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    1. of the matter is that, the reason we are all gathering in

    2. Gathering of poets on the occasion of Holi and other family ceremonies are common

    3. Ava didn't know if that was possible, but Herndon was already gathering his things

    4. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz …

    5. There was a hall that passed a couple small offices on the way to her gathering room

    6. "Sure, I'm alive all right but what's this about, where is everyone? Was that date right? 2423?" Ava's gathering room was empty, but that was not unusual in and of itself unless she was having a party, then there would be a table of food set up in the middle of it

    7. As Angels, they do not need to physically don a helmet, they could use the same interface from the lab/office next to her gathering room, or from right here on the verandah if they wanted

    8. While he was off duty, as opposed to live when he has to be there for active support of an important gathering, he can look at schematics

    9. Menachem remembered Ben from the odd ex-pat gathering

    10. It lead to a tower in a large town, another relay or gathering point

    11. After the Church gathering, it was usual for these friends to

    12. After the Church gathering was over, everyfolk gave thanks to the

    13. This collecting is not the final gathering of which they will never be uprooted again

    14. The evening mist is gathering over the fields now, catching the last rays of the setting sun

    15. However, after the church gathering,

    16. The next church gathering, both Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers

    17. When the church gathering had ended and the folk were leaving

    18. Daniel’s eyes got wide, “You know about that also? Jesus, have we no secrets?” Daniel looked about gathering his thoughts and then told him, “Listen, Collin, you better keep this ability of yours under wraps for a bit

    19. In the gathering dusk, we see Joris sprint across the road, then crouch down behind a bush

    20. to the broken shell that lies gathering dust

    21. Kids tormented animals, naughty and short-tempered in the gathering heat, waiting for the next ferry that would take them to the southern sister island of Kissafari or on to the largest island of Crete

    22. ’ Berndt said quietly, ‘Though I anticipate that you … the High Guild … will want to have some sort of memorial gathering for him

    23. She wore a white wide-brimmed hat and stood on the fringe of the gathering examining the scene until it became clear she was looking for a place to sit, and somewhere she would not have to fraternize too much with the villagers

    24. While it is true that these are great gathering places, there are many other great places to flirt

    25. There’s a war on and most of us are gathering to Him while you are standing there lost

    26. There in the distance, she spotted the Hausa; they had begun gathering for the evening

    27. about the business of clandestine intelligence gathering

    28. Haltingly at first, but gathering confidence as I tell it, I explain the whole horrid situation

    29. not bad for a neighbourhood gathering

    30. ” Alexei stared at her, “They’re on their way back and should arrive before the annual Gathering Ball

    31. She welcomes us home and hopes that you will attend the Gathering, as her guest

    32. “Ah, you and I are going to have a grand time together at this Gathering!”

    33. Lord Boras indeed planned to make a grab for the throne during the annual Gathering Ball

    34. She urged secrecy explaining that Queen Naria would announce it at the Gathering Ball

    35. Eventually everyone comes to Sea Hold to celebrate during Gathering

    36. Tonight is the Gathering Ball; it should be a time of great celebration and kinsmanship

    37. From the information they are still gathering, he says they are very young, and little more than flesh and blood robots

    38. It was then that Naria decided to hold the Gathering as planned

    39. Naria then instructed that the young girl be taken to her rooms and readied for the Gathering that night

    40. Two hours before the Gathering, Lord Boras came out of hiding and made straight for Miners Hold and his quarters

    41. He bathed, and perfumed himself preparing for his triumphant entrance into the Gathering

    42. He followed Altera down the long hallway and entered the Gathering Hall

    43. ’ She said, visibly gathering her thoughts

    44. thing — experience gathering

    45. They set about gathering up the things they would require for

    46. He is so wrapped-up in the gathering of secrets that he doesn’t notice a tub of ladles and slatted spoons standing directly to the left hand side of the hatch

    47. Andy thought, his eyes fixed on a brown drip gathering on Chas’s left ear

    48. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact

    49. The clouds of dust south of the city looked like the gathering threat of an invading army, but it was just the new stockyards refilling, which bore testament to the spirit of a city that wanted it all

    50. She started gathering

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