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    1. We have to catch up with her," Herndon said, "That's our only chance

    2. There was still a good chance that her packet hadn't even left Sinbara and Jorma struggled up the path to the house and then down the street to the town side of north island

    3. Sam realised he was out of his depth, even if she had given him the chance, which Tatania apparently had no intention of doing

    4. The more raw food fiction that exists, the more chance of a break out success, and so I still work

    5. He and Nancy had no chance to do that; Ms

    6. "There are twenty of you remaining, only seven were female, you still number less than a thousand even part Brazilian, there is no chance you won't disappear into the general population in another century

    7. "You never thought we had any chance," he said, going over old ground

    8. “It gives me a chance to even up the score

    9. If Venna was working for someone and had missed them, Ava wasn't going to give her another chance

    10. "Pppp," Herndon said, "Oh that's possible, but I don't think he had the chance

    11. I don't think he would be trying to convince me to give him another chance if he was with Venna

    12. "We have to catch up with her," Herndon said, "That's our only chance

    13. There was a good chance he wouldn't want to delay in getting back to the Gengee where both maps were located

    14. Grandchildren provide a second chance for us to do again what we may have lacked the first time with our children

    15. "The disadvantage of traveling at this speed is you never have a chance to get local detail maps

    16. It was his last chance

    17. ’ I said, my mouth operating before my brain has a chance to get into gear

    18. The R or “responding” is your chance to bring the rain to your students

    19. She hadn't come with him even in that had she? When we are one in a billion, what chance do we have? She had just tried to gravitate towards the part of the local civilization that she liked the best

    20. ‘It’s Inspector Ditton here, is there any chance I can get hold of him somewhere?’

    21. 4 percent chance it would concern—at least tangentially—procreation

    22. The good news is that the later years of a relationship offer a chance to rediscover each other and to rebuild any parts of the relationship that may need working on

    23. I think it stands above a one percent chance today

    24. "This cargo is valuable, if criminals learn that it is being transported, there is a very good chance that it might become stolen cargo, unless you can defend it from bandits?"

    25. It is my promise to you both that I give you the chance to

    26. For all the Troll might of arms, the telling factor over time had been the tiny babies produced by Elven woman so that almost all mothers survived, instead of the average Troll woman's chance in those days, dying in her fourth or fifth childbirth

    27. Because he still wanted this job, he had to convince himself that there was still some chance it was a legitimate job

    28. BobbingTwo was the only one he stood any chance of getting up

    29. ‘I could come and have a look …’ I said slowly, grateful to her for giving me a second chance

    30. It gave me a chance to pick up the pieces

    31. ‘Yes … It was hell leaving everything behind as I did, but, just as the view from the top of a hill shows you what lies in the valley far more clearly than you can ever see when you are in the valley itself, it gave me a chance to analyse things … my emotions … recent events … without all the clutter

    32. I decided to give him a chance

    33. So help me if I ever have the chance again

    34. There are loads of bridleways and footpaths around here and, when I have the chance, I tend to grab my OS map and wander off to explore

    35. "We shouldn't stop thinking about the life we will have in the event of the ninety or ninety nine percent chance that it's going to miss us

    36. doostEr was also already off the rockosaur's seat as Tahlmute said, "If you can see a meteor before it hits you, it missed, you have no chance of getting out of its way

    37. "So I could be legal?" Glenelle asked her, "or at least you're trying to convince me that there is some wisp of a chance I could be legal, if Gordon's Lamp was destroyed

    38. At his age not much chance really, but Jesus you can't give up, can you?"

    39. "Is there some chance the real reason I was picked first was because of this android?"

    40. Give the seed of the word a chance to grow

    41. There was a chance that here in this little lost town on the edge of Europe he would find a link to Elissa and that was all that mattered

    42. If there was a chance of finding a warm lead then his financial affairs could be sorted out later

    43. What chance there was any air left in the cylinders was beyond her, but one of them began to actually restore atmosphere

    44. They’ve taken him down to the station now but it looks as though there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be declared insane

    45. only chance you have is to play

    46. I was due to come up fifth, so it didn’t look like I would have a chance to bat; at least not in this inning

    47. "We still have some chance," Ava said, "but I'm guessing this is the reason Herndon wanted you to go out and try to start the Lula last year

    48. Maybe we had a chance after all

    49. " She didn't give him a chance to respond

    50. Ava was really getting a chance to make up for what she thought this man did to her sister on the real Herndon and not just his cherub

