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    1. cross hairs and hear the fatal click of the firing pin

    2. John looks over his shoulder in the direction of the firing, takes off his wedding ring slowly, studies it sadly for a moment, digs out a small hole in the ground with his hand, buries it, puts a rock on top

    3. " She grunted a little as she took the MA-48’s recoil, firing with one hand and holding on to the knuckledragger’s pommel with the other

    4. The topside turret wasn’t firing anymore

    5. Allowing the other pedestrians to pass, she paused, one hand on the post of the crossing for balance, and bent over fiddling with her shoe, her senses firing off warnings … she could smell danger

    6. What went on? What happened?" Steve was firing questions at him left and right; and all of his fellow riders were waiting for his answer

    7. The men below were firing, killing them as fast as they could, but more kept emerging from the brush

    8. Firing off questions as they went they followed him into the cave and Sam put them all to work

    9. Together we lay side by side defending the roads of Athens and firing our pistols at the Nazis

    10. Instead of firing the poor girl, the chairman’s wife asked the maid to sew a little bag of the finest silk and fill it with ground up Puy lentils

    11. Heading towards the sound they came upon two Gatonen firing at what look like a small child

    12. of firing the poor girl, the chairman’s wife asked the maid to sew a

    13. Will I be back in three months, or is this simply a soft way of firing me?”

    14. and firing at them just annoys them

    15. “For firing that guy I think

    16. He is armed and dangerous, but the act of firing guns is one that he leaves to the boys

    17. He took every firing as a personal failure, when she’d started to look at it that way, her entire way of looking at life changed

    18. The wood chipper struggled to start, firing and then stopping, like a car

    19. chest and torso, like he was a bull’s-eye at the firing range

    20. fiddled with safety, and then began firing at Stenworth

    21. Then there was a bellow from their commander and, almost as one, the two hundred plus criminals charged the village, screaming and firing as they came

    22. He was about to get in more firing practice when he spotted other shapes moving in the crowd below

    23. And then the intensity of firing increased at Patrick’s wall

    24. "Tried to warn you," Alec said to the Death Guard before firing another round into the street

    25. "All those preaching peace and brotherhood on one hand and firing off anger, discontent and bomb throwing on the other

    26. The marine slowed to a walk, dropped the machine gun and pulled out his Colt, firing as he walked

    27. Yet the archers were firing, and the Thanes hacking downward with their swords, and still the wall rocked under the weight of the coming horde

    28. Firing a cannon in a storm is an old and honored tradition among seafaring men

    29. “For pity’s sake watch those fucking machine guns the little bastards have got them emplaced on the cliff tops and that’s a perfect firing position to enfilade down on us

    30. “Look to your front here come some more of the buggers don’t let them get the well!” I could see him aiming and firing ever so calmly with a rifle that must have belonged to poor Fred Elliot and that he must have dropped when he was hit

    31. He even once more felt the presence of his old body, like a yearning beyond what had once passed for proprioceptive reality: his brain telling him this was the case against any counter evidence, just the accordant neurons firing again

    32. “Bloody hell lads I haven’t seen a Turk or anything that looks dangerous since we started at this rate we will be able to walk into Krithia without firing a shot

    33. All of a sudden we heard heavy firing coming from over on our right were some of the 86th Brigade lads where but just at that moment we were moving through a gully and so couldn’t pinpoint the direction

    34. “Still think were going to walk into Krithia without firing a shot do you?” He looked over towards me and shook his head violently saying

    35. Firing appropriate thrusters the vessel turned almost on the spot to face the oncoming escort vessels which were almost twice its size

    36. No one could take the amount of punishment that they were and the ground under their feet looked a deeper black and I realised it was blood as we kept on firing the attack stalled and then faded away

    37. We could hear over on our left a lot of firing going on and see flares shoot into the sky so something was happening

    38. We believed it because the Turkish artillery was lashing the beaches firing down from Achi Baba but what really convinced us was that ‘Asiatic Annie’ was firing her heavy shells at both V and W Beaches

    39. The Elusiver ships were still firing, aiming in his direction

    40. However what was only minutes later but seemed like hours the final strand was cut but the tins kept rattling making us jump but eventually we made it back to our own trench without the Turks firing a shot

    41. He then went on to show us where they thought the sniper was firing from but the position he showed me didn’t seem a likely one

    42. I passed out but before I did I saw Elijah drop down and I knew he had been hit I didn’t see the stretcher bearers who came out and picked me up when the firing died down

    43. disk or in memory, and the third element was the killer, the harpoon, firing a few small items of trash code into those sectors and corrupting them

    44. While we where here on Salisbury plain the training really intensified the route marches got longer and the whole physical training side was stepped up as well as firing practice and tactical problems bayonet drill and obviously fatigues and working parties

    45. We walked along other communications trenches and then we heard firing very close by and a flare arced up into the sky bursting and bathing everything in its bright white light

    46. “A lot better than some in this sector the firing steps have been raised a bit and the parapets well earthed

    47. They showed us our firing and stand to positions and a couple of dugouts we could take shelter in to sleep if the weather was bad

    48. The noise rattled out across the landscape and then the whole front opened up with flares arcing into the sky and firing coming from all directions at once or so it seemed to me

    49. The morning hate had been fierce earlier with trench-mortars and artillery firing both ways just to welcome us back to the front

    50. At the moment though me and Bert were sat on the firing step having a chin wag and a fag when he suddenly said

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