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Fate в предложении (на )

1. Th e fate of this.
2. His fate is in the.
3. It was an evil fate.
4. But this is my fate.
5. Fate is at work here.
6. Fate was on her side.
7. It is the common fate.

8. Of fate if you prefer.
9. Fate! It can be fickle.
10. This is your new fate.
12. Fate looks for a head.
13. I traded in this fate.
14. Your fate as well as.
15. Oh, what a fate it is.
16. This is the fate that.
17. Only she knew her fate.
18. The fate of a country.
19. Fate had thrown at them.
20. Dad would call it fate.
21. What will my fate be?
22. It was a horrific fate.
23. Was it the fate of our.
24. My fate is in his hands.
25. Could Fate be so cruel?
26. What has fate in store?
27. I have to share his fate.
28. It had to be fate, that.
29. It was fate of some kind.
30. It was their bitter fate.
31. He had accepted his fate.
32. I know it was fate that.
33. Her fate had been sealed.
34. Bell tells of their fate:.
35. Perhaps that was his fate.
36. Such was his fate in hell.
37. I don't believe in fate.
38. Could my fate be changed?
39. And play with tricky fate.
40. Fate plays a smaller role.
41. Even so, he knew his fate.
42. All ten met the same fate.
43. May fate give me strength.
44. He said, For the fate of.
45. It will show it's our fate.
46. It's the tragedy of my fate.
47. Their fate is hard in Laru.
48. And you chose their fate.
49. Fate had to intervene and.
50. And, of course, it was fate.
51. And leave the rest to fate.
52. Moses gave a choice of fate.
53. And then we cursed our fate.
54. They created their own fate.
55. He had to submit to his fate.
56. Not for them the fate of a.
57. There is no flying from fate.
58. A strange turn of fate that.
59. Fate: what the future holds.
60. Well, I want Fate on my side.
61. It was perhaps rather fate?
62. My fate is now in their hands.
63. Fate has made this your song.
64. Don't join your fate to his.
65. She knew her fate was sealed.
66. He says his fate remains in.
67. FORTU A: Fate and the unknown.
68. Truly a fate worse than death.
69. Was there ever such a fate!.
71. Did the same fate await her?
72. He saw the same fate for both.
73. The story of thy life and fate.
74. For the fate of the sons of.
75. The Fate of Cristian and Sage.
77. Wait, till fate becomes your.
78. Chapter 31: Leaning With Fate.
79. I am cast on the seas of fate.
80. His fate, it seems, is sealed.
81. Our fate does not rest in our.
82. I wept because of our fate in.
83. Fate of the ungodly in 2 Peter.
84. That's our fate, said Mungo.
85. Henceforth, I accepted my fate.
86. That's what I call fate, Lily.
87. Such a fate was awaiting myself.
89. Which was true and was my fate.
90. Indifferent was her future fate.
91. My fate was sealed for eternity.
92. There is no luck, chance or fate.
93. Or stare down the throat of fate.
94. Such is a fate worse than death.
95. It was our fate to be separated.
96. Her fate was firmly in my hands.
97. Rod was a great believer in fate.
98. It was the fate of all cuckolds.
99. Had he met with the same fate?
100. Her fate depended on everything.

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1. It was fated to happen.
