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    1. “Oh, really?” she said, flaking off the first bite with her fork

    2. Uh! If I wasn't infected with that Instinct I'd spill his guts on his mother's carpet with a carving fork

    3. After the last incident, Ava chained that cherub to a wooden chair and stabbed his testicles to hamburger with a carving fork

    4. He lowered his eyes and fiddled with the food on his plate with his fork

    5. She picked up the small fork that had been provided and tried a small piece

    6. ’ Kara mused, spearing a particularly large chip on the end of her fork dipping it in the savoury sauce on her plate before carrying it to her mouth

    7. It's this fork that we care about this dark

    8. “This looks great! Thank you for making it,” he said as he picked up the fork and dug in with gusto

    9. It was long, flexible and multi-legged, but the legs were directly under it like an earth animal and they divided in two so each looked like a huge, very thick, two-tined fork

    10. "Poke me sideways with a fish fork", said the soldier, "what a funny old world

    11. ‘Yes, she was, wasn’t she?’ Alastair interposed, waving his fork for emphasis, ‘That aria at the end of the first act, you know … the one when you finished in tears … it got me every bloody performance! How you coped with the emotional blast I do not know

    12. Any suggestions?’ she thinks for a moment while I mop up all the crumbs of cake on my plate with my cake fork – that was some cake!

    13. That’s because the tuning fork

    14. tuning fork in your body that

    15. "Poke me sideways with a fish fork", said the soldier, "what a

    16. ‘What about at work? Anyone there?’ she asked, her fork in mid air as she applies her thoughts to the problem

    17. unearth the potatoes, using the fork he had noticed earlier, and fill the

    18. Tom had, in fact, been thinking a great deal while wielding a fork

    19. The lane splits at the start of the village and Billy takes the left fork, manoeuvring slowly through the narrow streets

    20. She laughs; ‘And why not?’ She waves her fork at me, ‘It’s about time you had some fun

    21. She swirled the gold fork on her plate more

    22. off a sausage, removing not only the fork from her mouth but also the top row of

    23. ” She twirled her fork in some spaghetti

    24. Granddad pointed at me with his fork

    25. When there was nothing left, he picked up his fork

    26. Defoe released the green vegetable from his fork with an “Ah

    27. The labourer leant on his fork

    28. A fork tongue flickered from the imp's mouth as he buried a claw into his nose

    29. They eventually came to a fork, one leading northward and the other due east

    30. She walked forward, opened a drawer, and pulled a fork out

    31. However, in the long-term you will fork out more

    32. To see or use a tuning fork in your dream suggests that you are “in tune” with your conscious or your instinct

    33. moves under great pressure and when it strikes this fork in its path, it slams into it

    34. "I know this man!" he declared, as he paused with a hunk of beef that he had speared with his fork, mid-way to his mouth

    35. I’ve wanted to tell you this earlier, but now is the time for me to give you the whole story of my journey,” he said, putting down his fork and taking a sip of coffee

    36. While the Panther received knife and fork with a growl, And concluded the banquet–]

    37. She handed Chris a fork, then settled opposite him and they began to eat

    38. Shelagh's fork froze half way to her mouth

    39. Her idea of selecting the right fork brought to mind the choice between a table fork and a pitchfork

    40. He pointed his fork at her plate

    41. She nudged a slightly crooked fork into alignment with the neighboring utensils

    42. Peter Cratchit plunged a fork into the saucepan of potatoes, and

    43. the pie was steaming through little fork holes on top, and sending out

    44. Using a toothpick or a fork, dip each bonbon in the melted chocolate

    45. My family really loves them, it wouldn't be Christmas without them! When you dip, tap the fork on the edge of the pan to shake off excess

    46. Slide the patty onto waxed paper -- you can use the fork to make a little swirl on the top to make it pretty

    47. Flatten with a fork dipped in confectioners' sugar

    48. Spoon nuts onto waxed paper, and immediately separate nuts with a fork

    49. He fidgeted uncomfortably for a few seconds with his fork

    50. When the pie was all finished, the Owl, as a boon, Was kindly permitted to pocket the spoon: While the Panther received knife and fork with a growl, And concluded the banquet--]

    1. his own blood with his own forked tongue

    2. " He displayed a diagram of the ship, a dark body, his antimatter in a jar and the forked tangler beam of paired photons that was illuminating his antimatter and the dark body

    3. He forked up a lump of mash and shoved it into his mouth

    4. A forked tongue flicked from the creature's mouth, then vanished

    5. The imp leaned forward, licking his lips with his forked tongue while he took in Nathalia's cleavage

    6. I took my anger out on the it as I forked eat bite

    7. The ridge forked off into a narrower section, and soon he was having to use his hands to stabilise his descent towards the base of the waterfall

