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    1. Theo took out his wallet and emptied it of bills

    2. Fred switched on the kettle and emptied

    3. The courtroom was emptied in an orderly fashion

    4. She sat across from him and watched as he emptied his plate in 20 minutes

    5. One after another bottles were emptied with gusto and banged down loudly on the table

    6. The next morning as they slept, the house was emptied as all the riders returned to the mountain

    7. ' Alexis emptied his glass and slammed it on the table top

    8. 'Eight thousand three, four and five hundred,' I said as I emptied the cashier's

    9. I grabbed my ticket and passport and emptied a drawer into my backpack

    10. “Bastard! Bastard! Bastard!” she screamed over and over again as she emptied the pan of baked beans onto the keyboard and then turned her attention to the boy himself

    11. Ish emptied a box of bombs on the cylinder

    12. see your face in the table, that the bins are all emptied properly and

    13. as she emptied the pan of baked beans onto the keyboard and then

    14. had emptied their pockets when they were taken

    15. Jorma was rather disappointed when that whole avenue was emptied well before lunch

    16. Belle had spent the morning assembling trays of assorted flowers from beside the meandering overflow that emptied the pond when heavy rains filled it past its rim

    17. Guzkat’s eyes rolled and his bladder emptied, as he

    18. emptied a liter of vodka into them, giggling the entire time

    19. I’ve had to explain to one or two people that filing cabinets cannot be moved while they are full of files so everything will have to be emptied and packed – it didn’t go down well, but that’s just tough

    20. It was entertaining to watch while he filled the water skin he had emptied on the hike with a sparkling yellow

    21. He picked it up and emptied all twelve rounds into the heart and head of his

    22. He emptied the trash and thought of the note he’d written with the

    23. “Just yesterday I couldn’t get the leshin in because we haven’t quite emptied the bin from last year

    24. Of course, that was after they’d milked all thirty some of his cow, and emptied the pasteurizer, for the dairy driver to take to town

    25. Desa took the enormous gourd and emptied it into the water tub

    26. broke into the armory and emptied every round of their guns

    27. “Yeah, the one we were in just emptied out, next to the end on the outside

    28. Our dugout emptied and jumped first on Peterman at the plate and then on

    29. Several of the defenders emptied their stomachs onto the horde as the stench of thousands of burning corpses wafted over the wall

    30. "Our Lord is maaaaad!" The hallway emptied of servants as she shouted

    31. chamber pot that looked like it hadn’t been emptied all

    32. the expenses peculiar to a bank consist chiefly in two articles: first, in the expense of keeping at all times in its coffers, for answering the occasional demands of the holders of its notes, a large sum of money, of which it loses the interest; and, secondly, in the expense of replenishing those coffers as fast as they are emptied by answering such occasional demands

    33. Those agents were not always able to replenish the coffers of their employers so fast as they were emptied

    34. But had the coffers of this bank been filled ever so well, its excessive circulation must have emptied them faster than they could have been replenished by any other expedient but the ruinous one of drawing upon London; and when the bill became due, paying it, together with interest and commission, by another draught upon the same place

    35. At the first setting out of this bank, it was the opinion of some people, that how fast soever its coffers might be emptied, it might easily replenish them, by raising money upon the securities of those to whom it had advanced its paper

    36. Experience, I believe, soon convinced them that this method of raising money was by much too slow to answer their purpose; and that coffers which originally were so ill filled, and which emptied themselves so very fast, could be replenished by no other expedient but the ruinous one of drawing bills upon London, and when they became due, paying them by other draughts on the same place, with accumulated interest and commission

    37. emptied into this cove, still cold from its mountain source

    38. That afternoon, she emptied a huge pile of ashes from the hearth, then set right its

    39. It was a small wooden box, containing about 4 purple pills, an emptied syringe with droplets of purple fluid still in its cylinder, and a small bottle, containing the same purple fluid in it, to refill the syringe's cylinder

    40. She kept on trembling with orgasmic ecstasy all during the time he emptied his cock juice into her cunt

    41. It lasted so long, in fact, that both boys had emptied their cocks into her body and had both stopped pumping before she knew a complete and of sensation

    42. Inside, a short and dim hallway emptied into the dining hall

    43. Sloan and Elizabeth emptied their contents in front of a large boulder on the floor

    44. Drawers were emptied, cushions slashed open

    45. Sebastian emptied another clip, and loaded his last one into his gun

    46. He'd emptied a can of lighter

    47. As Jacob emptied the bottle in my goblet, he cleared his throat

    48. Morose Matt emptied the fourth bottle of red

    49. noise like hollow thunder the magazine emptied itself into the throng of miscreants and whores

    50. I emptied some of my ammunition pouches and filled them with German bullets then I made sure the magazine was full before I looked through the sights to make sure they were all right

