring themselves to do such dreadful

    32. He airily told her a month would be enough, and, on her exclaiming, immediately reduced it to a week

    33. Lucy here nervously interrupted, for Everard sounded suddenly very angry, by exclaiming, 'Antlers!' and waving her unpinned-down arm in the direction of the----

    34. few tears and would run to Mother exclaiming, "Reba will not

    35. Frank danced around, exclaiming, “He made it! He made it!” and then ran around the court just as the late Jimmy Valvano had done when he won the national championship in 1983

    36. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in Scripture and it is devoted to exclaiming the wonders of God’s Word and Law

    37. Now the crowd was going from the stairs to their rooms, exclaiming, disputing, calling to one another, raising their voices to a shout, dropping them to a whisper

    38. "A-ach!" Razumihin was exclaiming, but at that moment the door opened and a personage came in who was a stranger to all present

    39. The innkeeper came in exclaiming, "Where art thou, strumpet? Of course this is some of thy work

    40. Sancho took it, and as he was raising it to his mouth he was stopped by the cries of his master exclaiming, "Sancho, my son, drink not water; drink it not, my son, for it will kill thee; see, here I have the blessed balsam (and he held up the flask of liquor), and with drinking two drops of it thou wilt certainly be restored

    41. "But in the midst of his conversation he stopped and became silent, keeping his eyes fixed upon the ground for some time, during which we stood still waiting anxiously to see what would come of this abstraction; and with no little pity, for from his behaviour, now staring at the ground with fixed gaze and eyes wide open without moving an eyelid, again closing them, compressing his lips and raising his eyebrows, we could perceive plainly that a fit of madness of some kind had come upon him; and before long he showed that what we imagined was the truth, for he arose in a fury from the ground where he had thrown himself, and attacked the first he found near him with such rage and fierceness that if we had not dragged him off him, he would have beaten or bitten him to death, all the while exclaiming, 'Oh faithless Fernando, here, here shalt thou pay the penalty of the wrong thou hast done me; these hands shall tear out that heart of thine, abode and dwelling of all iniquity, but of deceit and fraud above all; and to these he added other words all in effect upbraiding this Fernando and charging him with treachery and

    42. They then posted themselves on the level ground at the outlet of the Sierra, and as soon as Don Quixote and his companions emerged from it the curate began to examine him very deliberately, as though he were striving to recognise him, and after having stared at him for some time he hastened towards him with open arms exclaiming, "A happy meeting with the mirror of chivalry, my worthy compatriot Don Quixote of La Mancha, the flower and cream of high breeding, the protection and relief of the distressed, the quintessence of knights-errant!" And so saying he clasped in his arms the knee of Don Quixote's left leg

    43. At this moment Camilla, throwing herself upon a bed that was close by, swooned away, and Leonela began to weep bitterly, exclaiming, "Woe is me! that I should be fated to have dying here in my arms the flower of virtue upon earth, the crown of true wives, the pattern of chastity!" with more to the same effect, so that anyone who heard her would have taken her for the most tender-hearted and faithful handmaid in the world, and her mistress for another persecuted Penelope

    44. Before he could more, a bell rang, and Jo flew up, exclaiming with alarm, "Mercy me!

    45. We called to him, and he, raising his head, sprang nimbly to his feet, for, as we afterwards learned, the first who presented themselves to his sight were the renegade and Zoraida, and seeing them in Moorish dress he imagined that all the Moors of Barbary were upon him; and plunging with marvellous swiftness into the thicket in front of him, he began to raise a prodigious outcry, exclaiming, "The Moors--the Moors have landed! To arms, to arms!" We were all thrown into perplexity by these cries, not knowing what to do; but reflecting that the shouts of the shepherd would raise the country and that the mounted coast-guard would come at once to see what was the matter, we agreed that the renegade must strip off his Turkish garments and put on a captive's jacket or coat which one of our party gave him at once, though he himself was reduced to his shirt; and so commending ourselves to God, we followed the same road which we saw the shepherd take, expecting every moment that the coast-guard would be down upon us