    1. chanced upon you out on that moonlit field in Normandy – although

    2. chanced upon the chambre d’hote from heaven whilst

    3. While sitting in an elegant chair and gazing about at the beautiful surroundings, he chanced to hear a discussion concerning the best way of getting his eyes before he should die

    4. Think of the unfortunate Tireseas, who only chanced to see her

    5. Liulfr had chanced to walk by on his way to the Quartermaster when he noticed a somewhat troubled Penelope sneaking strangely around the officer’s tent

    6. I chanced a quick look at Joss and his captor

    7. As I drove us to our destination, I chanced the question

    8. Thankfully this dear friend of mine chanced upon a medium who revealed to her that the daughter was actually an ‘old soul’ who incarnated to teach her the meaning of unconditional love

    9. Suddenly, I chanced upon a set of oracle cards quite similar to what I was exposed to earlier! Without much hesitation, I found myself at the cashier, purchasing my very first stack of oracle cards

    10. It chanced that one of these trips to the

    11. As two of his party gathered some ferns, Brokin chanced a quick look

    12. When they stopped, he chanced a quick look around the taproot

    13. Later, in moving toward places of forage, they chanced to pass that awful thing which they’d purposefully avoided earlier

    14. She felt his movement and chanced a fear-filled peek

    15. His quick sidelong glance at her reminded her that she shouldn’t have chanced asking

    16. He chanced a quick glance at her as they neared the small group of trees

    17. you saw her likeness, and because she mourned for her son, you began to comfort her, and of these things which have chanced, these

    18. 49 And see you saw her likeness and because she mourned for her son you began to comfort her and of these things which have chanced these are to be opened to you

    19. Moshe chanced looking up again, as his mind raced, Think! Think in a new way, like the life of

    20. actually chanced a slight wink at me as he followed the family, and with a tinkle of

    21. Jarek had planned to climb the escarpment, cross the swamps and return to the sea-level forests in one day, but when they chanced on a clear, sandy-bottomed lake surrounded by sedges and paper barks, they couldn’t resist a swim

    22. Jesus conducted the services in this new synagogue more than half the time this year, and some of the caravan people who chanced to attend remembered him as the carpenter from Nazareth

    23. 6 Although this perfect life which he lived in the likeness of mortal flesh may not have received the unqualified and universal approval of his fellow mortals, those who chanced to be his contemporaries on earth, still, the life which Jesus of Nazareth lived in the flesh and on Urantia did receive full and unqualified acceptance by the Universal Father as constituting at one and the same time, and in one and the same personality-life, the fullness of the revelation of the eternal God to mortal man and the presentation of perfected human personality to the satisfaction of the Infinite Creator

    24. After talking with James and Jude (who also chanced to be in Capernaum) and after turning over to his brother James the little house which John Zebedee had managed to buy, Jesus went on to Nazareth

    25. Convinced that the young men had made trekking elsewhere, I chanced to follow, when, from some unknown source, a very deliberate wind raced past me and closed the door, stopping me dead in my tracks

    26. Adrian was surfing his newfound writers community for some good fiction to read when he chanced upon the work of a fellow named Lucas Slaughter

    27. Nothing ever seemed so important to Jesus as the individual human who chanced to be in his immediate presence

    28. At her wits end by then, she chanced to see the coverage about the proposed Shanti Sadan in Andhra Prabha

    29. Now it chanced that, at about the time Jesus stood over this sick woman, holding her hand, smoothing her brow, and speaking words of comfort and encouragement, the fever left her

    30. 3 Late on the afternoon of the third day at Iron, as Jesus was returning from the mines, he chanced to pass through a narrow side street on his way to his lodging place

    31. 1 Jesus did very little public work on this preaching tour, but he conducted many evening classes with the believers in most of the cities and villages where he chanced to sojourn with James and John

    32. But soon a stormy phase of his trouble appeared, and he fled to the tombs, where he moaned, cried out aloud, and so conducted himself as to terrorize all who chanced to meet him

    33. 'When I chanced to capture these seven hill-men, I reported their capture to the wazam, as is the custom, and then, before I could hang them, there came an order to hold them and communicate with their chief

    34. 1 Early Monday morning, Rodan began a series of ten addresses to Nathaniel, Thomas, and a group of some two dozen believers who chanced to be at Magadan

    35. All four serpents were swaying and striking at foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, hip, whatever portion of her voluptuous body chanced to be nearest to them, and she could not spring over them or pass between them to safety

    36. 2 For years it had been the custom for these three to drop everything and listen to Jesus' teaching whenever he chanced to visit them

