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    1. ” Sam ended the call and used the rougher towel to stimulate his skin before dressing

    2. Exercise also can relieve constipation and stimulate the appetite in poor eaters

    3. Before you start figuring out what you want (because I know it is not an easy task) here are some questions to help stimulate your thinking

    4. It has special components that specifical y aim at the targeted areas in order to stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elasticity

    5. Regular exercise to stimulate the circulation and to keep

    6. If you were to listen to an audio program that would stimulate the alpha or theta states, you would soon find yourself

    7. stimulate or overload an organ, it will produce more

    8. that they will stimulate the development of the

    9. Retinol can help stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen and kick it into overdrive

    10. Growth hormones stimulate the elements in the body that make

    1. The merchandise is set out and advertised in just such a way as to cause for the brain to be stimulated and the drool to flow

    2. The nerve centre and cells along the spine are stimulated as they receive a richer supply of blood

    3. certain area of the brain is stimulated

    4. “Yes,” Maroclo agreed, “but to know the physical position of that photon, we have to know which neuron in which soul was stimulated, and then we need to know where that neuron is located

    5. Their first impressions were only more stimulated when on the narrow strip of road across the tidal basin the edifice grew to fill their whole vision

    6. and dry landscape has stimulated the Greeks

    7. The prisoners were stimulated by something, talking amongst themselves in an animated fashion

    8. They say the vibrations of the typical v-bike engine; well, it stimulated women

    9. Nevertheless, it is baffling, though perhaps understandable, to hear voices to insinuate that the national government stimulated the beastly attack of March 11 by allying itself with the United States in the war of Iraq

    10. The possibility of its reconstruction stimulated great interest in the local residents and aroused political passions in town, particularly from 2000 to 2003

    1. Chewing food well in the mouth is vital to generate saliva, which in turn stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach

    2. Eating breakfast also stimulates the metabolism, which may slow down overnight

    3. The increased bacteria stimulates the composting process

    4. ‘Then find an activity that stimulates you

    5. “I wonder if religious devotion is what stimulates it to harvest the souls in the first place,” Glayet said

    6. pheromone that stimulates the others for attack

    7. way in which it stimulates the meditation of the topic

    8. It builds the blood and stimulates brain activity

    9. stimulates that electrochemical storm of neural activity in

    10. This tea soothes the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates digestive activity, making it useful for stomachaches or a too-full feeling

    1. My will power in firm control, I had debated whether a long bath or a stimulating shower would be the best course of action so, my priority being to use up time, I opted for the former; taking a book with me, I had spent an hour in the bath up to my ears in hot water and soap bubbles

    2. It gives the maximum of bending capacity to the body and at the same time imparts a stimulating pressure on the viscera

    3. The benefits of this exercise, apart from cleansing the lungs and bronchial passages, are the toning up of the whole lung action with highly stimulating effects on the entire body

    4. You may feel you are too sleepy to do them then but you will find that some of the asanas are very bracing owing to their stimulating effect on the nervous system and soon give you a wide-awake feeling

    5. ‘No, the daybreak prayers are more stimulating – intended to give energy for the day

    6. He set his hormones to only thirty percent, enough so he could tell which personifications were more biologically stimulating

    7. that others often find stimulating

    8. "All the good things he's doing, stimulating the world's economies, funding

    9. “Rubbing crotches like this is not so stimulating for two women, but as it mimics the heterosexual act we hope the master is considering, it is appropriate for this purpose

    10. It has been many things but primarily a stimulating sojourn filled with new experiences, some exciting, some difficult to understand and some very funny

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