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Flight в предложении (на )

1. The flight was so long.
2. Come the moon in flight.
3. Have a good flight, baby.
4. It was a headlong flight.
5. The flight lasted an hour.
6. The flight went on and on.
7. With the flight ahead of.

8. Report to the flight deck.
9. Our flight was the longest.
10. Our flight leaves at noon.
11. Its delayed my flight out.
12. Fight or flight, he thought.
13. The two gannets took flight.
14. I'll see you on the flight.
15. His flight became even more.
16. Enjoy the rest of your flight.
17. Blue flight move left of Red.
18. Instantly the duo took flight.
19. Lord goes with me in my flight.
20. They made me a flight officer.
21. As natural as a bird in flight.
22. He climbed one flight of stairs.
23. White flight move right of red.
24. I caught the first flight here.
25. It was--a very pleasant flight.
26. The flight will take four hours.
27. I wanted a real business flight.
28. Flight is essential for dragons.
29. The flight was smooth and clear.
30. I never thought a flight could.
31. We all were gifted with flight.
32. The baby boom was in full flight.
33. Green flight move right of white.
34. One more flight, he smiled.
35. It wasn’t the earliest flight.
36. That’s what dampens your flight.
37. Flight engineers take first watch.
38. The flight took barely 40 minutes.
39. He has commenced the third flight.
40. Avi took the flight engineer seat.
1. He didn’t bother watching her any more because he knew she was ok and his feelings of love had only ever been a flighting crush, not enough to die for and certainly not a love that would keep his heart for eternity.
1. The arrow was a yard long, flighted with swan feathers.
1. Tap Fitness | Flights Climbed.
2. They went up in group flights.
3. I walked six flights down the.
4. I had tried to time the flights.
5. And short Flights, said Isobel.
6. He immediately checked all flights to.
7. Maiden voyages are glorified test flights.
8. Machinma up the numerous flights of stairs.
9. He headed up two flights of stairs on his own.
10. He heard slow measured steps two flights above.
11. Keep feathers for arrow flights and insulation.
12. It was a long and arduous series of flights home.
13. The dandy was two flights of stairs ahead of him.
14. We climbed two flights of metal steps to a landing.
15. What she didn't love was the six flights of stairs.
16. After that time all flights out of Heathrow will be.
17. Yes, what flights do you have? replied the lady.
18. We accomplished that with the first flights over Libya.
19. Airplanes must have continued their flights under the.
20. Getting up the three flights of stairs was excruciating.
21. I walk up two flights of stairs and head to the library.
22. You couldn’t have mentioned this ten flights ago?
23. Gabby stomped up the six flights of stairs to her apartment.
24. Q, so he could direct the incoming flights without detection.
25. We followed him down several twisting flights of back stairs.
26. Professor Hojo’s mumbling could be heard from the flights.
27. But this time I think your wild flights of fancy have some.
28. Your flights will be booked at no expense to you, of course.
29. All flights have been grounded until further notification.
30. Two flights of Swordsman interceptors would not be going home.
31. Impervious to attack, the enemy threw thick flights of spears.
32. It was ten flights to the roof, but I’m in pretty good shape.
33. James went down the flights of stairs fast, with practiced ease.
34. On the other flights, Hiss made it a point to sit in the front.
35. He was keeping copious notes on the findings of the test flights.
36. I visualised two flights of stairs, and sure enough, there were.
37. British Rail is still crap, plane flights are the same, cars are.
38. Running up several flights of stairs could serve as an effective.
39. In those days of propeller airliners there were no direct flights.
40. So we’ll cover our friends’ flight with flights of our own.

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