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    1. “Mercifully, I suppose the outcome was fortuitous,” Fred

    2. After such fortuitous findings, Penelope at least was not willing to believe that the Divines could be so cruel

    3. The irritable Breton would enjoy the vigilant eyes of not only the usual guards, but now the fortuitous Tribune and his soldiers as well - and he could hardly contain his excitement for the opportunity

    4. When this attorney said that it was fortuitous that they should run into each other, I just shook my head

    5. She had taken his advice, and it had turned out to be fortuitous

    6. Chapter 5, “So when did mere hominid become Man? The so-called Homo erectus seems to have been a simple, tool-making ‘animal,’ which assumes an ability to retain in memory certain procedures of manufacture, along with an occasional fortuitous accidental improvement that could then have been purposefully replicated…At what point can we say that (this) proto-man became Man?”

    7. From early childhood he recognizes his image as a representation of himself…Awareness of self could have been the beginning of future abstract thought…Somewhere within that miasma of inherited change…(from a fortuitous notice of a naturally sharp edge to purposeful manufacture) Man continued the sharpening of his tools of survival

    8. collective accidents and other fortuitous cases

    9. He was about to confront Buffo when a fortuitous thing

    10. I had clipped his wings (at Tetl’s suggestion) before we left and it proved to have been fortuitous

    11. “He or she is very fortuitous to have you for a mother

    12. It could not have been done in the absence of free trade, of the fortuitous concatenation of a new continent, of the Industrial Revolution, and of English cultural heritage

    13. “You arrived at a fortuitous time

    14. The large window in Chris’ bedroom faced west, well away from the morning sun which was fortuitous, as he was having a sleep in

    15. Science will tell you that the planets are fortuitous

    16. How many battles have been won by a lone pigeon carrying a scrap of paper thousands of miles to a pigeon loft a few square metres across to call for reinforcements? In our immune systems, how many times have antibodies been raised to multifarious pathogens, saving our lives time after time? Indeed, what fortuitous circumstances allowed for a ball of rock to be situated the right distance from a star, with the right chemical composition and the right environmental conditions for life to arise and be sustained until creatures of any level of intelligence arose in the first place?

    17. fortuitous that the cameraman instinctively zoomed in on the shooter as soon as

    18. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone— or three or four birds for that matter! For Van Thorn, it was a most fortuitous set of circumstances

    19. Max added, “I reckon the loss of your two ships was a coincidence and fortuitous, not fraud

    20. It was likely fortuitous for man’s ancestors that survived the great dying off that they

    21. Despite the fact that my only documented skill in life has been the fortuitous curing of le charbon with my home-made herbal remedies, I neglected my wife and children, deciding instead to tromp all over the French countryside, going from house to house, inquiring as to whether any of the inhabitants needed curing

    22. However, she could possibly turn this fortuitous encounter into something that could help her mission

    23. In other words, success can come in spite of an absence of angular planets, but in that case the native has to work harder, or hit the right combination of fortuitous circumstances, in order to get the same effect

    24. He used the fortuitous occasion of his father's murder to liquidate anyone who opposed him, even implicitly

    25. The water was soon replenished by the fortuitous

    26. The one exception was the Mumbai-based Gujarati Morarji Desai, whose ascent as the leader of the Janata Party government in 1977 was fortuitous

    27. How fortuitous that he came at a time when Prasad too went on a foreign jaunt! Maybe, I can’t expect him to take the initiative, could I? It’s clear that his passion for me is kicking and alive though shrouded in hesitancy

    28. ‘By the fortuitous hand of Sandhya’s angelic soul,’ she said smug in his embrace

    29. I thought it was all fortuitous that I

    30. courage did have a fortuitous side effect

    31. Down here, below the ominous asperatus, you and I are dancing the laughter of love, the joy and thanks of this apparently accidentally fortuitous intersection; but from above, I think that great whatever engulfing us sees it more as two photons of light being hurtled west and east towards each other down a small tubular intention to ensure high impact enlightenment and new imagination formation

    32. I would prefer this stopover be considered just a fortuitous opportunity

    33. That means that there is a person in this town that knew of her existence and availability and communicated with her to announce that a fortuitous circumstance had arisen with the passing of your previous secretary

    34. fortuitous meeting and only glossed over our stay at George's with nothing to fascinating

    35. It was a pictorial sheet, and Jo examined the work of art nearest her, idly wondering what fortuitous concatenation of circumstances needed the melodramatic illustration of an Indian in full war costume, tumbling over a precipice with a wolf at his throat, while two infuriated young gentlemen, with unnaturally small feet and big eyes, were stabbing each other close by, and a disheveled female was flying away in the background with her mouth wide open

    36. “This is fortuitous, in fact!” Renata strode past the secretary and straight into the office, followed by a pale, stocky, ginger-haired man in a suit and tie, who was presumably Geoff

    37. My solitude could not have been severed in a more fortuitous way

    38. Minchin in return was quite sure that man was not a mere machine or a fortuitous conjunction of atoms; if Mrs

    39. In this case, the exit was fortuitous, coming on the day following the ultimate high for the move; not all trades will have outcomes this dramatic, but you must respect the potential for a very dangerous countertrend move when the climax finally turns

    40. This would make the price movements essentially fortuitous and random

    41. Thomas O’Neil had been born and raised in New York’s Yorkville section; he’d worked as an inspector at Kennedy International, nearly nine years before his fortuitous transfer as Head of the U

    42. It was entirely fortuitous that he ate and drank nothing but food that had been recently boiled; living on rice and soup; that happened automatically, but may have explained his relative freedom from stomach disorders

    43. The combination of circumstance, coincidence, subconscious knowledge, relief, and gratitude to John Oatis Kendall to just be alive, were fortuitous, to say the least

    44. He could not imagine that one of them would have dared to do what she did while the others were sleeping in the nearby bunks, and the only reasonable supposition was that she had taken advantage of a fortuitous, or perhaps prearranged, moment when she was alone in the cabin

    45. And, whatever view of the accident be taken, whether the moralist shall use it to point the text of a solemn or denunciatory warning, or whether the materialist, swinging to the other extreme, scouts any other theory than that of the "fortuitous concurrence of atoms," there is scarcely a thinking mortal who has heard of what happened who has not been deeply stirred, in the sense of a personal bereavement, to a profound humility and the conviction of his own insignificance in the greater universal scheme

    46. Then such autobiographies as yours—so long as they are sincere—will be of use and provide material in spite of their chaotic and fortuitous character

    47. Moreover, science, like tradition, has formulated from the fortuitous and abnormal condition of humanity a general law

    48. There was, however, one circumstance, a purely fortuitous one, and which need not now be mentioned, which aroused my suspicions

    49. If it be improper for States to obtrude upon Congress their sentiments, it is much more highly so for the unauthorized deputies of fortuitous congregations

    50. It may be objected to me, that the mockeson of those naturalists is a Cenchris, and not a Scytale, therefore generically distinguished from the Copper-head; but on the other hand, we know that the genus Cenchris does not exist in nature, that the individual upon which it was founded, was either a fortuitous variety, or that the illustrious naturalist was deceived by the desiccation of his specimen, giving to the basal caudal plates a bifid aspect

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