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    1. As in the one case they exclude many people from his employment, so in the other they exclude him from many employments

    2. It was upon this silly notion, however, that England could not subsist without the Portugal trade, that, towards the end of the late war, France and Spain, without pretending either offence or provocation, required the king of Portugal to exclude all British ships from his ports, and, for the security of this exclusion, to receive into them French or Spanish garrisons

    3. You should exclude all other ideas

    4. Other countries, however, notwithstanding all the invidious restraints by which it is meant to exclude them, frequently enjoy a greater share of the real benefit of it

    5. It is to sell the one as dear, and to buy the other as cheap as possible, and consequently to exclude, as much as possible, all rivals from the particular market where they keep their shop

    6. There is also no supernatural evidence that can be found within the Evolution Theory and the promoters of the Theory want people to exclude any ideas of the supernatural

    7. But she put it down to his friendliness and good manners, not wanting to exclude her from the conversation

    8. Irrespective of the teachings of most modern American philosophers (I of course exclude Ayn Rand and Robert Nozik), they do exist

    9. Pardon me if I exclude, purposely, the denizens of the Queer Nation and their followers

    10. I purposely exclude equality

    11. “It was an estimate,” he said, “based on the conversion rate of the general population and the number that we could exclude from consideration

    12. We knew for certain that all those we exclude have no chance of survival

    13. But maybe it has also tended to exclude other perspectives when it comes to personal faith

    14. Faith, as he now saw in his enlightened mind, did not exclude logic or slave men to a body of lies, a life of unhappiness and endless toil

    15. “With the decline of the pagan religions around the time of Christ, a conscious movement to syncretize (smoothly merge) all religions was in progress…In the early years of Christianity, only loose boundaries were formed between the Church and contemporary cults; the syncretic movement did not exclude the new faith, nor did the Christian community fail to absorb elements from foreign beliefs

    16. industry Act, currently has 113 cosponsors and was introduced to “(1) exclude from the definition of the

    17. “The name of a many-sided movement in the 1st and 2nd centuries of the Christian era which combined the mythology and symbolism of several pagan religions with the teachings of Christ…had two characteristic features: a metaphysical dualism of matter and spirit whose origins are to be found in the physical dualism of darkness and light in the Parsic (or Persian) religion; and a doctrine of redemption, by which those who devote themselves to gnosis, or a higher knowledge, may proceed from the former to the latter realm…Much of Gnostic literature was falsely ascribed to such authors as the disciples of Jesus, Jewish prophets, heroes of antiquity, or imaginary personages…With the decline of the pagan religions around the time of Christ, a conscious movement to syncretize (attempt to smoothly unite) all religions was in progress…In the early years of Christianity, only loose boundaries were formed between the Church and contemporary cults; the syncretic movement did not exclude the new faith, nor did Christianity fail to absorb elements of foreign beliefs

    18. Therefore, I can’t exclude its benefit

    19. “Tell them that a new political system will soon be formed that will exclude them from representation

    20. “Well, he should have a brain wave test to exclude a seizure disorder

    21. The elites would simply create new rules and continue to exclude

    22. This rational explanation of rebirth and karma doesn't necessarily exclude the traditional view

    23. As the council we will need to keep our connection, but it would not be polite to completely exclude him,” I said to the others, who were watching intently through me

    24. 22 Blessed are you when men shall hate you and when they shall exclude and mock you and throw out your name as evil for the Son of Man's sake

    25. the unwanted third party, or to eliminate the need to exclude the other! In

    26. This is a new type of wisdom that, while it does not exclude

    27. more complicated, because it will not be possible to exclude a need for sexual

    28. sources that exclude the risk of using illegally logged timber and/or are

    29. This is clearly correct since how can anyone truthfully say they have not been influenced by something which they cannot be consciously aware of? The unfortunate consequence of this was that the Judge felt that none of the evidence given by the BBC staff could wholly exclude the possibility of subconscious copying

    30. The question is then: why wait all this time for a pension, living a life full of sacrifices with the nightmare of an unworthy ending, due to a physical exhaustion that inevitably would exclude us from the productive context?

