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Glean в предложении (на )

  1. One thing he was able to glean from what she told him….
  2. So the information we glean from this story is this; Woman.
  3. Ruth, with Naomis permission, went to the fields to glean.
  4. Her glean suddenly brought her back to the Galaef's conversation.
  5. Would he glean more if the atmosphere were calmer? ‘ Perhaps.

  6. Glean: To gather; to collect what the reapers drop at harvest time.
  7. More eyes and ears around town could help us glean some useful.
  8. This is not the only fact that we can glean from the information above.
  9. I lay what I have out on the table trying to glean some scrap of information.
  10. Like most holiday stories, there are a lot of morals you can glean from Brenda.
  11. Now, let’s go back over it rather fast and see if we can glean something from it.
  12. Beth was a fourteen year old orphan who came to his fields to glean when he met her.
  13. The two men had looked at the video several times, but could glean nothing new from it.
  14. Why has my glean brought me back to this seemingly unimportant information, she wondered.
  15. To glean as much information off your card as possible once you put it into the terminal.

  16. What worthwhile wisdom could you even hope to glean from such a source of heresy?
  17. Instead, he waited for his first officer to report what he was able to glean from Cleetor.
  18. This is the gift of the Harvest Feast: let us glean your fields so we can feed all who hunger.
  19. He tried to glean some information of our escape but I diplomatically changed the subject every time.
  20. The Glean had an interesting life cycle, not gaining sentience until puperty drove them to be more social.
  21. From what I can glean from the history of these dragons, he may be bound here until he frees this horde.
  22. She glanced up as if to glean the answer from my face and she found it in my eyes that were laughing at her.
  23. The drawing itself was so simple that there was little to glean from looking at it longer than a few seconds.
  24. Simon could glean nothing and was terrified to cause more damage by entering the Lammas Lord’s mind himself.
  25. Other Valuable Insights You Can Glean from Reading the Proxy Statement on How the Compensation System Is Set Up.

  26. She had also been given the task of following up on any information forensic could glean from Ainsley’s mobile phone.
  27. If that didn't work, her fate would be whatever Thorne wanted it to be, and her glean had already told her what that was.
  28. With what little information we had managed to glean so far, we couldn�t chance that any of the crews had been compromised.
  29. Annyeke could see it perfectly clearly without the need to glean anything from a mind-read or even ask a passing Gathandrian.
  30. Her species was Glean and her skin color and texture resembled that of Earth’s Poison Dart Frog, with deep purples and reds.
  31. As humans, we have learned from, and have a lot more to glean from our animal friends, non-more than the dynamics of motivation.
  32. Still, I was able to glean that there had been an occasion when he was supposed to deputize in the trumpet chair with Ronnie Scott.
  33. As she stepped through the hatch and set her small carrying bag on the deck her glean suddenly told her what Thorne had in mind for her.
  34. It was good of her to confide in her new friend and mentor, when she had resisted attempts by Director Ivanovic to glean the information.
  35. Matters under the sky change like the wind, Simon, and we can only glean what we can from it and pray for courage for the moment we dwell in.
  36. We have since received verification from the Swordsmen of what little information we could glean from your ships’ logs at your prevous stop.
  37. Faye Anne was quietly and intently analyzing the data from the sensors to glean from the scraps of evidence she had who was behind the attacks.
  38. I have been aware of mysterious goings on for some time, and have paid regular visits to the farm in an attempt to glean proof of my suspicions.
  39. Magdi was sitting right opposite me in my office at that moment with eyes and ears like radars and he tried to glean what the conversation was about.
  40. It was quite apparent that refuelling had not brought her the degree of inner tranquillity that the other motorists had seemed to glean from the experience.
  41. These self-defense mechanisms need to be broken down if we want to glean all of the nutrients available from the grain without damaging our system in the process.
  42. Every copy was thumbed and smudged with sweat and grime where avid but confused readers had tried and failed to glean the document's meaning from its empty pages.
  43. Through the story of our master Adam (peace is through him) and the original Satan, we can glean a warning and a lesson so that we are acquainted with his enmity.
  44. It was just one of those days that a body just reflects about the days, and what were in them, that are gone by, and maybe glean a tid-bit or two out of ‘em; just a day for thinking.
  45. And, they watched on their sets as the inquisitive media with their electronic equipment crowded the officials in their attempt to glean a bit of information for their viewers and readers.
  46. I shall no longer be with you, yet I firmly believe that my love will cleave to you always, and from that thought I glean such comfort that I await the approach of death calmly and without fear.
  47. He obviously suspected she was more than human, but trying to glean information from her under duress of flattery? It was a manipulation she was well acquainted with and at least a little fond of.
  48. The cable ship Mackay-Bennett has been chartered by the White Star Line and ordered to proceed to the scene of the disaster and do all she could to recover the bodies and glean all information possible.
  49. After a few days of attempting to glean what information there was to collect, a courier missile was sent to the Stellar depot with the recordings and observations for examination by Stellar’s intelligence service.
  50. These guards were trained to be ready for anything, but Myra had two qualities which worked in her favor—first, her beauty often distracted the adversary, especially if he was a man, and secondly she had her glean, which told her exactly when and how to strike.
  51. He understood that his time with me was short, and I think, therefore wanting to glean or understand as much as he was able, but I told Jereriah that the Holy Spirit knows all things, and will never leave him, and will in fact, teach all things that he needs to know.
  52. It will be a gift we give to and celebrate with each other by gathering together to glean vegetables, peel potatoes and sweep floors, by gifting food, funds, or time, and by sharing space, land, and lives so that a place might exist where seeds of sharing and caring can be planted.
  53. A lengthy account of the information that I was able to glean, would hardly be in keeping with this work, which is dealing with the campaign, and not an exploring expedition, scientific or otherwise; but this short description of the flora and fauna seen near Kumassi may be of interest.
  54. There is no unanimity of opinion as to where these tribes were in the late 14th century, but I have placed them based on the best information I could glean combined with a bit of speculation based partially on legendary native movements and partially on where they were at first contact.
  55. The man, who now introduced himself as Ezra, answered, What little we were able to glean from them before we left, snatches of conversations and the like, was that a very large amount of water had swept through the lowest part of the desert somewhere north of here, moving sand and leaving debris to show where it had gone.
  56. What followed were two days of intensive study of the maps my grandfather had made many years ago before the Mixtec had forbidden travel through their lands, my father had updated the maps from any scrap of information he could glean from the traders and travellers that came his way, we hoped they would provide a safe passage for me, to reach the coastal plain leading down to the sea.
  57. Where are you? On a flyspeck isle nine thousand miles north of nowhere!! What wealth is there? None! What natural resources? Only one: the resourceful genius, the golden mind, of everyone I've met! The mind that looks out the eyes, the words that roll off the tongue in response to events no bigger than the eye of a needle! From so little you glean so much; squeeze the last ounce of life from a flower with one petal, a night with no stars, a day with no sun, a theater haunted by old films, a bump on the head that in America would have been treated with a Band-Aid.

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