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Exclude в предложении (на )

  1. But I wouldn’t exclude them.
  2. You should exclude all other ideas.
  3. This would exclude South Vietnam, the U.
  4. Therefore, I can’t exclude its benefit.
  5. In this model, we can’t exclude humanity.

  6. These do not necessarily exclude each other.
  7. This was done to exclude the lies about the.
  8. It was therefore that I voted to exclude them.
  9. That’s why I don’t want to exclude the humans.
  10. Conservative ideologies do not seem to exclude racism.
  11. They will exclude us whenever they can and by any means.
  12. It is impossible to exclude them when the church is open.
  13. It does not exclude the instrumentality of a third party.
  14. These things are inexorable and exclude any other activity.
  15. Buddhism, and the beginning of a schism which could exclude.

  16. She did not have any rigors but that did not exclude malaria.
  17. To ensure commercial prosperity, exclude forever the Chinese.
  18. What, these waggons may coldly exclude? repeated someone.
  19. This is a new type of wisdom that, while it does not exclude.
  20. The elites would simply create new rules and continue to exclude.
  21. This will help cut down the number as some will exclude themselves.
  22. That way it will be easy to exclude the commercial firms from any.
  23. If you play a game negatively: you have to exclude everything from it.
  24. Of course mentally when I say Pharisee and scribe you exclude yourself.
  25. Normally you would want to exclude any corporation which does not have.

  26. Smith continues to exclude himself from the human exchange of learning.
  27. Well, he should have a brain wave test to exclude a seizure disorder.
  28. Smith explained, by saying, I exclude every idea of such an insinuation.
  29. We knew for certain that all those we exclude have no chance of survival.
  30. He proposed that this country should exclude from her service British seamen.
  31. Their big action was to revise the police report to exclude the items returned.
  32. You can so intently desire a thing that you can exclude all distracting thoughts.
  33. For this reason, some miners exclude transactions whose fees are too low (or zero).
  34. At any rate, the contrary issue must exclude you from further reception at my house.
  35. He will be advised to have blood tests to exclude other sexually transmitted diseases.
  36. Pardon me if I exclude, purposely, the denizens of the Queer Nation and their followers.
  37. I exclude all consideration of the abstract justice of our complaints against Great Britain.
  38. But maybe it has also tended to exclude other perspectives when it comes to personal faith.
  39. That was the trouble with guilds, he thought bitterly: it was in their interest to exclude.
  40. In my opinion, it would be better to exclude him from the course and put him out to grass.
  41. This rational explanation of rebirth and karma doesn't necessarily exclude the traditional view.
  42. He is one of the gods in my temple, a place from which I rigorously exclude the sense of humours.
  43. But if the car exceeds the speed the earth retains to spin the car will exclude some space from.
  44. The same gentleman said, that we had taken no measures to exclude British seamen from American vessels.
  45. Heathcliff shunned meeting us at meals; yet he would not consent formally to exclude Hareton and Cathy.
  46. Tell them that a new political system will soon be formed that will exclude them from representation.
  47. Had they been enumerated, it would be proper to exclude them from the capital denominator because they.
  48. Recall that the numbers here exclude transaction costs, which would be substantial for these strategies.
  49. But she put it down to his friendliness and good manners, not wanting to exclude her from the conversation.
  50. To exclude the cold, one half of this door was fast closed, and the other was opened but a very little way.
  51. At first glance, it seems to be natural to identify and exclude such hazardous criteria from the trading system.
  52. An external worship is hardly compatible with the service of charity and truth; one is apt to exclude the other.
  53. There are many who would be willing to exclude the armed ships of every foreign power from our harbors and waters.
  54. Exclude interest expense to remove the effects of financing decisions, which vary across businesses and industries.
  55. Don’t think I exclude myself from my general assessment of the human race as stupid, venal, self-deluding and so on.
  56. But, if you would remain neutral, either admit or exclude the armed vessels, as you would armies, of both belligerents.
  57. As in the one case they exclude many people from his employment, so in the other they exclude him from many employments.
  58. And desirous of putting an end to the interview, he pushed by her, and closed the door, as if to exclude the pain he felt.
  59. The Christian teaching seems to exclude the possibility of life only when men take the indication of the ideal to be a rule.
  60. Every one of these people may have had romantic love in mind, but we can’t exclude this addiction to marriage idea, either.
  61. So it appears that physical labour not only does not exclude the possibility of mental activity, but improves and stimulates it.
  62. Although this in itself did not exclude any option, it was more likely the threat was from prison guards or an organized group.
  63. If we exclude these 3 stocks and repeat the whole procedure for the remaining 27 elements, the suboptimal Pareto set will arise.