    8. forked tongue that flicked around in the air as its two frills rubbed against its neck, producing an

    9. She has a forked tongue!”

    10. The word on the street was that someone, identity unknown, had forked out a bucket of cash to hire two deathbots to take out my team and me

    11. His long forked tongue

    12. To bypass it completely must have left a foul taste on their forked tongues

    13. forked, with a second narrower pathway diverging towards the

    14. The road forked off and she took the narrower single track lane that led over an old stone bridge

    15. estate tax:’ However Senator Kennedy talks is always with a forked tongue

    16. ” She forked cake into her mouth

    17. It spotted the group with weapons drawn, and wrinkled its stone-encrusted nose, hissing savagely towards them, its black forked tongue lolling in the damp air

    18. A stream of forked lightning flew out from his out stretched arms into the mob, bowling the advancing men backwards to the ground in screams of agony

    19. The creature opened its mouth and hissed at him with disgust, its black forked tongue dripping with saliva as it did so, thinking what a tasty snack he would make

    20. They came to where the road forked into five different paths

    21. In the coming days our forked tongues wouldn’t stop wagging as we discussed how to improve the routine

    22. In the morning it swept its forked tail over the crimson ashes, for there was a fiery power latent in the desert which the skeleton could sense as surely as the heat of the sun

    23. A forked tail splayed out under his cloak like a pair of snakes looking for a small animal to swallow

    24. A forked tail leapt for Jai’s heart; he rolled under the attack, stood up strong, and swung his sword at Sorid’s head

    25. By nine-thirty they had fronted up to the nightclub, forked out for membership and entrance, and ascended the two flights of stairs

    26. Suddenly, with dramatic flair, the cape was thrown to one side revealing a black haired, obviously female dancer in red tights with a forked tail stitched on the back, a bikini top that was tiny triangles of red material, horns and a trident

    27. A long driveway from a forked tarmac road led to his house

    28. Its forked tongue almost brushed his lips as it darted in and out, and its fetid odor made his senses reel with nausea

    29. But it halted before him and reared up horrifically in the flickering torchlight, its forked tongue flickering in and out, its cold eyes glittering with the ancient cruelty of the serpent-folk

    30. A woman was sitting on a bar stool with her eyes shut and a drink in her hand while a snakebeing’s long and forked tongue disappeared between her thighs

    31. "Uh huh," Frank mumbled as he forked in another helping of egg

    32. A thin black forked tongue, flicking in and out of the lizard’s mouth at intervals, made Helen squirm nervously

    33. Just because the serpent has a forked tongue people think it is the epitome of

    34. forked tongue still flicking in and out of its mouth, even though it was

    35. The flicker of a forked tongue

    36. Contrary to what some forked tongues said, John appreciated Julie for more than just her body: she actually knew how to type and how to answer the telephone

    37. Many forked tongues insinuated that this friendship had something to do with the fact that both women were openly bisexual, but hordes of paparazzi were still trying to produce a picture that would ‘prove’ such a romantic link

    38. If someone close to me was kidnapped and a ransom in the same amount was required to assure their safe release I would probably have to receive at least a few fingers before I finally coughed it up but because he was a “good friend” I forked it over and sent him on his way

    39. Little forked tongues flicked in and out

    40. But it didn't come, and as he came to a small rise, the path forked and went in different directions

    41. When Ben got closer he could see why—the tube forked, which meant they had to decide which way to go

    42. ‘Told is it with forked tongued knowledge of truth or that of a

    43. Large powerful jaws snapped open and shut, flicking its forked tongue out every so often, testing the air

    44. they are speaking with forked tongues:

    45. forked off heaping helpings of the deer steaks

    46. We came to a junction a few minutes later that forked off into two other directions

    47. So they sided with Muhammad’s progeny and began to swear by Ali, of course, besides Muhammad for after all it is the essence of being a Musalman, and thus the unitary path of Islam that Allah envisaged for the believers came to be forked into the Sunni right and the Shia left with a Quran to boot in Persian

    48. I smiled at the man and forked a slice of meatloaf onto his plate

    49. I forked a generous helping of meatloaf onto his plate

    50. lest” vs “rape” the usurpers of this great land still speak with forked tongues, a habit their first victims have experienced ever since meeting them

    1. The claws extended day by day, then split, forking branches

    2. feedlot where huge trucks drove around in a circle, constantly forking hay

    3. Hoeing or forking is an operation in which the surface soil around the plant, is loosened with

    4. As long as you’re not gonna try and guilt me into coming on Sunday mornings or give up beer or start forking over half my paycheck to the church, you can get born again as many times as you’d like

    5. forking over MILLIONS of dollars to relocate Muslims to the United States

    6. A sentiment not shared by their new friend, Nick, who thought it couldn’t have come soon enough as he was running out of pain free extremities and money, in his constant forking out for hospital bills

