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Gathering in a sentence

1. It was a large gathering.
2. For A Gathering To Hear.
3. A crowd was gathering now.
4. He beat a gathering tattoo.
5. It was a peaceful gathering.
6. The Gathering of the Clouds.
7. It was a friendly gathering.

8. There was also a gathering.
9. Walts was a gathering place.
10. There is such a gathering of.
11. It's not an official gathering.
12. The gathering was a blast with.
13. The Rainbow Gathering was a bust.
14. A crowd was gathering about them.
15. He tried gathering his thoughts.
16. There was a large gathering of.
17. XV - The Gathering of the Clouds.
18. That is an easy gathering for Us.
19. Is gathering volume as it echoes.
20. He turned to address the gathering.
21. The gathering had come to a closed.
22. Soon the guests started gathering.
23. The gathering will begin in a hour.
24. Gathering at a friend's house, we.
25. Gathering my mantle about me, and.
26. At night we had a family gathering.
27. Paul went gathering the big daisies.
28. It was more of a social gathering.
29. Here, you were gathering the herbs.
30. Ashat walked away from the gathering.
31. She tumbled into it, and gathering.
32. It started forward, gathering speed.
33. Gathering a handful of the shirt in.
34. Really, she’s just gathering force.
35. This is a public gathering, Zarkog.
36. They did not see the gathering storm.
37. They have many ways of gathering news.
38. It is the process of gathering known.
39. It was kind of a rude church gathering.
40. In the end, gathering his courage, he.
41. I’m still gathering the key points.
42. They moved back to the gathering place.
43. Silence covered the gathering entirely.
44. He seemed to be gathering his thoughts.
45. It slithered upwards gathering momentum.
46. They had reached a gathering of rodents.
47. The wolves were gathering for their prey.
48. She felt the others gathering in ecstasy.
49. It is a gathering place, a special place.
50. Gathering my wits, I made another attempt.
51. This international gathering was convened.
52. Become Influential By Gathering Influencers.
53. I can feel the clouds gathering strength.
54. People were gathering to watch the spectacle.
55. I am gathering an army that will bring the.
56. They moved the gathering to the church, and.
57. The prospect seemed to enthuse the gathering.
58. Parshuram closed his eyes, gathering strength.
59. The family was gathering for the evening meal.
60. Now there's a weekly healing gathering there.
61. Gathering her wits, she stood up and ran to.
62. D&B is investigating or gathering information.
63. It was like watching the gathering of a storm.
64. Ignoring the attentions of the gathering, he.
65. Immersion refers to that gathering water.
66. Immersion… refers to that gathering water.
67. That gathering had no courtyards nor halls.
68. The kid kookaburras were gathering around him.
69. You sit with the engine off gathering yourself.
70. The series continues with A Gathering of Angels.
71. Their reason for gathering around him was gone.
72. And counts the varied gathering of the products.
73. That, we all saw! Gathering himself up for.
74. She laughed, gathering her reins into her hands.
75. She hadn’t even noticed the gathering clouds.
76. The gathering of men surrounded the proprietor.
77. She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts.
78. They were specialists in gathering intelligence.
79. With tears gathering in her eyes, she realized.
80. The word ((immersion)) refers to gathering water.
81. The country was changing, in the gathering dusk.
82. Was it because of the gathering darkness or had.
83. What’s the Rainbow Gathering? asked Stacy.
84. Gathering his bearings, he realised the section.
85. An oppressive silence descended on the gathering.
86. He could hear her gathering the kids into her car.
87. Gathering his thoughts, he instantly understood.
88. He looked around at the gathering as he continued.
89. Rincewind waved a hand in the gathering slipstream.
90. Gathering them to her, she hugged them all at once.
91. He paused for a moment as if gathering the courage.