    37. He had resolved that he would see what sort of a man Jesus was the next time he chanced to visit Jericho; accordingly, Zaccheus sought to press through the crowd, but it was too great, and being short of stature, he could not see over their heads

    38. Had those rotten flags simply chanced to give way beneath his weight, or was there a more sinister explanation? One thing at least was obvious: he was not the only living thing in that palace

    39. 'Set! Tell me what has chanced in the world

    40. After more than an hour of this isolation, the gate-keeper and her sister chanced to meet him, and both of them again teasingly charged him with being a follower of Jesus

    41. As he moved forward, he chanced to look to the east and froze

    42. he chanced to meet her again riding

    43. I chanced to ask her

    44. Fascinated as I was by the fact that someone’s mailbox had just apparently ‘gone postal’ on me, I chanced a quick look around to see if there was a clue to what had happened somewhere in my surroundings

    45. More abandoned colonies and out posts like the one the Enterprise chanced upon

    46. them some sort of protection if they chanced upon the clowns again

    47. ‘At Madras, last year, Malhotra and I chanced to play against a team from the Gymkhana Club

    48. On his way back from the nearby sabzi mandi, remembering Roopa’s indent for matchboxes as well, he stopped at a pan shop and chanced to read the headline of the Eenadu on sale there

    49. But then sexual liking, with or without love, too could hold on its own; I used to see a ravishing woman in the bus stop, and once we chanced to stand together in a jam-packed city bus; as I tentatively pressed myself against her back, she deliberately pushed herself closer to me; and seemingly unconcerned of each other, we let our declivities rub against each other until male biology brought our delight to a close

    50. “What a good turn one of them gave to my life; I was so put off with that metro jaunt that it was quite a while before I ventured into a brothel, where I chanced upon an angelic whore, who later became my Good Samaritan

    1. No use taking chances

    2. ~ Researchers in the US have found that skipping breakfast routinely can indirectly increase the chances of developing diabetes and heart disease as the sugar deficient body craves for fatty foods which are hard to resist

    3. observe in our lives, the more chances for us to avoid

    4. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    5. It was probably the captain's position in the top cabin that doomed his chances of revival

    6. The chances were low that his efforts might lead him to the columnator of the Lula as well as the containment of the shuttlecraft, but he had to try didn't he? He was like Elond in how he worried about it

    7. The more rewards that are offered, and the more opportunities your followers have to earn rewards, the greater the chances are they will continue to follow you through social media platforms

    8. Almost as though observing from a distance, I watch my other self flounder as doubts about my chances of concluding the quest with any degree of success become definite, bottomless failure; my perennial loneliness becomes an old age of isolation in a world slowly spiralling down into barrenness and desolation as I eek out my days, hated by those who remain here … the few who could not escape across … Berndt’s face stares at me, full of the loathing he feels for my failure

    9. Gilla is floating round the house singing to herself and, although I am delighted that she is so happy, quite frankly, it gets on my nerves and only serves to point up my own pretty parlous situation with regard to relationships … their non-existence generally and, more specifically, the chances of one actually manifesting itself at any time in the future

    10. Loud brush rustling often stopped at the firelight's horizon when a small inglethor came running near, more willing to take it's chances with the humans than with what chased it

    11. skin is damaged, chances are, they would develop the same thing when they undergo

    12. How many chances for manhood could I foil here?

    13. I am led to believe and have to, that we are all given chances to turn situations around and ultimately our lives if we want to

    14. Chances are this person is just nervous and has gotten in over their head

    15. so the chances of finding someone with similar interests as yours is stronger on the web

    16. We can't take any chances

    17. ‘Dr Jim, what are the chances of me being able to get pregnant?’

    18. There must have been a problem and with those treasures, he could not take chances

    19. Keep this tip in mind: fish with two flies since this doubles your chances of catching one

    20. And chances are that if you had a little more money, you would be able to help more people and do your work better

    21. Boras was taking no chances, everything hinged on Altera being taken out first

    22. The pundits have moved on to Aston Villa's chances against Liverpool, which are poor, it would seem

    23. Chances are that he will snore abrasively for the rest of his life

    24. He didn’t want to hang around in this area … the chances were that Ozzie would turn up at some stage and he didn’t want to be around when that happened

    25. What were the chances of encountering someone as sexy as Bethai who was interested enough to compete with Ava? Bethai was bigger and better with her pillows of course, but Ava was much more intelligent and to his eye much prettier because of her normal size

    26. The only thing he did to help his chances that I know of was hang here available for duty more often

    27. ‘Doctor, what are the chances of her recovering?’

