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    1. "Once we agree that lives are expendable for objectives, we are only discussing the price

    2. “Don’t protect him, you were expendable in his eyes; he leaves no witnesses

    3. Just some expendable remote instrumentation that biology would use

    4. Bombers are expensive, and not so expendable, not meant to be disposed-of in constant plane-to-plane combats

    5. But it was only this forward, irritatingly impertinent daughter who knew not her place! She had made herself expendable! His look made that clear, but the contest would go on!

    6. Therefore you are expendable to us

    7. Corporate leaders see our young troops as expendable, as long as they keep generating wealth

    8. She let me know I was expendable

    9. The Maya were always considered expendable and it was expected that few of them would return

    10. “People that the Shinra have deemed expendable

    11. We are just pawns on a chessboard that are expendable

    12. “It’s about an underpaid actor lying on a slab in the morgue because you chose to use him as an expendable pawn in your war with the Russian Mafia

    13. "And I suppose Summers and Sarah are expendable? As much as I'd love to see our delicate XO try to blend in with the thugs and cutthroats and try to keep their hands off of her, the mission would be a disaster

    14. Ras pauses, reflects and continues, “I see---I didn’t think Prince was expendable

    15. The unpleasant inference is that only the destruction of civic infrastructure is a deterrent – soldiers are expendable

    16. If he was not the son of one of my leaders he would be expendable and our "arrangement" as you call it would have been completed already

    17. To many of the Jews, He was expendable,

    18. “He has had his nose too far into our business, and he’s expendable

    19. In fact the opposite, he was expendable

    20. The Host informed me that he knows that your ability is innate, therefore not due to the necklace and in short you were expendable

    21. He knew that he was the most expendable part of the mission

    22. They were the expendable pawns, if

    23. had it, you would have been expendable

    24. Both Bates and Vatavai had been as close to him as anyone was ever likely to get, especially Bates, and as such both had proven to be expendable, necessarily so

    25. After another sixteen minutes, she was back on the open deck with another SA-24 missile launcher, plus one RPG-32 launcher and six 105mm anti-tank shaped charge rockets in their expendable launch canisters

    26. The extent of this new revelation meant the Galaef was expendable

    27. become expendable for the sake of security

    28. Satisfactions gardening expendable intensions extensively in all weathers for

    29. When there is an election to be won, history can be selective and expendable

    30. Jasodhaben’s identity was, tragically, almost expendable

    31. You’re the most expendable of all

    32. I guess any of us are expendable

    33. You think the guard as expendable because you want what you want

    34. Nobody seemed to notice, probably because the slower Obotrons have always been considered highly expendable

    35. When things got a bit dicey for the fleet they were the first expendable pieces of cargo that the trio in charge had no issues with throwing overboard or, in extreme circumstances, eating

    36. Everyone knows those crew members were expendable

    37. What do you suppose high-risk investments, diamonds, and ‘round-the-world cruises could have in common with the indigenous peoples of West/Central/Sub-Saharan Africa, Afghanistan and East Timor? Expendable assets, that's what

    38. I worried that I would become suddenly expendable if I threatened to expose the skeletons in his closet

    39. Experienced yet expendable

    40. You are not expendable

    41. Or the public would be in danger so the staff would be expendable

    42. He was the most expendable of the team, and if he were caught he couldn’t be coerced to give up any information

    43. He was expendable

    44. expendable; you could easily replace me with the paperboy

    45. What if they were caught? Chambers might want to put Anne behind bars, but would he risk turning Garret against him? Of course, as far as Chambers was considered, Petra was expendable

    46. She was just a pawn, every bit as worthless and expendable as the Shumkarja

    47. Akhim had a willing, obedient and expendable minion

    48. The dream of pursuing higher education was washed away and dad believed I was expendable

    49. Family or not, they were expendable

    50. They no longer had to sleep together with the youngest in the center… teaching them by genetic structure, that it is the center, the core of the band which is most important, and that the strongest males on the perimeter are the most expendable

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