    31. This process starts early when young boys taunt gírls and exclude them from their play,

    32. As they made their final approach into the harbour, he could see a floating boom that had been constructed around the harbour entrance in an attempt to exclude the worst of the floating red scum, but with limited success

    33. But I wouldn’t exclude them

    34. That’s why I don’t want to exclude the humans

    35. Conservative ideologies do not seem to exclude racism

    36. Every one of these people may have had romantic love in mind, but we can’t exclude this addiction to marriage idea, either

    37. It was obvious from their age and their stature that they were not the Underwoods in their present form though she could not exclude the possibility of these figures representing them in their older years

    38. “In my opinion, it would be better to exclude him from the course and put him out to grass

    39. “What we really need is a mesh screen over the ends of the tubes to let water in, but fine enough to exclude the fish” suggested Bill

    40. Although this in itself did not exclude any option, it was more likely the threat was from prison guards or an organized group

    41. Had they been enumerated, it would be proper to exclude them from the capital denominator because they

    42. treat their friends and members of their clique, and exclude other kids

    43. That way it will be easy to exclude the commercial firms from any

    44. “Now, I have decided to exclude Alicia for two days because of this incident, and I hope that you will be able to persuade her to say sorry to the other girl, so that we can see regret for her action

    45. In this model, we can’t exclude humanity

    46. She did not have any rigors but that did not exclude malaria

    47. The patient should always be advised to have a gastroscopy to exclude other causes of gastric pain such as gastric polyps and cancer

    48. He will be advised to have blood tests to exclude other sexually transmitted diseases

    49. Normally you would want to exclude any corporation which does not have

    50. This will help cut down the number as some will exclude themselves

    1. There was a party that night, as he remembered, and no reasonable way they could be excluded

    2. He called a meeting of the camp and excluded the riders

    3. Sarah and Mandy weren't in any way excluded from having plenty of face time with the cherub themselves

    4. The wool of Scotland fell very considerably in its price in consequence of the union with England, by which it was excluded from the great market of Europe, and confined to the narrow one of Great Britain

    5. strictly that ‘we’ excluded Tanker, but I was proved wrong and

    6. have to be excluded presently

    7. The Elf and Denalin were overtly excluded

    8. Such drawbacks cannot force into this trade a greater share of the capital of the country than what would have gone to it of its own accord, had there been no duties upon importation; they only prevent its being excluded altogether by those duties

    9. Though Britain were entirely excluded from the Portugal trade, it could find very little difficulty in procuring all the annual supplies of gold which it wants, either for the purposes of plate, or of coin, or of foreign trade

    10. It not only excludes as much as possible all other countries from one particular market, but it confines as much as possible the colonies to one particular market; and the difference is very great between being excluded from one particular market when all others are open, and being confined to one particular market when all others are shut up

    11. In the trade, therefore, to which those regulations confine the merchant of Hamburg, his capital can keep in constant employment a much greater quantity of German industry than he possibly could have done in the trade from which he is excluded

    12. The greater part of that nation are thereby not only excluded from a trade to which it might be convenient for them to turn some part of their stock, but are obliged to buy the goods which that trade deals in somewhat dearer than if it was open and free to all their countrymen

    13. Since the establishment of the English East India company, for example, the other inhabitants of England, over and above being excluded from the trade, must have paid, in the price of the East India goods which they have consumed, not only for all the extraordinary profits which the company may have made upon those goods in consequence of their monopoly, but for all the

    14. If, without any exclusive company, the trade of Holland to the East Indies would be greater than it actually is, that country must suffer a considerable loss, by part of its capital being excluded from the employment most convenient for that port

    15. In order to render provisions cheap to the inhabitants of the towns, and thereby to encourage manufactures and foreign commerce, he prohibited altogether the exportation of corn, and thus excluded the inhabitants of the country from every foreign market, for by far the most important part of the produce of their industry

    16. Even in those states where no such prohibition took place, as in Rome and Athens, the great body of the people were in effect excluded from all the trades which are now commonly exercised by the lower sort of the inhabitants of towns

