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Harvest в предложении (на )

  1. Thy harvest for to yield.
  2. The Harvest of Sorrow, n.
  3. The harvest is not good.
  4. And at the harvest time.
  5. The harvest truly is ripe.

  6. However, as harvest was now.
  7. Second harvest of the summer.
  8. They would harvest their crop.
  9. You are the Lord of the harvest.
  10. There are gods for the harvest.
  11. The harvest is not finished.
  12. The Harvest of the Firstfruits.
  13. Come up with a good harvest plan.
  14. You just can't hurry the harvest.
  15. Going to bring the harvest in.

  16. Seeds that will produce a harvest.
  17. The harvest party is this weekend.
  18. Behold, the harvest is separated!.
  19. And they were there to harvest it.
  20. Any harvest was everyone's harvest.
  21. Oh, there was a harvest all right.
  22. If you sow there will be a harvest.
  23. Harvest in the cool of the evening.
  24. It’s about the Harvest Slasher.
  25. The Lord of the harvest will send.

  26. Harvest usually begins in December.
  27. Next summer, before the harvest.
  28. God of Harvest Himself, God had to.
  29. This year’s harvest is decimated.
  30. For the first harvest shall be lowly.
  31. The harvest continues: this is the.
  32. God’s harvest of increase for the.
  33. The harvest is degrading quickly.
  34. Once the harvest had been collected.
  35. Toil on heroes! harvest the products!.
  36. Selling Coffee Calls Ahead of Harvest.
  37. He would have been three this harvest.
  38. Once, when the harvest was reaped and.
  39. The first harvest is set, says The Lord.
  40. The fruit of My harvest is like no other.
  41. Women offer great things as we harvest.
  42. A great harvest of plenty that all will.
  43. The greatest harvest of souls the earth.
  44. Can’t wait to harvest that strength.
  46. And now it is time for the first harvest.
  47. Let’s harvest the fruits of your labor.
  48. The harvest has not been overgood either.
  49. You can harvest it every other day or so.
  50. Eventually, they still harvest the beans.
  51. Send faithful laborers into Your harvest.
  52. The purpose was to harvest volatility (i.
  53. It’s almost time for the second harvest.
  54. Robert Conquest in his Harvest of Sorrow.
  55. Why not at least harvest the trees?
  56. Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest.
