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    1. I finished the tree myself after that

    2. He might have heard some of that but he was out of earshot by the time she finished

    3. He tipped up and finished his fourth cup of that ale and signaled the kegman for his fifth

    4. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    5. “Actually, I do,” Ackers said as he finished entering a string of codes

    6. “Have you finished the mission yet?” Ackers voice came through in thunderous vibrations through Vinnie’s ear piece

    7. ‘Yes, Stephen, she could pinpoint it pretty well because Henry had put his back out and couldn’t go to fetch the stuff himself once they had finished with it

    8. "Good, good," he finished up

    9. ‘I finished that bottle of gin first

    10. ‘Yes, he’d very kindly taken me home once the police had finished with me

    11. ‘All finished, Barney?’ Adrian said in that special voice adults tend to use to small children

    12. finished and I’ll put the box back

    13. ‘A bit shaken but we had a reasonably friendly chat and she sounded a lot less anxious by the time we’d finished

    14. ‘What sort of idea?’ he called back, amusement audible in his voice – cheeky so-and-so! ‘Oh, hang on, I’ve nearly finished

    15. It was a twenty minute ride halfway down the city and he got so absorbed in her that Tahlmute elbowed him on the shoulder when he jumped, but doostEr still finished his sentence before he dismounted and then walked back to Tahlmute

    16. I finished my apprenticeship, did my National Service for the fly-boys and then

    17. When we’re finished, it’ll

    18. I ain't finished yet

    19. It takes us several journeys between the back of the shop and the car before we have loaded all the boxes into the vehicle and I have to say I am winded by the time we have finished

    20. ‘When you’ve finished that, Stephen, we’ll get the cars loaded up

    21. ‘Right, I’ve finished that – shall we get moving?’

    22. He’s silent for a moment when I have finished my recital

    23. that she would eat later, that she had not long finished a late lunch, but she would stay

    24. Surely Liz should have finished at the house by now

    25. They’ve finished with her now

    26. By the time they have finished, I feel a little better, though my head still feels odd

    27. Props then put in all the furniture we are going to use – the space available once they have finished looks an awful lot smaller than we are used to

    28. I have just finished the third book of the series “Sandra Anderson - Astral Fantasy”, which is composed of four stories

    29. This morning I finished the fourth book of my illustrated manuscripts “Sandra Anderson - Astral Fantasy”, which contains only three stories

    30. After I finished the cigarette I lay back on the mattress and tried to convince myself that it was all a symptom of loneliness, a freaking-out under duress

    31. Having finished work this afternoon, I was walking along Academy Avenue to the bus terminus, when I suddenly saw Persephone and her mother just a few metres away, waving at me happily! They looked thrilled to see me, they ran towards me at once and I could do nothing to avoid them

    32. ’ he finished … ‘Kate, it’s not polite to laugh at me like that!’

    33. She’s not convinced, but even Betty has to admit that, by the time we’ve finished, the hall looks festive

    34. This afternoon I finished the fifth volume of my illustrated manuscripts “Sandra Anderson - Astral Fantasy”

    35. In the morning of my departure, as we were all sitting around the big table taking breakfast, Alexander turned to me and thanked me for the translation I finished so quickly

    36. “I only hope I am not the one who caused this,” he said, and then he tried to make me feel better by revealing to the class that “Yvonne is an unselfish person indeed: she was willing to translate ''Self-knowledge and Metaphysics'' from Greek into English free of charge, she did her best and finished it within a month!”

    37. ‘Like you and I?’ he finished for me – yes, he has his grandmother’s perception

    38. Once we finished with our tales of capture, we moved on to the subject of other hostages

    39. They finished exchanging pleasantries, Herndon showing off how well he could still mangle the old tongue in the process

    40. The pressure sensitive ones like his had little plastic bumps sticking out of the plank and the wood was well finished instead of rough-sawn

    41. Its windows began on the tenth floor from here, the top floors of the finished stone, but its front door would be on the indoor street that crossed Third Canal on the eleventh floor

    42. She declined his offer of dinner, saying that she would eat later, that she had not long finished a late lunch, but she would stay and keep him company while he ate

    43. ’ Angie finished, obviously quoting from memory

    44. The games are ended; the party is finished

    45. You really have let yourself get out of condition, Kara! Have to do something about that when you get home again after all this is finished with

    46. she finished off with it

    47. ” She finished out of breath

    48. She finished with his bandage and stood and looked down at him lying there

    49. After they finished eating, she asked Sam if he had any soup

    50. He finished his business and washed up

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