    1. one who never washes up or empties the bin

    2. He empties it

    3. The few residents of the nearby floors all have copper deposited with him so they just mark a sheet and bring back the empties once in awhile

    4. until they reach the end of the ride where this “river” empties out into a heated swimming pool

    5. He didn’t close the door, and didn’t see me, as he wheeled the empties toward a shed off of the parking lot

    6. Sitting alone at a nearby table on the ‘bar’ part of the porch, the drunken man who had accosted him earlier sat with a collection of empties

    7. One by one, he empties the chambers of bullets

    8. 9 And the children of Rephath are the Bartonim, who dwell in the land of Bartonia by the river Ledah, which empties its waters in the great sea Gihon, that is, oceanus

    9. 14 And the children of Meshech are the Shibashni and the children of Tiras are Rushash, Cushni, and Ongolis; all these went and built themselves cities; those are the cities that are situate by the sea Jabus by the river Cura, which empties itself in the river Tragan

    10. 9 And the children of Rephath are the Bartonim who dwell in the land of Bartonia by the river Ledah which empties its waters in the great sea Gihon that is oceanus

    11. 14 And the children of Meshech are the Shibashni and the children of Tiras are Rushash Cushni and Ongolis; all these went and built themselves cities; those are the cities that are situate by the sea Jabus by the river Cura which empties itself in the river Tragan

    12. Empties have to be thrown in the bin, and glasses

    13. ” Brink opens a can of salted almonds, empties half its contents into his palm and pours them into his wide-angled mouth

    14. He stops when the hand vac is half empty, kicks her over and empties the handy tool across her shoulders blade, nape and hair

    15. It actually is fed by a creek that empties south of here and

    16. I’d seen plenty of empties here, but this one was packing a bona fide corpse

    17. Raising his head above the platform he waits until it empties of people and jumps up onto the platform

    18. The train empties in a hurried mass of Arct and robot servants and Grailem steps aboard and finds himself a discreet corner

    19. She told Detective Henry that she always empties out the garbage before going to bed

    20. This may bring to mind Kramer and Newman in the United States Postal Truck on their way to Michigan with a cargo of empties

    21. He didn’t notice, for instance, any of the many absentee reports, the notepads with “From the Desk of Principal Klieglight” printed on the top, or the perhaps dozen Diet Coke empties

    22. had considered collecting the deposits from the empties and using the money to pay his bail if

    23. “I’ve come for the empties,” she announced

    24. “Where what empties out?”

    25. How much value can you store in a debtor nation whose public treasury empties into election-buying corporate coffers?

    26. shoved one crate after another of empties into

    27. What is glory except for the evasive image of the mother who empties you of your life and that you can only hold for a moment?

    28. He empties its contents onto the counter top

    29. On his hands and knees in the mire he saw plenty of empties

    30. able to meditate on emptiness throughout all four empties,

    31. Why, if that fool Gertrud hasn't emptied everything out! What a terrible fate yours is, always at the mercy of an overfed underling--a person who empties bags without being asked

    32. Kat empties her glass of wine before she answers me

    33. Blackness colours all his dreams then empties out his fears

    34. If the client keeps shooting until he empties his gun, or the bear tries to attack them, then the guide will fire again

    35. comes in and they have just been storing the empties in the back of one of the

    36. It gets packed early in the morning and empties at midnight

    37. Behind the hill there is a small creek, which empties into a large swamp and a gigantic bushy ball about the size of a spaceship sits there

    38. The second tumbril empties and moves on; the third comes up

    39. He empties the jug into the engine and then stands back as his son turns the key in the ignition

    40. Popped corks, splashes of beerfroth, stacks of empties

    41. He unscrews the top and takes a long guzzle, empties most of the bottle, wipes his mouth with his sleeve

    42. On the western edge of Evreux, the road empties and the countryside levels out

    43. She empties the can

    44. The foyer empties into a grand hallway that appears to be the central point of the house

    45. “If your servant empties your purse and disappears without warning, he’s not keeping your money safe, he’s stealing it

    46. Standing, he empties his jeans pockets of BlackBerry, keys, wallet, and money

    47. His sauce of choice was beer, the cheaper the better, and as the hours piled up, so did the empties

    48. ’Tis said by some that bearing Babes is all a Woman’s Fire and Inspiration; that as her Womb fills, her Head empties; that the Act of Bearing substitutes for all Acts of the Imagination

    49. It clattered off the wall and fell into one of the many, many piles of empties

    50. In a few years, if the current popularity of Bitcoin continues, we suspect most computer viruses will include code that immediately empties any Bitcoin wallets they find

    1. I took over the empty body

    2. I knew it was empty when I got here, so to speak

    3. The information, the memories, the behavior patterns were transmitted and read into her empty brain

    4. My soul was read into this empty brain, there was never an atom in this body that didn't come from food this body ate here on the planet Kassidor