  57. In this way your harvest will be increased.
  58. The time for the fourth harvest is at hand.
  59. And I had one good harvest of souls, then.
  60. After harvest, it would be spun into fine.
  61. That’s when the harvest will commence.
  62. But what are they going to harvest?
  63. Jesus Throws Out Laborers into His Harvest.
  64. Blessing of the Barn and the Stored Harvest.
  65. After four months on site, the harvest began.
  66. The harvest was good; the goddess was happy.
  67. The wish-granting cow, and the harvest unsown.
  68. They sang, Shine On, Shine On, Harvest Moon.
  69. The abundant harvest of tomatoes was His also.
  70. A full harvest moon hung in a clear navy sky.
  71. Mistakes don‘t cancel or stop your harvest.
  72. I’ll have money when I get the harvest in.
  73. Do you mean that the Lord wants to harvest.
  74. She would go before the harvest got under way.
  75. Reuben went in the days of wheat harvest, and.
  76. There is a time of harvest, you can't do that.
  77. That’s a sign of a good harvest next year.
  78. And, of course, I missed the Harvest Festival.
  79. It had eased temporarily now that the harvest.
  80. Three times the harvest has been sent unto.
  81. But the rain at harvest time knocked me back.
  82. The hired men sleep here during the harvest.
  83. Ma mentioned the harvest, pondered Bryony.
  84. Two new farm hands to help with the harvest.
  85. Sadly, he grew impatient waiting on his harvest.
  86. That the harvest shall conform to the seed sown.
  87. Firstly, the harvest is already contaminated.
  88. You do not even have to cut wheat to harvest it.
  89. It could very well be harvest time for Rosemary.
  90. They think it’s best to pay tax on the harvest.
  91. Praying to reap the harvest of seeds that's sown.
  92. They shall not escape by way of the first harvest.
  93. The Harvest Slasher’s a legend around here now.
  94. Katherine wanted to harvest diamonds in the rough.
  95. Yes, but he has yet to harvest its bigger powers.
  96. And the last was the Harvest Festival in the fall.
  97. He was gearing up ahead of the harvest, presumably.
  98. I could harvest them, then sell them in the market.
  99. Our workplace is a huge part of the harvest field:.
  100. Brazil begins to harvest coffee in May of each year.
  1. Harvesting, building, that sort of thing.
  2. Not just for the harvesting of the grapes.
  3. I set about harvesting and drying the buds asap.
  4. Sharp Sickle–A tool for reaping and harvesting.
  5. They’ve finished harvesting, hissed Zach.
  6. Sickle, Sharp–A tool for reaping and harvesting.
  7. He jumped down and helped Warner with the harvesting.
  8. Harvesting is generally done from September to December.
  9. It isn’t crops they are harvesting, said the fox.
  10. Garages for the harvesting equipment and other machinery.
  11. All because a man was afraid of harvesting the ripe grain.
  12. Harvesting should ensure that produce is fresh and undamaged.
  13. The harvesting of cod to excess was all about money and greed.
  14. When our breadfruit harvesting was done, we took to the trail to.
  15. I lost contact with your stepbrother when the harvesting began.
  16. Although there were many fruit trees, his harvesting expeditions.
  17. In the weeks before the main crops were ready for harvesting, the.
  18. It looked like they were weeding, watering, hoeing, and harvesting.
  19. Harvesting in the evening will prevent the arrival of the carrot fly.
  20. Harvesting mushrooms will not harm the ecosystem the mushrooms live-in.
  21. The wood for the frame will come from sustainable harvesting techniques.
  22. The work was exacting, the harvesting slow; the stingy plants clung 362.
  23. In exchange for her help in harvesting, the farmer would take care of her.
  24. Wait several weeks before harvesting the potatoes if you have this problem.
  25. One harvesting strategy is to prepare one part of the business for sale at.
  26. In his mind Jacob thought of the process as harvesting rather than abduction.
  27. There were the images of the seasons of indians planting and harvesting corn.
  28. Where the dark matter can continue harvesting them, the bishop interrupted.
  29. His home was a converted freighter moored alongside the gas harvesting terminus.
  30. His reward for this was watching the vegetables grow and harvesting them in season.
  31. Cars are used for harvesting food during the off days when the robots don’t attack.
  32. There are still plenty of soldiers harvesting the trees, so we will be quite safe.
  33. Once the leaves are dead, leave the onions to dry for some time before harvesting them.
  34. If that happened, there would be no way to move the ship clear of the harvesting field.
  35. In peak harvesting season, keep picking the fruit, this will encourage additional growth.
  36. A few weeks later, we were all in the fields harvesting the corn crop before winter set in.
  37. It was now approaching the latter part of the summer and the harvesting season was at hand.
  38. But if nothing grows in the Cursed Field, what will those scarecrows be harvesting?
  39. Harvesting of the carrots should begin in June and July, and the late-sown ones by October.
  40. My parents were out harvesting the wine-grapes, and I had walked alone to the nearest woods.
  41. We delayed starting until the scouts reported that the Chimu were, indeed, still harvesting.
  42. We will be harvesting under lights, like in the melon field that you dreamed about last night.
  43. Ain’t crops we’re harvesting, said Jed, lips curling again into that snarl of a grin.
  44. And could master tell us the profits brought in by harvesting these banks of pearl oysters?
  45. We were, essentially, a family of farters, for we all worked the land with my father, harvesting.