    17. Nobody but mere merchants could be admitted; a restriction which excluded all shop-keepers and retailers

    18. By another bye-law, no person living within twenty miles of London, and not free of the city, could be admitted a member ; another restriction which, joined to the foregoing, necessarily excluded all but the freemen of London

    19. gay man were always a good bet - but not to this extent, where he felt excluded

    20. Any private company that wants to do business with State has to be black owned or it will be excluded regardless of its experience, leading to massive corruption as seen in the process of constructing the 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadiums and numerous other reported cases

    21. Remember that in contrast with the rest of the world, this hiring injustice is perpetrated on a minority community who are now being wholly excluded from businesses, the professions, and general employment

    22. A brief but unseemly episode marred the otherwise well-conducted ceremony when Scovel, angry at being excluded by Shafter’s ban on the press, scaled the roof of the Palace in order to appear in photographs of the flag-raising

    23. Remember that in contrast with the rest of the world this is done to a numerical smaller community who is now being excluded in business, the professions and employment (same as the Jews were in Nazi Germany but for very different reasons)

    24. defined, would be excluded from receiving SS benefits regardless of much these individuals have contributed to the system over the years

    25. She saw, all right! She saw that she was being used and excluded from something lucrative involving the horses, but what was it, anyhow? Was Mike trafficking perhaps? He hardly seemed capable

    26. Excluded and totally disinterested, Caroline noticed a potential new friend strolling onto the dock and left

    27. It was one of those feature cases that captivate worldwide attention, but prejudice and corruption had excluded him from the team assigned to the case

    28. And don’t think for a minute that you would be excluded, either

    29. The state-owned grandiose and expensive infrastructures of the countries, international aid organizations and the organizations of the Third Sector of the civil society (non-profit) seek to solve serious social problems that last long per millenniums, however they don’t obtain the definitive solution to the human beings’ basic necessities that become excluded in its majority for imposition of the perverse existent socioeconomic model in the world that privileges minorities and it impedes that all the citizens live with dignity and well-being in any country

    30. Also, we utilized economic and political force of billion of excluded people to exhibit that everything is possible when we changed the systematics

    31. when it is adopted in block by the nonprofit organizations ( Third Sector) or for own excluded people ( Last Sector)

    32. With that, it corrects the flaw of the current economic model, generating income mainly for the billion of excluded human beings through the passive activities or active activities that exist in any country, without breaking its economy, without any capital loss or work and without there is vinculum to the employment

    33. Be persistent, act with motivation, because approximately 80% of the humanity are composed of excluded people that depend exclusively on your dedication and altruistic wish of solving your problem and indirectly of the other people

    34. Adam knew that, but the pathological sense of self he had of being special meant he was excluded from the rules and more to the point, he was entitled

    35. This strategy is the largest challenge, so much for XUSING Project’s sponsor, as for all the excluded people that act in the new Coordenational Structure because the process begins of the nothingness, besides the people receive knowledge and practice of the new methodology to practice all the activities with new behavioural style and ecological conscience, liberating them of the contamination or addictions of the current socioeconomic system

    36. It utilizes the potentiality of the Last Sector, that is, does with that billion excluded people in the world join to solve its own problems through this new systematics and organizational structure

    37. With that, paradoxically the own excluded people solve its survival problems and security, they leave the informality, they leverage economic production of the country and simultaneously they contribute to the accumulation power and utilization of the wealth

    38. As those excluded people are billion; there is great potentiality to transform part of the received aids in monetary amount and organizational resources for the people to participate and to generate the autosustainable wealth

    39. Paradoxically, the excluded people accomplish indirect investment of the money that doesn’t have

    40. For years, I neglected all social contacts, hiding in my black hole of fears, and I feel that they felt excluded from our lives and probably somewhat hurt by it

    41. It generates wealth to the countries, even those underdeveloped countries or totally excluded

    42. His policy excluded taking federal grants

    43. Of course, they excluded established criminals and conscientious objectors

    44. What is included, excluded, data accessed from other applications, interface with hardware, etc are identified and boundary is fixed