2. The boy is fated to die.
3. We are fated more or less.
4. I believe I was fated to meet you.
5. No, clearly it was fated otherwise.
6. This country is probably fated for.
7. He was fated to have his wife from there.
8. So far they had been lucky, perhaps, or fated.
9. But it was not fated that I should sleep that night.
10. How do we know who’s fated for us? Lisa asked.
11. In a way, so had this escape been unpredictably fated.
12. Evidently this is fated to be a day of dreadful torture.
13. But I was, it seems, fated to be my own caterer in this, as I.
14. He answered that he thought he was fated not to experience prosperity.
15. And she couldn’t shake this feeling that meeting him was somehow fated.
16. But I was, it seems, fated to be my own caterer in this, as I had been in.
17. We are simply fated to eternal Life and, of course, to eternal Evolution!.
18. So the eventual downfall of that secret Shaker Community was already fated.
19. In effect, we’ve argued over the fate of the planet like a fated game of chess.
20. I guess it was fated that during the desire for indulgence that our system failed.
21. I think I was fated to understand the pain my mother went through when she lost me.
22. Oedipus, the son, was fated by the gods to become Oedipus, the husband of his mother.
23. I do not know why you dreamed of me, but I do know that we are fated to be together.
24. But we are fated to share evils in the production of which we have had no participation.
25. Of course their modesty was not fated to be long-lived, but for a moment they were abashed.
26. Only this was not for a date with Ellen, this was definitive, this was final, this was fated.
27. So much for the attitude to war of those who regard it as something tragic and fated by destiny.
28. There are moments in our lives, divine moments, that are extra-ordinary, to the point of being fated.
29. Rome when he said that those who do not know what came before them are fated to forever remain children.
30. Fortune or rather misfortune had brought them there and he became reconciled to the fact that it was fated.
31. But, if that is what is fated to happen, then I promise you it will be an easy death and a quick oblivion.
32. Was he in love with me? Was Justin questioning his vows as a priest? Or were we fated always to be apart?
33. And as he recognized the need, he said the first things that came to mind, before the fated moment was past.
34. The story of a big ungainly youth who seemed fated to be misunderstood and to be made the butt of his comrades.
35. While now the fated Pequod had been so long afloat this voyage, the log and line had but very seldom been in use.
36. The house numbered six was fated by destruction of fire, leaving its mark in the discarded bent metal plate of six.
37. She appeared to represent all the millions fated to be slaughtered at the hands of the monster standing beside him.
38. And ’twas surely fated for him to take up with Kate, who would have fancied him if only because he’d come for me.
39. Was I destined to be alone? Was I fated to mess up every potential intimate relationship I could ever have? Screw that.
40. Woe is me that I am fated to have Sarpedon, dearest of men to me, subdued at the hands of Patroclus the son of Menoetius.
41. Another section regard it as something cruel and hideous, but at the same time fated and inevitable, like disease and death.
42. How had he lost his leadership position? He had been fated for leadership, hadn’t he? He had easily bested Brumvack in the challenge.
43. Well, one does eventually get used to it but he was fated, like me, to be the butt for teasing and bad treatment from children of his age.
44. And each time afterwards they do indeed meet each other and planets collide, unspecific recognition and fated attraction pull them together.
45. I often reflected on the terrible irony that such a gentle creature as she had always been, seemed fated to attract so much violence into her life.
46. Perhaps it was fated to happen thus? Cerian mused, Betrayal takes two, Bedwyr, she may have wanted you to father a child in Arthur’s name.
47. Such is fated for a society that is neither willing to uphold its legal traditions nor unable to estimate the consequences of its purposeful actions.
48. And then, come what might, Zina would be a princess! And if this marriage were fated to produce scandal among the prince's relations and friends in St.
49. Besides - his eyes softened and he took Ceri’s hands again, the Dark were waiting for such an opportunity to attack me, perhaps it was fated thus.
50. Her most famous cruise took place from November 1923 to September 1924, when in company with the Repulse, (another fated battle cruiser) she embarked on the "Empire Cruise".
51. For your Sake, Lancelot, I wish the Babe had been not only yours, but a Boy to be call’d Lancelot the Second; yet for my own part, ’twas fated that I bear a Daughter.
52. The fated mating brings only winter-hardy eggs and death, hardly worth the trip back home, which is all for the next generations, who won’t even know they should be grateful.
53. Marriage, like religion and erudition, nay, like authorship itself, was fated to become an outward requirement, and Edward Casaubon was bent on fulfilling unimpeachably all requirements.
54. I told her not to be alarmed because that mark had been carried down through many generations on my father's side of the family and was considered a fated sign of good fortune and the best of luck.
55. And this is where you can change the circumstances and conclusions, he will be married in one life time, possibly the first, she will work in his house, and they will have to deny their fated feelings.
56. Nevertheless, it gives considered pause to the notion that tragedy burns its candles at both ends, directing its prominent characters toward some fated center that must inevitably come to terms; the 104.
57. The onrushing soldiers, following close behind the ill fated cavalry charge, attempted to climb across the ditches, trampling on the fallen and wounded bodies of their own fellow soldiers and their mounts.
58. Was it inevitable? Will we be the cause of it? Should we try to prevent it? Are we fated to take part in it, regardless of our choices? I have been plagued by these questions for what seems like an eternity.
59. She was twenty-five now, and must be fated to be an old maid, and with such beauty, too! The mother spent whole nights in weeping and lamenting, while all the time the cause of her grief slumbered peacefully.
60. It was a forcible type of the moral solitude in which the scarlet letter enveloped its fated wearer; partly by her own reserve, and partly by the instinctive, though no longer so unkindly, withdrawal of her fellow-creatures.
61. Moreover, if with the thought or the conception there is combined a strong, a passionate, desire, one will come to look upon the said thought or conception as something fated, inevitable, and foreordained—something bound to happen.
