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    1. frame and hang them behind the microwave or on a close wall

    2. parents were trying to instill in you, then your parents probably didn’t want you to hang out with those people any more

    3. Are they the type of people that are going to hang on to your leg while you’re climbing toward the

    4. “You’ll probably need to hang your head out,” I frown

    5. M't:22:40: On these two commandments hang all the law

    6. Fifty eight miles was too far to hang out, more than an all-day journey by coach and lakerunner

    7. What good movies has he watched lately? What is his favorite class at school? Did his team win the game last weekend? What friends does he hang out with the most? Do not criticize his friends, habits, or favorites

    8. I just like to hang out, watch movies, and surf the internet

    9. ’ I let it hang

    10. ‘But … the bitch! The complete bloody bitch!’ I ranted at him, turning too quickly and having to hang onto the back of a chair as my balance goes

    11. You hang around with Dale too much

    12. ‘But Liz …’ he was saying as I hang up

    13. ‘I’d like to believe that you are not, Mrs Wynell, but, all the same, I would be happier if …’ he lets the sentence hang, then changes direction suddenly

    14. ‘What sort of idea?’ he called back, amusement audible in his voice – cheeky so-and-so! ‘Oh, hang on, I’ve nearly finished

    15. ‘You wouldn’t mind her being here, Mum?’ he asked, fingering the grotty curtains which still hang at the windows, then wiping his hands on his jeans

    16. On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets

    17. hang about once I made the call

    18. ’ He let the question hang

    19. I pass on this message and then have to hang on while my daughter goes off to grab her diary

    20. Silence was the first form, the first shape upon which Smith could hang an

    21. simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to

    22. Silence has a shape and upon that shape hang thoughts, and thoughts ripple,

    23. ‘They don’t hang the insane, Tonya

    24. Again she paused, apportioning to McManus the length of rope he needed to hang himself

    25. He weighed in at just over nine pounds in the old money … I haven’t got the hang of all these kilos and things, I’m afraid

    26. Do not tell me you came to hang this

    27. ‘When we last talked about it, things were different … they’ve changed now …’ he lets the sentence hang, almost nervously

    28. We are using the large room behind the stage area for changing … men on the left and women on the right with a row of mobile clothing racks down the middle, where we each have our personal designated areas to hang our costumes, giving some sort of modesty division, though to be honest, who the hell wants to gawp? As the play takes place in the present day, the clothes are not really costumes anyway, but, all the same, my character has certain things she has to wear – some my own and some provided by wardrobe

    29. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    30. And I hang up as the tears start falling

    31. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets”

    32. ‘You can’t hang around just because your grandmother says you should!’ I exclaimed trying to lighten the atmosphere

    33. ‘Then hang onto that thought

    34. I stare into her eyes and hang on every moment

    35. You should not have the classic hang dog expression, or the “butter-will-not-melt-in-my-mouth expression”

    36. It was, we felt, as good a place as any upon which to hang our captive hats

    37. Actually I know you guys much better than him because you aren't afraid to hang out and chat

    38. Smith had what we might recognise as thoughts, but He had no shapes upon which to hang them

    39. Silence was the first form, the first shape upon which Smith could hang an idea, and He marvelled at the universe that crept into view with the naming of this first idea

    40. Universal silence had a shape and the simple fact that Smith could hang thoughts from this shape inevitably lead Him to choose particular ways of thinking

    41. Perhaps JJ would want her around as a sort of honorary aunt … or would that be too weird? As if she were clinging to a facsimile of the man she loved? No, maybe it would be best not to hang around … for the first time she felt the rootlessness of her existence

    42. Deciding that it would be sensible to get there and then get herself a cup of tea rather than hang around in town … there had to be a café in the station, didn’t there? And she’d picked a book off Iain’s bookshelves before leaving

    43. where the trees hang

    44. where trees hang like these

    45. “So if you were Catwhiskers” Fred let the question hang in the air

    46. They hang, dry as dust,

    47. Leaping beyond the crown, beyond the crabby hang of apples

    48. Wing collars, cotton caps and studied poses hang still,

    49. Then he remembered her kneeling down beside him, holding his hand, telling him to hang on, and soothing him with her concern

