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    1. He was led up a seemingly endless flight of open backed stairs to a small office

    2. Once across that court, they went down a shallow flight of steps into the canal-front building

    3. He decided to open up the copy of Stranger in a Strange Land he had brought for the flight

    4. Archimedes had thus far calculated the precise movements of pigeons while mating, the precise outcomes of humans trying to mate, and the effect of pollen dust on bees' flight patterns

    5. have a flight in three hours to

    6. He led them up a flight of stairs to a large and softly lit bedroom, where

    7. Russ, John and Khalid are in flight

    8. The flight is a little bumpy and the bottles jingle as they pass through turbulence

    9. curiosity that brooked no flight or fancy

    10. Wait for the flight, not a problem

    1. The arrow was a yard long, flighted with swan feathers

    1. He didn’t bother watching her any more because he knew she was ok and his feelings of love had only ever been a flighting crush, not enough to die for and certainly not a love that would keep his heart for eternity

    1. Except for the occasional flights for food, contact with the town was on a minimal basis for the dragon riders

    2. It would be somewhere to sit under a broad, green, canvas brolly on hot summer afternoons, somewhere that he could rest and admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new flower garden

    3. It was a short hallway and three flights of stairs to her chambers

    4. admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new

    5. several flights of stairs to locate his accommodation

    6. As was my habit, for luck and from routine, I bit off the smallest bit of the fletching of one of the flights, notched the arrow, drew back on the bow and aimed exactly at the spot he'd indicated

    7. We had difficulties with some of the passengers, the planes were overbooked and the flights were late

    8. such things), we climbed the three flights of stairs to our

    9. It would be a long toil up the eight flights of stairs out of this dig with the base especially, but he could probably get Kuna down here to help with that one

    10. In spite of this sad state of affairs Fizzicist and Tables accompanied by several local highbrows descended on to the infamous city and were immediately lost in a crowd all demanding extra flights

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    escape flight flying flight of stairs flight of steps trajectory fledge soaring fleeing running away retreat avoidance flight of fancy inspiration imagination stairs steps ascent fire escape