62. On the eve of a day when God alone knows who of us is fated to survive, I am glad of this opportunity to tell you that I regret the misunderstandings that occurred between us and should wish you not to have any ill feeling for me.
63. Sotillo governed Esmeralda with repressive severity till the adverse course of events upon the distant theatre of civil war forced upon him the reflection that, after all, the great silver mine was fated to become the spoil of the victors.
64. Ill — fated, impious race! / That blasphemed the bright Lyrist to his face, / And did not know it, — no, they went about, / Holding a poor, decrepit standard out, / Mark'd with most flimsy mottoes, and in large / The name of one Boileaul.
65. Fated circumstances threw them together two years later when they were both feeling alone and lonely; one thing led to another and I was conceived out of the love that my mother and Joshua had for each other, while Bethanie was produced by my mother's wifely duty to her husband.
66. And “that woman” again! Why did he always feel as though “that woman” were fated to appear at each critical moment of his life, and tear the thread of his destiny like a bit of rotten string? That he always had felt this he was ready to swear, although he was half delirious at the moment.
67. He roared down a mountainside on a narrow twisting road, keeping his speed as high as possible, tires barely sticking to the road on the curves, the wind rushing past and the sun hot on their heads… You wonder, sometimes, don't you? Are we fated or does mere chance determine our lives and our… our doom.
68. Therefore, I will not pursue my recollections from hour to hour, but only throw a cursory glance at the most prominent of them, from the time to which I have now carried my tale to the moment of my first contact with the exceptional personality that was fated to exercise such a decisive influence upon my character and ideas.
69. Fain would I have got thro’ the entire Esbat unrecogniz’d, but that was not fated to be; for presently the Grandmaster turned his terrible Mask towards Isobel and me, pounded the Ground with his Staff, and in a strange, echoing Voice, demanded: Why is a Man in our midst? ’Twas the first Time he had spoken out loud.
70. But there was Hester, clad in her gray robe, still standing beside the tree-trunk, which some blast had overthrown a long antiquity ago, and which time had ever since been covering with moss, so that these two fated ones, with earth's heaviest burden on them, might there sit down together, and find a single hour's rest and solace.
71. How can the investor tell whether or not the price is too high? We think that there is no good answer to this question—in fact we are inclined to think that even if one knew for a certainty just what a company is fated to earn over a long period of years, it would still be impossible to tell what is a fair price to pay for it today.
72. If poor Sir Thomas were fated never to return, it would be peculiarly consoling to see their dear Maria well married, she very often thought; always when they were in the company of men of fortune, and particularly on the introduction of a young man who had recently succeeded to one of the largest estates and finest places in the country.
73. It was against all scientific reason for two people who hardly knew each other, with no ties at all between them, with different characters, different upbringings, and even different genders, to suddenly find themselves committed to living together, to sleeping in the same bed, to sharing two destinies that perhaps were fated to go in opposite directions.
74. How they were fated to meet and an attachment sprang up between the two so that their names were coupled in the public eye was told in court with letters containing the habitual mushy and compromising expressions leaving no loophole to show that they openly cohabited two or three times a week at some wellknown seaside hotel and relations, when the thing ran its normal course, became in due course intimate.
75. He neither spoke nor loosed his hold for some five minutes, during which period he bestowed more kisses than ever he gave in his life before, I daresay: but then my mistress had kissed him first, and I plainly saw that he could hardly bear, for downright agony, to look into her face! The same conviction had stricken him as me, from the instant he beheld her, that there was no prospect of ultimate recovery there—she was fated, sure to die.
76. He neither spoke nor loosed his hold for some five minutes, during which period he bestowed more kisses than ever he gave in his life before, I dare say: but then my mistress had kissed him first, and I plainly saw that he could hardly bear, for downright agony, to look into her face! The same conviction had stricken him as me, from the instant he beheld her, that there was no prospect of ultimate recovery there---she was fated, sure to die.
77. At this moment Camilla, throwing herself upon a bed that was close by, swooned away, and Leonela began to weep bitterly, exclaiming, "Woe is me! that I should be fated to have dying here in my arms the flower of virtue upon earth, the crown of true wives, the pattern of chastity!" with more to the same effect, so that anyone who heard her would have taken her for the most tender-hearted and faithful handmaid in the world, and her mistress for another persecuted Penelope.
