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    1. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    2. To keep its light burning, to keep existence from being extinguished, a god would have the honor of watching the light

    3. According to Hammaker, earth’s inhabitants have accelerated the onset of the next ice age through the burning of fossil fuels and the deforestation of large forested areas like the Amazon

    4. ’ I said, feeling my face burning with embarrassment

    5. That smile again, burning a thousand fold

    6. He looked at me with burning teenage intensity, the bane of every parent

    7. For a moment he felt extreme nausea and could see only the burning eyes of the tall stranger, surrounded by a swirl of moving facial scars

    8. Smith looked down upon the third rock out from a brightly burning star at the

    9. smothering the chill of morning in burning impatience

    10. I recoiled as images of a burning cigarette end being stubbed out on my bare legs played out in my head

    11. Chief Horcheese’s head hung back on the command chair and she stared up through the dome at the jagged rivers of raw electrons and plasma burning in the atmo as those crackling tendrils whipped at them from all directions, drawing line after line from the clouds to Tipperary’s ring-shaped bow

    12. The rent and burning alien hull spun down on top of their heads and Tig wanted more than anything else to run, but there was nowhere to go

    13. I developed insane urges to itch and scratch, my skin burning and inflamed My nose ran in the closely confined heat, dribbling mucous across the tape over my mouth and onto my newly shaven chin

    14. I nod, unable to meet his eyes, my shame burning in my face

    15. He wants to march into battle behind a burning cross

    16. The other burning question that we debated time and again was this; where are we? Our original journeys from London had differed, with Menachem moving straight to our previous location rather than being held underground like me

    17. ’ she explained, feeling her face burning

    18. When they reached the end of the corridor a small man in a leather jerkin jumped out of the shadows and Danton’s voice boomed out, smothering the chill of morning in burning impatience

    19. a burning flicker of inspiration

    20. smell of burning tobacco which had run up the wrong

    21. mother away to the burning ghats, Nihar silently vowed

    22. The burning liquid hit the back of her throat, fumes filling her head as she swallowed, feeling the spirit as it dribbled down into her stomach

    23. There were flashes of Sally screaming; the ‘thing’ charging; burning pain in his chest; blood flowing on the ground, and the woman by his side; so tender, so soft

    24. burning through the stains of passion,

    25. and burning ground mist, down into the shadows,

    26. His manes knew it was burning wood, something humans do because they are blind in the dark

    27. With the brazier eye of hunger burning in his heart,

    28. searing, burning, and he laughs as he drives his open claw

    29. silhouettes in the burning of my shame

    30. I’d revolutionise fast food, burning prayer wheels on the barbie for the Buddha

    31. But the burning log landed on the plume of it's tail

    32. The stupid thing held it's burning tail up out of the water as it bounded across the stream screaming and ran zigzag into the night, howling so pitifully

    33. They ran with flaming sides and legs, knotted calves and burning lungs

    34. When the dragons first came and began burning, most of the professors panicked and fled, leaving the students alone to face their fate

    35. There they waited for 8 long days, until the burning stopped, and the dragons flew over no more

    36. burning filaments by the thousand,

    37. a low burning sun, and squints as she smiles

    38. My feet were burning and my clothes were a thousand miles away

    39. Salt crystals dried on my forehead causing atoms of magnification like pricks from burning spikes

    40. In the case of granulated sugar the sugar crystals that are formed after the cane juice is treated with the fumes of burning sulphur or heated with bisulphide of lime, are sterile and devitalized

    41. You will have to build up a flying army, as was done here, and free the people of Europe from their burning captors

    42. It seems that five years ago, in your state of Oregon, the burning and fighting was at its peak

    43. Immediately the burning eases and I breathe again … I hadn’t realised I’d been holding my breath

    44. They could see lights twinkle from all the little waterfronts, still burning as light slowly returned

    45. “Between the dragons burning, and the crazy dreams, I figured out for myself that things would never be the same again

    46. Jools said it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard which was what she said whenever anyone made her laugh which made me wonder if she'd been burning stubble again

    47. “Not my problem”, answered Danny and he turned away, heading towards the kitchen where Annie could smell beans or spaghetti hoops cooking and toast burning

    48. If there is any truth to it, you can rely on exercise to keep burning those calories

    49. Only four candles remained burning by the time we finished

    50. 'What? The train burning, isn't it?' 'Not that Parekh-ji, they want to kill a boy'

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    burning combustion burning at the stake electrocution burn zealous eager fervent intense impassioned passionate glowing on fire ablaze ignited fiery inflamed aflame flaming aching sore stinging throbbing irritated raw biting sharp cutting