92. A ball consists of a pie and a gathering of girls.
93. Gathering data and facts and conceptual material.
94. Well, the crew are gathering information about.
95. Drumtone addressed the gathering of Maegar Children.
96. She took refuge in a memory, gathering her strength.
97. He almost seemed to glow in the gathering darkness.
98. Twilight was gathering over the district town of N.
99. Joey was curious as to the reason for the gathering.
100. Such a gathering was unprecedented, she understood.
1. He gathered it was Slavo.
2. We all gathered to watch.
3. The crew gathered in it.
4. Until it all was gathered.
5. Gathered by all the E led.
6. A mist gathered about them.
7. He gathered an armful of.
8. A small crowd was gathered.
9. He gathered her in his arms.
10. Tears gathered in her eyes.
11. I gathered Robert and Bubba.
12. Yes, these shall be gathered.
13. A crowd gathered about them.
14. He stooped and gathered them.
15. All gathered close to see it.
16. When the beasts are gathered.
17. She gathered me into her arms.
18. Louis gathered in the galley.
19. The children had gathered now.
20. The old man gathered his tune.
21. As they ran they gathered a.
22. As the five gathered by the.
23. Finally he gathered his wits.
24. Quell gathered us to him again.
25. People had gathered in a crowd.
26. I gathered that it was about.
27. The crowd had gathered so fast.
28. He gathered some grasses and.
29. Or more a gathered in the name.
30. The shapes gathered and fused.
31. Jason gathered what had fallen.
32. They gathered outside the town.
33. She gathered that Tobias must.
34. Darian gathered all of his crap.
35. Men hunted, the women gathered.
36. Ferdy Chicken gathered up his.
37. She gathered him into her arms.
38. The energy is gathered in the.
39. The others gathered around Pam.
40. He gathered the kids around him.
41. He gathered up all the food of.
42. Uncle John gathered his strength.
43. Before leaving he gathered the.
44. All of the guys gathered around.
45. My loved Ones gathered nigh to Me.
46. Now her people gathered round her.
47. Mis-givings gathered in his mind.
48. She quietly gathered all of her.
49. And the birds, gathered together.
50. Alaric gathered her into his arms.
51. The High Counsel gathered around.
52. There were others gathered around.
53. The gathered masses seemed broken.
54. The gathered family considered it.
55. Gathered ‘em up and scattered.
56. They left the plain and gathered.
57. Everyone was gathered around the.
58. Jonathan Miles gathered his wits.
59. She then gathered her clothes on.
60. Everywhere on Earth, they gathered.
61. She gathered up her dress in her.
62. The gamers gathered around and he.
63. Sebastian gathered her in his arms.
64. Your grandfather gathered all the.
65. And all the sons of Levi gathered.
66. There all the flocks were gathered.
67. Two men gathered them like berries.
68. Ermák gathered a circle about him.
69. He gathered his wife into his arms.
70. Libuse gathered her skirts and stood.
71. The tares will not be gathered out.
72. Gary and Sir Richard gathered round.
73. A crowd gathered around them at once.
74. He gathered his kit and stalked off.
75. He gathered both menus in his hands.
76. He gathered the eggs from the nests.
77. There were three men gathered there.
78. The whole tribe gathered in the cave.
79. Lezura gathered honoi from her head.
80. Questions gathered behind his tongue.
81. The girls gathered around and giggled.
82. Aunt Martha gathered herself together.
83. The water was gathered again into a.
84. Tammas got up and gathered his things.
85. A crowd had gathered but did nothing.
86. When all had gathered, Cecily led out.
87. He smiled and gathered my hand in his.
88. This year we were all gathered at St.
89. Who knows how that was gathered?
90. Others gathered to comfort the ones.
91. They still gathered in a cell-circle.
92. The cameraman gathered both sets of.
93. A crowd had already gathered in the.
94. How often would I have gathered your.
95. The crew of Hermes gathered in the Rec.
96. A freely gathered United States is a.
97. He gathered them together in his fist.