  64. I exclude extremes, of course; and a very close resemblance in all those points would be the likeliest way to produce an extreme.
  65. Irrespective of the teachings of most modern American philosophers (I of course exclude Ayn Rand and Robert Nozik), they do exist.
  66. Debate is admitted in the British Parliament on the previous question; our rules exclude it on both the previous and main question.
  67. My better judgment tells me we should exclude the armed vessels of both nations; but the general sentiment appears to be against it.
  68. The patient should always be advised to have a gastroscopy to exclude other causes of gastric pain such as gastric polyps and cancer.
  69. You may want to exclude expensive stocks from your scans for buying candidates and cheap stocks from your scans for shorting candidates.
  70. In most cases, you can safely exclude these files from a backup because they would only be automatically deleted at a later time anyway.
  71. What we really need is a mesh screen over the ends of the tubes to let water in, but fine enough to exclude the fish suggested Bill.
  72. Both the asset value we calculated and the market value we are citing refer to the equity portion of Intel's capital and exclude the debt.
  73. The Christian religion seems to exclude the possibility of life only when men mistake the pointing to an ideal as the laying down of a rule.
  74. Faith, as he now saw in his enlightened mind, did not exclude logic or slave men to a body of lies, a life of unhappiness and endless toil.
  75. You should exclude child support payments, as well as payments for the maintenance of any piece of property or equipment that you might own.
  76. Use David Swensen’s model as a baseline and tweak as necessary if you want to exclude certain funds or prioritize which are important to you.
  77. When calculating historical volatility, traders typically exclude weekends and holidays, resulting in a trading year of between 250 and 260 days.
  78. Exclude taxes because you need to isolate the effects of differences in tax rates, tax loss carry-forwards, or any other forms of tax management.
  79. These promises do not exclude the ‘Bride’ from being connected to the millennium, which is primarily the hope of a restored and saved Israel.
  80. Consequently, by decreasing the range of acceptable values, the developer may exclude from consideration the area that contains the best solution.
  81. It was an estimate, he said, based on the conversion rate of the general population and the number that we could exclude from consideration.
  82. Nowadays, to exclude small companies, most defensive investors should steer clear of stocks with a total market value of less than $2 billion.
  83. Both the Church and Positive science altogether exclude the ideas of all the rest of mankind, and regard all knowledge outside their own as erroneous.
  84. Because there is a space that may not be occupied by a particle does not exclude the possibility of a particle sometime to the future occupying that space.
  85. Tests that use one data point—such as the December series—and exclude all others don’t tell you how low PE stocks might perform in all other months.
  86. The objective selection is impossible without applying some quantitative techniques that exclude subjective judgment (this issue is discussed in section 2.
  87. Let us exclude electrons from this process! But if the electrons disappear, then the atoms, the molecules and, therefore, the cup itself will cease to be.
  88. Uncas had cast his body back against the wall of the hut and closed his eyes, as if willing to exclude so contemptible and disagreeable an object from his sight.
  89. As in most other studies, I exclude currencies that were fixed or pegged to another currency, along with currencies that have or had significant capital controls.
  90. Other countries, however, notwithstanding all the invidious restraints by which it is meant to exclude them, frequently enjoy a greater share of the real benefit of it.
  91. The question is, what regulation shall we make respecting public ships, and one of three courses is to be pursued? Shall we exclude both, admit both, or discriminate?
  92. What must be established to overthrow our argument is the difficult position that the terms, life and living forever, exclude the idea, which they most naturally denote.
  93. You can then focus on those assets that need to be maintained or replaced (such as machinery) and exclude those that don’t (such as land) when estimating depreciation.
  94. As the council we will need to keep our connection, but it would not be polite to completely exclude him, I said to the others, who were watching intently through me.
  95. There is also no supernatural evidence that can be found within the Evolution Theory and the promoters of the Theory want people to exclude any ideas of the supernatural.
  96. The foreigners of the first description, of course, were in competition with our native seamen, and either exclude them from employment, or lessen the rate of their wages.
  97. This hymnal does not exclude the singing of more contemporary songs in meetings, this choice will be up to the discretion of brothers and sisters in each individual meeting.
  98. This is something quite different from the intelligence which we are assuming in our readers, and we must exclude operations based on such skill from our terms of reference.
  99. If, then, it be inexpedient to make this discrimination against Great Britain, how is it less so, when directed against France? We are to admit British and exclude the French.
  100. Poindexter said it was not his object to exclude deliberation by his motion; as the day for its third reading might be fixed a fortnight hence, if the gentleman from Georgia wished it.