  46. I noticed that there were some medium-sized parrots harvesting the few remaining nuts at the moment.
  47. The last crop is short, and injured in harvesting; wheat is fourteen shillings the bushel, and rising.
  48. Once the cans were full, he kept harvesting the rain, giving one man a drink every thirty seconds or so.
  49. Fralgoth discovered and usurped our land, and has been harvesting the plant at much too greedily a pace.
  50. The gas harvesting process is like holding a tiger by the tail, until all the gas has been collected.
  51. Harvesting is done by twisting off the tops of the plant – don’t cut them off or the roots will bleed.
  52. There were figures gathered around in an activity that Roelle finally deciphered as some kind of harvesting.
  53. He loved watching things grow and nurturing them and would eagerly look forward to harvesting them in season.
  54. Internal and external combustion engines all rely on this application for harvesting motion by driving power.
  55. Zayin is a weapon, or it could be a harvester, harvesting supply; and it means to ‘cut’, or ‘cut off’.
  56. It floats to a new position and it is sunk, so the process of gas harvesting starts again, about a month later.
  57. At first nothing happened, but after a moment of harvesting all of his mental strength his legs began to twitch.
  58. Here are some specific suggestions for exploiting the long investment horizon:• harvesting illiquidity premia (e.
  59. They’d be planting, harvesting, or irrigating, or just waiting for the rice to grow or sometimes, the rain to come.
  60. Harvesting: potatoes are considered ready for harvesting when the top of the plants that is visible above ground dies.
  61. It could have been done, and the doing of it would have reacted on the work here, and helped us to larger harvesting.
  62. Those bastards did this to you when they were harvesting from you They told me that there was a good chance.
  63. Sadly this could not be done, so the orderrans settled for just harvesting their body fluids to use on the battlefield.
  64. Potatoes can be left in the ground for a few weeks after they are ready for harvesting, provided the ground is not wet.
  65. Harvesting of salt by ordinary citizens was made a criminal offense and the government collected tax on manufactured salt.
  66. Rule of thumb for harvesting courgettes is to do so when they are approximately four inches long; the skin should be tender.
  67. Brazil, however, does not begin harvesting beans until March and the bulk of the harvest is typically not available until May.
  68. And that harvesting of fear would be a major reason much of the world was trapped into the Cold War that Truman largely began.
  69. Funerals began to appear in the streets, though it was the middle of summer, a time when all should be tending and harvesting.
  70. With a greenhouse at hand, you will be able to grow fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs; harvesting produce all through the year.
  71. Other seasonals cover patterns as diverse as announcement day, pre-holiday, lunar cycle, harvesting season, and political cycle.
  72. One of my key recommendations is harvesting excess returns from a broad range of sources, not only relying on the equity premium.
  73. When the news of the harvesting does break, we will slash our gas price to a healthy but honest level, to drive the wedge home.
  74. Lord Mantel was master of Field Hold; his people saw to the planting and harvesting of the many different crops that fed the People.
  75. For illustration, let us consider the evolution of a profitable investment strategy—say, FX carry or harvesting illiquidity premia.
  76. But to the one who considers the pond of less value than a day's harvesting in which he is behind-hand, digging it will appear evil.
  77. For long-horizon investors who do not need short-term liquidity, harvesting illiquidity premia seems to be the most obvious natural edge.
  78. Conventional ideas are apt to wilt under the blight of poverty, and to revive under the fuller harvesting of this world’s goods, and Mr.
  79. Investors can defer realizing gains and paying capital gains taxes, while harvesting capital losses that may offset other taxable income.
  80. All they cared about was harvesting sufficient crops to buy enough alcohol from Spartan Castle to get them through the next twelve months.
  81. Surely becoming a powerful wizard was a full-time, lifelong pursuit, not something one did between pruning, harvesting, and selling apples.
  82. He was about to phone the others to let them know where he was and not to be concerned, when he noticed the Gas Harvesting Associates sign.
  83. Can’t you see I’m a bit busy here? Stan wasn’t lying; he was busy, monitoring Lester and Walter’s routine harvesting procedure.
  84. I remember once as a youngster he came over to my house and just gave me six full grown weed plants that were just weeks away from harvesting.
  85. The hours of the day filled with the care and feeding of our animals, the sowing and harvesting of our crops and the raising of our children.
  86. It never ceased to amaze me, seeing my father during late summer standing among the fully grown plants, harvesting tomatoes by the basketful.
  87. Many would be killed by the almost indestructible military robots before order was restored - and the harvesting of the humans could continue.
  88. Nevertheless, allow me to inform you that by harvesting this very Bay of Vigo, you're simply forestalling the efforts of a rival organization.
  89. This model seeks high returns by holding equity-like asset classes, harvesting illiquidity premia from alternatives, and avoiding market timing.