98. Perspiration gathered in his eyebrows.
99. Everyone gathered round as the young.
100. Sophia gathered her hair in a ponytail.
1. He who gathers in summer is a.
2. She stands up, gathers her things.
3. Who gathers wealth and counts it over.
4. He takes a deep breath, gathers his thoughts.
5. Another thing Oak, Kisin gathers all of us.
6. Then he gathers her to him and begins to cry.
7. Stacey gathers herself as he briskly walks out.
8. The place where the church gathers should be a.
9. And from the evil of the darkness as it gathers.
10. Satan gathers his angels and will the help of the.
11. It is that one which gathers the hindrances, the.
12. In that time, when Zion gathers, and the weather is.
13. She Who Gathers Stones Together felt a surge of pride.
14. He gathers up his only visible possessions, the cards.
15. There were several cries from the gathers knights and.
16. Lo, He has entered the field and gathers them together.
17. Aaron gathers his stuff into a suitcase and a backpack.
18. Thing, and the Hero/Heroine gathers himself for a Final.
19. The Lady who emanates and gathers all things stable and.
20. You are like a hen that gathers her young under her wings.
21. The bird gathers itself, spreads its wings and takes off.
22. The Shepherd is sent down and gathers together His sheep;.
23. I have suspected as much; the malignancy gathers itself.
24. She Who Gathers Stones Together found this most gratifying.
25. She Who Gathers Stones Together pretended a polite interest.
26. He gathers my hands inside his to stop me from attacking him.
27. The cellar, she gathers, is merely a dank hole in the ground.
28. Major Danby comes back over and gathers us round him saying.
29. So too our hearts will be tested when He gathers us together.
30. Around each gathers a cluster of friends, and gay children and.
31. Satan gathers his angels and will the help of the resurrected.
32. They don't call me She Who Gathers Stones Together for nothing.
33. Satan gathers his angels, and will the help of the resurrected.
34. Angel of Death gathers ungodly to place of torment (Lk 16:19-31).
35. In the next life, the soul gathers more knowledge and experience.
36. At prescribe times the Church gathers in common prayer and worship.
37. Then She Who Gathers Stones Together and her ragtag group were gone.
38. A few weeks later, the man gathers the media for a sad announcement.
39. So the junk of these problems gathers and piles up in subconscious.
40. When He gathers us together, bringing us out of Babylon, He will be.
41. Within the human hierarchy, the affirmation gathers power and sound.
42. Concerts, parties, art openings, or any other occasion that gathers.
43. In His own land, there is a multitude that gathers and He feeds them.
44. She Who Gathers Stones Together knew she had to do something, and fast.
45. She Who Gathers Stones Together looked at the group she had been training.
46. I go over to the hedge while Alastair gathers up his music and locks the car.
47. Are you ready for this? It is bug droppings taken off trees where it gathers.
48. Lewis gathers several arm loads of branches and puts them beside Suzy's pile.
49. Credit Bureau: A company that gathers information on consumers who use credit.
50. He also gathers to himself all nations Habakkuk 2:5 New American Standard Bible.
51. She gathers herself enough to look at its ID and sees ‘MIKE’ in bold letters.
52. I have seen her soul and it is as pure as the first winter snow that gathers on.
53. Prices moving at high volume are like an avalanche that gathers speed as it rolls.
54. The crew gathers on the portside railing discussing their plans and escapades.
55. Would you have the folk of Gondor gather you herbs only, when the Dark Lord gathers.
56. As soon as he gathers his wits he starts to jog towards the gate and the parked Lexus.
57. It is a testing conducted by the some users after launching it and gathers a feedback.
58. The Day when He gathers you for the Day of Gathering-that is the Day of Mutual Exchange.
59. Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished, but he who gathers by labor will increase.