    7. illuminating flashes and stray forking bolts

    8. sky, forking wildly in all directions like electric arteries brainstorming the message of their

    9. She’d made a resolution: tomorrow she would stop smoking, stop waking up with the wheezy pain in her lungs, stop forking over five bucks a week to evil multinationals

    10. She killed the endless hours in local diners and cafés, or in her rented bathtub, forking moo shu pork from a box on the floor while she read her way through such plays as the college bookstore carried

    11. He brooded there alone, stirring his food as if it were the split innards of Caesar’s fortuneteller’s pigeons, forking the spleen, ignoring the heart, predicting futures

    1. to form the dish arrived with two forks, watermelon and grapes

    2. Again all is covered in dust, but on the kitchen table are two plates, two cups, forks, spoons, a couple used paper napkins,

    3. One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz

    4. the other tuning forks of that particular frequency

    5. affinity between tuning forks

    6. It was serve yourself with pottery plates and bronze forks

    7. Brent handed him forks and knives and napkins and told him to place them on the table

    8. “Couldn’t tell, you’ll have to walk down there and take the left path when it forks

    9. He and his father went over to where the girls still sat, took the forks from their hands, lifted them into their arms and carried them to bed, tucking them gently in under the sheets and quilts

    10. There are trays of cutlery in plain view here, knives and forks, a veritable powder keg

    11. He likes that idea and very shortly we are strolling along the seafront clutching bags of chips and battered sausages, eating them with little wooden forks

    12. Whilst Lemoss drank the soup the others fetched spades and forks, trowels and various other things which seemed to all fit neatly into his cart

    13. Spades, garden forks, picks and shovels

    14. He met up with Lee’s forces at Five Forks, about ten miles southwest of

    15. The sky was covered in thick dark clouds, and lightning occasionally fell in thick forks

    16. Sheena insisted that everyone stay well back while she carried out the rushed autopsy on the animal which lay spread on a wooden pallet on the forks of a tractor

    17. The bicycle wheel clearly seemed destroyed, even worse, the forks of the bike were badly twisted

    18. Dinner was a semi-formal, yet fun affair, complete with liveried servants, glittering silver-domed plates, and the usual mucking about with thirteen different knives, forks and spoons

    19. ing forks to lift the salmon out of those hooks in the bottom

    20. He lowered the forks, drove right in, and lifted the load gently up a couple of foot-lengths

    21. I look over Will’s shoulder at the members, who are now flicking bits of food at one another with their forks

    22. 21 Yet they had a file for the mattocks, and for the coulters, and for the forks, and for the axes, and to sharpen the goads

    23. Those who want to eat sit in a circle around the large metal bowl that contains the fire, first heating the cans, then passing out spoons and forks, then passing cans around so everyone can have a bite of everything

    24. Then, despite the clatter of forks and the roar of hundreds of conversations all around me, I rest my head on the table and fall asleep

    25. After the two forks joined, the river was ultimately called the Palta after a people that lived all along that stretch, but more of them in their turn

    26. It soon split into two forks and we followed the east fork

    27. Some nights, my “big brothers” even took me to the all nighters at Miqueline Shaffer’s apartment in the “Radiator Building” where 55th Street forks into separated four lanes on the way to Lakeshore Boulevard

    28. his walker), or sticking metal forks into the electrical

    29. mayhem of pitch forks and torches against the monster’s lurching

    30. squirming through the prickly forks of higher boughs, and then

    31. As he got several hundred yards inward, he saw two forks of the cave branching off in opposite directions

    32. He made a decision and followed one of the forks for another two hundred yards

    33. There were blankets and pillows on one of the shelves, plastic knives and forks, plates and mugs, a plastic table with four chairs – and best of all a paraffin-driven refrigerator which was well-stocked with plenty of cold meats, milk butter etc

    34. The vessels were of exquisite workmanship, and there were golden knives and forks as well

    35. Clutching forks and knives to eat

    36. Smoothing the plastic bag as a ground cloth Elise handed the rancher the rusty can opener and several cans, thanking God for the food and the few scungy forks and spoons found in the bag; she hated eating with her fingers