  1. By not selectively excluding any other truth.
  2. Glory to God, he said 'those ones', excluding me.
  3. Excluding items, the company would have earned $2.
  4. However, excluding the rich, the powerful, and the.
  5. Well, clean excluding a few minor public intoxications.
  6. We are wasting a great national resource by excluding.
  7. Of course, other income, excluding business profits, of 3.
  8. Excluding the latter the figure for 1921 would have been $11.
  9. A four hundred and eighty pound hit excluding the one hundred and.
  10. God is not excluding you from this equation – He is including you.
  11. Krishn reminds Arjun of the vital need of excluding from the mind all.
  12. Things were going great excluding the fact that her jeans were somehow.
  13. Excluding firms in the financial sector (insurance, banks, brokerages etc.
  14. If this occurs, excluding transaction costs, the trader will break even:.
  15. It was best thing I'd seen in ages – and I'm not excluding Julianna from that.
  16. Our focus was not against whites excluding the few obnoxious long haired liberals.
  17. It is seventeen dollars and ninety nine cents for the buffet meal, excluding taxes.
  18. It seemed that conclusions came in pairs, not necessarily mutually excluding each other.
  19. The previous examples show a flat (excluding the index), normal, and inverted VIX curve.
  20. What becomes painfully obvious after reading the wisdom texts, and purposely excluding the.
  21. I study the history of the UBS Global Infrastructure Index, including and excluding utilities.
  22. The three areas of the brain involved in such activity (excluding our eyes) are the Auditory.
  23. The hostility was in the admission of the armed vessels of one, and excluding those of the other.
  24. Excluding transaction costs, the profit for the entire position will be equal to the dividend of 1.
  25. Some routines out there are ‘compound-only’ zones, excluding the so-called 'inferior' isolation.
  26. For this reason the peasants have no cause for excluding clerical persons, as the County Councils do.
  27. We include it in the Pareto set and compare the rest of the elements with it excluding all dominated ones.
  28. The House resumed the consideration of the bill excluding foreign seamen from the service of the United States.
  29. The earnings are thus seen to be three times as large excluding Cushman’s as they were including Cushman’s.
  30. Excluding dividends, the value of the roll is the difference between the discounted values of the exercise price.
  31. Nugget, Spice and I were the only three non-family members that attended excluding The Don’s business associates.
  32. Normally, companies can collect more than 90 percent of their accounts receivable, excluding some doubtful accounts.
  33. Herr Dremmel gazed at her a moment, and then made a stately, excluding, but entirely kindly movement with his right hand.
  34. Therefore, he lashed out by excluding them from the services—as well as most of Marilyn’s other friends in show business.
  35. In the case of 99 Cent Only Stores, the ROIC excluding cash was much higher than the ROIC including cash, as shown in Table 5.
  36. The boy’ s muscular shoulder came between Ralph and Annet, his stance protecting the girl and at the same time excluding Ralph.
  37. Excluding negatives makes existance happens simply on calling perfect ideas that belong to one perception distinguished in purity.
  38. This third method of enslaving men is also very old, and comes into operation with the former two without entirely excluding them.
  39. Suboptimal elements are those that are optimal for the set derived from the initial one by excluding Pareto-optimal elements from it.
  40. He hoped that would erase any thought of excluding him from where he knew that he had to be if he was to have any chance to warn her.
  41. And this is a situation in which an excluding Parent can ‘block out’ the child or an Excluding Child can ‘block out’ the Parent.
  42. Due to this selection bias, I might overstate returns by excluding hyperinflated and/or defaulted markets that fell out of my universe.
  43. By any measure, the Confederacy and Confederates (excluding the many southerners forced to fight against their will) were simply traitors.
  44. But now I don't know what to think, because they've been awful to Kristen, excluding Skye because she didn't know what was going on either.
  45. To claim to want to help other people, while automatically excluding billions of poor from that category is a hypocrisy beyond description.
  46. More likely, I may understate returns by excluding many emerging currencies (that performed especially well) as well as former EMU currencies.
  47. It reaches the completeness of attendance of the income and wealth generation for all the citizens of those countries, without excluding anybody.
  48. The circumstance he alluded to was the resolution for excluding from American ports the ships of war not of Great Britain, but of the belligerents.
  49. Tom and Louise saddled five of the horses, one for each of them, excluding O’Hara who was staying to guard the stash, and two extra for their parents.
  50. How can this be called love? If the only way you can express love is in secret, excluding everyone else, then it is not love; it is a travesty of Love.
  51. As far as we can tell in mid-2012, corporations, in general (perhaps excluding depository institutions), probably have never been more strongly financed.
  52. Diffuse light will boost the production of plant energy, since the light will bend around corners to attain the lower leaves, excluding the upper canopy.
  53. But there can be no doubt that embryonic, excluding larval characters, are of the highest value for classification, not only with animals but with plants.