    28. He is not taking any chances

    29. You don't get many chances in life and somehow he knows that this is one of those important moments

    30. reduce the chances of a rebellion,” Anastasia explained

    31. He eventually put J’tom out of his house with nothing and decided to take his chances

    32. chances of your friends showing up at this exact instance? The sad part of the

    33. He would not be able to speak to his children, cutting off all chances of evolving to a higher standard

    34. I'll be here in Maryland until the end of September so your chances of seeing Maryland are good if the visa comes through soon

    35. I'm waiting and waiting in the hallway and all these "professionals" are trying to estimate what they think their chances are of getting accepted for this study

    36. So basically I stormed out of that doctor's office and started walking down the hall with all the professional medical test people and quickly shouted out to them; your chances of getting accepted for this study just got better because they rejected me because I had prostate cancer

    37. "Well Vic, please think of it this way, I'm trying to estimate his chances of receiving adequate nutrition if he has reached the native city

    38. chances through the woods?” I asked

    39. the chances of that are unlikely

    40. losses as they are likely to meet with in the common course of chances

    41. Apparently Nicola was taking no chances with this latest discovery, not to mention that she no longer felt it necessary to hide her role as Commander of the Death Guard, which had previously been a secret shared by only Drau'd and a select few

    42. don’t fancy his chances with this cold weather coming on

    43. but they all knew that their chances of catching Genet

    44. The android was still closer to the stairway than he was, he couldn't even get back to it in time even if he was willing to jump over the rail at an angle and take his chances with the landing

    45. The prospect of taking his chances in the company of

    46. chances - see, my good friend Bailli Dubois is here and

    47. ‘What are the chances that they’ll come after us

    48. We've given him two extra chances to amend his decision have we not?"

    49. "You do understand that those extra chances you gave him have made this expedition a planet-wide media phenomenon and cost all of us the opportunity of ever sending more probes to the surface?"

    50. While pondering her own chances -- which seemed as grim -- Nathalia heard a thunderous roar, and suddenly, the light of Minos -- the very moon itself -- was eclipsed by a mountainous form

    1. lane, rather than chancing the main road with its fast-moving

    2. chancing on an excuse that he could readily relate to

    3. Chancing it she began using the tips of her fingers, elbows and toes as she edged herself backward toward the rear of the returns desk

    4. details and he drove off, chancing that he would be safe with one rear light working

    5. A person with experience in loading is the safest, if you buy a horse and nobody is there to help you but an older person that never rode in their life, come back later with help instead of chancing an accident

    6. “Where is it you travel to my friend?” the merchant asked, chancing an innocent line

    7. Chancing a glance down at him, she saw his head lower to her pussy and almost screamed

    8. He was drawing his hand from his breast; the prisoner chancing to look up in his hurried wonder as he wrote, the hand stopped, closing upon something

    9. The Caliph Haroun-al-Raschid, chancing at that moment to open a window in the

    10. Sometimes, too, he had experienced the opposite, expressing at last what he liked himself, which he was devising arguments to defend, and, chancing to express it well and genuinely, he had found his opponent at once agreeing and ceasing to dispute his position

    11. She was milking Old Pretty thus, and the sun chancing to be on the milking-side, it shone flat upon her pink-gowned form and her white curtain-bonnet, and upon her profile, rendering it keen as a cameo cut from the dun background of the cow

    12. Reckless, inconsiderate acceptance of him; to close with him at the altar, revealing nothing, and chancing discovery; to snatch ripe pleasure before the iron teeth of pain could have time to shut upon

    13. The Warrior had the most candles burning, as might be expected during a tourney; many a knight would have come here to pray for strength and courage before chancing the lists

    14. “They’re not invited?” asks Devon, chancing a look at the agents

    15. Chancing a look under the car, he saw a pair of legs headed his way in a shuffling run

    16. Instead of chancing that, he got out a utility knife with a fresh blade, and a 9mm Beretta, and waited

    17. But we had not gone perhaps above a hundred yards, when chancing to turn a corner, and looking back as I did so, who should be seen but Elijah following us, though at a distance

    18. Nevertheless, some there were, who even in the face of these things were ready to give chase to Moby Dick; and a still greater number who, chancing only to hear of him distantly and vaguely, without the specific details of any certain calamity, and without superstitious accompaniments, were sufficiently hardy not to flee from the battle if offered

    19. But chancing to slip with his ivory heel, he saw the crushed copper sight-tubes of the quadrant he had the day before dashed to the deck

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