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    1. This is why using Simply sprinkle the borax powder in places where roaches chemicals against them is fruitless

    2. Scanning that neighborhood's watch cameras for the remainder of the night was fruitless

    3. So for Jesus to take up a crown of thorns, He isn’t taking something fruitless and making it fruitful

    4. morning, and still their search proved fruitless

    5. heart that their searching would prove fruitless

    6. As I started at the list, a fruitless enterprise, I saw the designs

    7. His attempts were fruitless

    8. From one fruitless care, it was turned away to another care much more intricate, much more embarrassing, and just equally fruitless

    9. It symbolizes fruitless labor, an emotional void, or loneliness

    10. Her imagination sought to illuminate possible memories, though it was fruitless


    12. By Mr Snickerty's lofty demeanour, Jacob Wanting knew that further argument would be fruitless, so he thanked the gentlemen that they had at least heard him out, and then he left quietly

    13. Try as they might the local policemen could not catch them and after countless fruitless attempts finally asked for our assistance as their lieutenant was a newly married man and his wife complained bitterly about the biker's lack of morals

    14. This zone is therefore called the Fruitless Zone

    15. ‖ Many individuals susceptible to teeming influences extending beyond their capacity to assimilate what is being conveyed and in what manner and why, for that matter, entirely dependent has the public become on its media ―mouthpieces‖ commissioned to do their thinking for them in a fruitless attempt at sorting out unintelligent pieces of information that, taken collectively, are even more meaningless, thereby frustrating further efforts to attain (true) knowledge while unsettling core beliefs

    16. fruitless road of retribution

    17. A short while later he was raking through the remains of the nest, grunting his disappointment when his search proved fruitless, but as he turned from the debris, a glint caught his eye– something down in the bottom of the nest twinkling up at him

    18. One minute he was telling her that he had a fortune stashed away, the next he’s running off to London again on some fruitless search

    19. It seems a fruitless waste of time

    20. "A fruitless waste of time?" repeated Giselle, giving Ruby one last chance to explain her statement

    21. The men in the large underground chamber had been in constant fruitless debate only minutes before, but the sight of a woman seeking refuge and help stirred them to action and concordance

    22. I fed them with trinkets and treasures past from civilizations that had gone extinct in my fruitless attempt to win this frigging game

    23. sign, but watch out for lawyers who come up with fruitless concerns in order to

    24. except for the rare telephone call when he needed money to support his fruitless lifestyle

    25. It was 4:15 PM and I decided a pop-in on Ian would be fruitless

    26. Nothing but their disobedience had lost them forty years in practically fruitless wander-

    27. He swore a fruitless oath, and determined immediately to send them to Hades, crushed by the knees and feet of the elephants

    28. As I attempted in fruitless exertion to rid myself of the spell that this creature had cast on me, the beast abruptly ceased his attack on my brother

    29. “Efforts to see over the Wards around Venak have proved fruitless, since they grow in height in response

    30. He swore a fruitless oath and determined immediately to send them to Hades crushed by the knees and feet of the elephants

    31. 7 O seven useless child births and seven profitless periods of labour and fruitless givings of suck and miserable nursings at the breast

    32. Captain Holden made a valiant but fruitless effort to rescue his rescuers

    33. other on the upper deck, searching in the same fruitless places

    34. Their attempts to douse it with water were fruitless as the arrow slit windows were just too narrow to throw sufficient water

    35. More flapping and struggling proved fruitless

    36. I saw my sisters received the same treatment that they were giving me; Beatrice was shouting and grunting like an animal as an assaulted bull to which the horns were being grasped, but nevertheless her animal efforts were fruitless, as I could see across the leaf stalk of my eye

    37. It was all a fruitless and boring exercise unless you count Mr

    38. He’d hoped that giving Jonathan a timeframe would help ease his nerves, but from Jonathan’s expression it was evident that trying to keep his anxiety at bay would be fruitless

    39. Having said the above, if any de-motivation remains, self-motivation is fruitless

    40. After a fruitless search by their whole party, they knew the pair weren’t on the ship

    41. This film helps us understand that each claim regarding a better direction, in which our destiny could have turned, is fruitless

    42. “We are here for several reasons,” Carmen smiled, “We are following this case of double murder plus the Justice Department are in the process of a long and so far fruitless investigation into corruption by government officials

    43. And a wise husbandman cuts away only the dead and fruitless branches

    44. He seemed but an ordinary, empty-handed fisherman, returning after a fruitless day along the coast

    45. Routine printing on remaining fingers had predictably proved fruitless, therefore, after photographing the bar, it had been sent to Vancouver for further police checks and confirmation that it was indeed gold

    46. And fruitless all their grafted guile, as shortly ye shall see

    47. With the fierce temerity with which José Arcadio Buendía had crossed the mountains to found Macondo, with the blind pride with which Colonel Aureliano Buendía had undertaken his fruitless wars, with the mad tenacity with which Úrsula watched over the survival of the line, Aureliano Segundo looked for Fernanda, without a single moment of respite

    48. At the end of yet another discouraging, fruitless day checking his computer (made in Malaysia), Joe decided to relax for a while

    49. And if she can really travel through time via the power of her mind, then it will be quite fruitless for anybody to try stealing from her the secret of time travel

    50. She (typically) was transparently disinterested in whether I was feeling okay, or whether I had found everything I was looking for, as demonstrated by her lack of confusion over my fruitless search for a doctor’s note, while telling her that I seemed to have misplaced my guide dog

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