  54. She was still standing in the black frame of the doorway, her merry eyes noting each detail of the room within, still excluding her father from the place.
  55. These individual thoughts will always seek to separate itself from others (by including oneself with a particular group but excluding itself from another).
  56. However, excluding the mean reversion argument (on which empirical evidence is weak), standard finance theory says that dollar cost averaging is suboptimal.
  57. As for the latter, from early morning she had taken decisive measures, by completely excluding the General from her presence, and bestowing upon him not a glance.
  58. He had discovered somewhat to his surprise that the cruelest thing that could happen to a human – excluding torture – was to deprive them of their social ties.
  59. The whole trouble lies in that people think that there are conditions excluding the necessity of love in their intercourse with man, but such conditions do not exist.
  60. This is reason sufficient for not going beyond the letter of the agreement; which however I will consent to do, by admitting instead of excluding British armed vessels.
  61. On 21st March, 1799, she issued a proclamation declaring the United Provinces in a state of blockade, and thereby excluding neutral commerce without any actual investment.
  62. This effectively hedged his profits and locked in gains of nearly 50 percent, excluding his 15 percent dividend yield and the premium income he got writing puts and calls.
  63. Our Project economizes those trillion dollars annually and it generates socioeconomic power to benefit the immense Chinese population, without excluding absolutely anybody.
  64. The bank also stated that it expected to expend up to $975 million toward the development of such projects, excluding capitalized interest, over a period of 10 to 20 years.
  65. Therefore if it is in fact true that five out of six American voters think that incumbents should be evicted, excluding their own incumbent, the exercise becomes meaningless.
  66. Best/average/worst time complexity of the algorithm: Time complexity is (roughly) the amount of time the algorithm takes to complete, excluding coefficients and lower order terms.
  67. The double bottom in late July is a good reminder to not succumb to the temptation of excluding any lows because the second low on July 25th is the low that completes the puzzle.
  68. Excluding such cases of abrupt variations, the few which remain would at best constitute, if found in a state of nature, doubtful species, closely related to their parental types.
  69. Twitter Advanced Search enables you to perform a more detailed search by excluding certain words or phrases, do a local search, and search for tweets to and from a specific person.
  70. As to the difficulty of excluding their products and manufactures, it is very possible that we may not be able to do it entirely, but I am satisfied that we shall do it essentially.
  71. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed.
  72. This rule is very clear, and excluding from it can be only the case when the particle Yin moves by inertia (and, therefore, has the Field of Repulsion, that becomes Yang on the move).
  73. Avender is also a mitotic that helps to regulate the cell division and cell growth, resulting in lessening the risk of endometrial cell growing in other part of the body, excluding the.
  74. Such gruel sustains life here, I thought; so, shutting my eyes, and excluding the motes by a skilfully directed undercurrent, I drank to genuine hospitality the heartiest draught I could.
  75. This may, no doubt, give encouragement to some particular class of workmen among ourselves, and, by excluding some of their rivals, may enable them to raise their price in the home market.
  76. When adopting our Project, the Country becomes internationally great political and economic potency, besides propitiating total well-being to its people, without excluding absolutely anybody.
  77. Pyotr Stepanovitch, seeing his object, expressed the opinion that there was more sense in one line of some manifestoes than in a whole government department, not even excluding yours, maybe.
  78. An honorable gentleman told us an hundred millions were saved by having the embargo, a sum nearly equal to the whole exports of the United States for one year, excluding the capital employed.
  79. This was precisely why I wasn't looking forward to the trip (excluding the fact that we were possibly going to meet a hostile vampire) —airports are too busy, too crowded and too stressful.
  80. In 2009, excluding the $305 million in revenue it earned from marketing and reservations, Choice Hotels generated close to $250 million in revenue, which can easily cover these fixed expenses.
  81. It had taken longer than expected for most of them, excluding Thomas, to start changing, and perhaps this had led Miss Simone and all the parents to believe that the project was not going well.
  82. By 2011, Cheung Kong Holdings NAV had grown by 28 percent, and the market discount to NAV had narrowed to only 6 percent yielding nearly a 70 percent return on the investment excluding dividends.
  83. There are no drugs to deal with most of the viruses associated with CFS (excluding Homoeopathic Medicines), and indeed some of those present are not the cause of the illness but one of the effects.
  84. The investor following the fundamental finance approach and restricting his investments to heavily discounted securities would have netted an 83 percent return on his investment excluding dividends.
  85. But if, excluding the moral significance of submission and insubmission, we should consider nothing but the advantages, insubmission would in general always be more advantageous to us than submission.