60. He gathers with dozens of cripples, poor and destitute, awaiting the healing power of the water.
61. You send out what you want, that pulsation goes out and gathers other frequencies you may like.
62. An induction coil gathers the electricity generated and directs it to a specially designed lantern.
63. She gathers her breath and sprints, pushing the cart ahead of her into the brightening intersection.
64. Elrond is far away, and darkness gathers between us, and all this year the shadows have grown longer.
65. God shall set up a banner for the nations when He gathers them from the ends of the earth (Isaiah 11:12).
66. He gathers up stray onions from the plate and heaps them on the meat and presses them in with the spatula.
67. On the Day when He gathers them all together, then say to the angels, "Was it you these used to worship?".
68. He gathers her up and rolls so she can collapse against his chest with a little, dizzy mew of satisfaction.
69. She Who Gathers Stones Together opened her primary communication orifice and spoke to those she was to train.
70. The imagination gathers up the material by which the Mind weaves the fabric in which your future is to be clothed.
71. Weave in her hair a ribbon that gathers her sweetness, and show it to me in the top of this love that is my madness.
72. I can feel the buttons of his shirt pressing into me as he gathers my hair off my face and kisses my bare shoulder.
73. Meantime, he lets you sit in with the little clique of grad students that gathers weekly to talk Nietzsche with him.
74. You compel me to declare that he who is not with me is against me, while he who gathers not with me scatters abroad.
75. There are places underground where that air gathers, and when a person gets into one of those places, he dies at once.
76. Several springs ago, I went to New York for the Upfronts, where everyone in television gathers to hobnob with advertisers.
77. The conscious mind gathers information from the five senses and stores it in the subconscious mind to be recalled as needed.
78. He who reaps receives wages and gathers this fruit to eternal life; consequently the sowers and the reapers rejoice together.
79. Unless better evidence comes to light I really cannot see how they could have done it being intelligence gathers only by nature.
80. The one thing that all humans, all nomads, all hunter gathers never did before this invention called the hempen cord of slavery.
81. Vince stops the BMW in front of the house and they both watch as Carl gathers his wife into his arms and covers her face with kisses.
82. He wanted She Who Gathers Stones Together to know that he took no pleasure in speaking thus to one who was hatched long before he was.
83. Satan gathers his angels and will the help of the resurrected unrighteous attempt to interfere with the judgment, they will be destroyed.
84. Even as He calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies the whole Church on earth,1198 which He keeps by Jesus Christ in the only true faith.
85. Personalization is about tailoring suggestions of which accounts to follow based on information that Twitter gathers about you around the internet.
86. She places a bandage over the stitches to protect the wound, and gathers all the wrappers and soaked cotton balls into her fists to throw them away.
87. Possibly: yet why should I, if I can get sweet, fresh pleasure? And I may get it as sweet and fresh as the wild honey the bee gathers on the moor.
88. As soon as the breathless Clerk descends with the heavenly Silk, the Draper gathers it up into a Sleeve and drapes it seductively ’round my Shoulder.
89. It followed me from the Himalayas because it didn't want me to know what I know about the Valley of the Winds where it gathers and plans its destruction.
90. It followed me from the Himalayas because it didn't want me to know what I know of it, the Valley of the Winds where it gathers and plans its destruction.
91. The wizard may have told you what you need to know but it will be you in your greatest hour that gathers strength, puts it all together, and makes it through.
92. Pipeline fill on a new product rollout gathers momentum as more and more "doors" are opened; sales momentum crescendos as bigger and bigger accounts are added.
93. It is said that when hatched by a hen they will directly disperse on some alarm, and so are lost, for they never hear the mother's call which gathers them again.
94. Perhaps it is true, after all, that a rolling stone gathers no moss—though I should hate to believe that there could possibly be anything in a popular proverb.
95. All social and cultural institutions not controlled by the state are dismantled to insure that the regime gathers within itself total command over all aspects of society.
96. And then, every morning, he sets himself afresh to the task of earning his bread; and while his hands earn his bread, his dorsal column gains pride, his brain gathers ideas.
97. Now he was showing magnificent fighting spirit! She Who Gathers Stones Together was filled with joy and she nearly leaped straight into the air as an expression of this joy.
98. Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres.