    45. Present company excluded

    46. Republicans were excluded from any participation whatsoever in any of these proceedings

    47. comes within its focus of awareness and nothing is excluded

    48. excluded as contributing to a DNA profile, then you could say the blood

    49. Hence, I was excluded from the trial in hopes that if a miracle occurred and Bob somehow got off, I would stay with him

    50. That is all well and good for the UTC minions, but totally excluded all non-UTC employees both for cost and lost work reasons

    1. spend this time learning the truth about God’s healing, which excludes

    2. It totally excludes hate and other negative sentiments and intentions

    3. It not only excludes as much as possible all other countries from one particular market, but it confines as much as possible the colonies to one particular market; and the difference is very great between being excluded from one particular market when all others are open, and being confined to one particular market when all others are shut up

    4. The price inelasticity of tobacco products, however, excludes the likelihood that prohibitatory pricing measures will either condition or limit consumption; which is what most of our politicians are relying on! Were our political leaders genuinely committed to eliminating this (proven) toxin from the marketplace, cigarettes and other tobacco products, like other potentially harmful drugs, would have been de-legalized years ago

    5. A more disturbing criticism is who PEPFAR largely excludes because of its focus on abstinence

    6. The human society excludes the people instead of including all its human beings in the social breast to live with dignity and comfort

    7. The NYT excludes mention of race in instances where the exclusion promotes their private political agenda

    8. Wisdom embraces both the fact and the ideal and therefore saves its devotees from both of those barren extremes of philosophy -- the man whose idealism excludes facts and the materialist who is devoid of spiritual outlook

    9. periences in North America alone! Thirty million! And that of course excludes

    10. another excludes the presence of others

    11. ‘And besides, as Sir Stanley also pointed out, the disparity in size between Third’s feet and those prints automatically excludes him from having made them

    12. For example, shoplist[:-1] will return a slice of the sequence which excludes the

    13. It is politics that only gives you one shot and that excludes you forever when you fall

    14. The Army says that it is still studying those terms and conditions of enrolment, but that the order excludes the Navy

    15. web site, he then excludes all those who fall for the ploys of the

    16. In the same way, materialistic scientists confronted with objective phenomena try to fit them into their pre-conceived worldview, which a priori excludes astrology and magic

    17. ing yog who excludes all thoughts of external objects from his mind and

    18. Yet, on the contrary, if he excludes from his life all that is forbidden by Al’lah he will succeed and win, since he whose life is not preordained to be over, will not be killed by a catastrophe however severe it may be

    19. Self-sustainability is the epitome of ownership, it excludes, by necessity, the collective

    20. David consoled them by saying that whatever you call “soul”, you couldn’t possibly find a definition that excludes animals

    21. The NUU-VVU-Forms focused by Us are formed from innumerable different-qualitative parts that structure VVU-Configurations of many other Proto-Forms and represent only compilations of all possible Forms (that is, borrowing of various creative possibilities) that seek to develop on higher-qualitative Levels, to a higher (which is intermediate though) state of their Self-Consciousness that excludes focusing in any biological Forms

    22. Actual infinity automatically excludes finiteness

    23. But this narrow human based value system excludes the rest of the earth and all of its other inhabitants as if they do not even exist

    24. It excludes the very ecosystems that we are dependent upon

    25. It is automatically a lie; by its own definition of what it excludes

    26. excludes the tribe of Dan

    27. The attempt to set up a serve of death, which excludes the idea of destruction, is a departure from the analogy supplied throughout nature, and requires for its establishment something much more forcible than the uninspired assertion of our opponents, that life in relation to man’s religious state and prospects, signifies only union with God and that his death eternal signifies only endless misery

    28. This number excludes the coastline of a large number of islands around the continent

    29. poverty most commonly excludes it, by shutting up all the avenues to

    30. excludes, the idea of freshness, but of that clear, olive gloss, which

    31. First, the nonbattle death figure excludes those who died while interned, captured, or MIA

    32. Congress must amend the HITECH Act, which offers financial incentives to physicians and hospitals for implementing electronic records, but currently excludes behavioral health providers from those incentives