  90. And saved other nations the cost and bother of growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing, and packing, and selling food for their masses.
  91. Plundering mortals with hutechnic inventions, the Z will vivisection iT for their pleasure – harvesting knowledge from technotainment experiment.
  92. In agricultural markets, trading activity is often concentrated in expiration months that fall close to either the planting or harvesting calendar.
  93. Solomon was assisted by a Pheonician king, Hiram, who facilitated the harvesting of huge numbers of cypress and cedar logs from the forests of Lebanon.
  94. While the horses were being harnessed Alpátych and Ferapóntov over their tea talked of the price of corn, the crops, and the good weather for harvesting.
  95. But the rains began, preventing the harvesting of the corn and potatoes left in the fields, and putting a stop to all work, even to the delivery of the wheat.
  96. In view of the somewhat dubious business ethics of Gas Harvesting Associates, Sterling might well have all the records they needed, on a basic laptop computer.
  97. The longer term effect is just as grim, the harvesting would stop and the methane would be released, to accelerate global warming by at least a factor of five.
  98. I had this mental picture of a bare-chested Tommy, pale blue light reflecting off his torso as he worked his way across the field at planting and harvesting times.
  99. The job had to be done every day and every day with never a stopping but going on, with never a pause, but always the harvesting, forever and forever and forever.
  100. Row after long row of almond trees running north-south, precisely spaced to accommodate the harvesting equipment that would shake the ripe nuts from the branches.
