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Execute в предложении (на )

In fact to execute the.
We could execute the 75/82.
Then they will execute you.
And he couldn't execute for shit.
Now the loop will execute properly.
I shall be more happy to execute it.
Only the plan I was there to execute.

Execute the pattern search procedure.
There are those who execute the plan.
Then, they would execute her as well.
Using this, we can just execute object.
How could they execute him after that?
It is our usual practice to execute all.
Here is an example of how to execute proxy.
It simply tells the translator to execute.
We don't have to execute a command directly.
That they decided to - execute the lot of us.
It wasn’t enough people to execute her plan.
Three men ride up to execute a search warrant.
You will not be allowed to execute your plans.
They know their role and execute it willingly.
Prince Andrew galloped off to execute the order.
Madame Magloire retired to execute these orders.
I plot the course and execute it, he said.
We should not waste our time to execute any work.
It's time to execute all that you have learnt and.
At the same time, we also execute a June 90 reversal.
Yes, now I must execute myself,’ said I to myself.
Once he had that he could execute his defences plan.
Pass the execute order to Colonel Maiyrs, please.
I execute my instructions, and I am paid for doing so.
In three days they will execute you, he whispers.
They’d execute her for his death, and she wanted to.
Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last.
Hell, he’d probably execute her on the spot after this.
Is that what this is? A conspiracy to execute me?
In trading, it is imperative that we execute consistently.
To let him stay here with the Erudite, or to execute him.
The word ((rulers)) here means those who execute decisions.
We’re executing a search warrant, Mrs.
The output when executing the example is:.
The guards were executing them as I landed.
Chapter Twelve: Executing the Exit Strategy.
But she’s good at executing others’ plans.
ERROR: The macro DATE_LOOP will stop executing.
Also, for executing a trade you have a process.
When executing this high kick rotate your body, 47.
Planning for and executing the plans was challenging.
Computers and brains are both command executing machines.
We still have a search warrant, and we’re executing it.
This is TPT programming executing a perfect, endless loop.
Executing the preceding example gives the following output:.
Executing the preceding snippet gives the following output:.
And they’re executing a man he sentenced to die tonight.
Communication, on the computer model, is all about executing.
They'd seemed to be executing a number of evasive manoeuvres.
Thinking about them and executing them were entirely different.
Devon wrenches on the steering wheel, executing a clumsy right turn.
Animals may be largely intuitive in executing intelligent operations.
Shadow executing several back flips with the grace and skill that an.
However, these may result in additional costs or delays in executing.
Jed Foster was executing a well-calculated plan that had been formulated.
REMEMBER: The dynasty of China brought the Dragon for executing its action.
Executing the example shows the starting message of our two stub servers:.
They live in the world of the shadows, stalking and executing people who.
A buyer, in this case, has little hope of executing at any price under 50.
It's about properly preparing and then executing to the best of your ability.
Executing trades to position with the statistical tendency behind that pattern.
You may take a market order (executing the trade at the current market price).
He sat down, considered what he wanted to spend on, and is executing that plan.
When it terminated, the three instantly set about executing their new resolutions.
Congress limits the president’s power to executing the laws passed by Congress.
You can send attachments with CodeIgniter Email by executing the following steps: 1.
It does not mean allocating separate time for it and executing the same as a ritual.
We work like sailors executing their last manœuver after the ship has begun to sink.
Our labor is like that of sailors executing their last task as the ship begins to sink.
Satan and his angels will be doing the tormenting, but they could only be executing the.
Once in the prison the MPs had fanned out to each pod, executing orders previously given.
In executing this unpleasant task, I labor under circumstances of peculiar embarrassment.
It can be executed on will.
That you had me executed.
The else clause is executed.
He should have been executed.
He was executed by firing squad.
Louie and Phil would be executed.
She should not be executed again.
Kitbuqa was captured and executed.
I could have you executed for.
He will be executed by his enemies.
The order was not easily executed.
Louie wasn’t here to be executed.
These statements will be executed.
He was to be executed immediately!.
This device I executed successfully.
They were all executed in antiquity.
Canning, and adroitly executed by Mr.
The rest of you are to be executed.
What filters are executed in the end?
This theme was not executed by Tolstoi.
