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    1. “My son, if you receive my words, and store my commands within you, inclining your ear to wisdom, and applying your mind to reason; if you appeal to intelligence, and lift up your voice to reason; if you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hidden treasures – then will you understand reverence for the Lord, and will discover the knowledge of God; for the Lord gives wisdom, out of His mouth comes knowledge and reason; He has help in store for the upright, He is a shield to those who walk honestly; He guards the paths of justice, and protects the way of His pious ones; then will you understand rectitude and justice, and will keep to every good course; for when wisdom finds a welcome within you, and knowledge becomes a pleasure to you, discretion will watch over you, reason will guard you – saving you from the way of evil men, from men who use perverse speech; who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in ways of darkness; who delight in doing evil, exult in wanton wickedness’ who are crooked in all their ways, and tortuous in their paths – saving you from the wife of another, from the adulteress who plies you with smooth words, who forsakes the companion of her youth, and forgets her pledge to God; for her paths lead down to death, and her tracks descend to the Shades; none who go to her come back again, or reach the paths of life – helping you to walk in the way of good men, and to keep to the paths of the righteous; for the upright will live in the land, and the honest will remain in it; while the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the faithless will be rooted out of it

    2. “‘You faithless son of Priapus! You should be ramming it in me!”

    3. But remember the murderer’s words: ‘You faithless son of Priapus! You should be ramming it in me!’ He was outraged that Peiton wasn’t being faithful to him

    4. Joh 20:27 Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing

    5. Here was where her faithless husband dwelt, and here were the supplies she needed to steal for her mission: a terrible contradiction

    6. Jesus answered and said O faithless and perverse generation till when shall I be with you? and till when shall I bear with you? bring your son in here; And he brought him to him and when the spirit saw him immediately it beat him about; and he fell on the ground and was raging and foaming; And Jesus asked his father How long is the time during which he has been soe He said to him From his youth until now

    7. Then said Jesus to all those who stood before him: "O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I bear with you? How long shall I be with you? How long ere you learn that the works of faith come not forth at the bidding of doubting unbelief?" And then, pointing to the bewildered father, Jesus said, "Bring hither your son

    8. of the faithless asunder,

    9. faithless God will remain faithful because He cannot

    10. Faithless foot soldiers full of hate,

    11. faithless divine saviour strained beyond the point

    12. It is a kingdom in which there shall be no quarrels, no losses, no crosses, no disappointments, no wicked children, no bad servants, no faithless friends

    13. and Lucky’s faithless gazes from his head

    14. I petted her for a whole day; sat with my arms round her; had her head on my shoulder; whispered every consolation I could think of; but unfortunately the only person who has ever petted her was the faithless one, and it made her think of him with renewed agony, and opened positive sluices of despair

    15. 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless

    16. In Jeremiah chapter 2 the prophet is elaborating upon the sin of Judah and then in chapter 3 he turns his attention to faithless Israel and how God issued a divorce, but her sister Judah did not learn from Israel’s experience

    17. Do those who disbelieve think that they can take My servants for masters instead of Me? We have prepared Hell for the hospitality of the faithless

    18. That he may warn whoever is alive, and prove the Word against the faithless

    19. He was too proud, and one of the faithless

    20. Yes indeed! My Verses did come to you, but you called them lies, turned arrogant, and were of the faithless

    21. We have prepared for the faithless chains, and yokes, and a Searing Fire

    22. We have warned you of a near punishment-the Day when a person will observe what his hands have produced, and the faithless will say, "O, I wish I were dust

    23. Numidians, faithless in their promises, the Persians renowned in archery, the Parthians and the Medes that fight as they fly, the Arabs that ever shift their dwellings, the Scythians as cruel as they are fair, the Ethiopians with pierced lips, and an infinity of other nations whose features I recognise and descry, though I cannot recall their names

    24. "But in the midst of his conversation he stopped and became silent, keeping his eyes fixed upon the ground for some time, during which we stood still waiting anxiously to see what would come of this abstraction; and with no little pity, for from his behaviour, now staring at the ground with fixed gaze and eyes wide open without moving an eyelid, again closing them, compressing his lips and raising his eyebrows, we could perceive plainly that a fit of madness of some kind had come upon him; and before long he showed that what we imagined was the truth, for he arose in a fury from the ground where he had thrown himself, and attacked the first he found near him with such rage and fierceness that if we had not dragged him off him, he would have beaten or bitten him to death, all the while exclaiming, 'Oh faithless Fernando, here, here shalt thou pay the penalty of the wrong thou hast done me; these hands shall tear out that heart of thine, abode and dwelling of all iniquity, but of deceit and fraud above all; and to these he added other words all in effect upbraiding this Fernando and charging him with treachery and

