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Flight en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The flight was so long.
  2. Come the moon in flight.
  3. It was a headlong flight.
  4. The flight lasted an hour.
  5. The flight went on and on.

  6. Have a good flight, baby.
  7. Our flight leaves at noon.
  8. Report to the flight deck.
  9. With the flight ahead of.
  10. Our flight was the longest.
  11. Its delayed my flight out.
  12. The two gannets took flight.
  13. I'll see you on the flight.
  14. Fight or flight, he thought.
  15. Enjoy the rest of your flight.

  16. His flight became even more.
  17. Blue flight move left of Red.
  18. Instantly the duo took flight.
  19. They made me a flight officer.
  20. Lord goes with me in my flight.
  21. White flight move right of red.
  22. He climbed one flight of stairs.
  23. As natural as a bird in flight.
  24. It was--a very pleasant flight.
  25. I caught the first flight here.

  26. The flight will take four hours.
  27. I wanted a real business flight.
  28. I never thought a flight could.
  29. The flight was smooth and clear.
  30. Flight is essential for dragons.
  31. We all were gifted with flight.
  32. Green flight move right of white.
  33. One more flight, he smiled.
  34. The baby boom was in full flight.
  35. It wasn’t the earliest flight.
  36. Flight engineers take first watch.
  37. The flight took barely 40 minutes.
  38. Avi took the flight engineer seat.
  39. That’s what dampens your flight.
  40. He has commenced the third flight.
  41. Love is flight of God towards God.
  42. Quick changes of color, in flight.
  43. His thoughts returned to his flight.
  44. Russ, John and Khalid are in flight.
  45. Your flight computer can upload it.
  46. Bannister posted the flight lineup.
  47. This is where the fight or flight.
  48. The flight was brief, straight down.
  49. Now that my love is put to flight?
  50. Our flight leaves in the morning.
  51. Court went over the flight with him.
  52. Wait for the flight, not a problem.
  53. Wendy filled in as flight engineer.
  54. The flight was full this afternoon.
  55. Kevin’s going to catch a flight.
  56. Barely an hour's flight in the O-1E.
  57. When does your flight leave?
  58. The flight tomorrow is booked but I.
  59. So she agreed to go to flight school.
  60. On one flight, when Super Man’s No.
  61. He was puffing half a flight into it.
  62. The aft doors never opened in flight.
  63. There at last their flight was ended.
  64. It helps the consumer book a flight.
  65. The flight captains were coming and.
  66. And swifter than the swallow's flight.
  67. A new captain had taken over D Flight.
  68. Mutsuhiro Watanabe’s flight was over.
  69. The villagers help me prep for flight.
  70. You can review those on the flight.
  71. The 14 hour non stop flight was boring.
  72. My flight to Gatwick leaves at seven.
  73. My only possible chance lay in flight.
  74. In two manners, flight was impossible.
  75. Just as suddenly, the bird is in flight.
  76. From the nose Bill directed the flight.
  77. But my call added only to their flight.
  78. That would account for his flight path.
  79. Deer on the slopes, an eagle in flight.
  80. A flight of B-24’s had bombed Tobruk.
  81. Flight computer, log two bandits waxed.
  82. We sent her back in the first flight.
  83. Hindrances to flight from Jerusalem in A.
  84. Apparently, so did Klete Flight Control.
  85. He leads the second flight of this class.
  86. Is the flight still bugging you?
  87. The flight wasn't long, as Cora had said.
  88. Your flight leaves in less than an hour.
  89. Dragonfly in flight, the pilot announced.
  90. Everyone wore his green bag flight suit.
  91. My flight landed this afternoon at five.
  92. They climbed a twisting flight of stairs.
  93. The actual flight to the planets?
  94. Another flight of arrows struck the boat.
  95. Combined two meanings and more in flight.
  96. A thirty-step flight of stairs could do.
  97. You had to be good to be a flight leader.
  98. Her flight was called on the loudspeaker.
  99. Anna and Sage went down a flight of steps.
  100. It was the flight computer that obeyed him.
  1. He didn’t bother watching her any more because he knew she was ok and his feelings of love had only ever been a flighting crush, not enough to die for and certainly not a love that would keep his heart for eternity.
  1. The arrow was a yard long, flighted with swan feathers.
  1. Tap Fitness | Flights Climbed.
  2. They went up in group flights.
  3. I walked six flights down the.
  4. I had tried to time the flights.
  5. And short Flights, said Isobel.
  6. He immediately checked all flights to.
  7. Machinma up the numerous flights of stairs.
  8. Maiden voyages are glorified test flights.
  9. He headed up two flights of stairs on his own.
  10. He heard slow measured steps two flights above.
  11. Keep feathers for arrow flights and insulation.
  12. It was a long and arduous series of flights home.
  13. The dandy was two flights of stairs ahead of him.
  14. We climbed two flights of metal steps to a landing.
  15. What she didn't love was the six flights of stairs.
  16. After that time all flights out of Heathrow will be.
  17. Yes, what flights do you have? replied the lady.
  18. Airplanes must have continued their flights under the.
  19. We accomplished that with the first flights over Libya.
  20. I walk up two flights of stairs and head to the library.
  21. Getting up the three flights of stairs was excruciating.
  22. You couldn’t have mentioned this ten flights ago?
  23. Gabby stomped up the six flights of stairs to her apartment.
  24. We followed him down several twisting flights of back stairs.
  25. Your flights will be booked at no expense to you, of course.
  26. But this time I think your wild flights of fancy have some.
  27. Professor Hojo’s mumbling could be heard from the flights.
  28. Q, so he could direct the incoming flights without detection.
  29. All flights have been grounded until further notification.
  30. Impervious to attack, the enemy threw thick flights of spears.