    46. Before she could speak, Annie had the cover off, and all were exclaiming at the lovely roses, heath, and fern within

    47. He without replying a word took the rope off his wrist, and rising to his feet leaped upon Rocinante, braced his buckler on his arm, put his lance in rest, and making a considerable circuit of the plain came back at a half-gallop exclaiming:

    48. The guests had by this time made peace with the landlord, for, by persuasion and Don Quixote's fair words more than by threats, they had paid him what he demanded, and the servants of Don Luis were waiting for the end of the conversation with the Judge and their master's decision, when the devil, who never sleeps, contrived that the barber, from whom Don Quixote had taken Mambrino's helmet, and Sancho Panza the trappings of his ass in exchange for those of his own, should at this instant enter the inn; which said barber, as he led his ass to the stable, observed Sancho Panza engaged in repairing something or other belonging to the pack-saddle; and the moment he saw it he knew it, and made bold to attack Sancho, exclaiming, "Ho, sir thief, I have caught you! hand over my basin and my pack-saddle, and all my trappings that you robbed me of

    49. Quite absorbed in her work, Jo scribbled away till the last page was filled, when she signed her name with a flourish and threw down her pen, exclaiming

    50. March smiled, as if well pleased, and Jo clapped her hands, exclaiming, with a laugh, "You are almost equal to Caroline Percy, who was a pattern of prudence! Tell on, Meg

    1. The young crying exclaims his sadness

    2. “Oh, no, no, I'll pass!” he exclaims in abhorrence and, without my realizing what's going on, he pushes me away

    3. I can hardly believe my ears! I remind her that unless she comes, I will have to shoulder the 24,000 drachmas of her share! “No way! They will give you the money back!” she exclaims, although we both know that no money is reimbursed for cancellations of the last moment

    4. An elderly, but very dapper man dining with two other, younger men, who I have privately marked down as probably belonging to the gay community, exclaims loudly and, rising, makes a dramatic exit, leaving the other two at the table

    5. ‘Women!’ he exclaims, at which point we all crease up with laughter even more

    6. Another exclaims: "All of you are wrong, for I have seen God, and He is not like you say

    7. Eugene Wigner (the 1963 Nobel Laureate for Physics) exclaims in disbelief, ‘The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious and there is no rational explanation for it

    8. So long as neuroscientists are fixated on the brain, they will never realise that the brain acts, just like a TV, basically as a receiver and tuner The scientist, who exclaims, ‘See, we have proof — the PeT scans show that the neural activity in the brain has changed,’ is missing the point

    9. Exclaims the vibes which we are all connected Now I see with my eyes closed by I see you and you see me

    10. �Petty?� exclaims Eric; �It's likely he'll cut me; he said he would next time he sees me

    11. A nice house, with a swimming pool and big veranda and in the sun!� Nicola exclaims with a worried smile

    12. � Dippa excitedly exclaims as Stef breaks into his run

    13. “Only the best science fiction book ever written, it's a bit battered but looks clean and it was only 25 pence!” she exclaims with real enthusiasm

    14. “What!” Suzy exclaims as she looks at the clock on the wall which shows it is four-fifteen in the morning

    15. “Suzy!” he exclaims; “You are taking a chance coming here, come in, come in

    16. He exclaims, “Oh, green tacos on a Wednesday!”

    17. Razz exclaims, “I can’t believe he asked that!”

    18. Hack exclaims, “What the hell is going on here?”

    19. I’ve seen 2-3 different videos where Paul O’Connor vehemently exclaims the empty skull of Kennedy over the years

    20. exclaims “It was a warmth and intensity, that I could not have even imagined

    21. "I have been looking everywhere for you!" he exclaims, swimming toward me through the salty waves

    22. “Wow !” exclaims the man, “this is amazing !” he remarks

    23. “We’re in,” he exclaims as he opens the door into darkness

    24. Tyler asks, and exclaims, unable to believe that someone who is supposed to be protecting the community could utter the words she has just heard

    25. sensual heaven in which they shall abide in the flesh eternally, he exclaims, 'Now, this I say, brethren, that flesh and

    26. ' Then, to silence forever those who expect a sensual heaven in which they shall abide in the flesh eternally, he exclaims, 'Now, this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption

    27. ’ Can I say this gift is small and mean? 'How much less than to be Divine is it to be Immortal!’ exclaims Mr