    5. He couldn't tell her, he found the house empty

    6. "What about the house?" he asked the empty doorframe

    7. · Always leave a portion of the stomach empty at the end of a meal to allow for digestion

    8. There was a big empty hole in his lap

    9. • Empty tunnels will be used by migrating moles in the fall

    10. The next room they passed was completely empty

    11. The other was a faded old geological map of the Gengee, where a desolate wasteland deep in the West Gengee Empty was marked up in Portuguese

    12. The upstairs was completely empty; it looked like they were all still downstairs for now

    13. ’ My persistent daughter commented as she steers the empty buggy round a corner

    14. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket

    15. They had to go all the way around the back of the next barn where there was a big lump that made the kedas chuff even with the rockasaur empty

    16. This is recycling at its best! Make sure that you empty the container every day

    17. In his surprise and disgust Dan nearly crushed the empty brandy balloon that

    18. across to an empty lot where he could breathe

    19. With no job, I dare not get into financial difficulties with paying rent … I can’t afford to leave the house in Bridgwater empty either …

    20. Empty scrawls and letters punctured into their soft, vain flesh by lazy, fat monks willing to sell their souls for a few dollars

    21. ’ He said, pushing the empty mug away from him

    22. A bearskin rug stares slack jawed and empty eyed from its place on the gleaming marble floor

    23. ‘I’ve given my landlord notice that I’ll be vacating the house and that it will be left empty for a few weeks as a result

    24. Without Jack, the house was incomplete, empty – it underlined the lack, if you know what I mean

    25. She cleared a space amongst the old newspapers and empty tins of cat food

    26. evidence of cats, namely the empty tins of food, scratch marks on the back of the

    27. starting to feel evening’s chill and her glass was empty

    28. The Great Empty

    29. In that great, empty

    30. "Sure, I'm alive all right but what's this about, where is everyone? Was that date right? 2423?" Ava's gathering room was empty, but that was not unusual in and of itself unless she was having a party, then there would be a table of food set up in the middle of it

    31. "So that's what I am?" Glenelle asked, "A backup?" An empty hole opened in her gut over that

    32. ‘D’you fancy a coffee or something, Molly?’ Liz asked as she runs a duster over the now empty bookshelves

    33. Once he realised that there the house was empty, he called the police

    34. The shop was prominent not because of any ostentation, but rather because any open business stood out on the half boarded up and derelict empty shell of Darklow Main Street

    35. I embraced the empty

    36. Here among the ghosts, on the edge of the world, I would not let the bastards see the hurt and pain that burned in my empty stomach

    37. The starved chemical receptors in my brain joined with my empty stomach in making severe the protest running through my veins

    38. In these quarters, his life was so empty without the mothers of his children, no matter how delightful the scents of these gardens or exciting the challenges of his adventure parks or voluptuous the sculpture of his houris

    39. He took the left arm from Parker and put both the limbs in an empty case for a plasma cutter

    40. First story: The “Ship of Destiny” is blown up while it is empty

    41. Some hours later, a bomb explodes at Mr Gryparis' house, while it is empty

    42. Nick comes over mid-morning by which time I have washed up the glasses and stowed the empty bottles in the recycling box

    43. It is full to overflowing and looks rather debauched now, spilling over with empty wine and beer bottles, the detritus of our festivities over Christmas and New Year

    44. Sadly, Paulus feels mostly confused and empty

    45. My world normally revolved around the empty hours of chaotic imagination, but now I had other people to think about

    46. Was the voice a product of my unhinged imagination? Would I be able to stand it if all I could see were bare walls and empty space? At the same time I felt like a small child again, receiving that one huge present so longed for

    47. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

    48. They led us out of our cell and along a wide corridor and past empty and dilapidated glass-shelled office spaces, through a set of double doors and up one flight of concrete steps

    49. After all the business of the ranch was complete, he stayed up late going over all his old documentation on the shuttlecraft parts one more time and came up empty, as always

    50. In the end, they left that one empty

    1. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I scream, opening the chamber and emptying it

    2. Anyone who does not attain to that absolute emptying of self in order to take the absolute filling of the Spirit will not be able to handle the intensity of being within that City

    3. Over tea there was an almighty row that ended with Tiffany crying, her mother shouting at her father and the bunch of flowers being thrust head first into a wheeled dustbin standing out on the pavement ready for emptying the next morning

    4. still come to gorge themselves on the never emptying slops in his

    5. pavement ready for emptying the next morning

    6. Emptying his pipe, he took a seat in the other chair sitting in front of the fireplace and said, "You really thought a lot him, didn't you?"