    50. He let the words hang in the air

    1. Your parents wanted to know who you were hanging out with

    2. If your parents noticed you were hanging out with kids that maybe didn’t have the same values your

    3. He ran and grabbed for the horn hanging off the wall of the guard station and blew

    4. Or he’d check up on her because he found out she was hanging out with some guys he didn’t like

    5. One was just clothes, some hanging up and some folded neatly in their little cubbyholes

    6. Hanging out on the Hot Hood of a Honda while High

    7. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    8. The earpieces of the glasses had tiny in-ears hanging from them, she got them positioned so she could hear and requested a voice channel to her clone sister in heaven

    9. The Rockasaur had wheels on it eight feet in diameter at this time, with a convertible frame slung low to the ground between them, hanging from a great backbone arching above

    10. ’ I replied, hanging the towel over the radiator to dry

    11. The wallpaper is hanging off in one corner, though closer inspection merely shows this to be old age, and not anything more sinister like rising damp or dry rot

    12. The rest of the details are in my wallet, also in the jacket hanging

    13. It would have taken a lot longer without the adjustable lift pulleys he had hanging in his shop

    14. ‘Damn you! Leave me alone!’ I cried, hanging up with a crash as the handset hits the base unit

    15. John pauses, touches some of the big Christmas lights hanging from the building, looks about before entering

    16. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide

    17. recognised Daddy from the cloud of pipe smoke hanging around his forehead

    18. room he thought he could still make out the wardrobe on the far wall, and hanging

    19. Everywhere, sprouting out of the walls and hanging

    20. being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the

    21. An INTERROGATOR paces back and forth in front of them in the dark room, illuminated by a dim naked bulb in a socket hanging from a wire from the ceiling

    22. and the flying remains of bloody pelts, and hanging from the rear-view mirror was a

    23. He was wearing a wife-beater vest with Flash Harry pin-stripe pants and city trader suspenders hanging down from his waist

    24. At that time hanging around the beach Final appears among

    25. After seeing Stephen with Barney, I had had lots of thoughts about the question of whether Stephen would want a family … been hanging around Dan for too many years, I suppose

    26. Rising, Stephen goes over to the window, drawing back the gauzes hanging there

    27. Under the bare, low-wattage bulb hanging from the ceiling in the outer corridor, I had glimpsed a narrow passage running away from me as I knelt at the foot of the ladder

    28. You didn’t see him hanging around anyone, did you?’

    29. "Holy moly!" Jaseem said as he burst thru the lab door, hanging on it

    30. When it did he found himself hanging by his feet again, almost like he had been reloaded from where this entrapment began

    31. As though in confirmation of his words, he makes a point of hanging around at the end of the session to clear the chairs for me – for which I am grateful

    32. He stood in front of me, arms hanging loosely by his side, smiling warmly

    33. On the way out of the room he glanced at the remote process that watched over the few signals still coming down from the dusty old starship hanging up there in front of the inner moon

    34. The world seemed to swing from the blackest depths to the sunniest heights, and all I seemed capable of doing was grimly hanging on to the elastic chord between these two poles

    35. Nothing caught his eye as being suitable, but there was a sign, faded and hanging at an angle because one of the cable ties holding it to a chain link fence had snapped

    36. next to a quiver full of arrows hanging on the wall under the heads of many

    37. The sun was hanging low in the sky above the gently rolling surface of the sea, casting deep shadows on the grass

    38. Angie picked one up and started browsing through it while Kara looked with interest at the pictures hanging on the walls

    39. She moved her bag from where it was hanging loosely on one shoulder and passed the strap over her head so that the bag hung across her chest down to one hip

    40. rickshaw as one of the boys hung down his back hanging

    41. all loved and dirt and hanging thread mouth

    42. and traced it’s wrinkled course towards his hanging jowls

    43. were hanging on the radiators

    44. As she turned the corner into her street, she could see the crescent of the new moon hanging enticingly, draped with wisps of cloud

