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Ejaculate в предложении (на )

  1. Try not to ejaculate.
  2. Very rarely would he ejaculate.
  3. At last he managed to ejaculate:.
  4. Have you seen what you ejaculate?
  5. It was his turn to ejaculate in amazement.

  6. Ejaculate is often used as a powerful tool for the.
  7. She blushed and made me ejaculate in two minutes flat.
  8. He feels Harry’s cock throb and ejaculate in his mouth.
  9. For me to ejaculate during gay intercourse was of my most.
  10. It is said that as a man ages his need to ejaculate reduces.
  11. On the contrary, those who don't ejaculate increase their sexual.
  12. They kissed and fondled until Sebastian was certain he‘d ejaculate.
  13. Is it true that if one does not ejaculate the sperms retained will.
  14. Is it true that those who don't ejaculate lose their sexual desire?
  15. One man admitted that initially, he used to ejaculate all his energy.

  16. It measures the number of sperm per millilitre of ejaculate, for a normal.
  17. With a few more HL's of work, the ejaculate was able to be stored for over 40 hours.
  18. From the gasps and increasing tension in his body, she knew he was about to ejaculate.
  19. She felt Ralph ejaculate inside her, and she shuddered, not with pleasure but with loathing.
  20. You will listen to a short introduction designed to shift your thinking about when you ejaculate, and.
  21. It took some time, with all that whisky in me, to ejaculate and by the time we finished we were practically dead.
  22. She sighed and moved a little and for some reason this caused him to ejaculate again, but in much smaller quantity.
  23. Once sterilized and tested, the male ejaculate was pumped into the female and delivered right to her biological doorstep.
  24. I am awaiting a letter from the Pope confirming that my son’s conception was ejaculate and that he is the Saver risen again.
  25. The male device was a tube that sucked ejaculate out of his penis, funneling it into a sealable and sterile tube, where it could be kept for over 2 hours.

  26. She beat him on his behind pitilessly and my friend said that the beating together with the spectacle of his mothers coupling aroused him so much it caused him to ejaculate.
  27. To think clearly, or even to engage in any serious conversation, had now become impossible for him; he could only ejaculate after each word "Hm!" and then nod his head in confirmation.
  28. Unless you’re feeling strong, however, I suggest you don’t ejaculate because that wealthy bastard from Brisbane has brought his blonde floozy to the Tidal Motel’ again and wants to watch you masturbate while she sucks him off.
  29. I repeat, our romantics, frequently, become such accomplished rascals (I use the term "rascals" affectionately), suddenly display such a sense of reality and practical knowledge that their bewildered superiors and the public generally can only ejaculate in amazement.
  1. However, if you have already begun ejaculating and then try to use.
  2. Someone—it sounded like Speránski—was distinctly ejaculating ha-ha-ha.
  3. His landlady came to the door, loosely wrapped in dressing gown and shawl; her husband followed ejaculating.
  4. Michael was sat at a desk in the middle next to a lurching mechanical beast that seemed to be ejaculating bank notes.
  5. Especially the ejaculating fluctuations of the commodity markets which are being masturbatorially manipulated by shadow funds managers.
  6. Someone- it sounded like Speranski- was distinctly ejaculating ha-ha famous laugh, and this ringing, high pitched laughter from a statesman made a strange impression on him.
  7. Instead of ejaculating unaided, he knelt and bent slowly back till his head touched the floor, then snaked his hand up between his legs and stroked his erection until it sprayed skywards.
  8. Soon, however, to be on float again! for Charles, true to nature's laws, in one breath, expiring and ejaculating, languished not long in the dissolving trance, but recovering spirit again, soon gave me to feel that the true mettle spring! of his instrument of pleasure, were, by love, and perhaps, by a long vacation, wound up too high to be let down by a single explosion: his stiffnesss till stood my friend.
  1. Without even a groan, he ejaculated.
  2. Was he not a drop of ejaculated semen?
  3. Well, of all things! he ejaculated.
  4. When Dino ejaculated, he flopped on the.
  5. My prayers are heard! ejaculated St.
  6. He grunted and ejaculated, got up and dressed.
  7. If the semen is not ejaculated it returns from.
  8. At Thornfield Hall! ejaculated the clergyman.
  9. Go! ejaculated Miss Ingram, and the man went.
  10. In that case, sperms are ejaculated out of the body.
  11. But he ejaculated finally and promptly went to sleep.
  12. What on earth has that to do with it? I ejaculated.
  13. He ejaculated on her thigh, and again when he entered her.
  14. Furthermore, women for the most part are ejaculated on in.
  15. Not the Countess of Morcar’s blue carbuncle! I ejaculated.
  16. And in that dress! she ejaculated in the midst of her mirth.
  17. He had his dick out, and within seconds he ejaculated on Amber's face.
  18. Sideways! Cover yourself with your pistol! ejaculated Nesvítski.
  19. The first guard who ejaculated into his mouth caused Roger to vomit violently.
  20. Then dropping it, with disgust depicted in his strong features, he ejaculated:.
  21. Unlike women, men believe that their sexual act finishes once they've ejaculated.
  22. I ejaculated an unrestrained ‘Huh!’ and he must have heard me for he went on nervously:.
  23. He immediately ejaculated on the front of her stomach, all the while gasping in short breaths.
  24. After a brief respite, the humiliation continued until the other three had ejaculated in his mouth.
  25. You’d have the cheap distinction of being a hero of the beach, she ejaculated, uncompromisingly rude.
  26. They ended up with Uretep on his back while Peteru, impaled on his manhood, ejaculated over his lover’s chest.
  27. Oh, what a queen she is! he ejaculated, every other minute, throwing out the remark for anyone who liked to catch it.
  28. After enough time had passed, he ejaculated immensely, and then proceeded to pace around the room in a breathless-like state.
  29. The video started and Sebastian was astonished to see himself performing one of his dances, culminating in the pose where he ejaculated.
  30. Then I was turned over and kneaded, pressed, stroked and intimately interfered with until, accompanied by a great sigh from the audience, I ejaculated.
  31. He relaxed and let himself be caressed; light grunts of pleasure escaping his lips as an adventurous tongue explored nipples, navel and erection until with a groan of ecstasy Jarek arched his back and ejaculated.
  32. Although the carpet was a bit rough on bare skin, the novelty was sufficient to keep an erection until Ruth and Beryl walked in, watching in shock as I withdrew, ejaculated and rolled onto my back grinning up at them.
  33. Accompanied by cheers of encouragement he thrust it back while microphones picked up every grunt, squeal of delight and cry of ecstasy as he arched, ejaculated, withdrew and took a bow, leaving his wife moaning for more.
  34. Con stroked his back and buttocks and pressed their bodies together, pleasantly surprised when Rex‘s tongue fluttered into his mouth, followed by a shuddering, rapid thrusting, and a great groan of release as Rex ejaculated onto his belly.
  35. The village elder, a peasant delegate, and the village clerk, who were waiting in the passage, heard with fear and delight first the young count’s voice roaring and snapping and rising louder and louder, and then words of abuse, dreadful words, ejaculated one after the other.
  36. You are also aware that when this energy is ejaculated from the body,.
  1. When a man ejaculates, the semen he expels is not made up of just.
  2. Clifford succeeds without much difficulty in turning the enmity of the mob against France, and Cade ejaculates disconsolately, "Was ever a feather so lightly blown to and fro as this multitude?" (Ib.

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