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    1. A threat should be rare and if at all necessary should be executed promptly

    2. "It was never executed, instead the fusion containment bricks were taken down and stacked, then all its mounting framework and hardware, all four tons of it, was removed and stored away in a shuffle of paperwork under the heading 'spare parts' in a warehouse in Gengee

    3. He was suspicious of one of his wives, and had her executed

    4. King Herod had a dispute with the most influential Jews of his time, and so he had them all executed

    5. Interaction with the page from these blocks is limited, since the code is executed during the render

    6. What filters are executed in the end?

    7. That they dared to keep secret their advanced intellect, that they planned and executed an escape plan, was unacceptable

    8. All the time he praised the young man for his efforts; in the end the warrior learned the move and executed it with great confidence

    9. internally while the destruction of that god is externally executed through

    10. “He will be dealt with and executed for his crimes

    1. It is necessary that the planners develop and execute a rural model that can be replicated more widely

    2. They were about to execute her when Apollo stormed in and fought the guards, yelling over and over how he wouldn't let them hurt her

    3. They were about to execute her when Apollo stormed in and fought the guards, yelling over and over how he wouldn't let them hurt her

    4. 7 to execute vengeance upon the heathen,

    5. They were suffering from the combined effects of thumping heads, dehydration and the bile churning nerves that accompany deeds such as the one they proposed to execute that morning

    6. execute and also selecting the view to render

    7. accompany deeds such as the one they proposed to execute that

    8. his neighbor; execute the judgment

    9. Under such different management, the same purpose must require very different degrees of expense to execute it

    10. being paid in proportion to the little work which he could execute, and paying in his turn for

    1. manner of executing their official duties

    2. I could not recall any such story in the news, and I paid attention as they argued pro and con over executing women for killing husbands, divorce laws, and then back to the subject woman

    3. I understand that you are likely to be calling at the offices of Mansfield Blake in the near future and thought it appropriate that I should write to you in connection with the research you are currently executing in respect of Miss Bunty Danvers

    4. They ranged over the roadway from one side to the other, the ladies executing with expert precision each posture, block, deflection, and duck

    5. More heads are occupied in inventing the most proper machinery for executing the work of each, and it is, therefore, more likely to be invented

    6. In consequence of better machinery, of greater dexterity, and of a more proper division and distribution of work, all of which are the natural effects of improvement, a much smaller quantity of labour becomes requisite for executing any particular piece of work ; and though, in consequence of the flourishing circumstances of the society, the real price of labour should rise very considerably, yet the great diminution of the quantity will generally much more than compensate the greatest rise which can happen in the price

    7. The capital of all the individuals of a nation has its limits, in the same manner as that of a single individual, and is capable of executing only certain purposes

    8. Thinking about them and executing them were entirely different

    9. So Nebuchadnezzar was serious all along about executing his advisors, Zarko thought, unless they can somehow resolve the dream and its interpretation

    10. Ever since I started executing my plans, from the moment I joined the attack on that convenience store, I've made sure to put myself at minimum to no risk

    1. The Father originates, the Son reveals, and the Spirit executes

    2. The one that originates is not greater than the one that executes

    3. It will be found, I believe, in every sort of trade, that the man who works so moderately, as to be able to work constantly, not only preserves his health the longest, but, in the course of the year, executes the greatest quantity of work

    4. Instead of simply blocking an attack, stylists will learn how to block in a way that executes a strike

    5. An artificer, for example, who, in the first six months after harvest, executes ten pounds worth of work, though he should, in the same time, consume ten pounds worth of corn and other necessaries, yet really adds the value of ten pounds to the annual produce of the land and labour of the society

    6. It is the instrument which executes and maintains all his other regulations

    7. 'It's all her fancy, that: they never executes nobody, you know

    8. The Lord utters his voice before his army, for his camp is exceedingly great; he who executes his word is pow-erful

    9. It burns billion of organizational resources to produce thousands of products that stay idle or stored awaiting customers, it executes production under intention that generates expenses and they inflate its prices for later to place at the market with intensive propagandas, promotions or prizes to attract customers for the inflexibility of the retrograde economic system that obligates it to have fixed cost

    10. Also, it is new project style that executes new art of administering, without figures of the leader, manager, politician or boss

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    electrocute hang gas kill render accomplish act achieve carry out complete consummate seal enforce sign

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    execute accomplish action carry out carry through fulfil fulfill do perform put to death run electrocute hang gas kill render act achieve complete consummate seal enforce sign