    7. “Maybe sir,” he said, emptying all the money out of his wallet and placing

    8. The rest of the agents followed their commander, emptying round after

    9. Nerissa suspected it would mean her life if she did them the favor of emptying their bags onto the filthy straw

    10. She lost count of the number of spasms she experienced and finally she had her greatest orgasm ever, just as he obliged by emptying his prick juices into her cunt with great force and heat

    11. The Parfinn’s twelve-year-old son was emptying a waste bin behind the Bumbling Badger’s burrow and spun around

    12. The sentry at the crossing fell dead, but the commander-in-chief rode coolly on, a few cavalrymen emptying their carbines into the trees

    13. Holstering his weapon, he began a thorough search of Booker’s study, pulling books from the shelves and emptying drawers onto the floor, adding to the mess that Booker had made when he’d left

    14. As Soffen staggered to the edge of the pool, drawn there by the image that was staring down at her– his soft smile wrinkling his snout in that familiar way that she knew so well– Soffen's heart beat faster and her stomach rolled, before emptying itself onto the floor

    15. Emptying the can, I gently placed it on the kitchen table

    16. She remembered it all now, it came in like a cloud emptying itself of rain

    17. The mess crew were unobtrusively clearing up bottles, emptying ash trays, and when they could squeeze in amongst the officers, taking a swipe at the table with wet rags

    18. Gambelli finished emptying the magazine in his Luger and offered Colling a turn

    19. The next moment, Ludwig was leaning on the side of the Rover, emptying his stomach involuntarily

    20. The track was emptying out

    21. I felt that it was my aorta that was emptying

    22. The moment you work on your own unresolved karma, you change your vibration at a cellular level, emptying your energy field of some of the toxic residue that slows it down

    23. On Sunday evening, Manda was going around the flat emptying the rubbish bins that Sierra usually liked to leave until bits of rubbish started falling on the ground

    24. His eyes left Maggie, going to the train and his men at work emptying it

    25. I could hear Zacchaeus and Adrinius groan in delight at the emptying of my body, too busy relishing their meal to have noticed, but I did

    26. ” It was just betting on football with Motorola co-workers, but Dixie made it plain after the first year of our marriage that she was tired of emptying ashtrays, fetching beer, and watching me “double down” and lose more than beer money

    27. Maybe it was my age, but the sheer hassle of emptying our pockets onto tables in the parking lot and then walking through metal detectors some one hundred yards away from the hotel’s main entrance chilled any interest I might have had in seeing the sights

    28. I inferred finally that DOC would not send Mike to the halfway house when they broached the subject with me as to whether I, or another responsible adult, could serve as Mike’s “sponsor”, not in the AA sense, for the period between his “early release”, for both “good time” and because the State was emptying out and closing prisons

    29. secretly and not very skilfully emptying the contents of

    30. Which means He went from emptying His soul of knowledge (Phil

    31. "I enjoyed that myself," she mumbled before she went to the chore of emptying the bath

    32. Part of the preparation consisted of emptying out store rooms and disposing of all outdated equipment and medications

    33. "An eye for an eye," Zoe screamed and fired into his head and body, emptying the clip

    34. Non-duality is a state of emptiness, of emptying the mind of all ideologies, beliefs, and conclusions

    35. Emptying my untouched beer into a massive glass ashtray with Australia House emblazoned on the underside in gold, I snuck downstairs where a darkly handsome Spaniard was using his boot in an ineffectual attempt to wake another young man snoring on the doorstep

    36. emptying the money from the safety deposit box and putting it in her

    37. I was becoming anxious about the rapidly emptying walls

    38. He rolled his left sleeve up and gave him the injection, emptying the full contents of the syringe

    39. He saw three female cleaners going from desk to desk, emptying the waste bins under the desks into large black plastic bags

    40. After emptying the contents of our pockets into plastic bags and handing them over to the prison guards, we were let into the building

    41. Yussef was firing like a madman, emptying the magazine of his 50-caliber machine gun

    42. "Conan, a captain of the mercenary spearmen," he answered, emptying the wine-cup at a gulp and holding it out for more

    43. When the bag was full, he signalled to Jenni to bring the other bag which he rapidly began to fill, emptying the safe of its contents

    44. your website traffic without emptying your bank account?

    45. "He's waiting for the slack water that comes after the filling and before the emptying

    46. was emptying out his wallet when she came across a picture of him

    47. �� Emptying the refrigerator contents into the bin and pouring the milk down the sink he smiles with satisfaction as he bends down and opens the cupboard under the sink

    48. Emptying his 38, quickly, mercifully, he put bullets in each of the heads of the two Marines his daughters had wounded

    49. extracted a rifle and emptying the magazine, cleaned it

    50. One swiped the head clean off a soldier’s shoulder, spun and slashed the other one that was emptying rounds into its back across the helmet

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    empty evacuate void discharge abandon vacate empty-bellied hollow vacuous superficial hypocritical insincere delusive lone dishonest tame vacant barren blank bare uninhabited emptied clear expressionless trifling stupid foolish frivolous exhaust dump teem drain spill