Civilians were executed at my facility.
Both were executed in a barbarous manner.
We gave him a trial and executed him.
His parents were executed in the street.
Fox, he was going to have you executed.
So, by my order, I had them all executed.
Nesten said, Either exiled or executed.
The pattern-search procedure is executed.
Once the following statement is executed.
He was executed by order of Catherine II.
The size in which the spread is executed.
He had one day executed a commission for M.
They’d be tried, sentenced, some executed.
Technically, it was a very badly executed shot.
The plan would be executed the following night.
He was executed! John, why did you come here?
Nor can they be executed or locked up for ever.
Those who refused were executed or burnt alive.
Once they are found out, they would be executed.
Scott later executed them at Chapultepec Castle.
The loop executes for 10.
John executes the following trades:.
Thus, it executes the statements and prints You have not.
The broker receives the orders and executes it over the counter.
The Father originates, the Son reveals, and the Spirit executes.
The one that originates is not greater than the one that executes.
When Python executes the import sys statement, it looks for the sys.
After that thread has completed, the processor executes the next thread.
It executes its functions through Processual Module (cell of the knowledge).
It is the instrument which executes and maintains all his other regulations.
The trade is considered closed when either one or the other is hit and executes.
Once Watney executes the patch and reboots the rover, we should get a connection.
In this section, we provide a step-by-step analysis of how this build file executes.
Lord is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his.
A trader who executes 300 of our sample conversions has a delta risk of 300 × +2 = +600.
Thus, the next target that executes is prepare, because all its dependencies have already executed.
Sequential statements are those statements in a program that executes one by one in a given sequence.
Shortly after the trader executes the conversion, the underlying December futures contract falls to 98.
The client code that executes a command does not need to know any details about how it is implemented.
The Lord is known by the judgment which he executes: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.
Instead of simply blocking an attack, stylists will learn how to block in a way that executes a strike.
Said another way, the better a company executes its most important basic operations, the more valuable it is.
The Lord utters his voice before his army, for his camp is exceedingly great; he who executes his word is pow-erful.
Once again, he is wrong, and his stop loss order executes shortly after his limit order for another loss of 4 points.
So at the open you fire off your stop-limit order to enter the trade, and sure enough, half an hour later it executes.
You set a stop order at a rational level when you have a clear head, so that it executes automatically when you don’t.
The next target in the package target branch that executes is the compile target--another dependency of the package target.
The server, upon receiving the data from the browser, executes a CGI script that defines how the information should be used.
Also, it is new project style that executes new art of administering, without figures of the leader, manager, politician or boss.
Since the basic stop order to sell is not guaranteed, it executes at the opening price, 250 points below the intended stop level.
When the person executes its activity anywhere, the system only authorizes the execution of the updated task per correctly trained person.
For, if the truth is to be told, the soldier who executes what his captain orders does no less than the captain himself who gives the order.
In fact, the first (day trading) example is considered a success by the hypothetical day trader who executes it, despite closing out at a loss.
Jada puts a hand on Ryodan’s wrist, executes a maneuver too sleek and fast for me to follow and is abruptly standing next to him, unrestrained.
Last, the beautiful song, prelude or symphony will be the event social, political or economic that each organization executes through its unique task.
The cow_style() style executes the milk_random_cow() method of cowpy, which is used to generate a random ASCII art character every time cow_style() is executed:.
The core of the Waiter class is the construct_pizza() method, which accepts a builder as a parameter and executes all the pizza preparation steps in the right order.
The new systematics solves the problem of the income for the State, the organizations and the citizens so that each one executes its role efficiency and effectiveness.
Besides, it executes each activity through the unique task and it preserves the acquired knowledge, besides allowing its free access for aggrandizement of any human being.
This kind of order combines the features of a stop order with the features of a limit order; so that if the order triggers, then it executes within the limit you set or not at all.

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