78. Mohammad Abdul-Azeem in the Center for Criminal Research in Cairo – shows that there are about thirty thousand people in Egypt who claim that they can foretell the future (including telling fortunes, divination by use of cups and palmistry), as 70% of Egyptians believe in the supernatural ability of these people to know the hidden future events that are fated for people, with their expertise also extending to other abilities such as treating their ‘patients’ through their souls.
79. Will be to put him in the watch-house with other fated wretches, Indigenous or down-at-out, looked on as a disgrace,.
1. I would decide their fates.
2. Abandoned she to fates malign!.
3. Quite literal y the fates and.
4. Nothing is changed in our fates.
5. The fates are watching out for you.
6. Our fates have become intertwined.
7. Our fates are all bound together now.
8. Then the west is where our fates lay.
9. It’s the way our fates are unwinding.
10. There are worse fates that mere death.
11. When the Fates finally decreed she might.
12. But the fates were not with me last night.
13. He prayed the fates would be kinder to them.
14. The Fates are with us, declared Rodnik.
15. Well, Ned, the fates were against us yesterday.
16. Goes to show, the Fates will weave their circlets.
17. But everything and all our fates are from the Lord.
18. May The Fates be with us, Siegemunde murmured.
19. Garcia had no time to consider their fates, for the.
20. We cannot be certain of our fates and still carry on.
21. Armageddon, only to suffer the fates destined for them.
22. Koke could well imagine what their grisly fates had been.
23. The Fourth’s timely arrival sealed the pirates’ fates.
24. Alas! What are all these fates, driven on pell-mell? Whither.
25. I couldn’t imagine leaving Claire and Jackie to their fates.
26. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared M.
27. May the Fates be with you, Siegemunde, answered Restadicus.
28. If the Fates will the string to be cut, there is little I can do.
29. Maybe it was some sort of twisted destiny, some cruel play of fates.
30. For anyone to claim credit for this would be an insult to the fates.
31. I simply breathed a little more deeply and awaited the day’s fates.
32. Sadly the fates had taken her away before she could give him children.
33. Why have the fates cast me in this important part? I’m a simple soldier.
34. There’re worse fates, inasmuch as that’s what I am too, at the moment.
35. Life is cheap in Africa; they do not feel about their Fates as White Men do.
36. What in the name of all the fates have we got here? he mused, grinning.
37. The men screamed in abject horror, as they realized what their fates would be.
38. Toad let the horse pass, and stood waiting for what the fates were sending him.
39. Rafael’s and Sage’s fates are intertwined with the fate of Amerie and Lance.
40. Puller said, So named after Atropos, one of the three Fates in Greek mythology.
41. Some were crying and sniffling, while others we quiet and resigned to their fates.
42. But now, my life threatens to bring about the worst of fates on that score for me.
43. At the castle, the taxes would be turned over and their fates would be determined.
44. You may still get your chance, Henry, grinned Sergeant Brody, if the fates.
45. Muttering and dispirited, Elise Jones closed her eyes and surrendered to the fates.
46. Who could blame the Fates if they doomed her soul to lurk alone in misery forever?
47. Unease filled his heart, thinking of the many fates which could befall his brave friends.
48. Both Odin and Jesus Christ knew of their fates, and yet they approached them unflinchingly.
49. She felt better than she had in days, and she hoped to the Fates that it would stay that way.
50. She had no fears and having no fears, she would not respect the Fates and the lives of others.
51. But now that she was back, what did she find? Mama had run of to Fates knew where and left her.
52. But an underhand and carefully executed deal between the two changed both their fates forever.
53. It was much later, after the Fates made their deal with his friend Admetus, that he angered me.
54. I pray to the Fates that I’ll hit the water right and then I scream, and scream, and scream-.
55. Pharaoh thinks to spy on me, he remembered thinking as he cursed the fates that had brought him.
56. She closed her eyes, drawing her last breath and succumbed to what the fates had devised for her.
57. And yet she watched him rather than Dawes, and it seemed as if their three fates lay in his hands.
58. It is a natural reaction when we see our eventual fates, to become hushed and ponder this mystery.
59. He thought briefly of his sisters, and it discouraged him to consider what their fates had likely been.
60. Fates and Point Spreads, the Award Winning Director of the Creation and the Flood, the CEO Who Sees and.
61. She was trapped in Serenor, of her own volition, and tomorrow her family would abandon her to her fates.
62. Stephen nodded and turned away—the fates had ordained that he was to carry his secret till the morning.
63. They travelled the rest of the journey in silence, both appearing to be contemplating their possible fates.
64. Naturally, he pretended to be in the dark about their ploys but he could not help feeling sad about their fates.
65. In his race to the frying pan he had no time to consider the parallel fates of the two children or the magician.
66. Thus I nodded my Head yes to Joan’s Query, and I steel’d my Soul to endure whate’er the Fates had in store.
67. It is my punishment from the Fates, my punishment for running away when I should’ve stayed, should’ve helped.
68. I’d hoped that we’d make it into the tunnels before they caught up, but it seems that the Fates are against it.
69. That is to say, he backed into the pub, one hand to his cheek, as if the fates had dealt him a proper blow unbewares.