    37. In the hacker world, forks are an interesting phenomenon

    38. there were nascent forks appearing in relation to every major

    39. Aureliano Segundo was not aware of the singsong until the following day after breakfast when he felt himself being bothered by a buzzing that was by then more fluid and louder than the sound of the rain, and it was Fernanda, who was walking throughout the house complaining that they had raised her to be a queen only to have her end up as a servant in a madhouse, with a lazy, idola-trous, libertine husband who lay on his back waiting for bread to rain down from heaven while she was straining her kidneys trying to keep afloat a home held together with pins where there was so much to do, so much to bear up under and repair from the time God gave his morning sunlight until it was time to go to bed that when she got there her eyes were full of ground glass, and yet no one ever said to her, “Good morning, Fernanda, did you sleep well?” Nor had they asked her, even out of courtesy, why she was so pale or why she awoke with purple rings under her eyes in spite of the fact that she expected it, of course, from a family that had always considered her a nuisance, an old rag, a booby painted on the wall, and who were always going around saying things against her behind her back, call-ing her church mouse, calling her Pharisee, calling her crafty, and even Amaranta, may she rest in peace, had said aloud that she was one of those people who could not tell their rectums from their ashes, God have mercy, such words, and she had tolerated everything with resig-nation because of the Holy Father, but she had not been able to tolerate it any more when that evil José Arcadio Segundo said that the damnation of the family had come when it opened its doors to a stuck-up highlander, just imagine, a bossy highlander, Lord save us, a highlander daughter of evil spit of the same stripe as the highlanders the government sent to kill workers, you tell me, and he was referring to no one but her, the godchild of the Duke of Alba, a lady of such lineage that she made the liver of presidents’ wives quiver, a noble dame of fine blood like her, who had the right to sign eleven peninsular names and who was the only mortal creature in that town full of bastards who did not feel all confused at the sight of sixteen pieces of silverware, so that her adulterous husband could die of laughter afterward and say that so many knives and forks and spoons were not meant for a human being but for a centipede, and the only one who could tell with her eyes closed when the white wine was served and on what side and in which glass and when the red wine and on what side and in which glass, and not like that peasant of an Amaranta, may she rest in peace, who thought that white wine was served in the daytime and red wine at night, and the only one on the whole coast who could take pride in the fact that she took care of her bodily needs only in golden chamberpots, so that Colonel Aureliano Buendía, may he rest in peace, could have the effrontery to ask her with his Masonic Ill humor where she had received that privilege and wheth-er she did not shit shit but shat sweet basil, just imag-ine, with those very words, and so that Renata, her own daughter, who through an oversight had seen her stool in the bedroom, had answered that even if the pot was all gold and with a coat of arms, what was inside was pure shit, physical shit, and worse even than any other kind because it was stuck-up highland shit, just imagine, her own daughter, so that she never had any illusions about the rest of the family, but in any case she had the right to expect a little more consideration from her husband because, for better or for worse, he was her consecrated spouse her helpmate, her legal despoiler, who took upon himself of his own free and sovereign will the grave responsibility of taking her away from her paternal home, where she never wanted for or suffered from anything, where she wove funeral wreaths as a pastime, since her godfather had sent a letter with his signature and the stamp of his ring on the sealing wax simply to say that the hands of his goddaughter were not meant for tasks of this world except to play the clavichord, and, nevertheless, her insane husband had taken her from her home with all manner of admoni-tions and warnings and had brought her to that frying pan of hell where a person could not breathe because of the heat, and before she had completed her Pentecostal fast he had gone off with his wandering trunks and his wastrel’s accordion to loaf in adultery with a wretch of whom it was only enough to see her behind, well, that’s been said, to see her wiggle her mare’s behind in order to guess that she was a, that she was a, just the opposite of her, who was a lady in a palace or a pigsty, at the table or in bed, a lady of breeding, God-fearing, obeying His laws and submissive to His wishes, and with whom he could not perform, naturally, the acrobatics and trampish antics that he did with the other one, who, of course, was ready for anything like the French matrons, and even worse, if one considers well, because they at least had the honesty to put a red light at their door, swinishness like that, just imagine, and that was all that was needed by the only and beloved daughter of Doña Renata Argote and Don Fernando del Carpio, and especially the latter, an upright man, a fine Christian, a Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, those who receive direct from God the privilege of remaining intact in their graves with their skin smooth like the cheeks of a bride and their eyes alive and clear like emeralds

    40. this job, but let’s face it, most of us have spoons and forks

    41. Wickland shoved two forks full of food in his mouth as he stood and started toward the hallway, taking the folder from Graisco in the process

    42. We stood in line and they handed us plastic plates and forks

    43. We’d finished eating and deposited our plates, forks and cups in large containers at the end of the platform, and then they allowed us to use the toilets

    44. Lightning crackled to the west, sending twisting yellow forks ripping through the umber sky, followed by rumbling explosions of thunder that seemed ready to shake the van apart

    45. “In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, a small town named Forks exists under a near-constant cover of clouds

    46. It was to Forks that I now exiled myself – an action that I took with great horror

    47. I detested Forks

    48. troublesome obstacles: two-way forks along the path, hidden

    49. to lead a healthy lifestyle is one of those many forks in the road

    50. flippers and forks that you can use for grilling

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