99. Then he takes her photograph, the one he kissed that evening, gazes at it with tears, kisses it, recalls the past, gathers us all roimd him, but at such moments he says little.
100. Another beekeeper who has studied the life of the hive more closely says that the bee gathers pollen dust to feed the young bees and rear a queen, and that it exists to perpetuate its race.

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1. We gather a lot of.
2. We gather at her roots.
3. A crowd began to gather.
4. How to gather the pieces.
5. They were told to gather.
6. I gather my props that are.
7. Let me gather your minds.
8. He could gather from their.
9. The others gather behind her.
10. All I could gather from the.
11. I tried to gather my thoughts.
12. Uar asks that you gather as.
13. They tend to gather data by.
14. Trying to gather his thoughts.
15. I gather you have some?
16. White clouds gather and billow.
17. How then shall I gather them?
18. Birds chirp and as they gather.
19. From what I gather, then, you.
20. A mass of others gather round:.
21. Need to gather the money again.
22. Yes, we'll gather at the river.
23. Ali, I gather that you're ready.
24. Gather the dead and the wounded.
25. He had yet to gather that from.
26. He paused to gather his thoughts.
27. We need to gather some supplies.
28. Yes, we’ll gather at the River.
29. I would not have to gather tears.
30. I turn and gather these thoughts.
31. I gather words and phrases that.
32. Yes, We’ll Gather at the River.
33. You gather the wind in your fists.
34. Will paused to gather his thoughts.
35. Living saints will gather in the.
36. Ways and Ways to Gather Referrals.
37. He will gather the lambs with his.
38. Then they gather around in a pack.
39. He shall surely gather and enter in.
40. Credit attempted to gather his wits.
41. Why gather here today to celebrate.
42. The wisdom that you gather through.
43. I paused again to gather my thoughts.
44. Now then send and gather to me all.
45. They waited for the others to gather.
46. From what I can gather he seems to.
47. To Gather and To Pour out Judgment.
48. The others hastened to gather about.
49. Ask questions and gather information.
50. Gather All the Relevant Information.
51. Just to let him gather his thoughts.
52. Attempting to gather the bravery to.
53. You could gather from the fact I am.
54. Gather to the broken tiger dojo and.
55. I gather he has many other interests.
56. I need you to gather some others.
57. I try to gather up some of the tears.
58. I gather up in these mother’s arms.
59. Often the material you gather, either.
60. They will gather themselves together.
61. I gather that you have seen the place.
62. Her brakes failed completely, I gather.
63. SHELLS gather in piles along the shore.
64. I will gather what we need to—.
65. From what I gather, his mother wasn't.
66. He who doesn't gather with Me scatters.
67. He shall gather the lambs with His arm.
68. How do you gather these people without.
69. Townspeople began to gather in the nave.
70. I sat there trying to gather my thoughts.
71. Now, let’s have the employees gather.
72. I wanted to gather my world in my hands.
73. Jonathan took a few moments to gather up.
74. He had to regroup and gather his courage.
75. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts.
76. Lovern wanted to go gather the sea grass.
77. I looked around, trying to gather my wits.
78. They ate what they could find and gather.
79. Gather ever fresh wisdom from the Universe.
80. The Barbegs had begun to gather the many.
81. I have traveled far to gather information.
83. Then the men would gather in the tractor.
84. Hath given me this: now gather, and surmise.
85. All I do is gather up a few of their tears.
86. She didn’t have much time to gather speed.
87. I need to gather my team, Rachel said.
88. Jacob said to his relatives, Gather stones.
89. They had ten minutes to gather their things.
90. To gather the people of the world together.
91. I paused to gather myself for the next order.
92. Jacob called to his sons, and said: Gather.
93. Greedily you seek to gather the heritage.
94. It takes her a moment to gather her bearings.
95. Elizabeth, please gather the battle group.
96. Mitya could gather nothing from their faces.
97. And I gather he’s paid fairly good prices.
99. The blue smoke seemed to gather and thicken.
100. I gather all the intercepts are in place now.

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