    25. Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill'd with the foolish, Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I,

    26. Moreover, as we were saying before, he grows worse from having power: he becomes and is of necessity more jealous, more faithless, more unjust, more friendless, more impious, than he was at first; he is the purveyor and cherisher of every sort of vice, and the consequence is that he is supremely miserable, and that he makes everybody else as miserable as himself

    27. Tupper, wealthy Chicago contractor, finds pretty but faithless wife in lap of officer Taylor

    28. "Worse than that, she was faithless, and had married one of the persecutors of her

    29. But Little-faith was of another temper, his mind was on things divine; his livelihood was upon things that were spiritual, and from above; therefore, to what end should he that is of such a temper sell his jewels (had there been any that would have bought them) to fill his mind with empty things? Will a man give a penny to fill his belly with hay; or can you persuade the turtle-dove to live upon carrion like the crow? Though faithless ones can, for carnal lusts, pawn, or mortgage, or sell what they have, and themselves outright to boot; yet they that have faith, saving faith, though but a little of it, cannot do so

    30. faithless wives and other deceived husbands and asked

    31. No doubt, she could never regain his esteem, but there was not, and there could not be, any sort of reason that his existence should be troubled, and that he should suffer because she was a bad and faithless wife

    32. "What smouldering fire of vengeance had suddenly sprung into flame in this passionate Celtic woman's soul when she saw the man who had wronged her—wronged her, perhaps, far more than we suspected—in her power? Was it a chance that the wood had slipped, and that the stone had shut Brunton into what had become his sepulchre? Had she only been guilty of silence as to his fate? Or had some sudden blow from her hand dashed the support away and sent the slab crashing down into its place? Be that as it might, I seemed to see that woman's figure still clutching at her treasure trove and flying wildly up the winding stair, with her ears ringing perhaps with the muffled screams from behind her and with the drumming of frenzied hands against the slab of stone which was choking her faithless lover's life out

    33. "The victim of this faithless age," Father Corbelan resumed in a deep but

    34. Van Dyke’s orchestration underscored every line of a surreal story in which a faithless girl persuades her lover to take a ride alone on a Ferris wheel, waiting until he is suspended in the stationary carriage before departing the scene with another man

    35. But that base prompting which makes a women more cruel to a rival than to a faithless lover, could have no strength of recurrence in Dorothea when the dominant spirit of justice within her had once overcome the tumult and had once shown her the truer measure of things

    36. And cursed the faithless ship that bore

    37. And I would not be proved faithless

    38. “By Rights,” said Dennison, “given what I have witness’d in these Years of Slaving, I should be faithless and melancholick as you yourself

    39. How often during those eight years of happy life with his wife Alexey Alexandrovitch had looked at other men's faithless wives and other deceived husbands and asked himself: "How can people descend to that? how is it they don't put an end to such a hideous position?" But now, when the misfortune had come upon himself, he was so far from thinking of putting an end to the position that he would not recognize it at all, would not recognize it just because it was too awful, too unnatural

    40. There were found faithless people among the peasants: they began to denounce their own brothers to the clerk, and to slander one another

    41. 27-32), that man should not only not commit adultery but should not even seek for enjoyment in a woman’s beauty, and if he has once come together with a woman he should never be faithless to her

    42. According to another story Kelemen Orzo ordered his faithless wife Krisztina Olaszi to be plastered into the wall of the room

    43. Quickly it has been thrust next a fair, lace-covered and fright-panting bosom; it has been the sole souvenir of a stolen happiness, an almost voice-gifted reminder of dear, dead days of the long ago; it was the pledge of his return given in the hasty or hard-fought flight of the daring youth whose image it is; or perhaps it bears the lady’s face, and has been found on the breast of a warrior slain in battle; or, dearer than holy relic, was still caressed by the poet troubadour, even though he knew his mistress long ago proved faithless

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    faithless traitorous treasonable treasonous unfaithful recreant untrue untrustworthy deceitful false fickle inconstant perfidious treacherous unbelieving irreligious agnostic dubious heathen infidel atheistic