  1. How were the timbers harvested?
  2. The crews then harvested enough.
  4. I harvested twelve bushels of beans.
  5. Rosemary is harvested around September.
  6. That the unborn is ready to be harvested.
  7. Are the emails harvested or really opt in?
  8. They are those who are ready to be harvested.
  9. But now the rice is nearly ready to be harvested.
  10. Bounty is harvested so that growth can take place.
  11. And because of this, many souls are not harvested.
  12. First, I harvested the cameras from my spare EVA suit.
  13. These beans have results which are not harvested by me.
  14. Wage war on what is wasted rather than what is harvested.
  15. Tình, Xin Kịp Gặt (A Season of Love, to be Harvested in.
  16. He harvested the investment grapevine to find a great company.
  17. Rinse freshly harvested pine needles and cover with rapeseed oil.
  18. Outside the city, in one of the fields that’s been harvested.
  19. The pomegranate trees were heavy with fruit ready to be harvested.
  20. A number of ground-hoppers harvested apples from a nearby orchard.
  21. The harvested flowers gifted the air with the aroma of cleanliness.
  22. With winter only weeks away, crops were being harvested and stored.
  23. In each of those three gardens, I harvested vegetables, but no fruit.
  24. The IV solution containing the harvested stem cells was almost empty.
  25. The beginning of this evil comes from how the sugar cane is harvested.
  26. All produce was harvested by the scholars and handed to the kitchens.
  27. We invented the retirement farms where hospice patients are harvested.
  28. Live Sand - Is technically sand that has been harvested from the ocean.
  29. Also, as I told earlier, our first crops have started to be harvested.
  30. God's 'ground' or 'field' in which the 'word' was sown (and harvested).
  31. The fabric and the furniture were produced from materials harvested locally.
  32. All remaining torches were tossed into the partially harvested wheat fields.
  33. The hand picked leaves are harvested only two days of the year and blended.
  34. The following week, we went to our garden and harvested our yellow bell peppers.
  35. The doctor has given me a transfusion, and the last of the harvested stem cells.
  36. I wondered how her grapes did this year–they would still be harvested until fall.
  37. I was taken into a room and my eggs were harvested, which is the most excruciating.
  38. We need to increase the number of harvested stem cells in our patient’s treatment.
  39. And We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people had built, and what they had harvested.
  40. A month or so later I harvested and got a few thousand out of the plants Tone gave me.
  41. Outdoors, I grew some sweet 100s cherry tomatoes, which I harvested in July and August.
  42. Parts of it were wild flowers and wild strawberries, which could be harvested and eaten.
  43. You’ve heard of this one before- it’s the tree from which balsa wood is harvested!.
  44. Meanwhile Ava was saying, Now I suspect Tdeshi may have been harvested by the Kassikan.
  45. Some 36 hours after reaching maturity, eggs are harvested from her ovaries using a needle.
  46. In the morning, she pruned the orchard, harvested the lemons, and carried a basketful into.
  47. Samson followed the commotion and broke out of the standing stalks into a harvested section.
  48. They found and destroyed most of the crops we harvested that were not in underground bunkers.
  49. The fertilized herring eggs are a delicacy for the native Alaskans and are actively harvested.
  50. Above all, they learned to give the land time to rest after it had been ploughed and harvested.
  51. The three trolls stood, Schnottweiper with a newly harvested stop sign resting on his shoulder.
  52. Silpitocle told me that the Re Che called it pehuen and harvested the cones for the nuts.
  53. When it comes to purchasing live rock, most are referring to rock that has been harvested from.
  54. Nothing will stop it, even if we ceased using the harvested gas and every other global warming gas.
  55. The soil was rich and fertile and there were many farms with rows and rows of crops being harvested.
  56. The garden was doing quite well and Ed harvested some lettuce and asparagus for supper that evening.
  57. The cotton that the slaves harvested raised the living standards of all white people in the South.
  58. On Reg's home-world, the only place where Gahooleb can be harvested, it is merely the word for 'food.
  59. For example, if a man grew plums, and harvested far more than he could eat, most of them would be wasted.
  60. She’d planted each spring, gardened all summer, and harvested in the fall, just as her family had done.
  61. It was so large, a farmer could have harvested enough sap to fill ten amphorai, each a metrete in volume.
  62. Unfortunately whoever had grown, or at least harvested, this flower hadn’t thought to strip its thorns.
  63. I harvested the berries in the fall; even the dried ones we now have help stop the bleeding in small wounds.
  64. Beets are matured after three to four months of growth and should be harvested before the plant goes to seed.
  65. The gardens were harvested for the last time before the late fall frosts and the family prepared for the winter.
  66. Costa Rican log barges loaded with cargo harvested on the Pacific Coast routinely passed through the Panama Canal.
  67. And he harvested the men with maniac gesticulations and eruptions of lava enough to lay a village and bury a blight.
  68. But how long a cruel person can live in rest and in comfort…? He has to cut that crop one day what he has harvested.
  69. We passed the gate tower called Eschenheimer, and rode past some already harvested fields on either side of the road.
  70. What I hadn’t foreseen was how quickly our ways would change as the nine villages grew and harvested more and more grain.
  71. It was now early December, and the already harvested stalks, sad and frail, appeared to woefully truss the heavy, gray sky.
  72. In practice, however, a harvested field is much less comfortable than a fallow one and we assiduously sought out the latter.
  73. We know a polluted planet taints air, water and land, the basic mediums in which our food is grown, harvested, and ingested.
  74. At that time, our newly harvested grain replaces that which was set aside for disasters and our old disaster grain is traded.
  75. And harvestings were harvested and business tended again, and the flesh returned, and disease ran off like a frightened jackal.
  76. Corn is planted in April and May (spring in the United States) and harvested in September and October (fall in the United States).
  77. One thing potential potato growers need to remember, there is no knowledge of how the potato crop is faring until it is harvested.
  78. We no longer crawl on our hands and knees to surprise the leopard, but plow our fields so more barley can be planted and harvested.
  79. Unitito spontaneously hummed the melody to the 1st e-gen IM's anthem, that they used to sing as they harvested the last wild, non-lab food.
  80. Our harvested mistletoe hung on the support posts of our clan homes for protection, and, to bring fertility, in the animal pens and stables.
  81. The crops of Mount Grucian on Glassvexx have been tended and harvested by my line of people for as many generations as the plant has existed.
  82. The Lam Yai fruit was harvested two months ago, the farmers have pruned and fed the trees and cleaned the ground in the hope of more next year.
  83. The floating pontoons extended out from the central hub by about 1km, and kept perfectly on station by numerous engines fueled by harvested gas.
  84. When the pepper is harvested, an elimination process removes anything but the best pepper (only 10 percent) which can bear the name Tellicherry.
  85. The Tallow seeds had been harvested by Belle and the girls early during the construction weeks, and now could be rendered for candles and soaps.