  86. Rogers' beautiful map, I have estimated the areas by cutting out and weighing the paper, and I find that the metamorphic (excluding the "semi-metamorphic") and granite rocks exceed, in the proportion of 19 to 12.
  87. Many currencies that would later become part of the euro had higher yields than the DEM, so that excluding them biases the result downward by excluding EMU convergence trades, which—with hindsight—were profitable.
  88. In making this declaration I wish to be explicitly understood, as excluding every idea of charging that gentleman with having made statements which he did not believe, or with having given opinions he did not entertain.
  89. It generates results that cause bigger gains for the corporations with immense well-being for the whole population, without excluding anybody (something impossible of happening in the capitalism, communism or socialism).
  90. Contacted by the Fullerton Daily News Tribune after Barker’s testimony Roger remained convinced that the Watergate break-in had a national security angle to it, without excluding the possibility of political motives.
  91. It was his duty to keep up and to defend, by external measures, not excluding violence, that Church which, by its own declaration, was established by God Himself and could not be shaken by the gates of hell nor by anything human.
  92. The new systematics measures and it transforms its potentiality in effective wealth so that the African continent becomes the barn of the world so much cultural as economically, without excluding any of its citizens of this benefit.
  93. He was preparing to transfer his management of the Bank, and to give up any active control of other commercial affairs in the neighborhood, on the ground of his failing health, but without excluding his future resumption of such work.
  94. Canning, as to excluding the vessels of one belligerent and receiving those of the other, according to the mode proposed by the amendment, without the sentence moved to be admitted to it, it will in fact be agreeing to go to war with France.
  95. Its application generates billion of opportunities for generation of income with distributary justice, as well as the production of products or services with quality, completeness and ecological conscience, without excluding any human being.
  96. In simple buying or selling transactions (excluding spreading and hedging, which we will get to in a minute) the buyer is willing to part with the money because he believes the asset will offer him more value in the future than the money he gave up.
  97. For one thousand years excluding fifty good ones, our Master Noah kept inviting his people to Al'lah caring of nothing against their opposition, to that, the Noble Verse refers, God says: {and he stayed among them a thousand years save fifty good ones.
  98. These expressed articulations are not about excluding every facet from all ‘faiths,’ ‘politics’, religions and ‘cultures’ from the complex mix that manufacture human attitudes, values and beliefs and subsequent behaviours and speech content.
  99. For their own particular section of the union, a State legislature may thus provide for the protection of capital, engaged in enterprise of uncommon risk, as well as of uncommon usefulness, without excluding other and better inventions, should they arise.
  100. The monopoly of the colony trade, on the contrary, by excluding the competition of other nations, and thereby raising the rate of profit, both in the new market and in the new employment, draws produce from the old market, and capital from the old employment.
