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    1. Covenant Breaker – His word was false; his promises were untrue

    2. If we have allowed our souls to be somehow bitter or untrue, we will show that bitterness and untruth before Christ

    3. ’ He turns to Jim and Laura explaining what he is talking about, ‘She was saying the most unbelievably vicious, not to mention untrue, things about Jo

    4. statement that is untrue or negative, you will be weak,

    5. Chase laughed at his obvious attempt at humor, knowing it was not an entirely untrue statement

    6. “You know how untrue that is Melanie

    7. * There was a rumour, untrue, that the Alsatian breeding program could be tracked directly back to Hitler and his well-known love of the breed

    8. But one of the most unfair and untrue claims against him is that he is racist

    9. (The POW-MIA claim is itself a persistent but untrue rumor

    10. Your ways they have made untrue

    11. One pastor even said: “God is waiting to meet you at His house, this Sunday” This is FALSE, untrue, deceitful, and dishonest and a fabricated lie! The pastor must bury, the pastor must marry, the pastor must baptise, and the pastor must pray for me, the pastor must, must, must………

    12. Know that those in the buildings were truly attacked, but those in the planes—these are not believable stories because they are untrue

    13. It is still useful if those sections which are glaringly untrue to you are ignored

    14. It is untrue that there is peak sexual pleasure after

    15. Mitchell’s claim was the admonition, restrained and gentlemanly, that what Mitchell reported over national TV was “simply untrue

    16. ” Those charges were, to put it charitably, grossly untrue

    17. you will refuse as untrue the statement: ‘I am not’

    18. 72 And Joseph answered saying, Not so my Lord, as the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, my Lord, the word which you did hear from your wife is untrue, for so was the affair this day

    19. “That was an untrue answer that you gave to this jury in this case, right?”

    20. “That was untrue, was it not?” Nathanson insisted

    21. that turned out to be untrue, they paid off his debts, erased his past and

    22. 72 And Joseph answered saying Not so my Lord as the Lord lives and as your soul lives my Lord the word which you did hear from your wife is untrue for so was the affair this day

    23. There is a fear factor that is being disseminated across the planet that on one level is true and on another level is completely untrue

    24. untrue story? Was it because they would have been reluctant to

    25. Or to imply that I would have my paper print something untrue just to collect on a policy, is ballsy

    26. find some way to fluff the statement off as untrue?

    27. This charge, if proven, could lead to prosecution unless you can satisfy us that the allegations are untrue

    28. There are never untrue elements in my dreams, but I don’t remember Tristan telling me he loves me

    29. Evil is that which is dark and untrue, and which, when consciously embraced and willfully endorsed, becomes sin

    30. untrue, but the fact that he was ex CIA agent, a man of special skills, he wanted to leave out (such an

    31. The true beliefs – those that are congruent to reality – will hold up, but the other ones – the ones that are sometimes true, partially true or untrue – get revised or discarded

    32. But you cannot thus shut up the doors of the kingdom of heaven; these we have opened to all who have the faith to enter, and these portals of mercy shall not be closed by the prejudice and arrogance of false teachers and untrue shepherds who are like whited sepulchres which, while outwardly they appear beautiful, are inwardly full of dead men's bones and all manner of spiritual uncleanness

    33. ” It was of course completely untrue but Walter hoped that the cops in England were looking for Riley and the more stupid he was about his whereabouts would open up their search for him

    34. John, who reclined on Jesus' right hand, leaned over and asked the Master: "Who is it? We should know who it is that has proved untrue to his trust

    35. However, it is actually untrue, especially with the newer computers

    36. But that's untrue

    37. "Security! It's vital!" "That's untrue! You can't stand the idea of freedom for others while you have an infernal yoke around your neck

    38. ” This is patently untrue, and I am sure that you can cite many

    39. Both the motives for withdrawing the treatments, and the publicised effects were untrue

    40. It is possible to say that those here need more growth than others but this is untrue because all are growing, there is no top at which you begin laziness and idleness because you have stopped working, there is not a point at which work is done, and there is not a point at which you cease a purposeful existence

    41. Know that those in the buildings were truly attacked, but those in the planes; these are not believable stories because they are untrue

    42. This is also untrue

    43. As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue

    44. This is untrue

    45. many untrue things about the Civil War and related events

    46. Dismiss immediately one untrue scenario that says Christ never wanted African-American missionaries serving overseas and therefore called none to missionary service

    47. Naturally, much of what I told them was untrue

    48. In this time period, white false teachers contrived and passed on to black theologians untrue doctrine

    49. As a contractor, you hear many untrue statements from the agency

    50. ‘’Mister Jacoby, nothing makes women inapt to serve as fighter pilots, contrary to the many tired and untrue beliefs held on that subject

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