    33. ‘It is only those two creatures that I love, and one excludes the other

    34. Farebrother was silent for a minute or more, and then, as they turned and paused under the shadow of a maple at the end of a grassy walk, said, "I understand that you resist any attempt to fetter you, but either your feeling for Fred Vincy excludes your entertaining another attachment, or it does not: either he may count on your remaining single until he shall have earned your hand, or he may in any case be disappointed

    35. The CPI is sometimes broken down further into the Core CPI, which excludes items like food and energy

    36. It excludes not only the intangible assets but the fixed and miscellaneous assets as well

    37. 8 North American Company has been somewhat exceptional in that it consolidates only subsidiaries at least 75% owned and thus excludes two important companies in which its interest in 1939 was 73

    38. This company, like a few others, still excludes its sales and depreciation figures from its reports to stockholders, but this important information is available in the annual reports to the S

    39. This one-dimensional view of management appraisal excludes other areas that are the purview of management including their abilities as investors (deal makers) and financiers

    40. Also in Delaware courts, fair value excludes consideration of values arising out of the merger itself; in effect, do not consider or weigh what the deal might be worth to the buyer

    41. excludes the possibility that the increases in conditioned responding for food are

    42. and by the fact that this methodology is restricted to SNPs and excludes other

    43. He observed that society unpardoningly excludes two classes of men,—those who attack it and those who guard it; he had no choice except between these two classes; at the same time, he was conscious of an indescribable foundation of rigidity, regularity, and probity, complicated with an inexpressible hatred for the race of bohemians whence he was sprung

    44. I require at least 30-year histories, so this comparison excludes hedge funds, private equity, timber, etc

    45. There are two reasons why this might be so: First, Fama and French allowed microcap stocks that What Works on Wall Street excludes, and second, as mentioned earlier, the Fama and French data look at the lowest 30 percent by price-to-book value (essentially deciles 1, 2, and 3 combined

    46. Screening excludes certain securities from investment consideration based on social and/or environmental criteria

    47. 03 per diluted share, which excludes a $570 thousand, or $0

    48. This last, of course, excludes those dismal slave parties, whipped and controlled and dominated, given by ogreish professional hostesses

    49. Ahab's boat was central; and cheering his men, he told them he would take the whale head-and-head,—that is, pull straight up to his forehead,—a not uncommon thing; for when within a certain limit, such a course excludes the coming onset from the whale's sidelong vision

    50. "But didn't you tell me that if it were mathematically proved to you that the truth excludes Christ, you'd prefer to stick to Christ rather than to the truth? Did you say that? Did you?"

    1. Tom and Louise saddled five of the horses, one for each of them, excluding O’Hara who was staying to guard the stash, and two extra for their parents

    2. This may, no doubt, give encouragement to some particular class of workmen among ourselves, and, by excluding some of their rivals, may enable them to raise their price in the home market

    3. The monopoly of the colony trade, on the contrary, by excluding the competition of other nations, and thereby raising the rate of profit, both in the new market and in the new employment, draws produce from the old market, and capital from the old employment

    4. A four hundred and eighty pound hit excluding the one hundred and

    5. " If these works are accurate, Clinton"s administration was, excluding the present administration, far and away the most corrupt in American history

    6. Therefore if it is in fact true that five out of six American voters think that incumbents should be evicted, excluding their own incumbent, the exercise becomes meaningless

    7. He had discovered somewhat to his surprise that the cruelest thing that could happen to a human – excluding torture – was to deprive them of their social ties

    8. That the Brady Bill mandating a five-day cooling-off period prior to purchasing a firearm will have an negligible impact on curbing gun-related crimes should be apparent to any clear-minded individual excluding knee-jerk liberals and well-intentioned, muddled-headed individuals who sincerely believe that adding another gun law to the thousands of gun laws already on the books will, in some (uncertain) manner, act as a further deterrent to professional criminals who want to acquire a firearm

    9. Our focus was not against whites excluding the few obnoxious long haired liberals

    10. By any measure, the Confederacy and Confederates (excluding the many southerners forced to fight against their will) were simply traitors