    45. The height of a man, hanging

    46. The balloons were blown and hanging from the ceiling and on the

    47. I turn to see a lanky teenager standing near me, his dark hair hanging loose round his face

    48. “Look above you, they are hanging with the other utensils,” she was pointing above the stove

    49. He picks his way carefully along the deck by the light of the stones now hanging on the rail

    50. hanging in the air like her breath,

    1. He does a lot of odd jobs around the bar but he mostly just hangs around here to drink

    2. Betty hangs up the phone

    3. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    4. ‘I love the way it hangs

    5. The unspoken dread that Stephen might have lost her hangs in the air

    6. They speak with Aphrodite too, and when she hangs up she comes to me with a box of cupcakes in her hands

    7. A cigarette hangs

    8. The day’s end hangs on the hungry shouts of sparkling children

    9. The air hangs with salt, staining feathers and

    10. Plaster hangs on walls, stained red with the rust of long hammered nails,

    11. the big cage that hangs in the courtyard

    12. down where the Lavatera hangs

    13. in the front of which a door hangs ajar

    14. of near horizons when the sky hangs grey and thick

    15. A residue hangs in the air around her,

    16. hangs half way to heaven

    17. A smell of stale smoke hangs on the becalmed,

    18. until its eyes close and breath hangs still

    19. Drens hangs around with us waiting for our kaht

    20. she hangs her trousers, her blouse

    21. when the night hangs low

    22. Papa thinks he just hangs around the village

    23. With a quick ‘thanks’ she hangs the tea towel up and rushes off to join the men

    24. He still hangs out at the table late and doesn’t help with the clean-up unless you directly ask him, but he’s not as skinny as he was either

    25. yes, that hangs together

    26. ’ I said as he hangs up on me

    27. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she hangs around in the pub during the evening purely in anticipation that someone she knows will come in and buy her a drink

    28. Your woman hangs out along the train tracks north of Blackbird

    29. From the middle of the ceiling hangs a glass fibre Marlin

    30. He hangs up the cable and parks the mower in the space it obviously occupies along the wall

    31. The constable rises too, but hangs back for a moment thinking about that last remark

    32. Cascarino hangs out at a cabaret club in Barnstaple

    33. The world hangs in rolling suspense

    34. Katie hangs around in the kitchen

    35. His body hangs on the rugged cross

    36. “She might be alright for awhile Sir or that’s at least what I’m hoping and praying for that she hangs on until we can get back to her

    37. “I didn’t say anything to the RSM but I will tell you one thing I could swear that one of those corpse robbers was Stanley and the other one was that short Oppo he hangs around with

    38. that every poor child in the city hangs its stocking for gifts in the

    39. “He hangs out with that crew at Toby"s Gym

    40. Curt hurriedly hid the bag, when he saw me looking through the mirror but Ted reassured Curt, “Phil’s cool, he hangs out with Blacklung and Coughman once in a while

    41. He hangs the board on the hook and steps back so we can see the rankings:

    42. I shudder as Zeke hangs my sling from the cable

    43. The corridor is lit by a paint-spattered emergency lamp that hangs over one of the exits

    44. Johanna’s hair now hangs over her lowered face

    45. I bite my lip, hard, and try not to think, try not to dwell on the cold feeling that surrounds my chest and the weight that hangs over my head

    46. Matthew leaves without waiting for Nita’s response, and Tris sits on the examination table, the paper crinkling beneath her and tearing where her leg hangs over the edge

    47. 7 He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the Earth on nothing

    48. 26 There is a wicked man who hangs down his head sadly but inwardly he is full of deceit,

    49. Chris takes my jacket and hangs it in a closet with a sliding mirrored door

    50. “I will take that into consideration, goodbye!” Dudley says in a sarcastic, angry voice and hangs up the phone

