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    1. "No, exhilarate my heart, oxygenate my blood!" cried Wetherby, and there he was in a chicken-yard he had trampled flat, paths some sixty feet around on which he now flailed his metal machine with scythings of ankle, toe, heel, and leg, sucking air, gusting out great laughs

    1. exhilarated all at the same time

    2. Kara closed her eyes … she’d been in London … Doris fussing about taxis … then she’d got on the train at Paddington and arrived some hours later exhilarated by her journey, head stuffed with images of this England so different from her own … Taunton, she’d gone to Taunton

    3. A gravelled turning area at the beginning of the village served as a vehicle terminus where the tourist shuttles off-loaded their exhilarated cargoes to wander for a few hours

    4. Exhilarated, she half ran the last few metres along the path, stopping suddenly, bewitched by the sight below her

    5. She felt exhilarated and knew what she had to do

    6. I was pretty confident that I had killed him as well as Smith and I was feeling both exhilarated and intoxicated I needed no more vindication for the execution I had carried out then what had been done to Rosie and Bert

    7. ” She was overselling herself, but for some strange reason she felt more exhilarated than terrified

    8. The blood pumped wildly through my arteries, I was shaking, I was smiling non-stop, my eyes were as wide as saucers, I was completely and utterly exhilarated by the entire happenings of the day and the outcome

    9. And now as he lay close to her almost fetal position, he felt exhilarated and uncomfortable at the same time

    10. ’ At the end of his session, exhausted but exhilarated, he dived into the swimming pool and floated on his back

    11. I exhilarated in her

    12. Her spirit was alive, exhilarated by the

    13. effect of the vodka had exhilarated her

    14. I received in the bargain a chance to finally win the love of the beautiful Povon, my perfect mate, and she has blessed me with her affection, and exhilarated me with her prowess as my companion at arms

    15. These thoughts and emotions swept Court in an instant leaving him with the realization how much he loved and needed his airplane and the altitude and the sky and his wingmen and the pure sense of flight, and how exhilarated he felt while flying a combat mission, and the joy he felt upon his triumphal returns to base

    16. Exhilarated at having broken my land-speed record I jogged to the centre of town, rehearsing a speech that would convince any interviewer I was deadly serious about acting

    17. I arrived at the cottage relaxed - he, shaken but exhilarated

    18. The speed being reduced, Denis turned and grinned, the girls exhilarated

    19. Rory felt positively exhilarated, he was finally on track with the Drug Investigation…and at long last he had something to show for all the time spent………

    20. Miller arrived exhausted and exhilarated

    21. I recall how exhilarated I

    22. A part of her wanted to course him, but never since the third Great War had she felt so exhilarated and alive

    23. The curious little boy in Mitchell felt almost exhilarated by the prospect of stalking the very individual, who lent substantial weight to practically ruining his life

    24. He didn’t show it on the outside, but he was totally exhilarated

    25. Murray dodged as she threw a punch at his shoulder, laughing, both exhilarated that at last they felt free of threat

    26. He was exhilarated, nervous – almost giddy – but,

    27. miles on it - a new credit card, and two thousand dollars cash, the young man was exhilarated to

    28. I released a sigh of breath held in exhilarated

    29. My exhilarated heart doeth race at the thought

    30. and an exhilarated realm of true heaven,

    31. Ingwe danced through the dancing leaves and swaying branches, exhilarated by the

    32. As if the more she suffered, the more exhilarated he became

    33. For some reason, Midge felt exhilarated

    34. Aaron? Is he my lake? And the further I wade in the more exhilarated

    35. I feel at peace, but at the same time exhilarated, like on those cold

    36. * This prospect both depressed and exhilarated him, and he wondered if adrenaline highs were habit forming

    37. Katy was too exhausted, exhilarated and confused to care what he meant by that

    38. Her little world had collapsed, yet she felt strangely exhilarated

    39. He was exhausted and exhilarated all the time

    40. She was exhilarated and nervous at the same time

    41. Michael was apprehensive, exhilarated and curious all at

    42. Hillary was at once terrified and exhilarated by

    43. If this was the case, if Alice was my Jacob’s Angel, there was good reason for my feeling both exhilarated and afraid

    44. He was escorted to a side exit of the museum, the bitesize history of ancient Egypt accompanying him in the form of the curator’s exhilarated chatter

    45. Pete felt exhilarated as his tan deepened and his muscles

    46. From the first I have felt that the worried had only got to come here to be smoothed out, and the lonely to be exhilarated, and the unhappy to be comforted, and the old to be made young

    47. They made me feel exhilarated, then just a bit drowsy

    48. “Oh, Viso,” she said, her chest heaving with exhilarated breaths

    49. His encounters with the servants had exhilarated him

    50. He was exhilarated

    1. a way that feels fantastic and exhilarates and energises you, so that your quality of life is enhanced

