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Fork in einem Satz (in englisch)

I put down my fork.
A fork in the track.
The Fork in the Road.
Ricki let her fork drop.
On it was a small fork.
Flute edges with a fork.
He felt the fork handle.

Another ting of the fork.
Grab a fork and join me.
My fork stopped in midair.
Pushing down with a fork.
He moved it with his fork.
Dierdra sets her fork down.
Test doneness with a fork.
Or, you could zip the fork.
When you hold out the fork.
Dad pointed the fork at me.
The fork in the road is now.
Also on the plate was a fork.
Uncover and fluff with a fork.
She halted the fork in the air.
The fork has since converged.
Use a knife and fork together.
Punch holes in top with a fork.
It was heaven on a fork to her.
He pointed his fork at her plate.
The labourer leant on his fork.
He thought again: I'm on a fork.
She placed the fork on the table.
Shell, and well mash with a fork.
That’s because the tuning fork.
Again he raised his fork in the air.
To improve the ability to use a fork.
Sue picked up the fork next to our.
Granddad pointed at me with his fork.
Alice watched her knife and fork move.
With no fork, she has to use fingers.
Even the fork was still on the plate.
Jane pointed her fork at the muffin.
We all come to this fork in the road.
The claws extended day by day, then split, forking branches.
Hoeing or forking is an operation in which the surface soil around the plant, is loosened with.
She’d made a resolution: tomorrow she would stop smoking, stop waking up with the wheezy pain in her lungs, stop forking over five bucks a week to evil multinationals.
He brooded there alone, stirring his food as if it were the split innards of Caesar’s fortuneteller’s pigeons, forking the spleen, ignoring the heart, predicting futures.
As long as you’re not gonna try and guilt me into coming on Sunday mornings or give up beer or start forking over half my paycheck to the church, you can get born again as many times as you’d like.
She killed the endless hours in local diners and cafés, or in her rented bathtub, forking moo shu pork from a box on the floor while she read her way through such plays as the college bookstore carried.
A sentiment not shared by their new friend, Nick, who thought it couldn’t have come soon enough as he was running out of pain free extremities and money, in his constant forking out for hospital bills.
She has a forked tongue!.
The flicker of a forked tongue.
Little forked tongues flicked in and out.
The forked stick is driven into the ground first.
And praised their Maker with their forked tongues.
I took my anger out on the it as I forked eat bite.
I forked a generous helping of meatloaf onto his plate.
He forked up a lump of mash and shoved it into his mouth.
A long driveway from a forked tarmac road led to his house.
They came to where the road forked into five different paths.
Their beards were forked and plaited and thrust into their belts.
A forked tongue flicked from the creature's mouth, then vanished.
I smiled at the man and forked a slice of meatloaf onto his plate.
What can that animal be? It doesn't have a forked tail like baleen.
Forked tongues spewed draconic vapor when through them he dictated:.
Found on shore, pin them with a forked stick—they make a good meal.
To bypass it completely must have left a foul taste on their forked tongues.
Three hundred paces further on, he arrived at a point where the street forked.
Fitzgerald forked forward on his crutches and assumed the duties of senior POW.
She didn’t dignify that with an answer as she forked more steak into her mouth.
Just because the serpent has a forked tongue people think it is the epitome of.
Sorren; the beast eyed Sorren and insatiably licked its lips with its forked tongue.
We came to a junction a few minutes later that forked off into two other directions.
The waves were running mountains high and the inky clouds were riven by forked lightning.
The gods must be proud, thought I, with such forked flashes to rout a poor unarmed fisherman.
The road forked off and she took the narrower single track lane that led over an old stone bridge.
The imp leaned forward, licking his lips with his forked tongue while he took in Nathalia's cleavage.
But it didn't come, and as he came to a small rise, the path forked and went in different directions.
A forked tail splayed out under his cloak like a pair of snakes looking for a small animal to swallow.
Run the trip line under a forked stick (a) so that it will pull the trigger bar sideways when operated.
When Ben got closer he could see why—the tube forked, which meant they had to decide which way to go.
In the coming days our forked tongues wouldn’t stop wagging as we discussed how to improve the routine.
In the middle of his favorite movie (Harry Potter and the Forked Blockchain), a pizza commercial appears.
Large powerful jaws snapped open and shut, flicking its forked tongue out every so often, testing the air.
Rebecca forked her Caesar salad around on her plate, finally putting the utensil down without eating a bite.
In the fields the rabbits sat sunning themselves, with only their forked ears showing above the grass heads.
At his step on the stairs, the rattlesnakes ran out their tongues and listened with their waving forked tongues.
A thin black forked tongue, flicking in and out of the lizard’s mouth at intervals, made Helen squirm nervously.
Louie swept his way over, reached out with the broom, and, as quietly as he could, forked the newspaper to himself.
Sure, sis, she guaranteed and forked the pasta, long enough, and that left some pesto pasted around her mouth.
Iron forks and spoons, then.
Brassing to buy forks and spoons.
These are enchanted tuning forks.
Clutching forks and knives to eat.
If it is Fork,3 Forks at a time and.
This method applies to threaded forks.
So did the clatter of knives and forks.
Along with some extra plates and forks.
Spades, garden forks, picks and shovels.
One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz.
The clatter of forks and spoons began again.
There was a flare of livid lightnings: forks.
Both men’s forks stopped halfway to their mouths.
She stacked the knives and forks on top of the plates.
In the hacker world, forks are an interesting phenomenon.
Catherine reappeared, bearing a tray of knives and forks.
It was serve yourself with pottery plates and bronze forks.
At that rate, it takes him thirty days to reach Five Forks.
It soon split into two forks and we followed the east fork.
Sue then picked up a couple of forks and placed one on the.
Forks, spoons, and knives imbedded themselves into the walls.
We stood in line and they handed us plastic plates and forks.
Trinity appears as he’s telling the story, carrying plates and forks.
It’s probably to identify the tourists by all the forks in their hair.
We released each other and Sue set aside the top plate with the forks on.
She kept handing out magic forks, and the class slowly became a cacophony.
He met up with Lee’s forces at Five Forks, about ten miles southwest of.
The forks and spoons is made of solid gold and the plates is made of silver.
He made a decision and followed one of the forks for another two hundred yards.
Eugenie had given her three dozen silver forks and spoons as a wedding present.
The sounds of passing cars are like the tines of forks dragged along his nerves.
On the table was a dish with some ham, a bottle of vodka, plates, knives, forks.
There were ten boys, smaller than the Citans but armed with pitch forks and shovels.
He brought the dishes and knives and forks and spoons back out on top of the tables.
It was to Forks that I now exiled myself – an action that I took with great horror.
Take care! he will make of the first Rue Grenetat which comes to hand Caudine Forks.
Brent handed him forks and knives and napkins and told him to place them on the table.
Wyrshym’s chance of taking Five Forks back under those circumstances doesn’t exist.
There are trays of cutlery in plain view here, knives and forks, a veritable powder keg.
The mental music ceased when Lyle managed to get his hands on two forks at the same time.

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