  86. They were cute cuddly creatures, but they could never be kept as pets because of the dangerous flesh-eaters that they harvested from their coats.
  87. The rice is harvested by cutting off the ears with a little knife, leaving the straw standing, and is taken in sacks to the village to be winnowed.
  88. Father gave Sim to his mother and harvested the momentary, volatile crop, thrust scarlet, blue, yellow fruits into a fur sack which hung at his waist.
  89. There are countless healthy herbs and green things that can be cut because they keep on growing and are not seriously harmed if their tops are harvested.
  90. We regained the plain on the far side after passing though the already harvested fields of centli on the river bottom, and climbing back up to the plateau.
  91. Being careful of possible weakness of the branch, he harvested all the stems with berries leaving the green leaved stems with no berries to continue growing.
  92. The corn was being harvested with over a hundred acres a checkerboard of battered cornstalks contrasting the proud stalks standing next, totally oblivious to their fate.
  93. She walked along the edge of the harvested rye-fields eating her sandwiches as she went, and refusing to think for this brief hour and a half of the difficulties of life.
  94. The family was gathered in the large room with its high ceiling talking, working on a myriad of crafts and snacking on fruits that had been harvested earlier in the week.
  95. Through two successive coups and a guerra civil, he’d kept the Bandito beans harvested and the Exigentes rolled and a black market in American-made munitions profitable.
  96. Soybeans are harvested in the United States in the September to November time frame, whereas autumn harvests take place in Brazil and Argentina in the March to June time period.
  97. Pitt explained that in the previous three hours, two of Antin’s veins had been harvested from his thighs and three of four grafts had been implanted into the coronary arteries.
  98. And the fur from the first fox he killed, small pieces of fur from every one since, and dried berries from the mistletoe we harvested just before the rain drove us into the cave.
  99. It was an eclectic array of swords, pick axes, knives, hooks, and Hell, one guy even had an honest to the Gods scythe and I’m pretty sure he had never harvested wheat in his life.
  100. True to the old Mongol ways, crops (mostly for the horses) had been planted on the abandoned fields on the south side of the surrounding hills along a stream and were already harvested.
  1. Harvests of souls unceasingly.
  2. Not only did the harvests provide meat and vegetables for the.
  3. It was foghara, the harvests were in, and the fields were empty.
  4. Each of our harvests produces enough jars of grain to last us twelve moons.
  5. From makeshift torches its touch pillaged the chiseled high harvests of man.
  6. Huge scorch marks were a testimony to the previous harvests that once took place.
  7. But due to better European harvests and the worldwide depression, food prices were low.
  8. This Lord is asked to bring forth bounteous harvests of grain and fruit to feed the hungry.
  9. Meanwhile, others are listening; and we hope to reap our harvests even in the midst of the storm.
  10. A farmer sows in spring, harvests in late summer, and in the fall, lays in supplies for the winter.
  11. This can be done without sending food by teaching the natives how to grow and process their own harvests.
  12. The adult is willing to sow seeds of self-denial in order to reap subsequent harvests of augmented happiness.
  13. They soon were known as the food family, since they could feed more than two-dozen people a day from their harvests.
  14. Therefore, it follows that supplies would be highest at harvest time and lowest in the months just preceding harvests.
  15. Joey didn’t ask any more questions; the images he had seen of the harvests on Lezura’s data-scroll were popping up in his head.
  16. Even when the harvests had been good during their childhood on Homestead, there had never been this much food in one place ready to eat.
  17. Besides this the chief steward wrote every year telling him of fires and bad harvests, or of the necessity of rebuilding factories and workshops.
  18. Normally they wouldn’t have even attempted to oppose us like this; seeing as how they suffered from the harvests, said Gadsa thoughtfully.
  19. Le Moyne’s generosity would put up a fine building for a dormitory, he would be planting seed-corn which would yield many harvests in the coming years.
  20. Since the harvests were being gathered in as we started out, we had to be rather careful, but eventually, the harvests were in and we could camp anywhere.
  21. However, with the advent of increasing South American production to today’s levels, major soybean harvests now take place twice a year, or every six months.
  22. One wanted to lean through and sniff wild seas of flowers, touch harvests of peach-maiden girls, hear the machinery of bees bright-stitching up the glamorous airs.