  1. It annoyed her to be excluded.
  2. He excluded Noah and his family.
  3. Present company excluded, of course.
  4. His policy excluded taking federal grants.
  5. Excluded are, for instance, riding horses.
  6. The Elf and Denalin were overtly excluded.
  7. She was the first, she should not be excluded.
  8. Our own law excluded us from France and Italy.
  9. One of these straight lines excluded the other.
  10. Austria was specifically excluded from this union.
  11. Everyone can participate in this, no one is excluded.
  12. They excluded the part where Ailia had seen the boys.
  13. However, if Mariam were excluded from the choice, I.
  14. One implication was that Russia would not be excluded.
  15. Question: In such a case is the third person excluded?
  16. He called a meeting of the camp and excluded the riders.
  17. The licensing inspectors had excluded it from their beat.
  18. Great administrators, too, are excluded from the school's.
  19. Some foods are completely excluded as they are rich in toxins.
  20. And don’t think for a minute that you would be excluded, either.
  21. The social shame and stigma of being excluded from normal society.
  22. He’d been excluded from family activities in the rest of the house.
  23. In Ephesus, the Christian pastors, as a body, excluded such teachers.
  24. People with conflicts of interest at the NIH would be excluded from.
  25. Other examinations and tests excluded the correlation of such changes.
  26. It is interesting to note that men are mostly excluded from such clubs.
  27. One thing was for sure though, their relationship excluded expectations.
  28. This is where I got excluded from the project - until now, Sam said.
  29. The British navy kept them at home, and we excluded English vessels only.
  30. Of course, they excluded established criminals and conscientious objectors.
  31. The real representative organization, Indian National Congress, was excluded.
  32. As always she resented being excluded from the only conversation that mattered.
  33. The Apocrypha is simply and literally meaning: "things hidden away" to be excluded.
  34. They don't all have special abilities or talents which are excluded from you or me.
  35. Copper theft is more prevalent in lower income areas, but no neighborhood is excluded.
  36. This pattern has been excluded from most of the statistical testing in later chapters.
  37. Our literary women are not ornamental, and are skillfully excluded from drawing rooms.
  38. Republicans were excluded from any participation whatsoever in any of these proceedings.
  39. When she doesn’t, we feel excluded, and do absolutely anything to see her beam again.
  40. Clearly there was a lot happening and Nick had been excluded from whatever was going on.
  41. Whilst she gets all our commerce, her enemy is wholly excluded from any participation in it.
  42. And it was from all this that Eve had been excluded by the whim of a narrow-minded old lady.
  43. It is to be regretted that lack of spacehas excluded an account of the literatures of other.
  44. They were strangers to the covenants of promise and excluded from the commonwealth of Israel.
  45. There was a party that night, as he remembered, and no reasonable way they could be excluded.
  46. Meryl has organized a trip to Sydney, but you cant come, you and the kids have been excluded.
  47. It generates wealth to the countries, even those underdeveloped countries or totally excluded.
  48. He was by now livid at being excluded from the decision to suspend the health and safety work.
  49. Unless then you make haste to do rightly the tower will be completed and you will be excluded.
  50. The letters continue in order, with letters that may be misconstrued as numbers being excluded.
  51. One of the rules of traditional logic was that of "the excluded middle" - either something was.
  52. I believe that he excluded blacks when he obligated all Christians to obey the Great Commission.
  53. Rapp had modified his radio to constantly transmit on the frequency Gould had been excluded from.
  54. Paradoxically, the excluded people accomplish indirect investment of the money that doesn’t have.
  55. In countries where rabies has been excluded, there is still a risk of other infections from a bile.
  56. Rose came into this country, French ships of war were freely admitted; English ships were excluded.
  57. In Canada the government published a list of recommended foods recently which excluded meat products.
  58. I know not why, but I recalled a detail of excluded sound: I had not heard my scampering of running.
  59. Not even the poorest beggar or the smallest child would think they were excluded from his compassion.
  60. Such contingent bond interest will therefore be excluded from the net deductions or the fixed charges.
  61. Churches, and a couple of other earlier excluded additions, but it appears that all of the text below.
  62. At that moment the parting was easy to bear: the first sense of loving and being loved excluded sorrow.
  63. Sarah and Mandy weren't in any way excluded from having plenty of face time with the cherub themselves.
  64. Nobody but mere merchants could be admitted; a restriction which excluded all shop-keepers and retailers.
  65. From that room, too, the daylight was completely excluded, and it had an airless smell that was oppressive.
  66. On some of the eminences, for a considerable extent, vegetation is entirely excluded by an iron-bound soil.
  67. I felt slightly excluded from the festivities, but didn't mind as all my thoughts were focused on Desiree'.
  68. Excluded and totally disinterested, Caroline noticed a potential new friend strolling onto the dock and left.
  69. These different ways are mutually exclusive, that is, if one of these events occurs, the others are excluded.
  70. Some states protect spouses and grandchildren under the theory that they have been omitted rather than excluded.
  71. Bodfield Hooper, in support of similar opinions, is excluded from the best modern editions of Josephus as spurious.
  72. As the Plant Manager, the man responsible of all production planning and plant safety, he was livid at being excluded.
  73. Now, the non-importation act is not in force, her ships are permitted to enter our waters, and those of France excluded.
  74. Hence, I was excluded from the trial in hopes that if a miracle occurred and Bob somehow got off, I would stay with him.
  75. This avoids survivorship bias, which occurs when failed companies are excluded from studies because they no longer exist.
  76. Add Southern consumption then excluded from commercial crop statement, but included since the war 1,261,892–28,797,841.
  77. Rogozhinsky expressed disapproval at the state of things that excluded murder in a duel from the ordinary criminal offences.
  78. They are rotten to the core and unless you hold out your hand with the rest of them then you are excluded from everything.
  79. It has become a bad custom because some people are treated as ‘lower’ than others and are excluded from certain activities.
  80. That is all well and good for the UTC minions, but totally excluded all non-UTC employees both for cost and lost work reasons.
  81. And when I say twenty five receipts, we’ve excluded over thirty which we’ve deemed could, conceivably, be business related.
  82. Nevertheless, it does not create any difficulties if combinations with negative expected profits are excluded from consideration.
  83. It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
  84. They apparently went about their tasks with a single mindedness that excluded deeper contemplation of their artistic surroundings.
  85. Furthermore, suboptimal points can also be excluded from the initial set to define next suboptimal elements among the remaining ones.
  86. What is included, excluded, data accessed from other applications, interface with hardware, etc are identified and boundary is fixed.
  87. What happens to killers and rapists? Just a neutral limbo where their punishment consists of merely being excluded from the grace of heaven.