    1. He was almost too hung over to stand and knew it would be senseless to chase

    2. She had a light knit-wrap with her, but she hung that on the rail, leaving only her thin jersey covering her long and elegant body

    3. His jowls and the bags under his eyes hung low, distorting all the features on his face

    4. Larorlie couldn't root in this sandy soil but the rails were hung with a summer's growth of blue noonbloom that was just opening

    5. The unit is placed or hung near where there is a fly problem

    6. "You used to be pretty hung up on him," she consoled

    7. It was a big liner, longer than the Brothers Formidable and with better appointed but tighter cabins decorated in a 52nd century theme and hung with great reproductions of some classic photographs from that era

    8. ‘No idea, she told him she wouldn’t speak to him and hung up

    9. At his side there hung a sabre the

    10. of them Tom’s cast-offs, hung around in the background at the odd dance at the

    11. He picked the right staging axes to bring, to use on a strap of smaller timbers that he hung from a little adapter pulley off the backbone

    12. I have debated with myself several times whether I should ring him but I couldn’t bear it if he hung up on me and there’s no reason for him not to after my jibe about solicitors

    13. He couldn't call up one scene from that time, he only hung onto the fact that he had been there

    14. He hung up the phone

    15. Theo hung up and turned the car towards Dublin again

    16. " He hung up

    17. A fine, faint spray hung in the air, cocooning the

    18. "Bye,” she replied, and hung up the phone

    19. He hung back a bit, not wanting her to think he was tailing her or anything

    20. sliding down her neck feeling his life hung by a thread

    21. Rosy hung up the phone

    22. In the last moments of the sad woman, the tree where hung

    23. I hung on grimly, watching in the darkness through dimmed cow-eyes, waiting for that proverbial light at the end of this very real tunnel

    24. Chief Horcheese’s head hung back on the command chair and she stared up through the dome at the jagged rivers of raw electrons and plasma burning in the atmo as those crackling tendrils whipped at them from all directions, drawing line after line from the clouds to Tipperary’s ring-shaped bow

    25. SCS Arbitrage hung 300 meters out, holding station alongside Hardway with the ships of the combined fleet massed behind her

    26. He hung with his face a few inches above the reach of their jaws

    27. When he did, he hung on, getting his head up this little bit helped the blood flow and did clear his brain a little

    28. His head hung down at an angle, there was nothing to rest it on

    29. Alfred hung on this conversation wondering if he was going to hear them make plans to have Alan subjected to this to find out if he really was from Earth

    30. She hung there for a second, arms flailing, while others ran to grab her

    31. ” Son said as he hung his head

    32. Where the feeble lamp had spewed out sluggish particles of light there now hung a low, full moon

    33. the sack so that it hung over his back

    34. Desa hung her wardrobe over the rail

    35. Tiytha got in with her, hung with one hand to the rail and with the other, caressed her

    36. They hung together in their pleasure a little longer, then he got out, shook a little water off, put his clout back on, and strolled aft

    37. ‘I doubt Gerisse will have hung around in the Taunton area, Renald, that would be too risky for him

    38. She moved her bag from where it was hanging loosely on one shoulder and passed the strap over her head so that the bag hung across her chest down to one hip

    39. The bell rang out its departure warning and the kaht wheels started turning; green mist replaced the magnolia walls of the Bristol kaht station; the kaht and its occupants hung in limbo

    40. rickshaw as one of the boys hung down his back hanging

    41. coats and hung them on the hooks, removed the wellingtons

    42. where green and gold cloth once hung boldly

    43. Chains hung here, across the old spanned vaults

    44. from the tips of their newly hung stars

    45. hung about the windows and doors

    46. you will see me sitting upon this stone, quite still, my head hung low,

    47. She knew that from magazine pictures, a city with two rings of glass and grown towers, miles around, sweltering in the jungle, with lemphs running in cages turning big slow fans that hung from the ceilings

    48. Joris hung around for the ceremony and then went across, desperate to get away

    49. From her walls hung decorative plates scattered at random around the panelled and polished saloon

    50. His free arm hung from the cab, like an indicator

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