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    1. ‘I’m not … not very proficient with these things

    2. As the weeks wore on, Daniel made use of the extra time by organizing the riders and suggesting that they all become proficient with the use of crossbows

    3. method, and to become proficient in the technique

    4. When I became proficient at self-testing I saw the

    5. has become very proficient at using the Emotion Code

    6. When Harry had begun to be highly proficient with the staff, White Feathers brought young Jameson to him for training in the techniques and purposes behind such an education

    7. I have been casting since I was four years old; I should be somewhat proficient by my age

    8. Gymnastics was both a required activity and also the center of an orbit of students who were highly proficient in the more strenuous disciplines of artistic and acrobatic gymnastics

    9. They were as creative as ShenonMaina and just as proficient

    10. He is extremely proficient in the use of most small arms and has been in numerous fatal close-combat situations

    11. Most witches excel at one affinity, but are proficient in all of them

    12. ’ You see, those athletes who are most proficient at handling the ball or scoring points and so on are those who are more highly valued and therefore naturally selected to be a part of the team in any given sport

    13. Horrifying Hippo would simply open his mouth wide—but in this case, with a special body position that would clearly communicate that he was not feeling threatened but inviting the Cleaners to give him a hand—and with that, a whole school of the rambunctious, proficient little helpers would scurry over and begin their laborious process with great dedication and skill

    14. As you become more proficient in meditation, you will develop the power to focus your attention where you want it at other times as well

    15. Avienus himself was not only a highly proficient swordsman but also the strategist, the intelligence man of their group

    16. can even be deadly if the stylist is proficient with the techniques

    17. After all, what she wanted was a young boy to indulge in sex with her, and if she couldn’t train him to perform in the usual manner, she could at least learn to be more and more proficient in the taking of him in the oral way

    18. During this assignment, he became very proficient in seamanship

    19. The more I did those workshops and seminars, the more proficient I felt and I had no doubt that I would someday get what I wanted

    20. Gaining a sense of the game has nothing to do with actually becoming proficient at

    21. It turned out that both were very proficient, and they both had ideas that we were able to use

    22. Numbers of officers, absolutely proficient in every branch, had never had practical experience with combined branches, mobilised as an effective whole

    23. The overriding issue isn‘t whether or not a student is proficient in ancient languages or higher mathematics, although the latter would be certainly commendable, but whether or not that student has at least mastered the basic requirements of reading, writing and calculating sums

    24. Gareth learned quickly, he matured into a highly proficient Baron in a turbulent time

    25. Ruby could hit a moving target at any range and her technique for reloading the arrow was highly proficient

    26. She was proficient with a bow and still improving

    27. It was understandable that he would be proficient in survival skills, but his ability to adapt to changes in climate and terrain seemed unrivaled

    28. and sisters, and they, all being proficient skiers, were going down the

    29. Students seek to do a task or activity well enough to be seen as proficient or competent – having mastered certain skills

    30. If you are proficient in a foreign language, this type of tutoring is in high demand

    31. Just 11 percent of eighth-graders show proficient knowledge of US

    32. likelihood that your current techniques aren’t as proficient as they could be

    33. percent of the black and Hispanic 10th grade students in the local school district were not proficient in math

    34. throughout the program so you can become proficient with them

    35. He thought about challenging his guard, his arms were free now, and Calvin—like all Intel Wing agents—was proficient with a mixture of martial arts

    36. There were books and magazines on every conceivable subject, all cared for by a proficient and helpful staff, and all of them virtually free

    37. To be proficient in the previously mentioned roles of effective

    38. Robert managed to write two thousand copies of the signature and was becoming quite proficient; however, the better he became, the higher his standards rose

    39. He was however, unknown to staff becoming proficient at boxing

    40. quickly became fit and proficient at the basics

    41. In a previous chapter you were told that you do not become proficient in any work

    42. That is where Ricardo became so proficient and adept

    43. He hit his targets quite regularly and smiled as he became more proficient

    44. more you do it, the faster you will become proficient

    45. The goal of the artillery training was not to become proficient in its operation, but to understand the weapons uses and shortcomings in battle

    46. ” Even though I was sure Gina was a more proficient shot

    47. proficient in acquiring their own food, fighting, holding on to

    48. Given the chance a cat is a proficient hunter

    49. The Serval is a proficient hunter

    50. highly attuned senses, are proficient hunters, devoted to their

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