  88. There were many other scriptures that were excluded, but in my opinion, some of them contained more enlightenment than the ones included.
  89. Yes, and since every relationship is a table and every table a shared space to be invited or excluded from, she raised her hand again.
  90. Ignatius Nikiforovitch expressed his disapproval of the condition of things which excluded the killing in a duel from the category of crimes.
  91. MITCH Rapp made a show of activating his throat mike, though in fact he was constantly transmitting on the frequency Gould had been excluded from.
  92. Great Britain had, by a pretended blockade, excluded us from entering the ports of Holland, France, Italy, and their West and East India colonies.
  93. Under his escort she went tardily forward to the main front, whose shuttered windows, like sightless eyeballs, excluded the possibility of watchers.
  94. In those prehistoric times, IU’s Marching Band, like those of other Big Ten football factories, excluded women from marching, just concerts, etc.
  95. Also, we utilized economic and political force of billion of excluded people to exhibit that everything is possible when we changed the systematics.
  96. Since it is linear movement that is also the circular movement ΠΠ2 that launches Π the value of 7 can never be excluded from the factor forming Π.
  97. If the space was nothing all possibility of future occupation will become excluded by the presence of zero that is unable ever to include occupation.
  98. Adam knew that, but the pathological sense of self he had of being special meant he was excluded from the rules and more to the point, he was entitled.
  99. It was one of those feature cases that captivate worldwide attention, but prejudice and corruption had excluded him from the team assigned to the case.
  100. If fine adjustment of the restrictor in this arrangement is achieved one gear pair might be excluded from the arrangement to largely simplify the device.
  1. Actual infinity automatically excludes finiteness.
  2. That is, it excludes staircases, furnace, laundry, etc.
  3. It excludes the very ecosystems that we are dependent upon.
  4. Your law excludes him because his invention is known and in use.
  5. It is automatically a lie; by its own definition of what it excludes.
  6. It totally excludes hate and other negative sentiments and intentions.
  7. For example, shoplist[:-1] will return a slice of the sequence which excludes the.
  8. This number excludes the coastline of a large number of islands around the continent.
  9. It is politics that only gives you one shot and that excludes you forever when you fall.
  10. It excludes not only the intangible assets but the fixed and miscellaneous assets as well.
  11. First, the nonbattle death figure excludes those who died while interned, captured, or MIA.
  12. Self-sustainability is the epitome of ownership, it excludes, by necessity, the collective.
  13. A more disturbing criticism is who PEPFAR largely excludes because of its focus on abstinence.
  14. But it is said, that the enumeration of certain powers excludes all other powers not enumerated.
  15. The CPI is sometimes broken down further into the Core CPI, which excludes items like food and energy.
  16. It appears to me that the latter restriction excludes most emphatically the construction contended for.
  17. The NYT excludes mention of race in instances where the exclusion promotes their private political agenda.
  18. I require at least 30-year histories, so this comparison excludes hedge funds, private equity, timber, etc.
  19. They are face to face with a dilemma: the Sermon on the Mount or the Nicene creed; the one excludes the other.
  20. Screening excludes certain securities from investment consideration based on social and/or environmental criteria.
  21. The Army says that it is still studying those terms and conditions of enrolment, but that the order excludes the Navy.
  22. The law of reprisal had nothing to do with the affair, and the confiscation of our property excludes the idea of restoration.
  23. David consoled them by saying that whatever you call soul, you couldn’t possibly find a definition that excludes animals.
  24. But this narrow human based value system excludes the rest of the earth and all of its other inhabitants as if they do not even exist.
  25. The human society excludes the people instead of including all its human beings in the social breast to live with dignity and comfort.
  26. The profession of true Christianity not only excludes the possibility of recognizing the state, but even destroys its very foundations.
  27. The profession of true Christianity not only excludes the possibility of recognizing government, but even destroys its very foundations.
  28. This last, of course, excludes those dismal slave parties, whipped and controlled and dominated, given by ogreish professional hostesses.
  29. Every Church, with its doctrines of redemption and salvation, and above all, the Orthodox faith, with its idolatry, excludes the doctrine of Christ.
  30. In the same way, materialistic scientists confronted with objective phenomena try to fit them into their pre-conceived worldview, which a priori excludes astrology and magic.
  31. This one-dimensional view of management appraisal excludes other areas that are the purview of management including their abilities as investors (deal makers) and financiers.
  32. He says the instructions were made known in substance—an expression which from its very terms excludes the idea of being made known in full extent; and that it is true, as Mr.
  33. Also in Delaware courts, fair value excludes consideration of values arising out of the merger itself; in effect, do not consider or weigh what the deal might be worth to the buyer.