    11. It seemed that conclusions came in pairs, not necessarily mutually excluding each other

    12. He hoped that would erase any thought of excluding him from where he knew that he had to be if he was to have any chance to warn her

    13. Nugget, Spice and I were the only three non-family members that attended excluding The Don’s business associates

    14. When adopting our Project, the Country becomes internationally great political and economic potency, besides propitiating total well-being to its people, without excluding absolutely anybody

    15. Its application generates billion of opportunities for generation of income with distributary justice, as well as the production of products or services with quality, completeness and ecological conscience, without excluding any human being

    16. It reaches the completeness of attendance of the income and wealth generation for all the citizens of those countries, without excluding anybody

    17. Our Project economizes those trillion dollars annually and it generates socioeconomic power to benefit the immense Chinese population, without excluding absolutely anybody

    18. The new systematics measures and it transforms its potentiality in effective wealth so that the African continent becomes the barn of the world so much cultural as economically, without excluding any of its citizens of this benefit

    19. It benefits all, it preserves the vested rights and it attends the necessities in quality and sufficiency of resources in a definitive way, without excluding absolutely anybody (seniors, children, adults, people with physical deficiencies, sick persons and others)

    20. It generates results that cause bigger gains for the corporations with immense well-being for the whole population, without excluding anybody (something impossible of happening in the capitalism, communism or socialism)

    21. (This is of course excluding the three unforgivable sins)

    22. Shaken by the lot of his two little brothers, and still struggling to cope with his own emotions about his mother’s lesbianism, Robert called a family meeting in November 1985, excluding, naturally, Josie, Chad and Manuel, but including Josie’s sister and their mother who was visiting from New York

    23. Twitter Advanced Search enables you to perform a more detailed search by excluding certain words or phrases, do a local search, and search for tweets to and from a specific person

    24. Contacted by the Fullerton “Daily News Tribune” after Barker’s testimony Roger remained convinced that the Watergate break-in had a national security angle to it, without excluding the possibility of political motives

    25. including those in the wild, excluding domesticated breeds of dogs, cats, horses,

    26. He opened his hand to her, and suddenly held a dragon-sized gold ring bound in a fine network of titanium for strength, and set with the most massive fire-brilliant cut diamond anyone there had ever seen, not excluding Grakonexikaldoron, though it was small enough against the rest of the ring to seem delicate in appearance

    27. believed that animals (excluding our important selves, of course)

    28. moving out from the country excluding those going to India

    29. instead of excluding it from any type of drama she is going through

    30. half, by excluding those patients with known terminal disease, not only would we

    31. ‘I’ve never seen you before in this church,’ Peter said, excluding his little brother from

    32. truth in a total, absolute way, excluding the presence of others and their

    33. separate hearing systems at work, with one not excluding the

    34. However, excluding the rich, the powerful, and the

    35. It is seventeen dollars and ninety nine cents for the buffet meal, excluding taxes

    36. much of Africa excluding the equatorial jungles and the Sahara

    37. We are wasting a great national resource by excluding

    38. focuses on observable behaviours excluding internal thoughts,

    39. Excluding travel to and

    40. and the general mood of the main players (excluding the two

    41. ruled that excluding Falun Gong practitioners from the Chinese New Year

    42. Of course, other income, excluding business profits, of 3

    43. Glory to God, he said 'those ones', excluding me

    44. bookkeeper for three different plantations, excluding that of my

    45. Excluding firms in the financial sector (insurance, banks, brokerages etc

    46. Things were going great excluding the fact that her jeans were somehow

    47. to make it clear that he had signed a waiver excluding him from a lawsuit

    48. God is not excluding you from this equation – He is including you

    49. substance (that is the remaining sample excluding the 44% light

    50. 5 per cent for Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa this year

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    Synonyms for "exclude"

    except exclude leave off leave out omit take out bar debar boot out chuck out eject turf out turn out keep out shut shut out put out force out eliminate banish reject dismiss ban ostracise ostracize rule out embargo

    "exclude" definitions

    prevent from being included or considered or accepted

    prevent from entering; shut out

    lack or fail to include

    prevent from entering; keep out

    put out or expel from a place