  31. Two flights of Swordsman interceptors would not be going home.
  32. It was ten flights to the roof, but I’m in pretty good shape.
  33. James went down the flights of stairs fast, with practiced ease.
  34. On the other flights, Hiss made it a point to sit in the front.
  35. I visualised two flights of stairs, and sure enough, there were.
  36. He was keeping copious notes on the findings of the test flights.
  37. British Rail is still crap, plane flights are the same, cars are.
  38. Running up several flights of stairs could serve as an effective.
  39. So we’ll cover our friends’ flight with flights of our own.
  40. It was a short hallway and three flights of stairs to her chambers.
  41. In those days of propeller airliners there were no direct flights.
  42. Jason ran with Taser up two flights of stairs and in to his bedroom.
  43. He ascended the three flights of stairs to the last door at the top.
  44. Red eye flights are usually more affordable than the regular ones.
  45. The city's airport was not very big, only one lane for local flights.
  46. The last flights out to the Alliance countries will leave tomorrow.
  47. They went down two flights of stairs and came out on the prison floor.
  48. Neither one of them spoke while climbing the twelve flights of stairs.
  49. The flights are free, all that is needed is a valid Alliance passport.
  50. The next day the wind dropped and Kehaar made one or two short flights.
  51. Tim suggested to Carla that maybe they could be instructors on flights.
  52. The flights were planned and carried out with every attention to detail.
  53. Because, when you think about the numbers of flights that take off and.
  54. This man booked himself on the same flights one weekend, then waited at.
  55. Marie-Laure trains all of her senses on the entryway three flights below.
  56. Funny guy, I thought as I leapt the two flights of stairs to the Path Dept.
  57. There was a lady trimming some plants in the courtyard, four flights below.
  58. If you must travel, try to schedule flights around the time of the eclipse.
  59. There may be no sense in trudging up some twenty flights of stairs because.
  60. Dangerous surveillance flights were conducted to accomplish that objective.
  61. For thirty-seven flights, Jerry wrestled with turning around, but what kept.
  62. I flew a total of seventeen hours in three flights, one of them at night.
  63. All the beautiful literary lies and flights of fancy must be shot in mid-air.
  64. Morse looked at the electronic screens for Ryan Air showing outgoing flights.
  65. I went up two more flights to the 29th floor and stopped to rest, and to think.
  66. And to make it even crazier, Zeke never had any practise flights anywhere else.
  67. Pre-frontal excitation is associated with increased susceptibility to flights.
  68. As we passed the different monitors, I checked for flights to the United States.
  69. A half-dozen flights, in twin-engine bombers, and a few flights in a combat zone.
  70. He sprinted up the last two flights, coming out on top of an ancient castle wall.
  71. They came in on the train and shortly were assigned to their squadrons and flights.
  72. From there, he hoped there would be flights to Exeter or, even better, to Plymouth.
  73. They checked the flights leaving Charleston but there were flights going everywhere.
  74. It was going to be a hurried struggle, getting it down two flights and into the van.
  75. This man booked himself on the same flights one weekend, then waited at the airport.
  76. Maybe Paul was using the flights and rooms to secretly move women around the country.
  77. Check all flights leaving Charleston yesterday and going to Miami or Fort Lauderdale.
  78. This generally occurs on flights near the poles and when the stratosphere lowers in.
  79. There is a rumor that things are going to happen now that the flights are stopping.
  80. No wonder there are always so many screaming babies on flights – they’re hungry!.
  81. He succeeded; but Edgar did not mean to entertain him with any high flights of passion.
  82. After six years with Drummond, she still made less than $10 an hour on her usual flights.
  83. It was in a small structure, on a quiet street, and several flights up, without elevator.
  84. By the way, my brother called me later in the evening to tell me that all inbound flights.
  85. Arranging cover at the hotel for a few days was not too difficult, but flights to Toulouse.
  86. Some flights are sky length, others only the span of the trees, but no bird need travel alone.
  87. Why, they would shut down the whole fucking airport and probably ground all departing flights.
  88. Lord Taliesin and his friends scaled several spiraling flights of stairs to a great dining hall.
  89. After a few flights of stairs, we reach a floor that appears to be the one we’re searching for.
  90. The airport features direct or connecting flights to anyplace in Mexico or the rest of the world.
  91. Sometimes I popped off a couple of flares at training flights led by the more asinine instructors.
  92. Really, it was hard for the child to climb the three long flights of stairs leading to her attic.
  93. She flew about three to five flights a day, always sitting near the front of the plane in Seat 2B.
  94. I went up two more flights of stairs and found myself in another hallway with lots of closed doors.
  95. We have a three year lease on a fleet of three Airbus freighters, which will make daily flights.
  96. Record distance flights followed that route, which took the planes a few dozen miles from Washington.
  97. Then, heavy rain started to fall, cutting visibility and grounding further transport flights to Lae.
  98. All outbound flights are terminated, Bayis said in a calmer tone than Rykus would have managed.
  99. She hadn’t lived with Warren all these years without being aware of his moods and flights of fancy.
  100. It sat on the top floor of a complex of twelve similar places, six flights of stairs and no elevator.

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