  34. This company, like a few others, still excludes its sales and depreciation figures from its reports to stockholders, but this important information is available in the annual reports to the S.
  35. Congress must amend the HITECH Act, which offers financial incentives to physicians and hospitals for implementing electronic records, but currently excludes behavioral health providers from those incentives.
  36. Every people is only a people so long as it has its own god and excludes all other gods on earth irreconcilably; so long as it believes that by its god it will conquer and drive out of the world all other gods.
  37. Christian art (basing itself on a religious perception which demands the union of man), excludes from the domain of art good in subject-matter everything transmitting exclusive feelings, which do not unite but divide men.
  38. Yet, on the contrary, if he excludes from his life all that is forbidden by Al’lah he will succeed and win, since he whose life is not preordained to be over, will not be killed by a catastrophe however severe it may be.
  39. Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy -- the man whose idealism excludes facts and the materialist who is devoid of spiritual outlook.
  40. They marvel why annually sixty thousand suicides are committed in Europe, and those only the ones that are recorded, which excludes Russia and Turkey; but what we ought to marvel at is not that there are so many suicides, but so few.
  41. Ahab's boat was central; and cheering his men, he told them he would take the whale head-and-head,—that is, pull straight up to his forehead,—a not uncommon thing; for when within a certain limit, such a course excludes the coming onset from the whale's sidelong vision.
  42. There are two reasons why this might be so: First, Fama and French allowed microcap stocks that What Works on Wall Street excludes, and second, as mentioned earlier, the Fama and French data look at the lowest 30 percent by price-to-book value (essentially deciles 1, 2, and 3 combined.
  43. It is simply a declaration of the causes of the disavowal, so far from including the obnoxious idea of a knowledge in our Government of the incompetency of Erskine's powers, that in a manner it excludes that idea, by enumerating violation of instructions and want of authority as the only causes of the disavowal.
  44. It excludes from our waters, ports, and harbors, all their vessels, public and private; it excludes from our country all their products and manufactures; and forbids our citizens to debase and degrade their country by a commercial intercourse which would stain and pollute them with the payment of an ignominious tribute to a foreign nation.
  45. It not only excludes as much as possible all other countries from one particular market, but it confines as much as possible the colonies to one particular market; and the difference is very great between being excluded from one particular market when all others are open, and being confined to one particular market when all others are shut up.
  46. He observed that society unpardoningly excludes two classes of men,—those who attack it and those who guard it; he had no choice except between these two classes; at the same time, he was conscious of an indescribable foundation of rigidity, regularity, and probity, complicated with an inexpressible hatred for the race of bohemians whence he was sprung.
  47. The attempt to set up a serve of death, which excludes the idea of destruction, is a departure from the analogy supplied throughout nature, and requires for its establishment something much more forcible than the uninspired assertion of our opponents, that life in relation to man’s religious state and prospects, signifies only union with God and that his death eternal signifies only endless misery.
  48. Farebrother was silent for a minute or more, and then, as they turned and paused under the shadow of a maple at the end of a grassy walk, said, I understand that you resist any attempt to fetter you, but either your feeling for Fred Vincy excludes your entertaining another attachment, or it does not: either he may count on your remaining single until he shall have earned your hand, or he may in any case be disappointed.
  49. The price inelasticity of tobacco products, however, excludes the likelihood that prohibitatory pricing measures will either condition or limit consumption; which is what most of our politicians are relying on! Were our political leaders genuinely committed to eliminating this (proven) toxin from the marketplace, cigarettes and other tobacco products, like other potentially harmful drugs, would have been de-legalized years ago.
  50. The NUU-VVU-Forms focused by Us are formed from innumerable different-qualitative parts that structure VVU-Configurations of many other Proto-Forms and represent only compilations of all possible Forms (that is, borrowing of various creative possibilities) that seek to develop on higher-qualitative Levels, to a higher (which is intermediate though) state of their Self-Consciousness that excludes focusing in any biological Forms.
  51. The churches are confronted with a dilemma,—the Sermon on the Mount, or the Nicene Creed,—one excludes the other: if a man sincerely believes in the Sermon on the Mount, the Nicene Creed, and with it the church and its representatives, inevitably lose all meaning and significance for him; but if a man believes in the Nicene Creed, that is, in the church, that is, in those who call themselves its representatives, the Sermon on the Mount will become superfluous to him.
  52. The Church as a church, whether it be Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, or Presbyterian, or any denomination whatsoever, inasmuch as it is a church, cannot help striving after the same object as the Russian Church—namely, to conceal the true meaning of the doctrine of Christ, and to substitute a meaning of its own, which imposes no obligations, which excludes the possibility of understanding the true, living doctrine of Christ, and which above all justifies the existence of a priesthood living at the expense of the people.

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