    28. Then, to silence forever those who expect a sensual heaven in which they shall abide in the flesh eternally, he exclaims, 'Now, this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption

    29. “He fixed it just by thinking!” the woman exclaims

    30. After a while he exclaims, “Ah!” and the game makes several resolving chirps

    31. But I was, myself, far from being pleased with his having too much regarded my tender exclaims; for now, more fired with the object before me, as it still stood with the fiercest erection, unbonneted, and displayed its broad vermilion head, I first gave the youth a re-encouraging kiss, which he repaid me with a fervour that seemed at once to thank me, and bribe my further compliance; and soon replaced myself in a posture to receive, at all risk, the renewed invasion, which he did not delay an instant: for, being presently remounted, I once more felt the smooth hard gristle forcing an entrance, which he achieved rather easier than before

    32. A beginner looks at these numbers and exclaims, “where have I been all my life?” He thinks he's found a royal road to riches

    33. “The Lad is deluded,” Caveat exclaims

    34. It’s a full house! Immediately, someone exclaims “what’s the probability that could happen?” If by “that” a full house is meant, its probability is easily computed

    35. “Darn!” he exclaims

    36. The departure for Cythera! exclaims Watteau; Lancret, the painter of plebeians, contemplates his bourgeois, who have flitted away into the azure sky; Diderot stretches out his arms to all these love idyls, and d'Urfe mingles druids with them

    37. Mayor, no sooner had Champmathieu arrived than Brevet exclaims: 'Eh! Why, I know that man! He is a fagot!4 Take a good look at me, my good man! You are Jean Valjean!' 'Jean Valjean! who's Jean Valjean?' Champmathieu feigns astonishment

    38. from conscience to thought; it is in this sense only that the words so often employed in this chapter, he said, he exclaimed, must be understood; one speaks to one's self, talks to one's self, exclaims to one's self without breaking the external silence; there is a great tumult; everything about us talks except the mouth

    39. In a discomfiture of this sort, Artonge exclaims, "It was not a stag, but a sorcerer

    40. Fex urbis, exclaims Cicero; mob, adds Burke, indignantly; rabble, multitude, populace

    41. “A great writer9 of the last epoch, comparing Russia to a swift troika galloping to an unknown goal, exclaims, ‘Oh, troika, birdlike troika, who invented thee!’ and adds, in proud ecstasy, that all the peoples of the world stand aside respectfully to make way for the recklessly galloping troika to pass

    42. There are left then the prisoner and Smerdyakov, and the prosecutor dramatically exclaims that the prisoner pointed to Smerdyakov because he had no one else to fix on, that had there been a sixth person, even a phantom of a sixth person, he would have abandoned the charge against Smerdyakov at once in shame and have accused that other

    43. ' In such cases our bourgeois paterfamilias waves his hands and exclaims: 'What a terrible thing! If only their abilities were turned to good—their inventiveness, their amazing knowledge of human psychology, their self-possession, their fearlessness, their incomparable histrionic powers! What extraordinary benefits they would bring to the country!' But it is well known that the bourgeois paterfamilias was specially devised by Heaven to utter commonplaces and trivialities

    44. This will be exactly the situation of all who continue through inertia to fill offices which have long become useless directly someone who has no interest in concealing their uselessness exclaims in all simplicity: "But these people have been of no use to anyone for a long time past!"

    45. "Belle et douce Marguerite, aimable soeur du roi Kingcup," enthusiastically exclaims genial Leigh Hunt, "we would tilt for thee with a hundred pens against the stoutest poet that did not find perfection in thy cheek

    46. They seem not to have admitted the term into their vocabulary; they treat it as a new language; they remind me of the character of Goldfinch in one of Holcroft's plays, who, when he hears the Romans mentioned, exclaims, "Romans! Romans! who are they?" So the gentlemen, "national honor! what's that? what's that?" Yet, sir, strange as it may seem to the honorable gentlemen over the way, the maintenance of the principle of national honor, by which I mean that principle which animates and sustains an elevated fitness of character and conduct, is the only justifiable cause of war; and, if necessary, the principle ought to be maintained by all the sacrifices of war in its worst shape

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