  23. They will march to battle trampling underfoot the harvests they have sown, burning the towns they have built—with songs of triumph, festive music, and cries of jubilation.
  24. But by this experiment I was made master of my business, and knew exactly when the proper season was to sow, and that I might expect two seed-times and two harvests every year.
  25. Soybeans are harvested in the United States in the September to November time frame, whereas autumn harvests take place in Brazil and Argentina in the March to June time period.
  26. They killed off the original inhabitants in their area; the Etruscans: because they were more affluent, they had better pottery, better harvests, and were less warlike than they were.
  27. As they march, they trample underfoot the harvests which they themselves have planted, burning the cities which they have helped to build, with songs, shouts of enthusiasm, and music.
  28. Most lodgers slept in a communal dormitory: Ralph was emphasizing his new position by taking an entire room – paid for, Gwenda thought sourly, out of the meagre harvests of Wigleigh peasants.
  29. Strangely enough the rainfall and harvests in the next few years were almost supernaturally abundant, and this led to a research team being despatched to the islands by the Minor Religions faculty of Unseen University.
  30. As I look at it, at this moment, it may be safe to say that what I may have planted has already propagated many other healthy seedlings that guarantee enough surviving so that there may be many more successful harvests in the years ahead.
  31. The underground pipelines of the city above were broken apart by the destruction of the past wars and harvests, but were mended by the people living here to flow their water from the walls like streams and waterfalls from the ceiling of the cave.
  32. Power brokers bankrupting themselves to provide games for the masses, the killing fields of the roman stadia, buying up entire grain harvests to stage wasteful feasts for the entire city… in the hope of getting some popular support from the masses in their bids for Imperial power.
  33. To this the squire replied, Senor, as these mishaps are what one reaps of chivalry, tell me if they happen very often, or if they have their own fixed times for coming to pass; because it seems to me that after two harvests we shall be no good for the third, unless God in his infinite mercy helps us.
  34. He told her of external social events and of the people who had formed the circle of her contemporaries and had once been a real, living, and distinct group, but who were now for the most part scattered about the world and like herself were garnering the last ears of the harvests they had sown in earlier years.
  35. Several tens of thousands of the slain lay in diverse postures and various uniforms on the fields and meadows belonging to the Davydov family and to the crown serfs- those fields and meadows where for hundreds of years the peasants of Borodino, Gorki, Shevardino, and Semenovsk had reaped their harvests and pastured their cattle.
  36. Several tens of thousands of the slain lay in diverse postures and various uniforms on the fields and meadows belonging to the Davýdov family and to the crown serfs—those fields and meadows where for hundreds of years the peasants of Borodinó, Górki, Shevárdino, and Semënovsk had reaped their harvests and pastured their cattle.
  37. Thirdly, the Trade is patriotick in the Highest Sense, for as ’tis the Wish of ev’ry True-born Englishman to see his Country prosper both at Home and abroad, what could be more pleasing to the Patriotick Englishman than to view the great Advantages which have accru’d to our Nation thro’ the Bountiful Harvests of the Sugar Isles? Why, e’en the most middling sort of Londoner takes Sugar in his Tea, and buys printed Calicoes of Cotton for his Lady.
  38. Every war, even the most humanely conducted, with all its ordinary consequences, the destruction of harvests, robberies, the license and debauchery, and the murder with the justifications of its necessity and justice, the exaltation and glorification of military exploits, the worship of the flag, the patriotic sentiments, the feigned solicitude for the wounded, and so on, does more in one year to pervert men's minds than thousands of robberies, murders, and arsons perpetrated during hundreds of years by individual men under the influence of passion.
  39. A war, even of the shortest duration,—with all its customary consequences, the destruction of harvests, the thefts, the unchecked debauchery and murders, with the usual explanations of its necessity and justice, with the accompanying glorification and praise bestowed upon military exploits, upon patriotism, devotion to the flag, with the assumption of tenderness and care for the wounded,—will do more in one year to demoralize men than thousands of robberies, arsons, and murders committed in the course of centuries by individual men carried away by passion.
  40. Harvests that need no cultivation,.
  41. Twice have the fields with golden harvests shone,.

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