    2. It exhilarates me

    1. It should always be an exciting, exhilarating, awe-

    2. Although he was little more than half the size of Rafa, Sammy's main 'enforcer', he found it hilarious and exhilarating to threaten a thug twice his size just to see the reaction

    3. sure whether this was as a result of an exhilarating ride on horseback,

    4. Heady and exhilarating

    5. exhilarating view, watching the sea glitter in the sun, the bus, it

    6. His affair with Xonia was exhilarating and exciting, but it was about to mess up his future with Helez

    7. She was so pretty that for a brief moment he actually forgot the exhilarating sexual experience he was having and thought only of her beauty in a childlike way

    8. She found this to be instantly delightful and exhilarating and was not surprised when she had a quick orgasm that left her breathless and nowhere near satisfied

    9. He thought back to their exhilarating flight in but found he could remember nothing of the terrain before the ridge, or at least nothing that was any different to the terrain after the ridge

    10. When they reversed direction, heading back, the question of master and servant again became an issue with the spirited animal, turning the trip up the mountain into an exhilarating test of control

    11. Winston Churchill, former First Sea Lord of the Admiralty, once wrote, ‘There is nothing more exhilarating than being shot at and missed

    12. ) Having been shot at, and missed; and having been shot at, and hit; I can tell you the latter is more exhilarating than the former

    13. “Other than that, it’s scary, exhilarating, and I think I WILL have to pee soon!”

    14. The drive through Nottingham in the early April evening had been exhilarating

    15. It was exhilarating to see such devotion, and so easy to forget that she was only the proxy, the stand-in for the real thing, the Goddess!

    16. He again walked the slippery path of circumstance as well as conscience while the raft glided along at the extremity of the rope, pulled only lightly by the ever lessening current, as those exhilarating thoughts tempted the very depths of his being

    17. The Frenchman’s tone had a curious ring to it, as if the answer would be exhilarating

    18. At times Luke found the Science Museum exhilarating because for one he had a job in the science field of criminology as a forensic investigator

    19. Pericles, building upon the exhilarating Greek victory over the invading Persians in 480 B

    20. It is exhilarating at the same time

    21. I couldn’t help but get excited too; somehow the thought of running away to a far away island with Jesse was exhilarating,

    22. After two paces he broke into a jog, and within six more was sprinting with a speed that Talia found both surprising and exhilarating

    23. He found in it something majestic, even exhilarating, in spite of the almost unbearable torrent of noise

    24. He found his spirits lifting at the sound of machines and activity, and the sight and scent of so much lumber, always exhilarating to him in a primeval way

    25. of Townsville, with a early morning exhilarating hot air balloon ride; of course a visit by ferry to Magnetic Island

    26. This entire process of recognizing everyday life as a teacher is fun and exhilarating

    27. Top 100 Authors for my genre is exhilarating, but nothing

    28. With nervously excited glances back at their clothes, they followed this naked, exhilarating, touchable action-man into the forest

    29. ’ Jarek looked at his feet for a few seconds then looked up at Fee and said clearly, ‘There is nothing sexual in my desire to convince young men that a healthy mind demands a healthy body, and in the right place, at the right time, nude is fun, exhilarating, liberating and comfortable—not rude

    30. It was quite exhilarating

    31. It is exhilarating when you do it right

    32. `The first time I did it was very exhilarating but I was expecting to have been summoned by the council, nothing like that came

    33. mouth was both exhilarating and stimulating

    34. The boy pedaled furiously, twisting and turning through the streets at a pace that was faster than a trotting horse and more exhilarating

    35. feeling of total freedom that was more exhilarating than anything

    36. It’s a very exhilarating

    37. many cases, it would probably be an exhilarating

    38. It was a mesmerizing color, not warm like John’s sapphire eyes, but exhilarating like being awakened

    39. Initially the trek up Kilimanjaro was exhilarating and, after the first ten miles, they began to leave the barren slower slopes and reach a cooler altitude where some patches of forestation remained

    40. mind-meld both exhilarating and scary at the same time

    41. This was a most exhilarating

    42. It was exhilarating and horrifying all at once

    43. He was sure he had the most exhilarating job on the planet

    44. The fall only lasted a second, but it was the most exhilarating thing Simon had ever felt

    45. Her heart now beating furiously, Lori surprised herself at finding her fear somewhat exhilarating

    46. Here's to the next leg of this brilliantly exhilarating journey

    47. The most magical, delectable, and exhilarating addition to my

    48. The laugh was partly to release her fear but mostly because of an exhilarating rush of euphoria

    49. “Joshua never gets tired when I’m around,” He said with a exhilarating voice, “and I’m always around,” forgetting for a moment that they could hear my thoughts

    50. The feeling had been exhilarating and

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