70. Maybe the worst of fates have begun to gnaw away at your existence and you believe there is nothing to be done about it.
71. Slamming his office door to shut to laughter out, he looked to Davis and Jones still standing there, waiting to hear their fates.
72. Gamers in the 90s began to take their fates into their own hands, with the creation of modifications (or "mods") for popular games.
73. What have you done, Savonne? What have you done? Fates, you’re an idiot! A stupid, infuriating, ignorant, impulsive idiot!.
74. Hermes said, Long before, the Fates had hinted to Admetus that his life was about to end, and Admetus begged them to let him live.
75. His mindset tells me that he will not survive long because he will tempt the fates until he suffers a loss that wipes out his account.
76. May the Fates forbid that the gods should ever suffer such a doom, or that we should ever return to the darkness and chaos of the past.
77. The description which Christ gave to the Pharisees of the respective fates of the souls of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Hades (Luke xvi.
78. There are two worlds, Emma, this one and the World of Light, and their fates are intertwined, as they have been for a very long time.
79. Nothing separated me from their Fates but a few Months’ Work upon my Back and my Goddess-given Beauty, which someday soon should fade.
80. Fates know what wouldn’t have happened to her- she would be alive and well and we’d be home in Dejon with our parents where we belong.
81. Thy writ is for that future time, and for that one who learns from it much more than an awakening: to know what fates Earth’s futures hold.
82. She remembered being six or seven and crying over the fates of the butterflies in her yard after learning that they lived for only a few days.
83. But on his thirtieth birthday, O Fates and Furies, life is over, love is done and dead, the career is up the flue or down the chute, either way.
84. Not so much to learn what Bahrnabai Wyrshym’s and Ernyst Abernethy’s fates might be as to learn how those fates were going to overtake them.
85. It could do no harm to listen, even if their fates had already been sealed by her decision to seek liberation from her bondage in this infernal union.
86. Yet we think that if rail fences are pulled down, and stone walls piled up on our farms, bounds are henceforth set to our lives and our fates decided.
87. This duel not only concerns their life and death but it also involved all the fates of all the best top exponents in the Fraternity who had long 443.
88. Yet there was a Part of me that saw this Loss of my Romance as an Off’ring to propitiate the Favour of the Fates and bring Belinda safe into my Arms.
89. Kiesa and Doa do a festival on the new year thanking the Fates that they’ve made it through- I’ve only been to one but already I know that I love it.
90. Whereupon we rockt: Mother, Babe, and Sweet Susannah, wond’ring what more the Fates could send to test us after the astounding Events of the last few Days.
91. But there was little cheer among the returning raiders; their gloomy mood spread to the folk of Eid, when they learned of the tragic fates of Haki and Halfdan.
92. The fortunes, the fates and policies of European kingdoms and Empires were determined by who got to the drugs first, who sold them, and which country used them.
93. There were innumerable stocks that faced similar fates, of course, and the dotcom collapse wiped out more than $5 trillion in market value between 2000 and 2002.
94. At heart they hate their horrid fates, and so wreak their poor spite on me who stand for everything they have not, and for all they most crave and never can attain.
95. O no! I cry, not thinking that such Resistance will surely seal our Fates with Captain Whitehead (for he loves most to do to Ladies what most displeases ’em).
96. You are unable to interfere with the lives of others, and neither can you control others' fates, including those of your wife, sons, daughters, parents, or brothers.
97. An occasional sigh followed by stifled, choking sobs escaped the resigned nurse but her stumbling progress was without vocal comment; she had ceded herself to the fates.
98. O how strangely the Goddess hath arranged our Fates! Waken’d in the Night by the shrill Cry of an Infant, what Wrath and Resentment we feel to have our Rest thus interrupted.
99. If the trader lets the position go to expiration and relies on luck, he is at the mercy of the fates, and this is a position that an intelligent option trader prefers to avoid.
100. And I think she knew that she may very well have a predisposition for the same kinds of mental problems, too, because her grandmother and her mother both experienced similar fates.

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